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  1. Ron Paul, Big Government, Foreign Policy and Youth - by Jack Hunter
  2. The Revolution Continues with Tea Party 11′
  3. Complimentary article on Ron. Good read.
  4. Ron Paul Polls a Strong Second in Des Moines Register Survey
  5. Today's News 12/3
  6. Phone from Home Poll
  7. Iowa Advertising Blitz on Facebook for Ron Paul Myths!
  8. Iowa General: Paul ties Obama; Romney, Gingrich Down Big
  9. Super Duper Brochure question for REVPAC
  10. Ron Paul: ‘I’d like to think of myself as the flavor of the decade’
  11. CNN BLOG -- Cain Backers look to Gingrich, Paul in N.H.
  12. WAKE UP: If the Iowa Caucus were today we'd lose by 8,000-12,000 votes
  13. Herman Cain forum story now showing up on google search
  14. 2nd Amendment Single Issue Voters - Our Great Opportunity And Ron Paul's Great Strength
  15. Intrade.com: Paul overtakes Romney in Iowa, now 2nd best chance to win behind Newt
  16. Drudge: Small photo, 3 links.
  17. So today is my birthday
  18. Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman dump on Donald Trump’s invite to GOP debate
  19. Newt Gingrich Co-Sponsored Fairness Doctrine Bill
  20. How can we prevent in 2012 for Paul what happened to Buchanan in 1996 in the primaries??
  21. When should we donate to the Campaign?
  22. Ron Paul needs more $$ for ads -- starts new two week ad buy tomorrow.
  23. I want to adopt someone in RON'S IA/NH ARMY...
  24. Your personal donations in 2011 vs. 2007
  25. We Need To Have a 24 - 48 Hour Live Freedom Webcast on Dec 16th
  26. CNN: Is Ron Paul Electable? Ron Paul: I'm the flavor of the decade
  27. Has Gingrich Peaked?
  28. Untapped Support for Ron Paul?
  29. Ron Paul should challenge Gingrich to Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  30. Mish for Paul
  31. How Many Votes Will It Take In Iowa?
  32. Proposal for a mini evening moneybomb
  33. Facebook Advertising
  34. The Insipid Drug War
  35. Nate Silver Gives Ron Paul 25% Chance of Winning Iowa
  36. Cain vacuum and Florida
  37. One of our biggest challenges: This might make or break it
  38. Tim Scott is perfect for VP
  39. NPR: 5 Things You May Not Know About Ron Paul
  40. Swiss America's pro-gold commercials rejected by major TV networks
  41. Help finding a video
  42. Tron in the morning - CO Radio Station Golden Oldies posting about Dr. Paul at Blaze
  43. My Ron Paul Song
  44. Ron Paul Will Be Missed at Forum of Jewish Republicans
  45. How Elections are Won - A Simple Primer
  46. New Iowa Poll Has Ron Paul Best Able to Defeat Obama
  47. Search "Newt Gingrich" in YouTube, Ron Paul Ad is # 1 Result
  48. Who Will Join In Twitter Bomb Effort During the Debate on Saturday?
  49. Will the Dec 7 Deadline be Met in Ohio????
  50. Iowa College Advertising- Help Needed!
  51. NEW Youtube video 12-04-11 Ron Paul: The Consistent Candidate
  52. Im feeling like having a mini moneybomb right now..$153 raised so far 11:05pm
  53. RevolutionPac: Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy
  54. Watch Ron Paul on the State of the Union on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  55. Paul, Perry ding Newt on cap-and-trade claim
  56. FROM THE EDITOR: The End Is Near, Iowa
  57. Superbrochure BOMB for INDEPENDENTS
  58. Blogger Roissy endorses Ron Paul
  59. Race 4 2012 - Ron Paul: Republican Nominee?
  60. Occupy our Government: The Next Steps in the Liberty Revolution
  61. If u can't afford to buy a precinct, here is a chip-in for you!
  62. Tea Party 11' in the News
  63. Letter to Editor of Concord Monitor: Paul can win
  64. Huckabee Show "debate/interview" Special
  65. Capitalizing on Occupy Protesters
  66. One minute of your time could have a huge impact!
  67. Google News finds more important "things" than Ron Paul...
  68. What can we hope if we get lots of delegates but no win?
  69. To win over caucus goers
  70. Des Moines Register crosstabs
  71. teaparty11.com NEW DESIGN! Please upvote in REDDIT!
  72. 'An Open Letter to Orthodox Christians, on Behalf of Ron Paul' by Clark Clarton.
  73. daily kos POLL!
  74. Based on this data...
  76. Ron Paul should make a commerical Saying he will overturn Senate bill 1867
  77. 1987 Fairness Doctrine.
  78. Target Obama counties in Iowa when mailing to Independent voters.
  79. Karl Rove wants a gold standard
  80. Mechanics of Activism
  81. Ron Paul the Most Conservative House Member since 1937
  82. "There is only one candidate who has been on a solid, gradual rise, Ron Paul." Morning Joe
  83. Paul > Trump.
  84. Don't look now, but Theyre now pushing HUNTSMAN
  85. [VIDEO] New Commercial - "BIG DOG" - for ESPN + Other Sports Stations
  86. Phone from Home Daily Pledge-A-Thon 12/05/11
  87. Video: Even pre-teens are smart enough to support Ron Paul
  88. Hello again, South Carolina!
  89. Ron Paul Ad - BIG DOG [Running on Sports Networks]
  90. Ron Paul revolution redeems holiday parade
  91. The word on the street / door to door / what people are saying about Ron Paul
  92. Importance of Gingrich: Serial Hypocracy Ad
  93. Tea Party Redesign - Critiques Welcome
  94. Tracking Iowa counties that have received Super Brochures (Independent voters)
  95. [edit] False alarm: Trump only insults interviewer, discredits endorsement poll
  96. Today's News 12/5
  97. Ron Paul: Blowback and Why They Hate Us (New Grassroots Ad)
  98. CBS News: Why Ron Paul makes a compelling case
  99. Politico Arena: "Can Ron Paul Win?" D.C. Insiders Weigh in. . .
  100. Arianna Huffington and her new party - the Hypocrats
  101. Foxnews poll needs some love
  102. The Iowa Republican: The State of the Race
  103. DRUDGE BOMB: Ron Paul Ad: Big Dog
  104. Liberty babies christmas card for Dr. Paul?
  105. In case anyones interested, AG Cuccinelli.
  106. List of Major Colleges in Iowa!
  107. Just Reached 610K Facebook Likes! (610,000 and counting)
  108. Poll: Ron Paul’s view of Donald Trump backed by New Hampshire voters
  109. Link to "Fox and Friends" "horse-race" poll showing 3rd-place horse without a jockey?
  110. Poll needs some love
  111. The 2 Numbers that Convert for Ron Paul
  112. National Review: Trump's sideshow debate
  113. Rove says RNC should 'discourage' Trump-moderated debate
  114. Ron Paul runs edgy new ad in Iowa and New Hampshire
  115. Ron Paul strongest against Obama in early states
  116. What the Iowa Poll Means-Steve Deace
  117. Indecision Forever: Ron Paul.. Not Sufficiently Shameless to Attend Donald Trump's debate
  118. Ron Paul 2012 Think Different
  119. Coming up on Fox News - Should Ron Paul be getting more media coverage?
  120. Found this video based on Dr. Paul's Imagine speech
  121. Ask Obama To Veto Indefinite Military Detention of AMERICAN CITIZENS
  122. Richard Adams of The Guardian predicts Ron Paul will win Iowa's Caucus
  123. Trump dismisses Ron Paul as "joke" candidate.
  124. How Ron Paul could win
  125. Choosing collapse: "Republicans now have two choices." [Ron Paul or the blame.]
  126. Even Austin, Texas news tries to ignore Paul
  127. Newt on Ron: "He's very formidable in Iowa"
  128. Contact Romney - Encourage not to attend Trump debate!
  129. Voting ends today at 5PM CST for the Oklahoma Straw Poll
  130. Contacting Chainspell / Christianmalazarte
  131. Who's Hannity's guy now that Cain is gone?
  132. Where To Buy 4x8 Signs?!
  133. Time: Weekly Reminder: Don’t Go to Sleep on Ron Paul
  134. 1000 Super Brochures For NH Door to Door Effort! [pic]
  135. Here is a clever video someone did on the subject of foreign aid.
  136. Iowa Poll: 24% Say Ron Paul Is ‘Most Principled’ Candidate
  137. Politico Debate
  138. Iowa Poll: Only Ron Paul Can Beat Obama
  139. ‘Big Dog’ Ron Paul Mocks His ‘Shih Tzu’ Rivals
  140. Ron Paul 2012 float we made for our local Christmas parade!
  141. Letter: Hear Ron Paul out
  142. December 9 Ron Paul holding “Youth Rally” event at the University of Northern Iowa
  143. Any word on whether Ron Paul will host a competing event to the Trump circus?
  144. Newt comments on Trump's comments on Ron
  145. I work at The Trump Building on 40 Wall St.
  146. Intern for the Paul campaign!
  147. Department of Education Created by Jimmy Carter
  148. Where's that PPP poll?
  149. Only About a Month Left to Register to Vote in the Primaries in Six States
  150. Hannity is talking about Ron Paul v Trump and will have Trump on today to talk about it
  151. To Boycott or Not to Boycott.That is the question
  152. Want to intern for the campaign in Louisiana?
  153. Gingrich Recommended A Homeland Security Led By FEMA In March 2001
  154. They Like Ron Paul But.... Please Help Me Respond To This Issue On Defense
  155. RP Campaign PWNS Gingrich+Trump Press Conference
  156. Greenwald:PolitiFact and the scam of neutral expertise re citizen detention w/o trial
  157. Ron Paul's new ad features a big rig and a big dog
  158. Vote for Ron Paul in HotAir Survey
  159. Getting RP on Des Moines' Michelson in the Morning (again)
  160. Live on Fox News: Rep Gohmert says things getting so bad, we need Ron Paul!
  161. Ron Paul Defends The 99 Percent: ‘It’s A Very Healthy Movement’ [Reddit]
  162. Ron Paul not a participant in a "Veterans for a Strong America" rally in Iowa
  163. PPP Polls: Iowa Poll Info (tweets)
  164. CBS/Gallup: Gingrich, Romney only "acceptable" candidates to GOP voters
  165. From the Campaign: Newt Gingrich on Donald Trump
  167. Gallup starting a daily GOP tracker
  168. Trumps Criminal Bankruptcy Methods
  169. Local Fox news in Vero Beach, Florida, was talking about Romney, Gingrich, and RP
  170. Everyone on Twitter and Facebook (READ FOR THE MONEY BOMB)
  171. Let's donate a dollar for every voter needed to win Iowa
  172. Haha From DP: Ben Swann (Reality Check) willing to moderate a debate for grown-ups
  173. Drudge Front Page: Ron Paul moves into 2nd in Iowa and ahead of Romney
  174. Is Ron Paul Winning the Feud With Trump?
  175. The black community supports Ron Paul 2012
  176. Gingrich, Ron Paul and the crony capitalism meme
  177. National Review gives well deserved credit to Ron Paul in Trump flap.
  178. Upvote the Big Dog ad on reddit r/politics
  179. Krauthammer On Fox New's Special Report
  180. Super Bowl Ad Bomb?
  181. NPR: Ron Paul's 'Big Dog' Ad One Of GOP Race's Coolest Commercials
  182. Help with neocon Father
  183. Lou Dobbs On Fox Business about to talk about Trump
  184. A Ron Paul Grassroots Christmas Carol: 'Tis the season...
  185. A Special Request for Facebook Users
  186. Handling "Soft Support"
  187. Do your immediate family members support Ron Paul?
  188. As GOP candidates catapult and crash, Ron Paul slowly rises-(KVUE News Video)
  189. Ron Paul's Newt Gingrich Ad Now At Search Result Placement # 65 In Google
  190. 'War-weary Republicans rebuke Romney'
  191. Baltimore Raven's Chris Carr Supports Ron Paul
  192. Ron Paul wins Oklahoma Straw Poll!
  193. Instead of Trump's debate...The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!
  194. With Perry Stumbling, Ron Paul Near The Top in Iowa
  195. our appearance in the parade gets picked up by NH newpaper that endorsed newt
  196. Trump takes a swipe at Romney
  197. Something is happening..
  198. Campaign needs the money NOW, not the next money bomb
  199. Ron Paul, The NDAA, And Liberty: How To Fix Our Mess
  200. Fox Nation story over "Big Dog" ad
  201. If Romney Cant Win Iowa, Would he Dare......
  202. [Video] Media Taking Ron Paul Seriously?
  203. Need info on Huntsman FAST!
  204. Ron Paul's Tea Party Money Bomb New Promotion Video!
  205. Ron Paul Semi Trucks
  206. Ben Swann wants to host a debate.
  207. Newt and Mafia Boy Trump meeting for a second time before debates?
  208. Paul in headline on CNN Politics!!
  209. Hannity right now...
  210. PPP Iowa Poll
  211. PPP: Gingrich 27, Paul 18, Romney 16, Bachmann 13, Perry 9, Santorum 6, Huntsman 4
  212. Hey Phone Bankers
  213. THE RON PAUL UPRISING -williamlewisfilms
  214. Help Win Iowa! "Shock" Ad Chip-In
  215. Paul V Trump V Status Quo
  216. Now that Dr. Paul has won the OK straw poll, now its time to focus on the Idaho Straw Poll
  217. 12/6 12:30pm EST Doug Wead
  218. Ron Paul: Our 45th President
  219. And the nominee for best political ad of 2011-2012...drum rolll please...
  220. Have you ever unknowningly "converted" someone?
  221. Ben Swann willing to moderate rival debate
  222. There is a news story on Yahoo home page about Ron Paul ad
  223. Gingrich will flop soon...here's why
  224. What the phrase "He can't win" really means....
  225. My Mom just Downloaded "The rEVOLution" to her Kindle!
  226. Dr. Paul's fundrasing today. Looks like we may hit 70k.
  227. quick vote in a poll
  228. Time to Buckle Up!
  229. Check out Ron Paul's latest ad and Texas Straight talk on the Ron Paul Mobile App!
  230. Tweet of the night, imho
  231. If you think Ron Paul has a crystal ball, check out: Harry Browne - The Coming Devaluation
  232. Help me Drudge this?
  233. WEB DEVs: Need ticker help
  234. For RP Media Watchers With DirecTV - An Awesome Resource you May Not Even Know you Have!
  235. Washington Post-ABC News Poll- Iowa- Gingrich 33%, Paul 18%, Romney 18%
  236. As GOP Candidates Surge and Crash, Ron Paul slowly rises!
  237. Bowl Game Could Impact GOP in Iowa
  238. Farmer's Almanac Predicts January Snow in Iowa
  239. Former Cain supporter
  240. National Review: Paul could win Iowa
  241. New Graphs
  242. German television calls several RPF members "NERDS"
  243. Newt Gingrich doesn't qualify for NH primary?
  244. You guys HAVE to watch this new video!
  245. Paul Surges!!Lawrence O'Donnel P-force anti Trump video... Wow!
  246. National Review - The Ron Paul Factor
  247. Will Mittens be at Trump debate?
  248. Do You like the new design of teaparty11.com
  249. Do You like the new design of teaparty11.com
  250. $25k since midnight