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  1. Idea: Video of someone breaking laws that Obama passed and Ron Paul voted against
  2. The Amherst Patch: VIDEO: Ron Paul Says Anybody Can Be Called A Terrorist
  3. [VIDEO] Newt Gingrich says "Increase the Size of the State Department by 50%"
  4. LOL Carl Cameron just did a piece on Faux News-Gingrich clearly the leader!
  5. Andrew Sullivan Endorses Ron Paul
  6. America Won't Get Fooled Again - Ron Paul 2012 (Video)
  7. Gingrich Photo Op with invented Palestinian Yasser Arafat
  8. Ron Paul for the Nomination (2011 edition)
  9. FL Radio Burnie Thompson taking calls RE: Ron Paul
  10. First they ignore you...
  11. Fox News gets it right for once: Romney = Obama
  12. NH Sen. Jim Forsythe to sit in for Ron at Town Hall on National Security
  13. The Beat of His Own Drum: Paul's Odd Policies -- PICTURES
  14. Sioux City Journal: Politically Speaking: Sioux City pre-debate potpourri
  15. Strong America Now Mailing Voter Guides to 70K Iowa Voters Gives Ron Paul B Grade
  16. MUST WATCH! A message from John Tate - Ron Paul Tea Party Money Bomb
  17. The Atlantic Wire: This Could Be Ron Paul's Moment
  18. PPP Poll - Virginia General Election
  19. A Message from John Tate-Ron Paul Tea Party Money Bomb
  20. Phone from Home-Just found another RP Supporter in Iowa
  21. Ron Paul gains ground, further stirring Republicans
  22. Live Leak - You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy
  23. Weigel on Andrew Sullivan's endorsement of Ron
  24. Could Ron Paul be Gingrich’s undoing?
  25. (Politico) Perry and Romney Iowa Internal Polling: Good News for Dr. Paul
  26. Ron Paul story coming up on Fox News 2 PM EST
  27. Rick Perry, Mitt Romney internals show Newt Gingrich slippage, sources say
  28. florida for ron paul!
  29. Time to back of the truth telling ads on Newt?
  30. Fox News makes another image mistake...OR DID THEY?!
  31. New CNN article on Dr Paul
  32. Help with situation in Van Buren County Iowa attack against me / sherriff or newspaper ?
  33. The Makings Of A Ron Paul Upset?
  34. Dr. Paul will be on the Situation Room today.
  35. Science: Point for Paul During Debate
  36. Mainstreaming Ron Paul - Excellent article at Daily Caller
  37. Where will Ron Appear first? 12/4
  38. Yahoo News - December 16th Moneybomb Critical for Paul
  39. Joe Rogan just retweeted the John Tate moneybomb video
  40. Ron Paul Wins General Election?
  41. LOL! How to convert 99% of rank and file republicans to Ron Paul
  42. Ron Paul Woke Me From My Neoconservative Coma
  43. Hannity about to go on attack
  44. Reader Sound off to Baltimore Sun
  45. Ron Paul mentioned on Fox
  46. EQUAL TIME RULE: Did Hannity REALLY cancel the interview with Ron?
  47. News Anchor Ben Swann tonight: Reality Check: Does Ron Paul Hate Israel?
  48. 9-12 Candidate Issue Chart
  49. Ron Paul Twitter Follows Growing Quickly!
  50. Tama/Toledo Poll (Losing to Newt)
  51. Paul about to talk with Cavuto live on Fox
  52. Are we peaking too early? - Let's maintain our momentum!
  53. And so it begins: Gary Busey withdraws Gingrich endorsement
  54. PPP Poll - New Mexico GOP Primary
  55. Home Depot Co-founder: "whoever the candidate is... Gringrich , Paul or Romney"
  56. Paul's fundraising way up today again
  57. Owning the GOP National Convention in Tampa Bay/St. Pete in August
  58. Infowars Promoting Tea Party Money Bomb
  59. RT: Ron Paul gains on Gingrich
  60. URGENT: Deadline to Register to Vote in South Carolina: TODAY, December 21, 2011
  61. Just a few short days...
  62. Iowa Intrade moving Paul's way
  63. Chris Wallace on Ron Paul
  64. "Ron Paul surging, can now win it all" - Doug Wead (12/14)
  65. Follow the Money - Forget about the MSM and Bogus polls.
  66. Desmoinesregister.com: Ron Paul wins Cedar Valley Tea Party straw poll
  67. Anti-Gingrich web ad from Paul Campaign
  68. Success Story!!
  69. December 16: Ron Paul Moneybomb Launches
  70. Doug Wead: Paul Supporters Should Only Have ONE CONCERN: December 16 Moneybomb!
  71. A fewThoughts!
  72. Why a caucus state like Iowa highly favors a Ron Paul win.
  74. Sean Hannity: Ron Paul is Going To Get “Anal Exam” [Article]
  75. Newt the Grinch - music video
  76. Ben Swann: Reality Check, RP on Israel tonight
  77. Oppurtunity with Hannity
  78. Video: Newt ♥ FDR
  79. Tea Party Money Bomb Message from Ron Paul
  80. List of 'Celebrity' Ron Paul Supporters on Twitter (who are we missing??)
  81. Tea Party Money Bomb Message from Ron Paul-(Official Campaign Video)
  82. He's catchin' on!
  83. Washington Post says "Ron Paul’s inaccurate definition of ‘bankruptcy’."
  84. Ron Paul is not that special....
  85. Campaign Money Bomb Message — Official Make it Viral Thread
  86. Washington Post...'Ron Paul has made himself a political force.'
  88. Have you guys met Bob???
  89. Liberal establishment (The Guradian) hyperventilates to Ron Paul
  90. Refuting the racism charge
  91. Washington Post Video "Ron Paul's Bedside Manner".
  92. on John King just a sec ago...
  93. Paul hits the campaign trail in NH
  94. Ron Paul Rising (On CNN Now)
  95. Check this video out: Ron Paul has been consistent from 1984 till Now!
  96. Don't Call it a SURGE or PEAK, Ron Paul has been steadily rising the whole time
  97. Ron Paul Can't Win??? (drinking with bob)
  98. Ron Paul is the most virtuous candidate in the 2012 presidential race.
  99. Lou Dobbs Tonight- Ron Paul: Flavor of the Month? (After Commercial Break)
  100. Can we win Iowa with 20%
  101. Washington Post: Ron Paul's Texas taxes rhetoric | Fact Check Video
  102. Donating on the 16th??
  103. NBC Nightly News story on Ron Paul in Iowa
  104. Vote nao!
  105. Yougov national poll
  106. Slay a Dragon for Ron Paul - $5,000 and countiing!
  107. Ron Paul: The Alternative Candidate is a force to be reckoned with
  108. If Ron Paul wins Iowa, it will discredit the mainstream media.
  109. Blogger just endorsed Ron Paul! Please give your thanks!
  110. Just Found My Next Ron Paul Speech Material [youtube]
  111. Hey everybody, a message from Dr. Paul
  112. TONIGHT 9PM EST- Live Stream: Four NH Reps to Discuss Ron Paul Tonight
  113. Question about Ron Paul's Defense of Liberty
  114. Fox News (Hannity): Ron Paul shown in 1st on accident
  115. Newt Hampshire welcome wagon (video)
  116. Ron Paul's path in politics - great slide show
  117. Romney has massive Intrade lead in NH
  118. Great Video explaining The Fed and the folly of printing money
  119. We need more people to step up, we need everybody to step up! This is it!
  120. Paul is the New 2nd Place Front-Runner, Heading Into SC Debate
  121. INFO WARS! December 16: Ron Paul Moneybomb Launches!
  122. Evidently, the lead singer of 5 Finger Death Punch is wearing a Ron Paul T-shirt
  123. Help to make these 2moneybomb videos to go VIRAL!EASILY!
  124. PROBLEM:I have 594 RonPaul Facebook friends, none say anything about the moneybomb
  125. Reuters Ron Paul Slide Show: Iowa, December 14, 2011
  126. NH Senator Ray White endorse Paul
  127. Fox nation poll
  128. Iowa "Oath" Ad Campaign - Chip-In!
  129. WAR Declared on IOWA!!
  130. There is a Ron Paul sign on the front cover of Drudge right now...
  131. Lady in NV just told me she got a brochure today
  132. News From the Future: Limbaugh Quits Radio; Paul Finishes 1st Year as Prez
  133. Pirates for Ron Paul.
  134. Ron Paul Facebook Page now has a donate link!
  135. Ron Paul surging on...REDDIT ?
  136. Tea Party Money Bomb Message from Ron Paul
  137. My heart is RACING with excitement!
  138. (FNC Bias) Screenshot of Hannity tonight: Paul at SECOND at 23% (Which is 1st Place) LOL
  139. Want to watch Ron Paul interviews with Cavuto and Wolf Blitzer on your iPhone?
  140. Ron Paul supporters flock to Iowa
  141. Merry Christmas from Obama, Congress: Legalized Martial Law?
  142. PPP polling Jeb Bush in primary?
  143. Today's Contributions so far
  144. New Hampshire Suffolk Poll
  145. Ron Paul Raises $80,000 Today
  146. The Young Turks explain why Ron Paul is worth voting for
  147. Twas the night of the Iowa Caucus
  148. Push the POLICE STATE, not foreign policy issue. Change the frame of the debate
  149. Woo Hoo - I converted my Dad to a Ron Paul supporter today!!!
  150. OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN SUGGESTION: Want a big money bomb? Release another web ad on Friday.
  151. Ben Swann Fox 19: Reality Check: Are Ron Paul's Views On Israel "Misguided and Extreme"?
  152. Random idea for Newt-Romney ad
  153. Media's Manipulation of Election Addressed In New Film
  154. Change Your Profile Pics for the Money Bomb
  155. Raised Today: $82,535
  156. Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 49%, Gingrich 39%
  157. Name something you want Ron Paul to do in the White House.
  158. Donations must start at 12:01 am FRIDAY to be effective...
  159. Paul generates buzz in New Hampshire stop that follows Perry’s trail
  160. Another GOP Straw Poll win - Miami, FL!
  161. Idea: Organized phone bomb into popular radio show
  162. The media is SCARED!!!
  163. Ron Paul Needs to Speak out Against NDAA at the Debate
  164. Any AUDIO of Hannity's attack today? (12/14)
  165. Rep. Mark Warden in the Concord Monitor: War or peace?
  166. John DiStaso's Granite Status: Let the New Hampshire ‘Expectations Game' begin
  167. GOP Jump Ball Could Lead to Ron Paul Upset Victory in Iowa
  168. The Ron Paul Uprising - TRAILER
  169. Veiled hit piece running in the Washington Post tomorrow
  170. Ron Paul Iowa Team Names New ‘Small Businesses for Ron Paul’ Coalition Members
  171. Yes Ron Paul, the Media Has Dismissed You
  172. Townhall.com GOP Primary vote
  173. The George W. Bush We All Forgot
  174. Debate is last chance for candidates to make big impression
  175. New Hampshire State Senator Ray White Endorses Ron Paul
  176. The Campagin needs to run ads all day on....
  177. Ben Swann Reality Check: Is Ron Paul really anti-Israel?
  178. Who Will Stand With Us?? (video)
  179. Top of DRUDGE: MR. IOWA?
  180. Biggest Ron Paul youtube channel just uploaded 2 moneybomb videos, please rate!!!
  181. On dec 16th, we need every single one of you to...
  182. Ron the only rep from Texas that voted NAY on HR 1540 - NDAA
  183. Hey "sideline activists" -- I thought this might help!
  184. Notify the liberals about the NDAA and money bomb!
  185. Ann Coulter on Red Eye (Ron Paul content) - VIDEO ADDED
  186. A stunning win for Ron Paul in the Hawkeye State. (Will Ron Paul win Iowa?)
  187. 2011 Tea Party HONEST MONEY for an Honest man
  188. I figured now that all of a sudden reddit loves RP again, we could promote the moneybomb
  189. Spreading the moneybomb to forums you use
  190. Ron Paul article on TheHill.com
  191. Seems like YOUTUBE is playing foul with RP
  192. Check out this great photo of the Good Dr.
  193. Paul can win NH.
  194. Closed Primary States
  195. After the Debate?
  196. Breaking on Drudge... new Rasmussen Iowa poll.
  197. Thin skin? No worries, we are ready to fight.
  198. Being a county chair, precinct chair, and/or a delegate
  199. Ron can RALLY AMERICANS tonight with this new INDEFINITE DETENTION issue...
  200. New 7 News/Suffolk University NH Primary Poll (12/15)
  201. Help with Poll on DP
  202. Mike Gallagher is DISSING Chris Wallace for his RON PAUL IOWA CAUCUS statement-AUDIO ADDED
  203. Slip In Tonight: 'I Do Best Against Obama!'
  204. Fox is bashing Paul in a new way....
  205. NEWT IS DROPPING LIKE A ROCK (thanks to the Ron Paul campaign!)
  206. Tom Woods filling in on the Peter Schiff show today
  207. Ron Paul on Mickelson 1040am 12/15
  208. A message to the IT people at ronpaul2012(dot)com...
  209. CHALLENGE: Spend All Day Friday Working For Tea Party Moneybomb!
  210. Ben Swann clarifies RP's position on Israel
  211. Important Delegate Question
  212. Can someone record Mike Gallagher's show today?!
  213. NRO: "Cool the 3rd Party Talk"
  214. The response to the Blowback question
  215. TODAY Only - RonPaulCountry.com hosting Live FOX News Stream + IRC Chat for IOWA Debate!
  216. [TUBE] Ron Paul with Jan Mickelson - 12/15
  217. Snowmen idea
  218. Ron Paul aims to challenge frontrunners in New Hampshire primary
  219. Check Out What Joe Rogan Wants To Do!
  220. Armstrong and Ghetty.... Important endorsement in California
  221. Drinking with Bob
  222. What's the campaign magic in NH and Iowa to get these numbers?
  223. Great quotes by Ron Paul- the most principled candidate to run in decades
  224. On Drudge: RASMUSSEN IOWA: Romney 23, Gingrich 20, Paul 18
  225. If Ron Paul nails it tonight, we'll win the election
  226. Pretending That Ron Paul Doesn't Matter Won't Make Him Go Away
  227. ARG NH poll: Romney 35%, Paul 21%, Gingrich 16%
  228. Ron Paul Foreign Policy is Saving American Conservatism
  229. Doug Weed article use/re-post
  230. Moneybomb Ad Idea:
  231. Ohio's Presidential Primary to move from May 22 to March 6
  232. Things we hope & wish Ron Paul would say at the debate???
  233. "If RP becomes President it will discredit the importance of the Presidential Elections."
  234. We are now the favorite to win Iowa on Intrade
  235. Paul's serious challenge in Iowa could rock the GOP race
  236. Campaign Manager John Tate: We Must Raise $3-4 Million During Tea Party Moneybomb
  237. Push the NDAA to help speed up Democrats switching to Republican for Ron Paul
  238. Rush Limbaugh Smearing Ron Paul Right Now (Panicking Perhaps?)
  239. Abolish the EPA? Great video to educate doubters of Dr. Paul's intentions
  240. Mark Levin, Ron Paul Hater, Put in His Place by Tom Woods
  241. I have turned everyone around me into a "radical"
  242. Vote up Ron Paul in reddit discussion
  243. Tune in to Fox News - Discussing Today's Polls
  244. Galllup national Paul 10%
  245. RP ON fOX 2:20
  246. A Prayer For Ron Paul Tonight...
  247. Demographics ...my 70+y/o mothers take
  248. Ron Paul on Hannity (12/15/11) Post Debate Interview - Official Thread
  249. Fox News Debate (12/15) OFFICIAL Thread
  250. Ron Paul on Fox w/ Megyn Kelly (12/15/11) 14:20 ET - Official Thread