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  1. New Hampshire DVD Bomb!
  2. FitsNews endorses Ron Paul for President in 2012
  3. Palin Won’t Endorse Before Iowa Caucuses
  4. As if anyone needed a reason not to vote for Newt....
  5. Investor Jim Rogers Gives Dire Warning on GBTV: ‘That Will Lead to the End of the World as
  6. Paul at ISU in Ames Thursday for Final Caucus Lecture in Series
  7. I was just polled by NBC News
  8. Iowa Strategy: Make it a long nite
  9. Iowa Ads Against Newt Gingrich If Anyone Wants to Run Them
  10. Newt Gingrich Co-Sponsored 418 Bills with Nancy Pelosi
  11. A MIRACLE JUST HAPPENED in winning over a Herman Cain/Michelle Bachmann supporter!!
  12. 12/7 Daily Gallup Tracking
  13. Live Webcast: PRESIDENTial PAULitics Tonight at 8pm EST & LRN on RonPaulCountry.com
  14. Idea for moneybombs please input your opinion
  15. Two Ron Paul Winning Scenarios
  16. Former President Calvin Coolidge Endorses Ron Paul 2012
  17. [VIDEO] Mike Church SLAMS Gingrich on Lou Dobb's TV Show - FoxBiz
  18. The NRA is looking for your money
  19. Ron Paul on Freedom Watch (12/7/11) 8pm ET - OFFICIAL THREAD!
  20. Here's 40 more Super Brochures for South Carolina!
  21. Bold prediction: Paul will be on the ticket in 2012
  22. Today's Money Bomb Status
  23. Question about Republican Jewish Coalition Debate and Precedents
  24. Go Do Some Shopping
  25. Ron Paul comes to campus
  26. We should run the Newt-Pelosi ad
  27. Obama leads all GOP candidates in Iowa EXCEPT PAUL (NBC News/Marist Poll)
  28. Marist poll-Ron Paul only GOP candidate that polls even with Obama. All others lose.
  29. Ron Paul doesn't budge on Israel
  30. Donation page is acting up again
  31. Please Take a "FEW SECONDS" to Vote This up on the Daily Paul - We Need to Raise $1.2 Mil
  32. An ad that would destroy Newt
  33. Before Ron Paul's Revolution
  34. Ron Paul Interview on CNN Newsroom. Check it out with Ron Paul Mobile!
  35. Year of the Caucuses: Ron Paul's Secret Weapon
  36. Debunking the Constitutionality of the Fed
  37. $1,061,629 on the ticker
  38. Superbrochure, love the effort, PLEASE PLEASE change the content
  39. So who else thinks the GOP does not care about winning the presidency?
  40. Awesome coverage by Texas Tribune
  41. Is NRA head supporting Romney?
  42. CNN Polling Director: "Don't Make the Mistake of Assuming This is a Two-Man Race"
  43. Bastiat's "The Law" has just passed Coulter's book on Amazon
  44. Compelling audio documentary makes solid points re: Newt being flavor of the week...
  45. NEW Ron Paul Viral Video on Foreign Policy - We Need Your Help!
  46. Forum input needed. What date should another Northern Pass ad run?
  47. What states besides Iowa do we actually have a chance at?
  48. BIG FAVOR NEEDED - 2 minutes of your time
  49. Ron Paul's Newt Gingrich Ad is At Number 20 in Google for "Newt Gingrich"
  50. Conan O'Brien creates new ad for Ron Paul
  51. Donald Trump vs GOP vs Ron Paul
  52. I am NOT hearing anything about the Dec 16 money bomb.
  53. Op-ed about why we must fight for the freedom of the internet. I hope people like it!
  54. Erickson: "I actually and in all sincerity think it would be awesome if Ron Paul won Iowa"
  55. Possibly good idea, or really bad one...
  56. Tea Party 11 Money Bomb Weekend - Dec 16th - 19th?
  57. Ron Paul Wins GOP Twitter Primary, Pew Study Shows
  58. Ad Idea
  59. Cabinet Positions
  60. Grassroots organizer in Northern NH needs some good large maps ASAP!
  62. Glenn Beck Destroys Newt Gingrich: Newt's FOR Medicare Part D, FOR Mandates, FOR Big Gov't
  63. The deadline for purchasing brochures to mail to Iowa is this weekend!
  64. Ron Paul Responds to RJC in new Youtube Interview
  65. Ron Paul on Meet The Press Dec. 11
  66. Study: Ron Paul is winning on Twitter
  67. [Video] Sarah Palin says Ron Paul is the one Americans need to listen to
  68. If Media Downplays Iowa Win, We Will Get Lots Of Money
  69. Quinnipiac Florida poll: Paul up 5% since last month
  70. New Campaign Video: Ron Paul: Foreign Policy and Israel
  71. Reality check!
  72. Today John Corzine will increase Ron Paul's influence.
  73. How to Deal with the Media to help Ron Paul Win
  74. Is Ron Paul Absolutely Right, or Is He Absolutely Wrong About Terrorism?
  75. RNC Comes Out Against Trump Debate
  76. Busy Day For Ron Paul
  77. Stories that need to get out to MSM and how to do it.
  78. Toady is the Ron Paul Oklahoma meeting. RSVP toady.
  79. Study: Ron Paul is winning on Twitter
  80. Forbes: "Why Ron Paul Will Win Iowa".
  81. Ron Paul on Israel and Foreign Policy (please spread this video!)
  82. Glimpsing into the minds of young, undecided Iowans who will attend next month's caucuses
  83. [VIDEO] Cute girls in new Iowa office
  84. Today's News 12/8
  85. Alex Jones spreads the word about the Tea Party Money Bomb!
  86. Remember what Carol Paul said about winning?
  87. Bruce Fein on Ron Paul's Foreign Policy
  88. Iowa Brochures DEADLINE this WEEKEND!!!
  89. Continued Progress
  90. Note to the Super Brochure people - Add "or current occupant" to the addressee
  91. Ron Paul Interview on ABC News 12/8/11
  92. Flying to Houston and More
  93. Ron Paul Interview w/ abc.com @ Capitol Hill 12-8-11
  94. Mike Church SLAMS Gingrich for Taxing Carbon
  95. Paul to expand anti-Newt ad buy-(Politico.com)
  96. Having trouble educating friends and family on Dr Paul?
  97. Possible new version of No to Newt, need feedback
  98. Ron Paul CRUSHES Gingrich, Romney in Google searches.
  99. Over 100,000 People to know about the Tea Party Money Bomb, Brochures, and more, need HELP
  100. Please link me to the most INSPIRING Ron Paul CLIPS. (not user-videos).
  101. Ron Paul, Visiting Ames and Cedar Falls..Could Use Iowa Caucuses to Build National Support
  102. Yahoo News: Ron Paul's Approach to Foreign Aid finds Growing Support
  103. Rebel conservative Paul lurks in close Iowa race
  104. GOP Scorecard
  105. Study: Ron Paul leads President Obama on Twitter
  106. 2 More NH Reps Endorse Ron Paul!
  107. Why the Awareness for Ron Paul Facebook Bomb is so important... (short version)
  108. Ron Paul is campaigning in Iowa just days before the GOP debate at Drake University
  109. Preview of Urgent Message from the Troops (Creator of Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust)
  110. PPP Poll - North Carolina General Election / Ron Paul Leads Among Independents
  111. Anonymous Hackers Warn Senate Bill Ends Bill Of Rights (Video)
  112. NRO: Paul’s Secret Weapon
  113. Gallup Daily Tracking 12/8 (national) Ron Paul @10% (+1) Gingrich @34% (-2) Mitt @25% (+2)
  114. LOL Rick Perry turns down Trump debate...
  115. Ron Paul to visit Eastern Iowa for 8 Town hall Meetings
  116. ♫ You're the Wrong One, Mr. Gingrich ♫
  117. Ron Paul to meet soon with Principal employees (today's Iowa appearances)
  118. Article: Voters Fleeing BOTH PARTIES
  120. Is every person that predicted the housing collapse a supporter of Ron Paul ?
  121. Forbes : Ron Paul Should Be The Next President Of The United States
  122. Ron Paul & Donald Trump Comic
  123. Will Gingrich debate Gingrich?
  124. Good news (I hope) for Blue Republican effort?
  125. Ron Paul targets youngest voters with campus-focused drive
  126. Door to Door NOT a priority in Iowa!?!?!
  127. Dwolla - new payment processor that may be useful
  128. Send Brochures to Iowa Independents!
  129. SurveyUSA Poll: Georgia (Gingrich at 65%)
  130. Des Moines Register: Ron Paul predicts international financial meltdown
  131. Google Trends: Ron Paul vs Mitt vs Gingrich
  132. I just voted for Ron Paul
  133. An Endorsement We Should Get: Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA)
  134. Ron Paul Article. Positive or no?
  135. Pretty Good New Youtube on Foreign Policy
  136. Paul-Gingrich Lincoln-Douglas Style
  137. Is Ron Paul Electable? Iowa Says He Might Be.
  138. Arrests threatened for OWS protesters outside GOP debate Saturday
  139. Is Ron Paul Electable? Iowa Says He Might Be.
  140. *Video* Rep Marcy Kaptur Grills Geithner About the Fed, Goldman Sachs and the Banksters
  141. Gallup Daily Tracking poll (national numbers, great news!)
  142. Ron Paul Campus Rally Live Stream (OFFICIAL!)
  143. Lovely. CNN. Ron Paul stream has NO AUDIO
  144. Andrew Sullivan: Stalinist airbrushing out of Ron Paul
  145. Ron Paul Talks Rebuilding Liberty
  146. RealClearPolitics: Ron Paul Trying to Expand His Iowa Base
  147. Ron Paul Should Be The Next President Of The United States - Great Article!
  148. Flip Flop graph
  149. FOX News Poll - Paul 3rd at 12%! [National Poll]
  150. Paul's speech at Principal Financial 12/08/11 "Ron Paul preaches fiscal, monetary reform"
  151. [NEW SITE] NewtExposed.com
  152. Such good vibes from RP today
  153. Ron Paul video posted at Tosh.O, sort off
  154. Replay: Rand Paul Destroys Newt During Hannity Interview
  155. Ron Paul - A BLR Soundbite - Hilarious video
  156. A Thread by Matt Collins about Ron Paul On FNC w/ Megyn Kelly 13:00ET (12/9)
  157. Officially Unofficial: The Matt Collins Story also Rand Paul on Fox News (12/9) 10:30am ET
  158. Is Ron Paul Electable? New NBC Poll shows Ron Paul does best against Obama in Iowa....
  159. One of those three things is going to happen
  160. The Unofficial Matt Collins Rand Paul on CNN (12/9) 10am ET Thread
  161. Ron Paul Iowa appearances Friday Dec 9 and Saturday Dec 10
  162. "Iowa City for Ron Paul" needs $900 immediately to open an office! Chip-in Included!
  163. [tubez] Rand Paul talks about Ron and Newt on Hannity Radio (12/08/11)
  164. Des Moines Register: Ron Paul promises better economy in one year
  165. Huffington Post - What if Ron Paul Wins the Iowa Caucus?
  166. Kudlow Report: Ron Paul to Win Iowa?
  167. Ron Paul Endorsement from Non-Political Figures
  168. Active Military Members Starting to Speak Up for Ron Paul ?
  169. Ron Pauls foreign policy will be bullet proof in the General Election
  170. You're the Wrong One, Mr. Gingrich
  171. And here's what the internets haz to say
  172. Ron Paul Human Rights Hero of Amnesty International?
  173. Howard Stern on Ron Paul (back in 2008)
  174. Ron Paul event photos.
  175. LMAO Bachmann will not be attending the Trump "debate" either
  176. Just Overheard a Snippet of Official Talk Radio
  177. Ron Paul on why youth like him: ‘I ask myself that a lot’
  178. Marc Levin Unhinged (As Usual)
  179. Ron Paul talks about war, debt and drugs at ISU
  180. LOL!! Bad lip reading for Ron Paul
  181. [VIDEO] Ron Paul - ABCNews.com Interview 12/08/2011
  182. The American War-Machine, A Lesson in Blowback, and The Greatest Speech Ever Written.Video
  183. Amazing New Ron Paul Video: The American War-Machine, A Lesson in Blowback, and The Greate
  184. Ron Paul Has A Major Secret Weapon To Win The Republican Race Read more: http://www.busin
  185. Ron Paul will interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News on Friday, December 9th at 1:00 pm ET
  186. Why does Iran want a nuclear weapon?
  187. Paul warns of 'major, major' financial crisis
  188. Ron Paul takes foreign policy message to Iowa
  189. Ron Paul takes foreign policy message to Iowa
  190. Reality Check: The divide between Criminal Law and the War On Terror
  191. URGENT MESSAGE From the Troops – “Support Us by Supporting Ron Paul”
  192. Ron Paul emphasizes individual liberties in speech at Iowa State
  193. Rand Paul on the Boortz show w/ Erik Erickson (12/9) - Official Thread
  194. AWESOME VIDEO! Ron Paul on Israel: Zionism is Based on Independence and Self-Reliance
  195. Ron Paul Packs the Great Hall in Countdown to Caucus
  196. Vote Ron Paul as Human Rights Hero!
  197. In Iowa, Ron Paul says media ignores him despite rising poll numbers
  198. Representative Ron Paul Sits Down with ABC5
  199. Texting to win
  200. Ron Paul endorsed, Romney nails Obama--700 jobs lost at one mill
  201. Another photo from the student event at Iowa State University, tonight
  202. The Australian thinks Gingrich looks frumpy next to Ron Paul
  203. The Ron Paul effect: Texas congressman could spoil the GOP’s party
  204. Ron Paul on Newt Gingrinches numbers "Easy come, easy go"
  205. The Concord Monitor: Tweet nothings for Paul
  206. Pasco County Straw Poll, Tampa Bay FL - Perry stacking the deck.
  207. Ron Paul winning on Twitter
  208. Not waiting. Donating now!
  209. Iowa Republican: Over 1000 turn out to see Ron Paul in Ames
  210. Almost there! Need help finding videos of the kind, light-hearted, genuine Ron Paul
  211. More details from the Iowa poll -- good read
  212. Coming to a Theatre in iowa...For Liberty
  213. Ron Paul: "Israel Our Best Friend"
  214. Breakthrough: Learned a big lesson yesterday. We are all on the same team!
  215. Proposal to the campaign... Thoughts?
  216. Ron Paul on WOI-TV ABC 5 Iowa News 12/08/11
  217. OWS and Tea Party members meet in Richmond - Discuss possible Con Con
  218. Reality Check: The divide between Criminal Law and the War On Terror
  219. Money bombs are obsolete
  220. BOOM! + 10 of FB shares! Why this is HUGE?
  221. New Grassroots Campaign Office in Iowa City!!
  222. Let's occupy the occupy movement.
  223. FINALLY Rand Paul's Awesome Letter Published in Des Moines Register!!! MUST READ!!
  224. [Video] Jon Stewart rips on RJC Forum and Ron Paul exclusion
  225. Kicking the teaparty11.com FB promotion to next nevel with the BANNERS!
  226. Ron Paul gears up for long primary slog
  227. Politico: Ron Paul gears up for long primary slog
  228. It's on...
  229. Infowars article about the Dec 16th Money Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  230. Ron Paul Rally’s the Youth Vote, Draws Big Crowds
  231. Paul: "Extremists" Deciding Foreign Policy (Des Moines Register)
  232. Ron Paul joins top-tier in latest FOX News [national] Poll
  233. Ron Paul Comes To Mason City Friday
  234. Ron Paul at 12% nationally!
  235. Time: Ron Paul’s Army Eyes an Iowa Caucus Upset
  236. ***Fri 12/9-Post Home from Phone Totals***
  237. The campaign should SPEND the entire MILLION on IOWA. We Must Win Iowa.
  238. President Ron Paul would be GOOD for Christianity
  239. Cloud Towers building design in South Korea
  240. Rand Paul talking about Ron CNN
  241. Paul Strength May Help Romney in Iowa
  242. [TUBE] Rand Paul rips Newt to pieces
  243. Politico Homepage Article (good)
  244. BREAKING: Spartanbur​g, South Carolina Caucus 12/10/11
  245. Rand Paul: Republicans take giant step backward by choosing Gingrich
  246. DesMoines Register Front Page
  247. Ron Paul Front Page on Politico
  248. New Positive Forbes Article on Ron Paul
  249. Today's News 12/9
  250. Is diversity more united more under Ron Paul, than any other candidate in modern history?