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  1. Official: RP now double digits in RCP National
  2. Ron Paul on Fox News with Megyn Kelly 12/15
  3. Democracy at work!Fox News host says that if Ron Paul wins the Iowa Caucus“it won’t count"
  4. Fox News guy dismisses Ron Paul base as a "mere" 20%
  5. My immediate family now votes for Ron Paul
  6. What will Fox News attack Ron Paul on tonight?
  7. We CAN'T Forget About Romney in Iowa
  8. rush says romney newt fighting results in paul winning
  9. It is interesting how many people are refraining from an endorsement yet....
  10. Ron Paul on Leno .. IDEA...
  11. Donnay on hold for AJ to promote money bomb
  12. Please help get this question pushed if possible:
  13. [Video] Ron Paul Pre Iowa Fox News Debate Interview With Megyn Kelly
  14. Graphs & Meters for 12/16 TeaParty11 - Stay off RonPaul2012.com after you donate!!!
  15. I won 35 dollars at a poker tournament last night, should I donate it to the money bomb?
  16. Ron hits double digits nationally in Real Clear Politics average for first time!
  17. Ron Paul @ debate, needs to mention he's the most electable.
  18. Reminder: Q3 fundraising [Paul >8M Grinch 800K]
  19. Some on FOX are saying we don't have the best organization.
  20. Drudge Bomb the Money Bomb?
  21. Ron Paul 1st on Intrade to win Iowa Caucus
  22. Dragon Slayers for Dr. Paul are in the news!
  23. Medved now talking about a 3-PERSON RACE (Ron Paul)
  24. Got another convert...
  25. Will The Internet Save Ron Paul?
  26. Newt is down to 15% on InTrade
  27. Hot Air & Townhall National GOP Poll - Only a couple hours left
  28. Ron's biggest movement on intrade is in this category:
  29. Does Romney's financial plan cut Medicare, or not? Where are the facts?
  30. Stay tuned to see if this is correct.
  31. Phone From Home: Ron is on the Tipping Point in NH
  32. Ron Paul on the DNAA?
  33. Please Spread Ron Paul's Money Bomb Message Video-(This will get people to donate!)
  34. URGENT: Deadline TODAY to Register Republican in Kentucky: Friday, December 30, 2011
  35. Hitler Reacts to Ron Paul's Poll Increase - Funny Video
  36. I have a good feeling
  37. Ron Paul: Tea Party '11 (December 16) --- PLEASE HELP SHARE!
  38. Ohio just got a lot more relevant
  39. Power to the People
  40. "Who has the lead going into this debate" Bret Baier "Ron Paul"
  41. Rand Paul just on FOX
  42. After being in this for 5 years its really weird...
  43. WOW! Rick Santelli is pumping Ron Paul BIG TIME on Hannity radio now!
  44. A Newt draft dodger ad would be the final nail in the coffin for him
  45. CNN: Paul questions Gingrich's draft deferment
  46. Who is heading to CPAC!?!
  47. Mr. Paul, If Al Quidea raped and murdered your wife...Be prepared for Wallace Dirty Tricks
  48. Does anybody remember the O'reilly/Stossel bet?
  49. CNN just screwed up the bad NH poll
  50. Santorum will be sent to go after Paul tonight
  51. Talk-talks have jumped the shark
  52. Could use a vote in this nh (Boston) poll
  53. The four year anniversary of the "real" political Tea Party
  54. The smear campaign starts tonight in full swing...
  55. final Post-debate counter spin?
  56. Ron Paul Endorsed by Mayor-Elect Shawn Dietz of Hampton, Iowa
  57. Any Iowa superbrochure updates?
  58. Thomas DiLorenzo : Limbaugh Calls Iowa Republicans "Uninformed" Waco Nut Jobs . . .
  59. Boston Tea Party Moneybomb — Counting Down!
  60. The only card they have left to play . . .
  61. Urgent message for Dr. Paul pre-debate.
  62. How Will Michael Savage React?
  63. AWESOME Ron Paul graphic via reddit
  64. One thing I've noticed...Ron Paul doesn't make retarded gaffes
  65. Ron Paul can win. History proves it.
  66. "You know how I know you're lying Rick? You're lips are moving."
  67. Mark Levin Trashing Ron Paul Right Now
  68. Fox pre-debate coverage
  69. New Poll: Paul 2nd in NH
  70. NEW video for MONEY BOMB ---- PLEASE HELP SPREAD!!!
  71. Romney is a progressive - according to him!
  72. Whatever happens tonight, tomorrow will prove we are unstoppable!!!
  73. Paul questions Gingrich's draft deferment - at CNN Politics page
  74. Debate Streams?
  75. Chickenhawk: the new prefix to all military dodging, prowar candidates and talkshow hosts.
  76. Hannity, Levin, and the Tea Party Moneybomb Dec. 16th
  77. Gingrich - A war dodger
  78. Call In to Hedgecock Radio: Demint, Kremer, King, Moncrief, and Walker
  79. Ron on Hannity tonight
  80. Just so you know...
  81. Fox News GOP Debate (12/15) Thread
  82. More Good News Today...
  83. More Attacks on Ron Paul
  84. Ron Paul will Win the debate because
  85. Ron Paul Surges in Polls Before Debate
  86. Newsletters and the Reagan defense
  87. Why doesn't RevolutionPAC hold a MB tomorrow for maxed out donors??
  88. Doubling my Donation because of Hannity
  89. Where were you Dec. 16, 2007?
  90. Losing National Review frontpage poll
  91. Tonight’s debate seen as ‘most important two hours of the campaign for Iowa’
  92. Paul can and must win this debate
  93. Freedom Watch (FBN- 8 PM EST)- Is the GOP ready for Ron Paul as the frontrunner?
  94. New ‘Veterans For Ron Paul’ Coalition Members In Iowa
  95. Sean Hannity Confronted Over His Relationship With Neo-Nazi Hal Turner
  96. Scum are poisoning debate twitter feed with newsletter charges
  97. Ron Paul should be the Zionist choice for President - OpEd in Israel National News
  98. URGENT Debate Twitter Info Tonight!
  99. Make Sure to promote the Money Bomb DURING the Debate! Lots of People on Tonight!
  100. Debate MATCHING donation game
  101. Watching debates a waste of precious time
  102. Join the "<City Name> Loves Ron Paul" Facebook group
  103. Ron Paul SC main speaking engagements?
  104. Ron Paul police state issue - article needs commenting on
  105. Official Ron Paul twitter reaction during the debate thread
  106. FOX stream?
  107. WOW - Ron Paul in 1st place for the first time !!!
  108. 12/16 Moneybomb Graphs
  109. For the latest debate related Ron Paul News and Videos on your iPhone, Ron Paul Mobile!
  110. Ron Paul needs to mention that Muslims have alot in common with Christians
  111. Ron Paul is trending on twitter nationally, and in Ames and Iowa
  112. Ron Paul Digital Billboard Series Fundraising Thread - Des Moines, Iowa
  113. IAEA report?
  114. Fox Twitter Poll
  115. Ron Paul is the champion of liberty, and has been for 40 years
  116. 1,300 people viewing -- that's 130,000 phone calls @ 100 calls each
  117. Foreign Policy Ad Thoughts
  118. What Ron Paul Needs to do For Foreign Policy
  119. December 16th 2011: One Hundred for Paul
  120. Ron Paul's foreign policy will give troops highest morale in US History
  121. Rank How Ron Paul Did in Fox Debate
  122. What address did Frank Luntz promote?
  123. Why the pessimism?
  124. Frank Luntz said to vote in the poll on Hannity
  125. Full Video of the Debate
  126. VOTE NAO!!!
  127. Fast: Click Agree
  128. NEED VOTES: Luntz poll to be shown at end of Hannity's show!
  129. Ron Paul is Clint Eastwood
  130. Need Hannity stream?
  131. Christmas Carolers for Ron Paul
  132. GET IN HERE. When you were a Liberal / Neocon / Apathetic non-voter...
  133. Talking heads on live.foxnews.com zero out Ron Paul favorability votes
  134. FIRE!!!!!
  135. Operation Occupy Phone Lines
  136. Do not like Ron Paul's foreign policy?
  137. Wayin.com go now! Newt is winning...
  138. Vote now!
  139. PAID TWITTER SPAM CAUGHT: Someone is paying for bots to spam Pro-Newt, Anti-Paul messages
  140. Remember The Tea Party '07. Never, EVER forget, WE started the Tea Party Movement!
  141. LA Times: Paul "separated himself from the pack of candidates at tonight's debate"
  142. Does the campaign pay less fees on PayPal or Credit Card transactions?
  143. LA Times: Ron Paul: Strike against Iran would risk a repeat of 'useless' Iraq war
  144. anyone know where to find the alternative donation tickers or graphs?
  145. Just ask everybody to visit www.ronpaul2012.com on dec 16th! i mean everybody!
  146. How Ron Paul could give the GOP a heart attack
  147. It now obvious that RON PAUL MUST RISE!
  149. Where is the TICKER??
  150. ***Tea Party '11 Moneybomb Post Your Donation Receipts [Official Thread]***
  151. PLEASE! Dont be on there forums, be elsewhere asking people to visit www.ronpaul2012.com!
  152. Ron Paul will not see heavy attacks until after Iowa--Here is why
  155. Never give up! Never surrender!
  156. *** MONEYBOMB DONATION POLL 12-16-11 [Official Thread] ***
  157. Clarification on wiping Israel From the map
  158. (Pics Attached) Romney Campaign Member / (Fox News Employee?) Sign Bias Against Paul
  159. Ticker is up!!! over 8000 already!
  160. OOPS, I was early.
  161. FIRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  162. Debate is now replaying on Fox.
  163. ticker link
  164. [Video] Ron Paul Hannity Post Fox Debate Interview
  165. Just Remember
  166. Iran? Really?
  167. It gives you an option to share on Facebook after you donate!!
  168. TICKER STANDING AT $59,197
  169. Don't feel discouraged...Facebook likes +1000
  170. Who won the Presidential Debate? Turn this Fox Map green!!
  171. Donation Source Code?
  172. wayin.com brought to you by Mitt Romney
  173. Campaign Auto Screenshot of Donation!!
  174. Campaign added facebook sharing of donations
  175. National Review Poll: who won the GOP debate?
  176. Ticker Goin Crazzzy
  177. Politifact already owns Bachmann and proves Ron correct on Iran!
  178. Debate Factcheck: Bachmann WRONG, Ron Paul RIGHT on Iran
  179. Ron Send us a picture.. Show us your watching!
  180. Post Your December 16th Money Bomb Donations Here!
  181. $45K in first 15 Minutes x 4 = $180,000/hr x 24 hours = $4.3 MILLION
  182. Ron Paul's Colorado Campaign Headquarters Grand Opening/Debate Party [Pics]
  183. Ad to stress his military support and the origins of his foreign policy ideas
  184. [*Official*] PREDICT TeaParty '11 MoneyBomb (12-16-11) TOTAL (Post&Poll) [*Official*]
  185. It Looks Like Doug Wead Came Through Afterall!
  186. One wants welfare and the other wants warfare.
  187. ***VOTE( National Review Poll) VOTE***
  188. FACT Check: Ron Paul vs Bachmann
  189. Activate Facebook Timeline and set Donation Screenshot as Cover!!
  190. Graphs for 2007 Money Bomb (If you're interested how we did then)
  191. Campaign needs to do an attack ad on Perry
  192. i would love to live in Iran
  193. To all supporters who say they can't donate or can only give a small amount...
  194. Official Store - "What's Up...Sorry Politicians" Tee
  195. Poor Santorum
  196. is someone keeping track of all the donor names?
  198. My Sioux City Story
  199. Attacks on Gingrich Boost Ron Paul's Chances
  200. Let's make this day truly Epic
  201. Did yall see the sign war behind Romney? LOL
  202. Thank You Ron Paul
  203. What was the disturbance from the audience near the end of the debate?
  204. Ron Paul Supporters Watching Debate At Denver, CO HQ Tonight! (Video)
  205. JAY Leno Will Put Us Over the Top!
  206. Just saw the Foriegn Policy part of debate again...
  207. FOX POLL: You know WHat to DO
  209. facebook fan growth Ron most in House today :p
  210. One of these things is not like the other things:
  211. Ron vs the Warmongers
  212. The campaign should run an ad on his Iran policy...
  213. Ron Paul: The 45th President of the United States (EPIC VIDEO)
  214. At the 2 hour mark we're on track to BEAT the 5th of November!...
  215. Ron Paul faces hotter fire at Sioux City Republican debate
  216. Commercial
  217. Was Leno tonight?
  218. Ron Paul 2012 site not loading for me now...
  219. nvm site is working
  220. Today is also 5 dollar friday
  221. delete double post
  222. What if Iran was to develop a nuclear weapon?
  223. Bachman WRONG on Iran ~ CNN Fact Check
  224. Simple answer to Iran
  225. Where can I get this shirt (Ron Paul Designs) in Medium?
  226. Cenk on Chris Wallace trying to discredit Iowa victory: "Bullsh*t!"
  227. CBS & ABC calling Paul a debate Winner
  228. Another Debate poll: You know What to do
  229. Watched the Ron Paul highlights from the debate....
  230. Harris Poll (NATIONAL) GOP: Newt=27% Mitt=17% Paul=11% — Indie: Paul=14% Mitt=14% Newt=11%
  231. Does anyone have a donation graph for today?
  232. Check out free republic and wnd as the tide turns to resolve yourself
  233. WSJ Article About Ron Refusing to Modulate Foreign Policy
  235. PAUL KRUGMAN writes hit piece on Ron Paul in the New York Times
  236. Ron Paul surges to 2nd.....???
  238. Problem with posting donation screen to Facebook.
  239. Ron Paul Is NOT To The Left Of Obama on Iran!
  240. Ad Suggestion: WAR
  241. The most disturbing part of last night's debate...
  242. [NEW VIDEO] Newt's Nightmare Trifecta [Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson & FDR]
  243. Ron Paul Will "Be Ready for War, Even if We Are At Peace"
  244. Today the moneybomb is the most important thing. Do not post in non-moneybomb threads.
  245. Here' something for those worried about yesterday's debate.
  246. I really miss RonPaulGraphs...
  247. Email Jay Leno!
  248. South Dakota GOP Primary Poll: Paul 22%, Gingrich 19%, Bachmann 18%
  249. Is Ron the only Military Veteran
  250. >>>>>>>PUSH!!!<<<<<<<