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  1. Bob Conley
  2. Ron Paul support growing in Iowa, poll shows
  3. Ron Paul Support Growing in Iowa, poll shows-(Politico.com
  4. Today's News 11/17
  5. National Journal (On Ron Paul's Health Care policy) Paul: Keep Medicare & Offer MSAs
  6. Fox News: Tea Party Vaults Gingrich into First (Nationally)
  7. Keene State College to Host Republican Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul on Campus Nov 21
  8. Rasmussen counter-story Iowa poll
  9. Free ads in local trader magazines -- will it work for political ads?
  10. Remember when Gingrich's staff dumped him for Perry?
  11. Great Sign of Things To Come In Cabell County WV
  12. Idea: $1 (or $5) Head Count Money Bomb.
  13. Who's your GOP pick for 2012?
  14. We need you grassrooots! ALL OF YOU!
  15. PPP Poll - California General Election / Only Ron Paul Leads with Independents
  16. Ron Paul Support Growing in Iowa, Poll Shows
  17. How about paying for our own poll?
  18. Wash Post: Ron Paul is for real in Iowa. Seriously.
  19. Fox News - Does Ron Paul Have the Strongest Ground Game in Iowa
  20. Need help with RP's foreign policy website content - as per Tom Woods
  21. Ron Paul on the Radio today thread. Streams Inside
  22. Why Selzer/Bloomberg is the poll to trust: "success was in keeping our hands off the data"
  23. Good places to place bed sheet banners in New Hampshire? (I'm from NY)
  24. Sean Hannity is citing the Rasmussen Poll
  25. (11/22) Republican Debate On Natl Security - Heritage Foundation & AEI - OFFICIAL Thread
  26. Great Resource for people scared of RP's Foreign Policy. share
  27. Amazing story from Iowa woman who supports Ron Paul's platform but has never heard of him
  28. GOP 2012 Polls - Fair and Balanced
  29. [AUDIO] Ron Paul on The Sean Hannity Show - 11/17
  30. [AUDIO] Ron Paul on The Jerry Doyle Show - 11/17
  31. FOX News blog: "Does Ron Paul Have the Strongest Ground Game in Iowa?"
  32. Another "straw poll" win? Kids....
  33. ISU professor says Ron Paul “underpolls” in Iowa, elsewhere
  34. Famous Ron Paul supporters
  35. Mulshine: Cain vs. Paul on the housing bubble
  36. Libertarian-leaning Paul near top in Iowa but mystifies mainstream politicians
  37. What did you do for Paul? (Wednesday Nov17)
  38. This video can convert conservatives to RP's foreign policy
  39. super voter bomb = GET the BEST Ron Paul SIGNAGE
  40. Ron Paul is kids' choice in presidential straw poll
  41. Facebook bomb the supervoter bomb......
  42. RPF this week:
  43. Phone from Home Walkthru Video
  44. Is the internet the perfect example of what capitalism is capable of? and even more?
  45. Yahoo News: Why Tea Party Voters Are Returning to Ron Paul
  46. 35,000 Dollars Raised Today!
  47. This video is kickass
  48. Help Ron Paul WIN Iowa!-Vote this up on the DailyPaul!
  49. Iowa Ron Paul Volunteers Organizing Food Drive
  50. Trey Grayson's guy working in NV for Rick Perry?
  51. Jesse Ventura touts Ron Paul on Piers Morgan
  52. Foreign Policy Video - Planning Thread - Chainspell & FreeTraveler
  53. Washington Times article- Paul: Obama health care more fascism than socialism
  54. Supervoter Bomb envelope design - need input
  55. Links to streams and radio for Saturday's debate in here (Unofficial but Informative):
  56. From reddit: The Onion called it in 2008
  57. VP POLL...(thinking realistically)
  58. Can not register for phone banking on website
  59. Candid unscripted moment with Ron Paul.
  60. Anyone doing the phonebanking from home?
  61. Do not phonebank during Thanksgiving day
  62. Gerald Celente's Newest Interview
  63. Jon Stewart Mentions Ron Paul in Segment Again
  64. Wonderful Daily Show "Field Report" On OWS.
  66. Jon Stewart: Why Doesn’t Ron Paul Get His Shot As Media Frontrunner?
  67. Reality Check: An endorsement for fairness in dealing With Ron Paul
  68. IBOPE- poll Nov. 15-17-
  69. Ron Paul on drudge report center column
  70. Des Moines Register: Now comes the rush to boost campaign organizations
  71. Is Ron Paul Worth 100 $ ?
  72. Well Black Friday will certainly be busy
  73. URI Youth for Ron Paul plan campaign support, community election outreach
  74. Why the Tea Party Moneybomb could be the most important yet ?
  75. You've been looking for this
  76. Christmas No 1 for Golden State Bombs (End This War, Ron Paul Song)
  77. 89 seconds - a useful discipline?
  78. Reading posts at Daily Paul. Think I have finally found my place in Society! :)
  79. The Halo Effect - Science of Attraction
  80. If the election were held today who would you vote for?
  81. Ron Paul can win the Iowa caucus
  82. "Today, he could win Iowa" - Mark Halperin on Ron Paul on Morning Joe
  83. Paul is kids' choice in presidential straw poll (nh union leader article)
  84. 2008 vs 2012
  85. Why Tea Party Voters Are Returning To Ron Paul
  86. Jon Stewart: Why Doesn’t Ron Paul Get His Shot As Media Frontrunner?
  87. Joe Scarborough praises Ron Paul in interview
  88. Hedge Broker "Going Galt"...
  89. Code to add the "SuperVoterBomb.com ticker to your site"
  90. Another Reason the Establishment Doesn't Want Paul
  91. Ron Paul: Obama health care more FASCISM than SOCIALISM
  92. Freedom Watch: Ron Paul Revolution Riding High
  93. Today's News 11/18
  94. Jon Stewart Gives Ron Paul Another Shout Out!
  95. [Op-Ed] Ron Paul can win the Iowa caucus
  96. Podium placement at next debate
  97. Good thing Indiana is a late state!
  98. WOW! An endorsement for fairness in dealing With Ron Paul (11 17 2011) VIDEO
  99. NH Journal Poll: Romney 29%, Gingrich 27%, Paul 16%
  100. New Iowa State University/Gazette/KCRG poll: Cain 24.5% Paul 20.4% Newt 4.8%
  101. You say you want more legislators similar to Dr. Paul?
  102. Waterboarding Pledge
  103. Are the establishment GOP candidates preparing to choose a Democrat for their VP slot?
  104. Hoping to get some holiday exposure with my new RP bumper sticker!
  105. New Magellan Poll for NH: Romney 29, Gingrich 27, Paul 16
  106. Neal Boortz coming around to Ron Paul?
  107. Ron Paul- Bad Lip Reading
  108. Rush Tearing Down Newt and Romney
  109. Ron Paul scolds CBS cameraman "That's rude"
  110. Indecision Forever: Ron Paul and Nancy Pelosi Oppose Breaking the Internet
  111. Ron Paul, The Invisible Candidate, Scores Big In Another Iowa Poll
  112. New Tea Party Money Bomb Promotion Graphic!
  113. Write to your local news stations & tell them to give Ron the media coverage he deserves!!
  114. Ron Paul on Mickelson in the Morning 11/18/11 (Full Interview)
  115. Newt is calling Missouri for $$
  116. Bluegrass Bulletin: Ron Paul Solid In Iowa
  117. ATTN: North Carolina Straw Poll tomorrow, all hands on deck!
  118. Can someone please record this stream of Neal Boortz?
  119. The "liberal" and "conservative" both fear us, but for slightly different reasons.
  121. Idea for a $99 moneybomb
  122. Money Bomb Idea.
  123. Ron Paul will be on Face The Nation Sunday 11/20
  124. Urge all your friends/family to Phone from home - (sample message)
  125. Doug Wead: Ron Paul can win the presidency
  126. Support Them Now Billboard has been posted in Missouri!
  127. Ron Paul (via video)Tthanks Volunteers for Phone Banking and Asks You to Help
  128. Article: Is San Diego Ron Paul Country? Yeah baby! He won the straw poll here!
  129. Huff Po: Ron Paul can win on arithmetic, not just philosophy
  130. A message for celebrities and public figures who support Ron Paul but won't "come out".
  131. Another Ron Paul Reality Check [[11/18/2011]]
  132. truck driver said: "...you'd be amazed how many ron paul signs in the northeast...especial
  133. [mod: joke f/b page] Reality check Ben Swann wants to be press secretary for Ron Paul
  134. Convert or die?
  135. Ron Paul draws applause at stop in Vinton
  136. Zogby: GOP voters ‘don’t like the dog food,’ turn Ron Paul into early-state contender
  137. Ben Swann WXIX - Responding and Commenting on Emails he recieves
  138. What did you do for Paul? (Friday Nov18)
  139. Front Page Yahoo: http://news.yahoo.com/gop-outsider-ron-paul-gaining-traction-iowa-232822
  140. Ron Paul top of Drudge "3rd Party Run"
  141. Oklahoma Straw Poll November 21st—December 5th.
  142. Post Your Super Voter Bomb Donations
  143. When Ron Paul becomes President
  145. WaPo: Ron Paul discusses Ron Paul
  146. I heard back from Ben Swann!
  147. Do you know which interview or speech this is?
  148. There Was A Secret Meeting Of Pastors In Iowa, And It Could Be Great News For Ron Paul
  149. Ron Paul is the Texan riding high in the Republican polls now
  150. call your local radio, tell them you want to hear aimee allen
  151. Supporters Say Ron Paul Is Gaining Momentum
  152. 50,000 Dollars Raised for the Campaign Today!
  153. Excellent local news TV coverage in Iowa of Ron Paul and his grass roots (video)
  154. UPDATE: Ron Paul draws applause at stop in Vinton
  155. As primary nears, Republican hopefuls increase presence in New Hampshire
  156. NYTimes: Niche Voters Giving Paul Momentum in Iowa Polls
  157. Help Needed: Volunteers Going to Iowa (ChipIn)
  158. How International people can support the Super Voter Bomb
  159. Thank You Letter to Fox 19 WXIX! Sign Up Names and Saying!
  160. Let's Make It Happen!
  161. Paul says nation's debt situation must be addressed
  162. Vote SupervoterBomb.com up in reddit fast if you want tens of thousands to see it!
  163. NY Times: Niche Voters Giving Paul Momentum in Iowa Polls (Good stuff)
  164. Thank Ben Swann (guy from Reality Report!) on FACEBOOK ASAP!
  165. Time to get some flyers out there!
  166. Invite all of your facebook friends NOW for Supervoter Bomb event!Let´s get it DONE!
  167. Let's see the true Newt... 11/18/2011
  168. We win Iowa and New Hampshire (after tons of hard work). What happens next?
  169. The establishment has given us such a gift.
  170. polls!!!
  171. [Audio] Neal Boortz is AMAZED at Ron Paul's 2002 prediction of the housing bubble
  172. Ron Paul in Iowa Local News! (KFXA FOX 28) Nov. 19th 2011! (GREAT!)
  173. Ron Paul Super Brochure (official - original in HD)! MUST SEE AND SHARE WITH EVERYONE!
  174. Maddow realizes that Herman Cain is an art project!!!
  175. Thanks for John Huntsman for great flipflop videos about Romney!
  176. IowaCaucus.com: "Iowa polls reflect support for Paul’s ‘modest’ $1 trillion cut: Campaign"
  177. Liberal Mitt's Greatest Hits: What Romney Doesn't Want You to See
  178. Ron Paul on Mickelson! Awesome!
  179. Supervoter Bomb Questions
  180. Economist Peter Schiff On Ron Paul
  181. TeaParty11.com is LIVE - Go Go GO!!!
  182. Politico: 2012 Saturday reading: Paul
  183. TODAY Thanksgiving Family Forum, Des Moine, IA 4PM CST Hosted/Moderated By FOX Frank Luntz
  184. Ron Paul Supporters Invited To Write For Google News At Nolan Chart
  185. Cedar Rapids Tea Party leader endorses Ron Paul
  186. Ron Paul: Money, time in Iowa are paying off
  187. Are YOU Promoting the Tea Party Money Bomb?
  188. Dr. Paul will be on CBS's Face the Nation this sunday
  189. While phonebanking...
  190. Question About Primaries
  191. No! How did we miss Ron Paul meeting with the Des Moines Editorial Board today???
  192. One day in the Campaign of Ron Paul-(AFP Article.)
  193. Townhall.com is hosting an online Primary - I guess we should sign up?
  194. TeaParty11.com - Local (on the ground) TeaParties on Dec 16th
  195. How we should respond to Iran
  196. ATTENTION: 3000+ Slim Jims and Ron Paul Super Brochures FREE to good home in Iowa
  197. "It's spelled Dr. Know"
  198. Des Moines Register: Selected quotes from Ron Paul’s meeting with the Des Moines Register
  199. Ron Paul Says U.S. Troops in Australia Is ‘Mischief’
  200. The Blaze: Ron Paul Warms Up To Evangelicals
  201. Ron Paul: Foreign Relations EXPERT
  202. If you are concerned about Iran, vote for Ron Paul. Here's why (a possible answer)
  203. Anyone have any news on the Warren County breakfast Ron did this morning (Saturday)?
  204. Ron Paul in The Associated Press
  205. No More of the Same - It's Time
  206. Most Controversial Issues On Ron Paul
  207. CPAC 2012
  208. Phone Blitz for 15 minutes after the hour
  209. Today's News 11/19
  210. Letter to the Editor for Ron Paul
  211. What did you do today for Paul? (Saturday Nov19)
  212. Ron Paul in Cedar Rapids. He should do a "The Gazette" interview.
  213. [VIDEO] Ron Paul hour interview with Des Moines Register editorial board 11/19/11
  214. Intelligent (non-abusive) and polite supporters needed at the Blaze for Dr. Paul online
  215. Ron Paul highlights at family forum (Ron Paul Flix)
  216. Des Moines Register on the Family Leader Forum
  217. Help out over Christmas Break
  218. Free "END THE FED - Ron Paul 2012" Rubber Stamp NOT for Federal Reserve debt notes.
  219. Republicans woo Iowa conservatives at church
  220. Des Moines Register: Family Leader Forum: Ron Paul pushes liberty as a family value
  221. This picture would be good to pass out
  222. Ron Paul calls for congressional pay cuts, signs letter to debt committee
  223. Just a question...
  224. [11/19/11] Buchanan Vs Nader on BookTV [CSPAN2]
  225. Tips for a recovering neocon who wants to convert his neocon friends.
  226. Ron Paul draws applause at stop in Vinton, Iowa
  227. NC Paulers get news coverage at Elon University
  228. Submit your questions for the CNN Republican National Security Debate
  229. Branstad’s birthday bash has a little bit of everything
  230. Paul's most formidable opponent: the indifferent media
  231. Op-Ed: Ron Paul the Don Quixote of US politics sees the achievable dream
  232. Ron Paul Raids for blackthisout...
  233. Des Moines Register Paul: U.S. interests should drive military actions
  234. Chuck Norris, who famously supported former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee last election
  235. Ron Paul Flyer Bomb 4 DAY EVENT: DECEMBER 7-10th
  236. National vs Local - Tea Parties
  237. Money Bomb Pledge Graph up on TeaParty11.com!
  238. Since I can't travel to and early state I'm doing this .... (good idea, please read)
  239. Got a reply from local media re: Ron Paul coverage
  240. Article suggesting GOP establishment worried about its candidates
  241. 1.3 Million Registered Republicans Need To Be Reached
  242. Positive Story - This weekend
  243. [video] Ron Paul Interview On Face The Nation 11/20/2011
  244. [video] Ron Paul Bad Lip Reading
  245. Ron Paul on Neal Boortz show? Could be happening soon.
  246. This Week’ panel: Watch out for Ron Paul in Iowa
  247. Ron Paul: Flawed policies helped lead to 9/11
  248. Ron Paul: Flawed policies helped lead to 9/11
  249. Dr. Paul Needs to Go On These Radio Shows
  250. Can recovering liberals tell a recovering neocon what was greatest struggle to overcome