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  1. CBS National Poll December 14th through 18th
  2. Picture of Ron Paul in his medical practice...
  3. Ron Paul appeals to voters who think for themselves
  4. Tell people: If you don't vote for Ron Paul, this is what will happen here...
  5. End of Quarter Minibombs & Phonebombs - Fri Dec 23 & Fri Dec 30
  6. Ron Paul Ad - The One you can trust
  7. Paul to NH townhall: your congressman may have misled you (vid)
  8. Ron Paul for President
  9. more Obama vs. Ron Paul ads
  10. Where are all the anti-war celebrities?
  11. Washingtonpost.com Poll
  12. Incredible Response to Hit Piece in Comments!
  13. Ron Paul #1 in the RealClear Politics Iowa Caucus polling average!
  14. How do things transition after Iowa and then after New Hampshire??
  15. Rogers: You Ought To Give Paul a Lot of Thought & Consideration Choosing the GOP Nominee
  16. Back to the Future With Ron Paul
  17. It's working! HOLD (is it OK to steal that? LOL)
  18. List of known celebrity RP supporters
  19. Fla. Musician Just Posted on my FB Wall: Saw Lots of Ron Paul signs during his travels
  20. PPP National Poll - Paul 3rd at 11%
  21. Drudge calling out the media hitmen
  22. Now more than ever, Ghandi's words are coming true
  23. Ron Paul Campaign Releases Updated TV Ad ‘The One’
  24. Ron Paul's national RCP average is 11.8%
  25. Time to recommit so the neocons will see it....Anyone but Obama?
  26. Ann Coulter: I Would Prefer Ron Paul Over Newt Gingrich
  27. Grassroots project: We need a Paul can beat Obama handout for IA caucus goers.
  28. To those who think war in the Middle East and with Iran is a good thing...
  29. Today's News 12/20
  30. Ron Paul Shows No Sign of Slowing Down in Iowa
  31. Ron Paul "The One" Updated*****
  32. People of NH and SC, help make IOWAs vote count.
  33. This seriously needs to be addressed (electability)
  34. Paul is refreshed with another 4 million, where are the attack ads for NH????
  35. Reddit users - an upvote for a Ron Paul link please?!?!!
  36. Blackout Blowback
  37. Remember all these similar headlines when Bachmann/Perry/Cain/Gingrich were frontrunners?
  38. Doug Wead Live Chat Coming up @ 12:30 ET
  39. Ron Paul now favourite to win in Iowa
  40. Maddow: Ron Paul calls out uncomfortable truth in GOP politics
  41. #1 Daily Show video of 2011
  42. The Age of Ron Paul creates panic in the Republican Establishment
  43. VIDEO: MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Discusses Ron Paul
  44. To All The Worriers (And To You Watching On The Sidelines As Well)
  45. 12/20 Daily Gallup National Poll: Ron Paul 12%
  46. Alex Jones promoting the Golden State "Bombs" iTunes bomb!
  47. Doug Wead on Fox Biz 5pm ET (12/20/11) - Official Thread
  48. This is how "real" all this is for me, personally.
  49. CNN's Cafferty Asks: What happens if Paul wins Iowa?? Send him a response!
  50. Cap to Opposition against Paul
  51. For GOP, It's Paul or Obama
  52. US News: Can Ron Paul Win the 2012 Republican Nomination? *poll included
  53. Andrew Sullivan Endorses Ron Paul for GOP Nomination
  54. When will Iowa's results be known?
  55. Ron Paul Vindicated on ISRAEL (Zionism Reality Check)
  56. History Lesson: Who else invalidated the Iowa Caucus?
  57. Ron Paul now at 12.4% NATIONAL RCP AVERAGE
  58. Paul: Kim Jong Il dead, U.S. should leave S. Korea
  59. GOP Establishment To Ron Paul Voters: Your Vote Does Not Count
  60. Iowa Caucus work up and Huckabee follow up vs. Ron Paul Iowa build up
  61. Ron Paul Is Not the Answer to all our Problems (nor should he be)
  62. Ron Paul to hold "Salute to Veterans Rally"
  63. What Ron Paul ads are now being broadcast in Iowa?
  64. Kirchick irrelevant - Kristol & Murdoch are his Puppetmasters.
  65. Ron Paul was just endorsed by Jerry Doyle
  66. Hannity call screener just booted me off the line!!!
  67. Article: Mitt Romney Dunce
  68. ONLY for NH residents and those coming to volunteer in NH
  69. Ed Rollins: "Ron Paul will win Iowa"
  70. Iowa Matters.
  71. Designated Viewer/Listener
  72. Ron Paul trending on google news & google trends
  73. The new Ron Paul ad: “The One You Can Trust”
  74. CNN general election poll - Romney and Ron Paul do the best against Obama
  75. Talking Point: Stress the NDAA, Use Franken If Needed
  76. Ron Paul Endorsed by Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Clinton, IA
  77. Donations are ROLLING IN!!!
  78. another silly "Can he get the nomination?" poll to answer....
  79. No One But Paul?
  80. Olberman & POLITICO' Ken Vogel Assess Developments In The Race To Win Iowa, Ron Paul Leads
  81. Ron Paul Endorsed by Jerry Doyle (Nat'ly Syndicated Talk Show Host)
  82. I will be on The Takeaway Show tomorrow morning to discuss Youth for Paul (Radio)
  83. They are coming around people! They are!!
  84. ABC News: "Growing Consensus" Ron Paul Will Win Iowa
  85. [video]Cafferty : People In Iowa Are Rallying Around Someone Who Represents REAL CHANGE!
  86. New Ad: "The One you can trust"
  87. Donald Trump Tele-Town Hall TONIGHT (12/20/11)
  88. CNN Wolf Blitzer: Your Thoughts on Ron Paul Coming up Next
  89. White House Petition
  90. Want to earn $200? Need to know Excel.
  91. VIDEO: Ron Paul: Defender of Racial Equality
  92. Ron Paul Contribution Map - earn a quick $250 for Ron Paul
  93. Ioawa Governors Statement Re: Ron Paul <sot sure if serious>
  94. Iowa Governor about to Speak about Paul on CNN (video added)
  95. Coming up on CNN - "The Ron Paul Effect"
  96. Rally for Ron Paul outside the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in LA, Feat. the band Golden Sta
  97. CNN fb status - Obama winning vs all Republican GOP candidates
  98. Are we now 30 million supporters strong?
  99. CNN (5:30) Governor Branstad to Discuss Ron Paul!
  100. Impotent neocon media attacks this time around may actually help RP uprising
  101. Quick note - be efficient in picking who to try to win over
  102. Get ready for the January 3-4 'Spontaneo Bomb"!!!
  103. Amazon Book Review Bomb for Jerry Doyle
  104. Overwhelming support, and an opposition that just doesn't care.
  105. worst Rino's
  106. How far we have come
  107. I'm currently on hold for the Mark Levin show! Stay tuned...
  108. Buffalo News: Ron Paul's Base is Ready
  109. [Video] Ron Paul Interview On CNN's John King, USA
  110. Stop Celebrating and Pick Up the Phone
  111. Liberty Oriented Candidates for US Senate?
  112. The Attacks and the Marginalizing of an IA Win.
  113. official campaign's 4x8 look kinda dumpy
  114. Merry Christmas from Ron Paul and the Founding Fathers - video
  115. Wahington Post Poll - Can Ron Paul win the GOP nomination? Vote!
  116. Ron needs help on this Tea Party forum
  117. The FCC
  118. Need help with someone asking about Ron Paul closing the EPA, Dept of Energy, HUD, etc.
  119. ABC General Election Poll
  120. Sofia infiltrates The MARK LEVIN SHOW
  121. Mark Levin show infiltrated by Sofia [Video]
  122. The Ron Paul Motorcycle
  123. Gingrich "bad lip reading" very funny
  124. New Poll New Poll New Poll
  125. Found Paul supporter on 3rd call to NH tonight
  126. URGENT: Printable Slim Jims?
  127. Presidential Jib-jab Starring Ron Paul and the other Candidates!!
  128. Grassroots Central getting too crowded!??
  129. Ron Paul and Romney are the only two GOP candidates organizing as necessary for long haul
  130. A pair of MSNBC liberals discuss Ron Paul
  131. January 2012 Money Bomb Date????
  132. Ron Paul campaigns in Exeter
  133. [Video] Black Man's Views on Ron Paul, Collectivism, Individualism. Worth Sharing.
  134. Phone from home LOG OUT AT 9 PM to change lists
  135. Romney and Dr. Paul MAY be the only candidates on the Virginia Ballot
  136. Paul supporters crowd into Exeter Town Hall for speech
  137. Ron Paul campaigns in Exeter, NH with crowd of 300
  138. We Need Another 1000 Super Brochures!
  139. The Greatest Video Ever to Start People out on Ron Paul and Liberty - Pure Gold
  140. We need a new sub-forum for media & news.
  141. "OFFICIAL" Post your idea of how you would like to see Grassroots Central broken up.
  142. Don't Forget to Write Planks for Iowa Caucus!
  143. Rules for Talk Radio Radicals
  144. LOYALTY? NH senator who endorsed Ron... his wife is Newt's 2012 NH Chair
  145. New video from TYT highlights Bill O'Reilly's hypocracy on Iran
  146. Big Business Under Ron Paul?
  147. Phone-From-Home 'Personal Stats' Badges (for forum signature, blog, website, etc)
  148. Serious question...
  149. Ben Swann: Reality Check: Ron Paul vs. Michele Bachmann on Iran, who has their facts?
  150. Article needs some comments
  151. Poll: Would you vote for Ron Paul for president?
  152. New Ron Paul Ad?
  153. Cenk Uygur/ The Young Turks on Bill O'reilly re: Ron Paul
  154. Has anyone seen the aimee allen phone from home video?
  155. Neil Cavuto - Ron Paul Shouldn't Be Dismissed
  156. Early Voting Information - State by State
  157. People like catchy phrases...should we start with Dr. Veto?
  158. The constitution isn't radical and isn't dangerous
  159. Check out news and videos about the Ron Paul Surge on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  160. Ron Paul has gone VIRAL on Facebook... Here's the PROOF.
  161. One-Man Intervention: Ron Paul Challenges His Party's Mindless Militarism
  162. Ron Paul Personifies Iowa GOP Party Platform.Verbatim (No really he does)
  163. Let's talk about boosting the efficiency of social media marketing for Dr Paul.
  164. Ron Paul banks on Iowa to boost N.H. chances (includes video)
  165. Iowa Governor: statement regarding Ron Paul winning Iowa
  166. Mitt Romney supporters don't know why they're supporting him
  167. Ron Paul Stops for Lunch in Plaistow
  168. Ron Paul Takes Lead at 27.5% in Iowa KCRG/Gazette Poll
  169. How To Phonebank for FREE
  170. ISU/Gazette/KCRG Iowa Poll: Paul 28%, Gingrich 25%, Romney 18%, Perry 11% Dec 8-18
  171. Potential Big Donor: Videos/Articles to Convince He's Electable?
  172. TYT just posted ANOTHER even better Ron Paul video tonight
  173. Latest Reality Check: Ron Paul vs. Michele Bachmann on Iran, who has their facts?
  174. Validating the Iowa Caucus Results
  175. Should Paul call talk radio pun its Limbaugh-Levin-Hannity establishment now?
  176. 44% would vote for Paul
  177. Ron Paul Christmas Gift
  178. VoteYourHeart.US - How media bias cost the us $10 Trillion in debt
  179. National Journal: Romney, Perry running huge ad buys in Iowa
  180. BIg Video Project: I Need Your Help!
  181. Veteran slams chickenhawk Dick Morris for denigrating patriotism of troops
  182. Can we get Matt and Trey onboard?
  183. PPP on third party candidate prospects
  184. The american people have had enough of business as usual!
  185. Bill O'Reilly A Lying Hypocrite:Cenk Uygur NAILS Him With His Own Video
  186. "The One" ad is coming back.
  187. If Ron Paul Wins Iowa, Florida Becomes Even More Important
  188. Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney Googlefight
  189. If Ron wins Iowa there will be an "Event" in other news, that will allow them to ignore
  190. Republican elites express concern on Ron Paul win
  191. Ron Paul Revolution - the movie
  192. Great piece on Townhall: Ron Paul Challenges His Party's Mindless Militarism
  193. AP: Ron Paul Emerges as Outsider Alternative in GOP race
  194. New Meme: #RonPaulHealines
  195. Gary Johnson support for Ron Paul in exchange for our support of his LP run?
  196. Reminders: Be Happy we're First, Campaign Like we're last
  197. Nice Photo Gallery: Ron Paul’s path in politics
  198. Pocket Constitutions for Christmas!
  199. Aimee Allen and the Phone From Home program!
  200. Emailed Joe The Plumber about Ron Paul, got a vague reply
  201. A fun way to hopefully get some money for the campaign
  202. New Ron Paul Ad: Staying on the Right Path
  203. Paul says he's counting on Iowa victory to push him past Romney in NH
  204. Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Explained
  205. Ron Paul: I'm the ANTI-Racist!
  206. WaPo: Ron Paul's ceiling rises, but it's still a ceiling
  207. Fox News put pic of Ron Paul next to Mitt's name this morning
  208. We Are Relying on College Kids in Iowa!
  209. Yahoo! Front Page: Ron Paul’s plans for taxes, spending & Social Security
  210. Supreme Court case on ObamaCare a week after Super Tuesday = bad for Romney
  211. Fill out this opinion poll for the campaign! Takes 2 minutes - VERY IMPORTANT!!!
  212. Yahoo News 12-21-2011: Paulonomics: Ron Paul’s plans for taxes, spending and Social Securi
  213. CBS Poll: Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, & Someone Else
  214. Foreign policy ad could be good
  215. John Popper (Blues Traveler) supports Ron Paul
  216. Ron Paul google news search ~~17k
  217. Jib Jab says ‘Buh-bye’ to 2011 - Ron makes brief appearance
  218. Iowa poll
  219. CBS Poll: Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, & The Man In Black
  220. My Christmas Gift
  221. What Ron Paul Should Say on Foreign Policy
  222. Pro Ron Paul -- Anti War video
  223. Would you help me rate my new Bush & Obama Voodoo iPhone apps?
  224. Today's News 12/21
  225. Davenport, Iowa newspaper: Ron Paul Soundly Defeats Obama (front page cover story)
  226. Need some friends on Facebook for my comments to show up
  227. [VIDEO] New Video Slams Romney and Gingrich on Abortion [This isn't the official one]
  228. Mike Church offering two good bits of advice
  229. Intrade Iowa: Paul pulling away! 46%
  230. Today in internal tracking (internal polls by campaigns as reported to Politico re: Iowa)
  231. Where the ceiling?
  232. Rasmussen Reports for Iowa has Ron at 2nd at 20%, behind Romney's 25%
  233. Bruce Fein just on Fox - HELP - need video (unofficial thread)
  234. Paul only candidate to poll 2X% in every Iowa poll (Mitt>Huck in 2/5 final polls in 08)
  235. RP wins yet another poll :)
  236. anyone have a good clip bookmarked where RP addresses pork?
  237. FRC Action (Value Voters) Presidential Voting Guide (pdf)
  238. Grassroots video on Ron Paul's foreign policy converts many
  239. Time to work on a Palin Endorsement
  240. Grassroots video on Ron Paul's foreign policy converts many
  241. Ron Paul on Front Page of reddit!!!
  242. Super Brochure Mailings to South Carolina now over 40,000 and counting!
  243. Is the GOP Establishment Scared of Ron Paul?
  244. Why is the campaign silent on GOP rivals' race-relations ?
  245. Question about Ron Paul's congressional FEC filings
  246. Intellectual ammo: Great quotes about paper money and central banking.
  247. New SUPERPAC for Ron Paul
  248. Cavuto: We, in the business, have an obligation to SHUT UP. Let's THANK Neil!
  249. A tool to dismantle the neocon war hawks and crusaders
  250. 68 calls, and I filled out my first full survey!