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  1. Cavuto: We, in the business, have an obligation to SHUT UP. Let's THANK Neil!
  2. A tool to dismantle the neocon war hawks and crusaders
  3. 68 calls, and I filled out my first full survey!
  4. Ron Paul, Touch 4 Votes [VIDEO]
  5. Top link on Yahoo! Ron Paul's plans for taxes, spending, Social Security
  6. NY Times FiveThrityEight 2012 Poll Projections
  7. Post in here if you Chipin to RPF's Dec/Jan Fundraiser for +rep
  8. Wall Street Journal: The Ron Paul Portfolio
  9. Housing available for OPERATION LIVE FREE OR DIE 2012
  10. Article - Dick Morris' comment on Hannity infuriates our troops
  11. The Enemy Within: Michael Nystrom is the biggest internal threat to our movement
  12. Jerry Doyle
  13. Ron Paul Mailer I recieved in the mail toady
  14. URGENT: Deadline to Register Republican in Florida: Tuesday, January 3, 2012
  15. Walter E. Williams to fill in for Rush Friday Dec. 30th
  16. Commissioner Calls Constitution ‘Old Document’ (Agenda 21 referenced)
  17. Ron Paul's Surge in Iowa Isn't a Fluke
  18. Grover Norquist: "Ron Paul is the most consequential guy running for president"
  20. A major failure of the Liberty Movement...
  21. New Iowa Poll Shows Paul Accelerating Away From Romney
  22. Ron Paul should write a new newsletter...
  23. DRUDGE BOMB: Dick Morris' comment on Hannity infuriates our troops
  24. New Poll: Ron Paul Betters Other GOP Candidates Vs Obama
  25. Romney Managing Expectations Against Paul
  26. Why vote Ron Paul? Tell them because debt now owed is 100% of GDP !
  27. Registration Deadlines for Republican primaries?
  28. Idea for spreading Ron's name: FREE and EASY
  29. Why is Mitt Romney never attacked?
  30. Phone from home -- I'll take abuse from voters, but not from fellow supporters!
  31. Doug Wead: Ron Paul is the Most Incorruptable Man I've Ever Worked For
  32. Santorum just on Blitzer
  33. Interesting Debate Goin On Here. Please Chime In
  34. Ron Paul 2nd in ad spending
  35. We Ask America Iowa Poll - Paul in 1st with 19%
  36. Ron Paul Supporter, Balt. Radio Host Ron Smith has Died
  37. URGENT - Ballot Access in Virginia [READ THIS]
  38. Ron Paul Supporters in Sheep's Clothing (party crashers)
  39. Conservatives and Tea Party warming up to Ron Paul
  40. Ron Paul speaking in Bettendorf, leading new poll
  41. Some Fine Writing by Gary North
  42. White House hopeful against perpetual war
  43. With Plenty of Doubters, Paul Defends His Frontrunner Status
  44. Business Insider: Ron Paul Just Walked Out Of A CNN Interview After Being 'Pestered'
  45. How many here belong to GOOOH?
  46. IowaPolitics.com: Paul argues his foreign policy once was GOP mainstream
  47. JAROS: The Christian case for Ron Paul
  48. Iowa’s Mickelson: Paul Could Win Caucus
  49. Ron Paul Endorsed by Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church
  50. Ron Paul was endorsed today by the Rev. Doug Holmes, pastor of Sovereign Grace Church
  51. Wow! Cavuto sticking up for Ron Paul 2nd night in a row!
  52. The media never vetted Obama
  53. You guys will love this
  54. Roger Hedgecock predicts Ron Paul to WIN Iowa
  56. Alabama NEEDS delegates!
  57. Local ABC news affiliate: Ron Paul the new frontrunner in Iowa
  58. Neil Cavuto Facebook "like" bomb for calling out his own company on bias
  59. Thoughts on a brokered Convention
  60. If this CNN stuff does not make you try harder, nothing will
  61. Hit 6,000 calls for Dr. Paul tonight -- gotta get busy
  62. Organizing a Boycott - anyone experienced?
  63. How Many Phone from Home Calls Have you Done?
  64. (Suggestion) Ron Paul could choose to answer the very stupid third party question with :
  65. I Will Donate Half of My Winnings to Getting Ron Paul Elected
  66. Embrace the opportunity(attacks) to set the record straight!
  67. Should we attack?
  68. Phone from home targeting IOWA
  69. Awesome Call to Iowa
  70. Drudge Still not taking the Neo-con/Establishment bait with the newsletters
  71. NH Ground Report: Former Obama Supporter Puts Up 6x8 Ron Paul Sign
  72. Ticker currently gives impression that RP has more than enough money
  73. Converted 3 people today to Austrian economics
  74. GOP in Ron Paul denial in Iowa
  75. Ron Paul and his campaign need to on the offensive.
  76. So many new videos about RP! Some positive, some not. Check them out on your iPhone!
  77. Anderson Cooper AC360 Memorial Minibomb for Ron Paul
  78. Ron Paul Video on Racism: GRASSROOTS MUST SPREAD FAR AND WIDE!!!!
  79. National Review: Paul climbs in NH, but may hit ceiling
  80. Yougov\Economist 2012 President: Republican Primary Natinal Poll
  81. sigh...I want to phone bank but my devices are not letting me...
  82. Buchanan interview about Ron Paul
  83. Ron Paul attacks defense bill on Iowa campaign trail
  84. VIRGINIA urgently needs more signatures to get Ron Paul on the ballot!
  85. prediction of Ron Paul winning nomimation?
  86. Nevada wished me a Merry Christmas and a Good Night
  87. A nice article and a poll
  88. Why Ron Paul's foreign policy is 'anti establishment'
  89. ThyBlackMan.com Ron Paul a racist some would say.
  90. Mediite: Hey, CNN? Can We Talk About What’s Going On Between You And Ron Paul?
  91. What will you do in 2016 and 2020?
  92. Poll results from a neocon forum, things are much better than expected
  93. Brian Doherty defends Dr. Paul on CNN
  94. Somewhere a perversion has taken place.
  95. It's not THAT hard Ron...
  96. What should Ron Paul say in his victory speech IF he wins Iowa?
  97. What about putting Ron Paul in eBay feedback?
  98. House challenger Evan Feinberg for PA 18th district (my district) endorsed by...
  99. Aravoth's Video - "Who's Racist?"
  100. Perry has excellent SC Intrade odds
  101. VA needs signatures to get on the ballot
  102. Paul emerges as alternative in US race
  103. Google "Toady" and click Urban Dictionary.
  104. Whatever Happened To Investigative Journalism?
  105. Stick to the issues, not anything else
  106. Alvin Toffler: The Congress is an "odd institution". An anachronism of the agrarian age.
  107. Des Moines Register: Paul: Caucusing for me will send anti-spending message
  108. Jerry Doyle asked, "Ron Paul supporters, what do you call yourselves?"
  109. Ron Paul Weekly Message: "No Bailout of Europe"
  110. Guest MINDSETTER™ Jeff Scott: Why You Should Vote for Ron Paul
  111. I'm not gonna fall for the Bannana in the tail pipe?
  112. Paul draws hundreds to event in Bettendorf
  113. Hearing this racist BS almost brings tears
  114. Examiner: Grassroots Video on Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Converts Many!
  115. Please MAIL some Super Brochures today to build even more momentum!
  116. REPUBLICAN BOSSES to form 3rd Party ?
  117. 3 steps to win. 3 EASY steps, you have the tools in front of you, will you use the tools ?
  118. Inspirational music video of Dr Ron Paul
  119. Attention: All Grassroots article authors,video creators,and other PR type volunteers
  120. Jerry Doyle asked if we want to thank him to contact his station carriers
  121. The Iowa Republican: Ron Paul's Campaign is Ready to Deliver Victory
  122. New RevPAC vid - Adherence to the Oath
  123. Operation Stump for Paul: We need you in Iowa so make it happen!
  124. Mark Levin guest host "maybe I'm wrong" on Ron Paul support from troops
  125. What is the reason for RP surge in Iowa and how to continue it in other states ? Focus !
  126. A new way to promote our cause!
  127. Out-of-State Volunteers Needed for Iowa. Make it Happen! Goal: 200
  128. Great idea, complements of the Romney campaign
  129. We've arrived
  130. "We're Duck Soup!" If Ron Paul Doesn't Win!!!
  131. NAACP Nelson Linder speaks on Ron Paul and racism....
  132. Please stop using your energy on the media attacks, that´s what they want you to do!
  133. Ron Paul speaks in Bettendorf, leads new poll
  134. Ron Paul really needs to...
  135. TOM WOODS : The Two-Minute Case for Ron Paul!
  136. A mostly fair article in TIME - 12 Days Till Iowa: Ron Paul Is Not a Politician
  137. RevPac Ad on Front Page of Reddit!
  138. Paul: A one man intervention
  139. Thats All they Got?
  140. New Meme: War with Iran will require the Draft, Obama/Mitt will bring back the Draft
  141. CNN is closes comment section on Ron Paul interview article?
  142. New Nevada Poll Released (12/22/11) - Ron in third with 12.7%
  143. Drudge: Ron Paul Taps Former Patients for new ANTI-ABORTION AD
  144. Ron Paul interview Gloria Borgrer, Conflict of interest?
  145. Ron Paul on Jerry Doyle radio show (12/22) 5:15p ET - Official Thread
  146. Super Brochure New Hampshire Chip-in
  147. A potential goldmine
  148. Fundamental Flaw in all Political polls that will help RP - Polls taken on landline phones
  149. I think the GOP/Romney strategy is clear
  150. Ron Paul Draws Big Crowds on First of Two-Day Visit to Iowa
  151. Ron Paul leads all Republicans among minorities
  152. Ron Paul Endorsed by Davenport-area Pastor
  153. Ron Paul: WHO radio in Iowa 12/22
  154. How does phone banking help?
  155. Buchanan: Ron Paul won’t go third party, it would damage Rand’s Political Future
  156. CNN Poll: Ron Paul Most Popular Republican Amongst Non-Whites
  157. I'll be on my local radio station to talk about Ron Paul *Suggestions?*
  158. I'm Voting for Ron Paul! Sign up and put your check on the map!
  159. WPIX's Lionel on Ron Paul
  160. thomas sowell endorses......
  161. BANK OF AMERICA/COUNTRYWIDE -- The Real Racists
  163. Ron Paul live town hall CNN.com
  164. Today's News 12/22 (properly formatted)
  165. Just now on CNN...
  166. Ron Paul backstage at The Tonight Show
  167. Ron Paul Signs Personhood USA Pledge
  168. Poll at the Blaze asks if you're a Libertarian
  169. Ask Peter Schiff For A Mass-Email??
  170. Combat Racism: Article Bomb!
  171. Online Poll
  172. How to make a speech for Ron Paul in Iowa (or anywhere else!)
  173. Ron Paul Campaign Announces Internet and TV Ad Featuring Sen. Rand Paul
  174. AWESOME ARTICLE: Why GOP bosses fear RP?
  175. Can we hijack Obama's #40dollars campaign?
  176. We need the troops!
  177. Who is cnn gloria borger?
  178. When we win Iowa, Ron Paul will give the most important speech of his career
  179. Believing in America Again
  180. [VIDEO] Jack Hunter on Freedom Watch (12/21/11) - RP's National Defense
  181. Another perspective on the media
  182. TUBE - A Black Man's view on Ron Paul being racist - Remember this guy?
  183. Photos of Ron Paul's PACKED Town Hall Meetings in Iowa
  184. Ron Paul makes strong play for Iowa social conservatives
  185. Golden State- Bombs (The Ron Paul Song)
  186. New supporter thanks to Freedom Watch last night... we need the video
  187. New Website Supporting Ron Paul Grassroots North East
  188. We are still suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome
  189. Excellent piece on why we should follow Ron Paul's advice on the TSA
  190. Phone banking at the Ron Paul New Jersey Liberty Headquaters
  191. My contribution (Music I wrote, Video I created) RP & NDAA/SOPA.
  192. Ladies & Gentleman... Our 45th President of the United States
  193. Iowa Republicans say yes to ‘Dr No’
  194. Gallup Daily (December 17-21): Gingrich +2; Romney -2; Paul no change
  195. Posting a new thread? Please avoid ambiguity in your title!
  196. We are Iowans, and We matter!! Rally?
  197. We ♥ you, Ron Paul!
  198. Its not going to work this time...
  199. Yes, in my town I'm seeing support!!!!
  200. (VIDEO) Ron Paul + Martin Luther King
  201. Twitter and Ron Paul
  202. A Foreign Policy for Republicans
  203. Relish the Smears
  204. Opposed to Ron Paul's Foreign Policy? Pick Up a Gun
  205. SRLC - Jan 18-21 - Charleston, SC
  206. Tracking How Many People Are Talking About The Candidates On Facebook
  207. Who is this Guy?
  208. Newsmaxx: "Sowell backs Gingrich over Romney." Does Sowell support Ron?
  209. Newsflash: "Donald Duck backs Gingrich." Does Donald support Ron? [sarcasm]
  210. Push polling in NH?
  211. Did we ever get the FULL Gloria Borger Interview?
  212. Austin Smear- Blogger Blowback
  213. Ron Paul’s Supporters ‘Love’ Him While He Talks ‘Revolutionary Change’
  214. Geo-Politics: The Oil & Gas Wars of Central Asia
  215. Ron Paul Pulls Ahead of Newt in New Hampshire
  216. [MarketWatch] Check Out Ron Paul's Stock Portfolio
  217. Just confirmed registration to republican, Absentee ballot on its way!
  218. On CNN right now, Wolf Blitzer about to do another Ron Paul piece
  219. Cavuto defends Paul again
  220. 30 additional calls for every lie/distorted MSM article on Ron Paul.
  221. Try this Dr. Paul
  222. My Dad's Shop got Ron Paul-ed
  223. Why isn't this video VIRAL?
  224. Anyone having trouble with phone from home right now? 12/22/11 4:28 ?
  225. [TUBE] Ron Paul on The Jerry Doyle Show - 12/22
  226. Ron Paul discussed on Hardball
  227. An idea for the campaign - Town hall meetings.
  228. Poll: Ron Paul would fare best against Obama among non-white voters-(Daily Caller)
  229. Little strokes fell mighty Oaks...
  230. Six Opportunities for Ron Paul to Educate
  231. What Congress should address in a declared war
  232. Ron Paul Rant on Racism
  233. New Drudge link for Ron Paul
  234. Not enough focus on getting supporters properly registered
  235. 90 Days of Twitter
  236. Democratic PAC buys NewtGingrich.com LOLZ
  237. Now They Describe Paul As 'Top Tier',Why Do They Not Cover His Policies Fully?
  238. Ron just discussed on Fox News Bret's Special Report
  239. Delegates!! MUST BE A DELEGATE!!
  240. CNN Poll: Ron Paul Most Popular Republican Amongst Non-Whites
  241. Tapping a new voter base!
  242. Just curious, how many HotAir commenters we have here?
  243. Jason Lewis bashing the Gop for smear campaign against Ron Paul
  244. Ron Paul Girls: 10 WAYS TO PROMOTE RON PAUL
  245. Politico: Ron Paul in Iowa: Surging numbers; steady message
  246. Phone from Home while cooking dinner with Aimee Allen
  247. Is there a archive of the Ron Paul Political Report news letters that I can find online?
  248. Bachmann, Santorum and Huntsman not on Virginia ballot
  249. The Ron Paul Rave-If the GOP primary is a party, libertarians are the only ones having fun
  250. Video: RonPaulCountry.com (Introduction)