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  1. Iowa and New Hampshire Ad Push
  2. Help me prepare my Iowa stump speech for caucus night
  3. This is cool!
  4. Need Videographer(s)...
  5. Ron Paul - Phone From Home: Your Questions Answered 1: Getting Started
  6. Campaign needs half of Dec. 16 pledge NOw!
  7. Schedule a "private conference call" with supporters only
  8. New youtubes for tea party11! Please upvote in reddit!
  9. Washington Post Gingrich, Ron Paul and the crony capitalism meme + poll!!!!
  10. Devil's Advocate View on "Positive Press"
  11. Campaign wants half your moneybomb NOW!
  12. Beck hyping Paul Yesterday?
  13. The Ron Paul Factor
  14. Purchase Super Brochure Counties (Iowa, SC, and FL)
  15. Phone from Home Daily Pledge-A-Thon 12/06/11
  16. When will/should Rand start campaigning in Iowa and NH?
  17. Oklahoma GOP Straw Poll never happened.
  18. My Draft Video of Non-Interventionism Foreign Policy Ad
  19. A simple response for "name callers" and "haters of Ron Paul"
  20. Trump on Fox 5 Morning News in NY Slams Paul
  21. Ron Paul, Zionist-(The Atlantic)
  22. Ron Paul’s Iowa Strategy Runs Through New York’s Chinatown
  23. Paul spokesman unloads on Trump and Gingrich for jabs
  24. No to Newt
  25. CBS: Why to like the odds for a Ron Paul upset
  26. Is anyone tech savvy enough to do a revival of a "Ron Paul Graphs" type site ?
  27. Gallup starts daily tracking (national) today
  28. Republican 'outsider' Ron Paul ignites Iowa race
  29. Newt meltdown in Beck interview?
  30. Currently deployed Veterans for Ron Paul in Afghanistan (PICTURE)
  31. No woman should vote for Newt when she hears this.
  32. People of Faith
  33. Ron Paul Ad - Newt Gingrich Serial Hypocrisy 60 second (on drudge)
  34. Serial Hypocrisy 60 second TV AD!
  35. foxnews poll needs some help "Where will Cain's supporters go now??" VOTE
  36. Want Ron Paul to reach a MILLION likes on Facebook? Here's how we do it (Last call)
  37. Newt Gingrich Gets Drilled On Beck Radio
  38. Fox Nation Poll asks if appropriate for Trump to host debate
  39. Ron Paul should emphasize that he will save Social Security from collapse
  40. Ron Paul Campaign Releases 60-Second Version of Newt Ad
  41. The unPatriot Act
  42. Good work Drudge
  43. Today's News 12/6
  44. Live Chat with Doug Wead-12:30 PM EST
  45. Fox News Front Page - "Taking On The Donald"- About HUNTSMAN!?!?!
  46. Foreign policy: What should Ron say?
  47. Drudge has new Newt ad at top of the page
  48. Ron Paul surges to 2nd on Real Clear Politics
  49. After NH....
  50. "Quixotic"?
  51. website showing daily fundraising?
  52. Would I be maxed out if I sent 5 Gold Eagles to the Campaign?
  53. We definetely are picking up voters!
  54. Because of this new anti-Newt 60 second spot I am now going to sell a Gold coin!
  55. RP/Doug Wead Considering Raffle to meet Ron!
  56. New Ticker by Campaign: $1M to Win.
  57. Ron Paul, Zionist
  58. TICKER UP!
  59. AUDIO: My latest Ron Paul plug on WABC-NY Talk Radio
  60. FREE Megabus tickets for Jan thru March
  61. We Ask America Iowa Poll: Paul 3rd
  62. HEADLINE! Cain Comes In 2nd In Oklahoma Straw Poll.
  63. How to Treat Other Candidates and Their Supporters (Please Read)
  64. Ron Paul guy now on Rush Limbaugh
  65. Gingrich dissed Tea Party as "Militant Wing of the GOP"
  66. limbaugh just said paul will win iowa!!!!
  67. LOL Caller today on Limbaugh just supported Ron Paul, Bachmann and Santorum
  68. Gallup National Poll (Launches Daily Tracking Poll)
  69. Shouldn't our definition of "Toady" be in the Urban Dictionary?
  70. Ron Paul takes first in OK straw poll
  71. Could Rush Limbaugh Be Mad About "Serial Hypocrisy"?
  72. This is why optimism will help us win - Maxing out
  73. Nancy Pelosi provides Newt Gingrich ethics report
  74. TYT - The Young Turks First Broadcast Now on Current TV. CENK Uygur Pluging Ron Paul
  75. Super Brochure Project: Now Mailing To South Carolina!
  76. One way to sell Ron Paul.
  77. Rove: Trump debate will have worst ratings in history
  78. WOW. OBAMA just gave a campaign speech against RON PAUL....
  79. PPP Poll - North Carolina GOP Primary
  80. PPP Poll - Colorado GOP Caucus
  81. Match me!! I dare you!
  82. Youtube working again. Rate, fav and share new Ron Paul ad!
  83. NEW Ron Paul Tea Party Money Bomb Promotion Video
  84. NYT/CBS: Iowa Poll (11/30 - 12/5)
  85. Explanation please?
  86. "Ron Paul's 'big dog' is barking" (Ad criticism)
  87. Ron Paul leads anti-Gingrich offensive Top of MSNBC.com
  88. Hannity just recited the entire list of GOP candidates, but left somebody out!
  89. Super Brochures to Iowa Independent Voters just topped 30,000 mailings!
  90. Hey folks, does anyone know how to be taken off Ron Paul's campaign list.
  91. Operation: "Punk the talk pundits". Ideas?
  92. are we having another Ron Paul debate tonight?
  93. We have a long way to Iowa
  94. Ron Paul is the current JUDGE'S Facebook status
  95. I just woke up from a 4 year coma and...
  96. Ron Paul, Still Rising
  97. Beyond media spin and promoting falsities, is it possible for US elections to be rigged?
  98. How worse off are we with Cain out of the race?
  99. Ron Paul Polls Strongest Against Obama
  100. New York Times: Paul Takes On Gingrich in New Ad
  101. I'm speechless...I am without speech.
  102. In Iowa, it's not all good for Gingrich
  103. Ron Paul's anti-Newt ad buy: $24k
  104. A Look at ‘President’ Ron Paul
  105. People, It is On
  106. Talking Ron Paul Ad on Lou Dobbs NOW
  107. Jack Cafferty " I love Ron Paul"
  108. Can Ron Paul win the Iowa Caucus?
  109. Sweet! Mitt joins Ron and says no to Trump debate!
  110. A question: After IOWA
  111. Pasco straw poll next week. TAMPA BAY FL
  112. LOST: Ron Paul voter in Iowa
  113. Steve Adams Stumping For Ron Paul
  114. Mitt Romney, Ron Paul blow off Donald Trump debate
  115. WHO-TV Des Moines, IA - DONALD DENIED: Candidates Mixed on Showing Up to See Trump
  116. Help Me Out On This - Can't Wrap My Head Around It
  117. My Analysis of Limbaugh and Hannity Ron Paul Moments Today
  118. **Phone from Home**-Make a Weekly Pledge of calls for Ron Paul until Iowa
  119. Frank Luntz Focus Group to Analyze Campaign Ads
  120. Anyone been to rickperry.com yet?
  121. Watch the Donation ticker while getting the latest Ron Paul news with Ron Paul Mobile!
  122. Pull Out All the Stops - It's Now or Never!
  123. Easy promotion - outside of facebook and meetup.
  124. Tune in to AC360 at 8 p.m. ET for Anderson's report on Gingrich's past and the state of th
  125. Steve Deace
  126. Ron Paul's polling numbers are being ignored by Iowa local media.
  127. Money Bomb after Iowa!
  128. No Matter What They Say, When Ron Wins Iowa it will be the Caucus Heard Around the World
  129. Rush Limbaugh - Ron Paul Caller 12/6/11 [AUDIO]
  130. Another One!
  131. Is this normal?
  132. Looking for a "primer" on Presidential Elections
  133. Newt Gingrich "I Helped Mitt Romney Get To Be Rich"
  134. Want $1,000,000 for Ron Paul? Then GET IN HERE NOW and Use These Easy Promotional Tools!
  135. ABC PRIMETIME & Fox Iowa Debates - Dec 10th & 15th - recruiting focus group participants!
  136. Don't give up - PUSH
  137. *UPDATE* Good report from TN on number of delegates
  138. Republicans, again, look to older White House candidates
  139. Jerry Doyle Blasts Donald Trump And His Self Promoting Debate
  140. Invite All Your Friends to the Official Iowa Push Facebook Event! Help Promote this NOW!
  141. New Gallup Poll.
  142. Montgomery County Ron Paul Supporters Participate In Nationwide Food Drive
  143. Ron Paul and the Environment
  144. Whoa, did I miss a money bomb today?
  145. My take on the "elephant race" picture
  146. The media hyping up Ron Paul
  147. Do you feel this campaign has the same vibe as Rand Paul's campaign?
  148. Explanation please? Why is this money raised negative and going backwards?
  149. Paul vs Obama.... the only way to win.
  150. An amazing thing happened at my meeting tonight
  151. rickperry.com
  152. Andrew Sullivan says Ron Paul is worth voting for
  153. With Facebook "likes" going through the roof, Im noticing a lot more trolls...
  154. Haiku time
  155. Ron Paul: The Only Flawed Candidate? VOTE IN POLL
  156. Mitt Romney’s Math: Delegates = Nomination
  157. Who's winning the billionaire primary?
  158. mittromney.com.co bhahahahahah
  159. Mediate on Rush Limbaugh's comments on Ron
  160. Romney not attending trump debate
  161. WOW, This is absolutely INSANE!
  162. Ron Paul T-Pain bit on Leno tonight
  163. Washington Examiner: Ron Paul could complicate GOP's two-horse race
  164. How on earth would he get Congress to support his plans?
  165. Canvassing? What to ask...
  166. The Lew Rockwell Show: Ron Paul is the only choice
  167. Is it bad to pray for bad weather in Iowa and New Hampshire on election day?
  168. Google rickperry.com and follow the link.
  169. We Have About 2 Weeks Left!!
  170. Only 24k on anti-Newt ad!
  171. IowaCaucus.com: "Ron Paul campaign trying harder"
  172. Ron Paul woke me up this morning...
  173. Comment Registration Open at HotAir
  174. What's the status on the campaign's filing reports regarding OK and OH? (deadline: 12/7)
  175. Why isn't there a "BECOME A DELEGATE" permanent sticky?
  176. Time to bring out the BIG GUNS: Make a TV ad with Carol Paul
  177. Any Feedback From Iowa College Kids?
  178. We The People: A Promise of Freedom
  179. NH Democrats leaving the party for Ron Paul?
  180. Ron Paul's Loyal Supporters Are Getting Ready To Shock The World In Iowa
  181. Good article on Politico
  182. Ron Paul to kick off ‘Tea Party’ money bomb
  183. Could the Tea Party becoming back around, full circle, to Ron Paul?
  184. Defending the Doctor on Facebook
  185. Sorry guys, I donated to Rick Perry's campaign
  186. Ron Paul 2012 Attacks Gingrich’s Conservative Credentials
  187. Is the campaign going to eviscerate Obama's speech yesterday?
  188. After Iowa...
  190. Iowa Democrats Not Batting an Eye at GOP Offerings
  191. Request Campaign Donations as Xmas Gifts
  192. Reminder: Ron Paul back in Iowa Thursday
  193. The Age of Hamilton
  194. Rickperry.com would like for you to support Ron Paul’s campaign - mentions RPF
  195. Why Ron Paul is Still Relevant, and Necessary --good read!
  196. "If he won Iowa, Paul would solidify a first-tier status in the race."
  197. Today's News 12/7
  198. Buy newtgingrich.com domain?
  199. Dick morris: you dont win Iowa in Iowa..you win it on fox news
  200. Ron Paul Asks Supporters to Pay for Million Dollar Ad Campaign
  201. Why are YOU not calling Iowa?
  202. This Trumpshow Nonsense
  203. Bluegrass Bulletin: It's Time To Take Ron Paul Seriously
  204. To reach the "average" voter, a One of These Things is Not Like the Others ad..
  205. Ron Paul Tells Newsmax: I Support Israel by Doug Wead
  206. Politically Speaking: 7 candidates will participate in Sioux City GOP debate
  207. Who Won't Vote for Ron Paul ?
  208. Does Becoming President Really Kill You Faster?
  209. PPP Poll - Colorado General Election
  210. DRUDGE BOMB: Ron Paul Tells Newsmax: I Support Israel
  211. “That We May Lead A Quiet And Peaceable Life”
  212. Would be great if the ticker stays up til at least 12/17... to continue donation momentum!
  213. Rickperry.com would like for you to support Ron Paul’s campaign
  214. If you cannot afford to buy an entire Super Brochure precinct, use the Chip-In here!
  215. Register to Vote in Upcoming HotAir/Townhall Presidential Polls
  216. John Tate And Ron Paul know about the moneybomb on DEC 16th! Expecting a BIG ONE!
  217. Irish Bookmaker Odds to Win Iowa: Gingrich 8-15, Paul 10-3, Romney 4-1
  218. What just happened? Facebook counter on RP2012 site jumped +20k in one day!
  219. Official Campaign offices Opening in 5 New States!
  220. Politico: Ron Paul office openings indicate long slog
  221. The Daily Iowan (University of Iowa School Paper) Editor: "Caucus for Rep. Ron Paul ..."
  222. Interesting Fox News article that posts each candidates position about specific topics
  223. Almost there! ONE MIRRRRION DOLLARS
  224. Taking a closer look at PPP's Iowa poll crosstabs
  225. I heard Ron Paul will be on CNN today (12/7) at 3 PM
  226. Ron Paul prepares for three-day visit to Iowa as ad funding nears $1 million
  227. Ron Paul on CNN (12/7/11) 3p ET - Official Thread!
  228. Unofficial Thread: Ron Paul on Freedom Watch Tonight, 8 PM ET
  229. Looking for 4x8 Ron Paul signs
  230. The Truth About IOWA
  231. NEW TIME/CNN polls of FL, IA, NH, SC -- JUST RELEASED!
  232. Why we can expect Tea Party 11 to be BIG ONE!
  233. Ron Paul's Loyal Supporters Are Getting Ready To Shock The World In Iowa !
  234. The Ron Paul Factor
  235. Ron Paul Song (End This War) Has competition-Kid Rock/Romney-Anthem song
  236. TUBE : Ron Paul on CNN w/ Brooke Baldwin 12/7/11
  237. Ben Swann is doing a Reality Check on the Patriot Act tonight
  238. MSNBC just referred to Ron Paul as one of two top candidates.
  239. How will Revolution PAC affect Iowa?
  240. National Poll (Economist/YouGov): Ron Paul @ 11% in 3rd.
  241. The Campaign Should Increase the Ticker to 1.1 Million. We Still Have Until Midnight
  242. Ron Paul Should Be The Next President Of The United States
  243. Effective RP foreign policy article
  244. New Hampshire DVD Bomb!
  245. FitsNews endorses Ron Paul for President in 2012
  246. Palin Won’t Endorse Before Iowa Caucuses
  247. As if anyone needed a reason not to vote for Newt....
  248. Investor Jim Rogers Gives Dire Warning on GBTV: ‘That Will Lead to the End of the World as
  249. Paul at ISU in Ames Thursday for Final Caucus Lecture in Series
  250. I was just polled by NBC News