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  1. Wheat do you think our REAL status in New Hampshrie is??
  2. Ron Paul on WOI-TV ABC 5 Iowa News 12/08/11
  3. Rand Paul: Gingrich no friend of tea party
  4. Is there a Google AdWords TV commercial bomb toady?
  5. Make this image go viral... [Newt & Sharpton]
  6. Ron Paul draws more than 2,000 to ISU event
  7. If you were wondering why Ron Paul was not on the campaign trail Dec 7th..
  8. Rand Paul slams Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich
  9. Ron Paul Dominates Favorable Twitter Election Coverage...
  10. loser trump giving excuses to cancel debate
  11. Washington State Rep. Cary Condotta Endorses Ron Paul
  12. Jon Stewart is giddy about the Trump Da Bate LOL
  13. Ron Paul to Visit Eastern Iowa for Eight Town Hall Meetings
  14. Ron Paul Iowa Team Touts New ‘Small Businesses for Ron Paul’ Coalition Members
  15. Ron Paul Launches Move for Campus Vote
  16. Of Interest , Where Ron Pauls Money is coming from.
  17. Mulshine: Rand Paul's attacks on Newt
  18. Ron Paul will be on FOX in the next hour (1p-2p EST)
  19. The Washington Times - Rand Paul slams Gingrich, Romney in Iowa voter appeal
  20. Gallup national 12/9 Paul 9%
  21. George Will (WAPO Commentator) Quotes Ron Paul Ad in Gingrich Criticism to ABC!
  22. [Video] Ron Paul Interview Today With Megyn Kelly 12/09/11
  23. POLITICO: Ron Paul gears up for long primary slog
  25. Ron Paul Family Cookbook has already made at least one convert!
  26. political cartoon artist?
  27. If the election were held today, who would you vote for? -spread this
  28. Rand Paul Calls Gingrich 'Unworthy' of Tea Party Support
  29. Need help for an easy free vote
  30. The Atlantic: A Ron Paul win would restore Iowa's status as a grassroots powerhouse
  31. How come no ones addressing Newts health?
  32. Rand Paul on Wolf Blitzer CNN 4:30 pm ET (12/9) - Official Thread.
  33. TIME: Paul's army eyes iowa upset (also posted in cnn.com politics)
  34. What Tea Party? (pic)
  35. Newsmax: Paul More Republican than Other Candidates
  36. ABC Drake University Debate (12/10) Official Thread
  37. Ron Paul on Meet the Press (12/11/11)
  38. Googling Ron Paul in Iowa
  39. Back to school: Ron Paul offers book suggests to Mason City students
  40. David Brooks Gives Newt Gingrich the Kiss of Death
  41. URGENT: LA deadline to register to vote and Republican is TODAY!! (12/15)
  42. APNewsBreak: NFL lobbies Congress to pressure players to test for human growth hormone
  43. Mittens going after Newt and spending 3.1 MILLION on attack ads?
  44. A Brilliant Way to Frame Part of the Foreign Policy Debate!
  45. George Will's Sunday Column will play the "3rd Party" Card Against Ron (#srslyWill?)
  46. Electability key message for Ron Paul this week
  47. Ron Paul Surges In Iowa Polls
  48. Rand Paul on Mickelson 12/9/11
  49. [Video] Rand Paul Interview With Wolf Blitzer, Slams Newt & Trump 12/09/11
  50. Nick Gillespie Washington Post Op-ed : Five myths about Ron Paul
  51. All Eyes on Des Moines as GOP Candidates Head Into Crucial Debate
  52. "Tea Party leaders" say Rand Paul is wrong on Newt Gingrich attacks
  53. Wanted: Individual Ron Paul Endorsements - a paragraph or more
  54. MO State Rep Paul Curtman - Understanding Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy
  55. Ron Paul on CBS Nightly News w Scott Pelley
  56. [VIDEO] CBS talking head talking about Ron Paul starts at about 15min in
  57. This has been the best week of coverage from MSM...
  58. More detail on what awaits Ron on Meet the Press
  59. National Inflation Association Alert: Ron Paul Has Real Chance Of Becoming GOP Nominee
  60. Suprise! Out of 34 time's person of the year, Time has Cain & Bachmann, no Ron Paul
  61. Polk County residents contact me
  62. Planning on being a state delegate? Do you know Robert's Rules of Order yet?
  63. Tea Party facebook poll
  64. The Campaign should run an ad solely using 1988 footage...
  65. Ron Paul's Foreign Policy: Defend America, Declare our Wars
  66. Reality Check: Support the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign
  67. Does anybody have a high resolution version of this photo?
  68. All Positive NPR piece on Paul
  69. Governors, Senators & Reps that Have not Made an Endorsement
  70. Overflow Crowd of 700 Supporters Greets Ron Paul @ Univ of N Iowa
  71. Washington State Rep. Cary Condotta Endorses Ron Paul + Rep. Manuse endorses
  72. one old German woman's vision of a better America
  73. Ron Paul on NPR twice today...audio links
  74. Campaign needs an ad putting Gingrich, Romney and Obama side-by-side
  75. Texas local news: The rise of Ron Paul in Iowa (video)
  76. Citizen Gun Group Endorses Ron Paul for President
  77. Ron Paul Should Have Had The Podium At Republican Jewish Coalition Forum
  78. Winning IOWA needs our Help NOW!!
  79. Ron Paul will be at Town Hall Meetings in Peterborough & Derry NH Dec 13 and Dec 14
  80. Two Buena Vista area tea party co-founders endorse Ron Paul
  81. Overflow crowd of 700 supporters greets Ron Paul at UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN IOWA
  82. Yahoo front page. #69 of 75 stories on front page
  83. The Stalinist Air-Brushing Out Of Ron Paul
  84. Must Read --> Iowa Youth Say They're Switching Parties to Support Ron Paul
  85. Can you guys donate me some campaign promotion materials
  86. Should Ron Paul self-fund his own campaign?
  87. An idea: Use barcodes to spread the message
  88. Blah
  89. Michael Savage in second ratings place behind Limbaugh.
  90. Ron Paul to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on December 16, 2011
  91. [Video] CNN Situation Room on Ron Paul winning Iowa
  92. WoW! I had two "never vote republican" people ask me "I am voting Ron Paul.."
  93. The Plain Truth About Ron Paul
  94. desperate plea to r/politics, pleas upvote!
  95. LAST CALL FOR GRASSROOTS! Less than one week left!
  96. Help me prepare my Iowa stump speech for caucus night (take 2)
  97. I think you guys will get a kick out of this video
  98. American citizens working internationally - How can they vote?
  99. Glenn Beck on Freedom Watch - Ron Paul Discussed
  100. HEY! There's a debate tonight on ABC...
  101. Can someon explain the diff between primary and caucus, or are they the same???
  102. One of the most powerfull Ron Paul videos ever! This Is Why US Troops Support Ron Paul!
  103. No One But Ron Paul 2012 Facebook group!
  104. MSNBC this morning: "Although there will be 6 candidates debating in Iowa...
  105. How Can We Use Sun Tzu's The Art of War Tactics To Help Ron Paul Win?
  106. In third White House bid, Paul's message the same - AP
  107. the OFFICIAL post ABC debate thread for 12-10-2011
  108. Help, I need links that show Ron Paul would win against Obama.
  109. What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus (2012)
  110. ron paul can win says ps3 gamers
  111. USA Today: 5 Things to Watch in Tonight's GOP Debate
  112. Yahoo.com: Ron Paul Woos Christians
  113. Just found this video... For the Record : Ron Paul and Israel
  114. Des Moines Register --Ron Paul – How many showed up in Ames?
  115. Any VIDEO of RP's recent speeches at Iowa campuses?
  116. Twitter bomb during debate
  117. Ron Paul Live Townhall CNN Stream?
  118. Why do such widely diverse supporters of Ron Paul "play together" so well?
  119. my guess of podium arragements at tonights ABC debate
  120. Which candidate would be the BEST AMBASSADOR FOR AMERICA?
  121. Libertarian Point is on hold.
  122. Great News!!!! The Fox News Debate on Thursday will be moderated by Neil Cavuto
  123. Can Somebody with Ties to the Campaign Tell Them to Leave the Ticker Up?
  124. Cool Ron Paul car wraps.
  125. What to look for from Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul in tonight's Republican presidential debate
  126. Ron Paul blasts U.S. foreign policy, vows to build coalitions
  127. Ron Paul secures Capitol Hill screening of Farmageddon
  128. " In fact he was thrown out of school - twice.*
  129. we're learning :)
  130. Who did you vote for in 2008 primaries
  131. NYT: Thousands Sterilized, a State Weighs Restitution
  132. The Economist: Catching up with Ron Paul
  133. Anyone else watching the Iowa Electronic Markets? (Paul majorly rising)
  134. The "Isolationist" Disinformation Campaign Must be Addressed
  135. Does Gingrich Start the Inevitable Collapse Tonight?
  136. Can Somebody with Ties to the Campaign ask Ron to plug the moneybomb on Jay Leno!
  137. George Stephanopolous is Tonight's Debate Moderator
  138. Follow the money...the free TV ABC debate will be just as bad as CBS.
  140. MSM: Go towards the RIGHT, but not too far. Be a CENTRAL figure.
  141. The Average American watches "Big Dog" Ad and thinks that RP wants to cut all Education?
  142. Campaign DVD
  143. Ron Paul Proposes Interesting Salary For Himself As President
  144. Ron Paul Draws Big Crowds and Many Undecided Voters in Iowa
  145. Who did you vote for in 2008 GENERAL Election?
  147. Letter: Paul's decisions make him most consistent candidate
  148. Just got an email from the Official Paul Campaign about the Tea Party '11 Money BOMB
  149. Email from Ron Paul on the Dec. 16th Money Bomb
  150. I hope i can count on you for next 7-8 hours!
  151. AARP's "On the Candidates" for Ron Paul on social security, medicare etc
  152. Newt called my house & Paul sends brochure next door...
  153. Any idea when DMR will have another poll out?
  154. Ron Paul is Entertaining
  155. Twitter Army: Ron Paul Should Be a Trending Topic Tonight
  156. Pat Buchanan ties it all together... Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Newt Gingrich wrt this race
  157. Start Tweeting about the #IowaDebate
  158. The OFFICIAL what time is the debate thread
  159. ABC Drake University Debate (12/10) Unofficial Thread
  160. Ron Paul is refreshing.
  161. Wow very good article about Ron Paul on the huffington post.
  162. Top of Drudge: Ron Paul draws big crowds in Iowa
  163. Officially unofficial Official ABC debate thread 12-10-11
  164. [Video] Ron Paul: Freedom Brings People Together
  165. Google Research: Which candidate does the Internet like best?
  166. Post your debate tweets and retweets here!
  167. Christmas in Iowa with Ron Paul
  168. Anyone feel like paul is about to have a breakthrough moment this week or next?
  169. Local ABC Debate Coverage
  170. [VIDEO] Ron Paul: For Peace, Not War (my 2nd RP vid)
  171. Christians for Ron Paul - Let's gather for prayer before the debate tonight
  172. 4,421 brochures sent out to SC supervoters
  173. Who Did You Vote For In The 2008 GENERAL Election? (Comprehensive Version)
  174. ABC News to poll Republican-debate viewers via TV-tagging app IntoNow
  175. Have access to the Campaign's VoterTracker.com? Tama County, Iowa, NEEDS HELP!
  176. Download this voting app for the debate:
  177. George Will: "Ron Paul, Spoiler"
  178. Just for fun let`s occupy the North Pole
  179. For Ron Paul news and video during & after the debate, check out the Ron Paul Mobile App!
  180. Two Endorsements and a Poll
  181. That's not going to happen
  182. Romney = Newt and Newt = Romney
  183. Ron Paul Wins Debate - His Best Debate Ever
  184. Greatest Debate EVARRR~!
  185. Romney's Paul Praise
  186. Post debate polls (post here!)
  187. ABC News Article 12/10: Ron Paul Draws Big Crowd
  188. Rank the Debate Winners/Losers
  189. Online post debate coverage?
  190. Ron Paul Des Moines Register/ABC Debate Replay Highlights
  191. Debate: Ron Paul stresses need for new financial policy
  192. 12/10 Debate Highlights
  193. Where is the video from Ron at Iowa State OR UNI?
  194. We CAN NOT lose the Tea Party!
  195. Meet the Press asking what you want them to ask RP
  196. what song plays in your head when listening to Gingrich?
  197. Post Debate Donation Thread
  198. Sigh...Another overly-wound-up sleepless night...
  199. This is an OUTRAGE
  201. My thoughts on this debate (ABC News, Yahoo! 10 DEC 11)
  202. Remember, Ron Paul is on NBC's @meetthepress at 10:30am EST. But check local times
  203. Do You Need a Phone to do Phone from Home? - Get one cheap!!
  204. $100 Post Debate Donation Match Challenge
  205. [Video] All Of Ron Paul's Responses At The ABC Iowa GOP Debate
  206. Super Brochures mailed to Iowa Independents almost at 100,000! Join us!
  207. [Youtube] Ron Paul Highlights ABC/Yahoo Debate
  208. ABC debate Yahoo. news question was 'would you like to hear more from Ron Paul', results:
  209. ABC Has RESET their poll! Make sure to vote again!
  210. A Legitmate Majority (80%) of Viewers Think Ron Paul Won The Debate
  211. It's an honor and a privilege...
  212. My National Defense / Foreign Policy question for Ron Paul on Meet The Press
  213. ABC debate: Ron Paul HIGHLIGHTS
  214. GOP debate: Newt Gingrich survives, Rick Perry and Ron Paul score
  215. Des Moines Register: Newt Gingrich survives, Rick Perry and Ron Paul score
  216. ABC Not only created the poll twice, they also voted for Newt twice! LOL
  217. In Iowa Debate Ron Paul Says Palestinians Are Not an 'Invented People'
  218. LATimes: Ron Paul: Gingrich profited on taxpayers' dime
  219. Times-Republican: Paul: Strict adherence to Constitution will remedy America’s ills
  220. [TUBE] FULL ABC/Yahoo debate
  221. This Friday the Revolution will Occupy Leno
  222. Ton of polls....
  223. Yahoo asks who won the debate, excludes half the field
  224. Roger Ebert on Ron Paul (via Twitter)
  225. Michelle Branch retweets Ron Paul tweet about Meet The Press interview!
  226. Campaign: "If we don't have a big day on December 16, we'll have to cut back."
  227. My local news report on tonight's GOP debate
  228. [VIDEO] Gingrich is a LIAR on Reagan !!!!!
  229. What would be your reaction if Ron Paul won the Presidency?
  230. [Youtube] FULL ABC Debate
  231. "I Think Ron Paul Will End Up Seeing A Surge From This" (Debate) Gov Jennifer Granholm
  232. Where did the foreign policy video go?
  233. CBSNEWS.COM: Ron Paul, one of debate winners!
  234. All I want for Christmas is for people to donate to Ron Paul on Dec 16th!
  236. John Tate´s statement on Dec 16th moneybomb!
  237. "If You Cheat on Your Wife, You'd Probably Cheat Your Business Partner"
  238. A messages to all media outlets scanning ronpaulforums.com
  239. Huntington WV news: "Paul wins online polls after Iowa Debate; Crushing Gingrich, Romney "
  240. Body language reveals phase shift
  241. Los Angeles Times: Ron Paul: Gingrich profited on taxpayers' dime
  242. News Tribune: Ron Paul is the political Nostradamus of the Republican Party
  243. How To Help Make This MoneyBomb The Biggest Ever!
  244. Mark Halperin's Debate Grades:
  245. Meet the Press online stream
  246. The Guardian: Ron Paul is the big winner from the debate
  247. New NBC-Marist Polls to debut on MTP
  248. My Dream Last Night
  249. A message to my facebook friends
  250. Steve Deace tweet on Ron at the debate