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  1. Mark Halperin's Debate Grades:
  2. Meet the Press online stream
  3. The Guardian: Ron Paul is the big winner from the debate
  4. New NBC-Marist Polls to debut on MTP
  5. My Dream Last Night
  6. A message to my facebook friends
  7. Steve Deace tweet on Ron at the debate
  8. Ron Paul wins Iowa debate, only consistent conservative
  9. Drake Student Straw Poll
  10. ABC This Week-George Will Brings Up Troop Donations
  11. Day of Prayer for Ron Paul and Liberty - Dec 24
  12. Need Netanyahu Quote Where He Says He Does Not Need US Help ASAP!
  13. Sunday Morning "Dick Gregory is a @#$%" Super Brochure Mini-Bomb Thread
  14. Via Twitter -- Ron Paul is the only electable GOP candidate in both NH and Iowa
  15. What could Ron Paul offer to Romney and Perry in a brokered convention?
  16. ABC Debate: The Winners and Losers [Article]
  17. LIKE UP my comment on Newt's new video, newtexposed.com link
  18. Rep. Steve King Had Interesting Comments On "Face The Nation"
  19. Oh, the Irony. I just heard Rush Double-Limburger say...
  20. To the owner of RonPaul.com
  21. I am usually a pretty pessimistic person but...
  22. Is anybody still working the Republican Supervoters?
  23. did romney just lose 10 grand and iowa/new hampshire?
  24. This Week had good comments on Paul's "strong showing"
  25. Spartanbur​g, SC Monday [12/12/11] @7PM - URGENT!
  26. Chip in to finish mailing Super Brochures to Iowa!
  27. Predictions Ad Idea
  28. [Video] Ron Paul ABC This Week Sunday Show Post Debate Mentions
  29. Official "Push for Iowa" Thread
  30. Governor of Iowa on Meet The Press: Ron Paul Leading
  31. Ron Paul donation graph????
  32. Ron Paul: Gingrich taking Freddie Mac money 'immoral'
  33. Slay a Dragon for Ron Paul - $25,000 - Update
  34. Post Debate Discussion
  35. Delegates are proportional till April?
  36. Iowa Gov.: Paul winning in enthusiasm, bumper stickers
  37. MSM blackout - COUNTERATACK (contingency plan) aka "stick it to them" aka "bitter pill"...
  38. Iowa "All In" Strategy.
  39. Huge success in getting votes!
  40. Ron Paul hour long interview - Des Moines Register 11/19/11
  41. Any chance Romney starts blasting Newt with negative ads?
  42. Study: Ron Paul is winning on Twitter
  43. Today's News 12/11
  44. Ex-Cain guy at church "really likes Ron Paul."
  45. Amnesty International - Human Rights Hero
  46. Do we really only have one more debate before Iowa?
  47. The New Yorker: Debate Cheat Sheet: Newt up; Mitt Down; Ron Rising
  48. My mom ask me what I thought about Newt and now she's voting for Ron Paul
  49. How Ron Paul will save Social Security
  50. Ron Paul in Second Place in Iowa according to Intrade
  51. PPPPolls...
  52. A Revelation about the Citizen Imprisonment Law
  53. Ron Paul says Romney more “diplomatic” than Gingrich
  54. Alert: Seems like Santo has been to more places in Iowa then anyone else
  55. Article from Iowa
  56. Facebook Message BOMB for Ron Paul is today!!
  57. Facebook Message BOMB for Ron Paul is Happening NOW!!
  58. How accurate were 2008 polls at predicting Ron Paul’s support?
  59. National Review: online poll. Who won debate?
  60. Moneybomb video attacking Gingrich on assassinations
  61. Bumper Sticker Bomb
  62. Anywhere to see daily donations to the campaign?
  63. Setting up Bachmann to be the new Huckabee:
  64. Ron Paul supporters
  65. Drudge: Paul rips Gingrich, Romney as 'from the same mold'
  66. My Speech May Have Swayed Voters
  67. Green Room: Video-Ron Paul Strong in Iowa
  68. 12/15 FOX NEWS GOP Debate May Have Stacked Audience
  69. "I may vote for him."
  70. Video Request
  71. Transformational Leadership
  72. [AUDIO] Radio show caller gets schooled about Ron Paul
  73. curious about value of a specific meme
  74. ABC-See the Iowa Campaign Headquarters (Video)
  75. OBAMA: 'It Doesn't Really Matter' Who Republicans Nominate
  76. Did we just officially go to war with Syria???
  77. The madness of Newt Romney
  78. AUDIO CLIP! WABC Radio: My best Ron Paul call in ever!
  79. Al Michaels just mentioned Ron Paul
  80. REGISTER: 2012 Townhall.com National GOP Primary
  81. Should Dr. Paul Challenge Gingrich to a Lincoln-Douglas Debate?
  82. $500 Matching supplies mini-bomb
  83. ABC News Debate is Most Watched Debate This Year
  84. Like my facebook page "Newt Truth"
  85. Campaign behind the scenes vid
  86. Ron Paul Truck.
  87. Ron Paul Mobile! The easiest way to get videos and news from the Debate and Sunday news!
  88. Have the revpac and super-brochure made it to iowa in mass yet
  89. No Matter How The Media Spins It They Can't Hide How Well Paul Did
  90. Q3 Donation Statistics Question
  91. Anyone know the percent Buchanan took in NH in 1996?
  92. Poll: Ron Paul sits in top-tier in South Carolina, Florida
  93. micro-philanthropy - Be an elf
  94. Washington Post - Submit questions about Ron Paul - Separating fact from fiction
  95. ABC Debate Draws 7.6 Million; Most-Watched of Year...
  96. Close to Converting an Obama Supporter, How Would You Respond?
  97. Numbers games-->Late November DMR polling in 2007 vs 2011
  98. Great article by Tim Carney on Paul strength and Newt weakness.
  99. What does it mean that we "never stopped campaigning in Iowa since 2008"?
  100. This embarassing photo of Mitt Romney would sink him in the General Election
  101. National Poll- PollPosition.com- Gingrich 39%, Romney 23%, Paul 11%
  102. One thing I've noticed watching the debates
  103. This Needs to go Viral
  104. Biggest Electability Problem: Science [Ad/Video Request]
  105. Forget everything else.. This is how to REALLY make this the biggest moneybomb ever.
  107. This is a Magic Moment.
  108. I think Barack Obama "stole our thunder" in 2008, and that won't happen this time.
  109. How Iowa Views Ron Paul (Key Takeaways from Recent Iowa Polls)
  110. Suggestion to Campaign Et Al: Start Painting Ron Paul as "The Clear Alternative"
  111. If you notice, you will find they will always ask Ron certain question in the mainstream m
  112. Lew Rockwell Blog: Forget About Ron Paul for a Moment
  113. More LIES about Ron Paul on talk radio...
  114. Newt Teflon
  115. ONLY RON is DIFFERENT from Obama. He needs to start advertising this point.
  116. Debate Stats - Paul Screwed Again
  117. VIDEO EDITING REQUEST - Mitt Romney $10,000 Bet / Fred Flintstone Mashup
  118. HuffPost front page, under "most popular"- a lot of people reading a good article on Paul
  119. Sign the national "Right to Work" petition that Obama is trying to bury: Rand Paul
  120. Conservative Foreign Policy
  121. Keep Pushing The Super Brochure! 1 Day Left!
  122. Missed opportunities in debate...
  123. NEW Ron Paul Web Ad -- Newt Gingrich: Selling Access
  124. Newt Gingrich: Selling Access (NEW Ron Paul Ad)
  125. Daytona Beach, FL people waking up to Ron Paul?
  126. Number of times each candidate mentioned in the pre, mid, and post-debate brainwashing?
  127. Please vote youtube comment up on new Ron Paul ad!
  128. Rubio's campaign working for Gingrich now:
  129. UI Hawkeye Iowa 2012 Republican Caucus Survey
  130. Gingrich had HUGE lead in Iowa
  131. College Student I.D.'s no longer valid for voting!
  132. Character and Why I support Ron Paul
  133. Ron Paul supporters to collect 5 tons of food for charity
  134. Ron Paul clobbers Gingrich in Drake University straw poll
  135. Iowa Electronic Prediction Market: Paul with best chance to get 1st or 2nd in Iowa
  136. Viral Video Chart--Ron Paul Dominates
  137. Campaign has web ads out for the December 16, 2011 Moneybomb!
  138. Former Gov. Granholm predicts surge for Ron Paul
  139. Ron Paul Social Network BOMB (DEC.12-16) is TODAY! Message to send to friends in Descrip.
  140. Mitt Romney, Ron Paul Launch Fresh Attacks On Newt Gingrich
  141. Ron Paul: Romney, Gingrich "Support The Status Quo"
  142. Jack Hunter: Why Gingrich couldn't predict the financial crises (and Ron Paul could)
  143. Diane and George
  144. Yahoo accidently admits that Gold Standard is constitutional and efficient
  145. Rand Paul Slams Newt, Says He’s “Not Even a Conservative”
  146. 96% of Congressmen Agree: Bad Legislation Is Easier To Craft In Secret
  147. Ron Paul Gaining Credibility By the Day--U.S. News article
  148. New ARG Poll- Iowa- Gingrich 22% Paul 17%
  149. 2012: Year of the Third Party and Why the GOP NEEDS Ron Paul!
  150. Ron Paul High School Town Hall in Iowa l - KAAL Iowa News 12/09/11 (local news video)
  151. Ron Paul Food Drive: Collecting Donations (LAST DAY!)
  152. Good Debate Write Up
  153. Show this to primary voters. There is only one ethical presidential candidate
  154. Ron Paul Endorsed by Manchester Alderman and State Representative
  155. Iowa Super Brochure Deadline is 6:50PM Monday!!!
  156. URGENT MESSAGE From the Troops (Full Version) Now On Youtube!!!
  157. Why are in a great spot now -- If you keep phonebanking!
  158. Poll: Gingrich leads while Ron Paul, Mitt Romney tied
  159. Weigel: Ron Paul's Attack Ads: Remarkable Evolution
  160. Old Ames Ads, New Iowa Ads?
  161. Ron Paul's High Tech Ad [article]
  162. Why Ron Paul would destroy Obama in a debate.
  163. We must divide and conquer
  164. Amazing New VIRAL Video - Urgent Message From the Troops
  165. Audio of Howard Stern talking about the debate and Ron Paul today.
  166. If Ron Paul Wins Iowa
  167. Whats going on with the Louisiana Caucus?
  168. Brian Doherty: Videos: Ron Paul's Weekend in Review
  169. WSJ: Ron Paul Holds Crucial Card in GOP Race
  170. Why they have to keep pushing Newt:
  171. The WSJ: The Crucial Card
  172. THIS needs to go VIRAL!
  173. Ron Paul is striking chords with Iowa GOP voters
  174. THIS IS HOW ITS DONE !!!!
  175. The Daily Iowan Endorses Ron Paul for President --- also vote in POLL
  176. Florida GOP Straw Poll corruption already starting!
  177. On Drudge: Glenn Beck would vote Paul 3rd party, over Gingrich!
  178. Greatest Ron Paul Comment Ever
  179. Ron Paul R3volution Radio 102.3 FM is on the air in Oklahoma City.
  180. LOL Michael Savage Offers Gingrich $1M to Drop Out
  181. Ron Paul Food Drive - Promo Video
  182. Office Grand Opening - Johnson County Iowa Grassroots HQ - TODAY @ 6 PM!
  183. Newsmax poll shown on facebook
  184. i called in on michsel medved show about ron paul
  185. Buena Vista tea partiers, Sioux City pastor endorse Ron Paul
  186. Des Moines Register: Ron Paul slams Gingrich in another web ad
  187. Are we going to run this amazing ad or not???
  189. Ron Paul needs to put an end to the media asking him about a third party run.
  190. IOWA - Cedar Valley Tea Party Straw Poll - Dec 13 @ 6:30 PM - Cedar Falls, IOWA!
  191. Most Uninformed Comments Ever!
  192. The Campaign's Money Bomb Pledge Site Already has More Money Pledged than Black This Out!
  193. The Daily Iowan endorses Ron Paul
  194. Buy Your Own Advertising Blimp & More!
  195. Ron Paul releases new web ad! Selling access
  196. I use the social networking site: Tumblr
  197. Newt Gingrich is a Phantom Menace and will soon join the also rans!
  198. Get RP on Adam Carolla.
  199. Ron Paul Closing in on First Place in New Iowa Poll
  200. The Real Unemployment #s
  201. Ron Paul’s Campaign Gets to Have All the Fun
  202. Today's News 12/12
  203. [4/26/11] Frank Luntz praises Paul, Romney, Gingrich + Offers $10,000 BET! (ROFL!)
  204. Ron Paul eating lunch in Iowa (Picture)
  205. Ben Swann: Part 2 of the Patriot Act review
  206. You know what to do:
  207. IMPORTANT: Let's write a caucus speech together!!
  208. Strategy: Focus our message on the BEST stuff!
  209. 4 Legitimate Reasons NOT to vote for Ron Paul
  210. Ron Paul Brochure Reaches 88% of Republican + Indy Goal
  211. Gingrich offered 1 Million to drop out of race
  212. New Univ. of Iowa Poll -
  213. Where was Ron polling in Iowa on this day in 2007? 5.0%.
  214. New Tea Party Money Bomb Email From Rand Paul
  215. US News & World Report: Ron Paul Gaining Credibility By the Day
  216. Polling
  217. BUSINESS INSIDER: Ron Paul Just Nabbed Iowa's Biggest Youth Endorsement
  218. Any Aspiring Artists...
  219. New Ron Paul Ad ? Selling Access
  220. ABC: New Ron Paul Ad Hits Gingrich for Washington Influence Peddling
  221. If the anti-Newt ads boost Paul in IA..do we need anti-Romney ads in NH?
  222. Intern for the Nevada Campaign office
  223. Intersting Info RE: Tony Pashos, Rev. PAC and Some Dude
  224. Big Newspaper Endorsements?
  225. Ron Paul: Michigan Campaign site
  226. Chuck Sweeny: If it’s January, it’s time for me to go to Iowa
  227. $500 club
  228. Local Iowa ABC affiliate: Drake Straw Poll Yields Interesting Results
  229. Polls confirm Newt Gingrich’s rise to top of GOP — and potential to fall
  230. Frank Luntz poll: Vote now!
  231. WashPost: The man behind Ron Paul's ads
  232. New ad: Selling access
  233. GOP field shifts again following debate, Cain exit
  234. Like casserole? So does Ron Paul’s family (Great write up)
  235. Ron Paul: The Elephant in the GOP Room
  236. Jon Stewart on debate: "Ron Paul..."
  237. What if there is a big snow storm in Iowa and they reschedule?
  238. International Business Times: "Ron Paul 2012: Why He is Right on Foreign Policy"
  239. No Newt, No Romney, No NEWTROMNEY, (won't happen)
  240. Party Crashers
  241. When Ron Paul wins the nomination, we need to use this graphic against Obama
  242. Will RP campaign (and other campaigns) make a Christmas ad/video like 2007
  244. The Plan.
  245. Howard Stern: "Ron Paul on Paper Seems Like the Best Candidate Ever"
  246. Ron Paul : "The Banking Establishment Is in Panic Mode"
  247. The Daily Iowan Editorial Board endorses Texas Rep. Ron Paul for the Iowa Republican presi
  248. SuperBrochure Fix
  249. NEWT GINGRICH : Marshmallow or Kool-Aid man ?
  250. The man behind the Ron Paul ads