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  1. Front Page Yahoo: Ron Paul declared winner of Illinois Republican straw poll
  3. [Video] Ron Paul in St Cloud, MN 11/05/11
  4. "An Army at war for 10 years has a voracious demand for behavioral health."
  5. South Dakota GOP straw poll (11/05/11)
  6. Front Page Fox News - Ron Paul Wins Illinois GOP Presidential Straw Poll
  7. Ron Paul Wins
  8. What did you do today for Paul? (Sunday Nov 6th)
  9. I support Ron Paul Youtube Bomb! LETS GROW THE BASE!
  10. Describe a Ron Paul USA
  11. Wisconsin Supporters! MeetUp March 24th
  12. Ron Paul campaign on Illinois straw poll victory: a ‘groundswell of support’
  13. Politico really reaches on headline for its brief coverage of Ron's Fox News Sunday show
  14. daylight savings time
  15. New Iowa Poll results: Economy and the deficit on minds of GOP caucusgoers - mentions Ill
  16. Illinois straw poll win goes to Texan Ron Paul
  17. Liesure time activity for a Sunday afternoon!
  18. HuffPo front page on Ron Paul's Fox News Sunday interview
  19. Paul Talks Policy, Politics and Independent Run (Decent write up from Fox)
  20. Reality Check on Fundraising
  21. Encountering misconceptions on Dr. Paul's abortion positions here in Iowa.
  22. What's on the Rasmussen radio show today?
  23. What is the best way to find all the RP meetups in Iowa and N.H.?
  24. Animated Video of Chris Wallace Interviewing Ron Paul
  25. Ron Paul Front Page New Article
  26. Largest Ron Paul Sign Unveiling in America (As of November 5, 2011)
  27. Election Updates Feed
  28. Fox News referring to Paul's interview a lot today
  29. How to help Ron Paul win the Iowa Caucus
  30. What is RevPac up to?
  31. 11-11-11 is coming up-Now is the Time for Action!
  32. Why Don't We Make Chip-Ins for 11/11 ads on FB and/or Reddit?
  33. Jack Hunter Likes the Ron Paul Corvette
  34. Ron Paul wins yet another straw poll. So why are the media ignoring him?
  35. Fox seems to have fallen out of love with Cain
  36. Good Local Coverage
  37. Fox News Front Page Article All About Ron Paul
  38. Paul goes to Bachmann's district; part of focus on caucus states
  39. Politico article on Ron's Fox News Sunday interview
  40. Is there an official grassroots coordinator from the campaign?
  41. Foreign Policy Experts Agree With Ron Paul
  42. Today's News 11/4
  43. Today's News 11/6
  44. Today's News 11/5
  45. Ron Paul on Obama... "You offer no change"
  46. Fox News: Paul: I Don't Want to Run as an Independent
  47. Ron Paul is the one percent! (of a sort)
  48. Paul and Cain joke off of twitter:
  50. Ron Paul: Let’s Focus on Tax Policy
  51. ** New Video - Vote For Truth - Ron Paul - 2012 **
  52. Foreign Policy - Suggested clarification
  53. Ron Paul Car! :D
  54. Belo comment exploit (fer fun)
  55. Ron Paul needs to get a message to the 85%
  56. Power Ranking According to Hotline
  57. What did you do today for Ron Paul? (Monday Nov 7th)
  58. Ron Paul: Is Obama President or an Executive Dictator?
  59. A funny thing happened on the way to work today....
  60. Video on US Intervention in Iran
  61. Strange mention from Chuck Todd- MSNBC
  62. Ron Paul on CNN Larry King Live
  63. Fox News blacking out Ron Paul right now!
  64. Yahoo/ABC submit your questions for the candidates.
  65. End the Fed! Content Suggestions Wanted
  66. 11.07.11 : Ron Paul 1st in Iowa Power Rankings
  67. Paul remains #1 in Iowa Independent Power Rankings
  68. A key point regarding Straw Poll Wins
  69. They left Ron Paul out again
  70. Today: Bill O'Reilly's Presidential Town Hall?
  71. Ron Paul Wins.... if only
  72. Check out the hilarious video about Cain posted over at Lew Rockwell!
  73. Ron Paul wins 52% of the vote in Illinois GOP Straw Poll
  74. 2012 Townhall[dot]Com National GOP Primary December 13-15, 2011
  75. Free Web Design for Ron Paul Sites!!!
  76. VIDEO: Ron Paul launches Minnesota campaign
  77. Ron Paul on President Obama Taking Executive Orders Too Far
  78. WCSH: Herman Cain tries to put his scandal behind him, as Ron Paul wins straw poll
  79. New USA TODAY/Gallup poll shows Herman Cain, Mitt Romney tied
  80. Ron Paul Books
  81. Ron Paul: ‘modern presidency dangerously close to an elective dictatorship’
  82. ABC and Yahoo to Stream Live GOP Presidential Candidate Interviews November 8
  83. Iowa is ours for the taking, we only have to reach out and grab it
  84. Live Press Conf. Of Cain's Accuser Blacked Out By Fox News
  85. Precincts and Conventions! Don't Fail the Movement Now!
  86. Petition to get Ron Paul at Hofstra University (NY)
  87. Politico flogs dead horse: "Ron Paul won't rule out independent 2012 presidential run"
  88. Ron Paul supporters organize ‘Veterans Day’ money bomb
  89. Iowa Student Caucus Strategy - Grassroots Initiative
  90. Ron Paul Calendar
  91. Iowa Poll conducted for the 9-9-9 Fund (Yes, really.)
  92. Calling Iowans - importing Excel to Android
  93. Should we treat this campaign as a business?
  94. fox show "the five" critizing Ron Paul for not backing whoever is the nominee
  95. Ron Paul​ Supporters Make Pin-Up Calendar
  96. FULL VIDEO: Cain’s Latest Accuser Shows Face, Gives Details.
  97. Are we getting serious about 2012?
  98. We have an advantage that the 85% do not
  99. Indecision Forever: Some Guy Named Ron Paul Keeps Winning All the Straw Polls
  100. Ron Paul humors Bill O'Reilly
  101. Has anyone been following "Occupy Iowa Caucuses"?
  102. Protest in front of NBC studios on debate night!
  103. Operation educate Bill O'Reilly
  104. Sign up on Yahoo Contributor Network to write your own positive Paul articles!
  105. Blue Republicans: How to Register to Vote for Ron Paul (Updated)
  106. It's Time To Settle For Ron Paul!!!!!
  107. Is Ron Paul Too Old To Be President? Absolutely Not!
  108. Ron Paul Wipes The Floor w/ MSNBC
  109. The world Endorses Ron Paul 2012
  110. Ron Paul speaks in 1997 to physicians [VIDEO]
  111. Ron Paul Corvette!
  112. Bill O'Reilly can't keep his lies straight [VIDEO]
  113. Ron Paul's Major Stances Simplified in One Flyer
  114. Ron Paul on CNBC Closing Bell (11/8/11) - Official Thread
  115. Ron Paul Twitter Interview with ABC/Yahoo (11/8/11) - OFFICIAL THREAD
  116. Ron Paul’s issues now part of debate
  117. Ron Paul has something to say to each and every one of you.
  118. Gingrich Contrast Ad
  119. Negative Attention: Better than No Attention.
  120. Ron Paul on the Squawk Box
  121. CNN: From Howard Dean to the tea party: The power of Meetup.com
  122. What did you do today for Paul? (Tues Nov 8th)
  123. Rand Paul campaigns for Ron Paul as ‘Veterans Day’ money bomb approaches
  124. Boycotting Bill-O?
  125. Ron Paul on ABCnews.com 10:50 Eastern Nov 8th
  126. Ron Paul on ABC Online Live Right Now
  127. Ron Paul just lept past Huntsman and Cain on Intrade
  128. Ron Paul event in Spartanburg on Saturday
  129. The State Column giving a double dose of Veteran's Day MB publicity!?!
  130. Ron Paul is the only Electable GOP Candidate
  131. Ron Paul: Elizabeth Warren is "a socialist" - Huffington Post
  132. [VIDEO] Ron's ABC Interview 11-8-11
  133. Canvassers for Ron Paul
  134. PPP Latest Ohio, Iowa & Mississippi Polls
  135. Poll. Let's roll....Time Person of the Year on facebook
  136. Ron Paul back in Iowa Nov. 18 and Nov. 19
  137. I Need a Special Kind of BAIT!
  138. ‘A Lot Of Millionaires And Billionaires…Ripped Us Off’
  139. If Cain wins, the tea party loses by Jack Hunter
  140. Ron Paul distills economic message into new 'Legalize Freedom' slogan
  141. Need help finding data on the impact of decriminalizing drugs at the federal level.
  142. Jack Hunter: "If Cain wins, the tea party loses"
  143. The Enemy's (Taliban) message to the American Govt.
  144. Ron Paul Op-Ed: An Ambitious ‘Plan to Restore America’ (CNBC Nov 8)
  145. Money Bomb Me! (Yes He Can: Iowa & Ron Paul Road Warrior)
  146. Why the Media Ignores Ron Paul? --- the reasons, list them
  147. Ron Paul Campaign Announces ‘Hispanics for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition!
  148. Des Moines Register: Iowa’s Steve Deace gives standing offer for radio shows to just 4 GOP
  150. Reddit this video on Obama and undeclared wars please:
  151. Ron Paul Super Brochure Mailing Program at cost!
  152. For people too lazy to read: [AUDIO] If Cain wins the Tea Party loses
  153. Get Your Vote in Gear - Presidential polling through purchases
  154. nice encounter today with fellow supporter.
  155. Dick Morris Wonders if Ron Paul Supporters Will Switch to Mitt Romney Before the Primaries
  156. looking for a short 1 sentence meaning of liberty
  157. Ron Paul on Fox Business tonight w/ David Asman
  158. MUST READ Fallon and Mickelson duke it out on Occupy Wall Street via email
  159. Today's News 11/8
  160. Today's News 11/7
  161. *NEW VIDEO* For Veterans Day, Support Them Now Money Bomb
  162. Flaunting / Flouting
  163. Less than $400 to hit $3 million
  164. Romney’s bold spending cuts are anything but bold
  165. GOP hopefuls' plans for tax reform lacking
  166. Washington Post poll
  167. Ron Paul DVD Snail Mail Bomb to Primary States
  168. Discussion of Ron Paul DVD Snail Mail Bomb to Primary States
  169. Wofford College GOP Debate - Ron Paul Rally and Sign Wave. (Spartanburg, SC)
  170. Ever heard of Jakarta Post? Some Interesting Observations.
  171. Update on Nashville, TN Grassroots Door to Door Campaigns
  172. CNBC pre debate POLL The candidate with the most votes and COMMENTS wins
  173. WTF??? This is part of the problem.
  174. Ron Paul Leading in Total Straw Polls as of 11/9/2011 - Cumulative Straw Poll Total
  175. SUPRA-NATIONALS pushing the envelope.... This is getting scary...
  176. What did you do today for Paul? (Wed Nov 9th)
  178. Help us Contact YouTube Members About 11.11.11 (We're Using the BTO YouTube List)
  179. What about a 0-0-0 + 0-0-0 plan?
  180. Live Stream for Tonight's Debate???? (11/9/11)
  181. ABC News: Foreign Policy Experts Agree With Ron Paul
  182. Let's hope Ron doesn't lean on podium tonight!
  183. The ONLY one who can beat Obama.
  184. Just One Hour For Ron Paul To Win Iowa, New Hampshire, and then the nomination
  185. Ron Paul Two-Day Tour to Include "Restore America Now" Meetings-(Campaigning in Iowa)
  186. Time to step up promotion of the 11.11.11 MONEYBOMB!! It's almost here!!!
  187. PPP Poll - Ohio General Election
  188. Clemson University Poll - South Carolina GOP Primary
  190. Help? Is there a thread somewhere that has all of Ron's straw poll wins on one sheet?
  191. Mulshine: Cain's real problem: On foreign policy he's as clueless as Bill O'Reilly
  192. Pin-ups for Ron Paul
  193. Calling party at Iowa HQ / Sample Carol Paul's recipes 11/11/11
  194. CNN: 2012 candidates slip on Econ 101
  195. Old Photo Of Ron Paul
  196. Ron Paul Campaign: "Common Sense" E-Mail.
  197. Ron Paul Headline On Drudge: "Ron Paul warns of 'dictatorship'..."
  198. John Zogby says, "Ron Paul And Libertarians Can't Be Discounted."
  199. Dr. Paul needs a bunch of votes here - Let's get to it!
  200. The Panic of 2008 Documentary
  201. Q & A: Jimmie Vaughan Talks Dallas vs. Austin, Bob Dylan and Ron Paul
  202. The importance of Evangelicals in Iowa and why RP can do well there
  203. Ron Paul Upsets Fox News’ Foolish Five & Real Time Gets Real Stupid
  204. Ron Paul Must Be The GOP Candidate
  205. Ron Paul ad on front page of Iowa newspaper (Council Bluffs)
  206. Ron Paul is pure METAL! (link to video)
  207. Public Policy Polling Ohio general election match ups
  208. Can I suggest a new catch phrase or slogan
  209. Tom Woods on Steve Deace Show Championing Paul 4:15 CT
  210. Ron Paul sees big jump on Intrade
  211. Ron Paul strong on security/national defense
  212. Rasmussen Poll - Florida GOP Primary
  213. Tonight is the night to shine
  214. Current Cafferty File Question Asks if Newt is Next
  215. Sad Ron Paul
  216. OFFICAL CNBC Discuss the Debate LIVE NOW
  217. The Legend of Ron Paul Continued?
  218. UNOFFICIAL (but officially more useful) Nov 9th CNBC DEBATE THREAD [with time and links!!]
  219. KSTP survey out of Minneapolis, Minnesota....
  220. Better be all alone and right, then in a company of people who are all wrong.....
  221. Today's News 11/9
  222. POLLS HERE!!
  223. Are we Tweeting and retweeting #CNBCDEBATE?
  224. Ron Paul taken out of the Washington Post Debate who won the debate?
  225. Tea Party Patriots
  226. Ron Paul supporters rally on OU campus prior to GOP Presidential Debate
  227. [VOTE] OFFICIAL Post-Debate Polls Thread (11/09/11)
  228. Thank Ron Paul On 11-11-11?
  229. Two foreign policy "experts" give differing opinions on Ron's foreign policy
  230. 20% of Michigan Debate Watchers Favored Ron Paul's Health Care Answer
  231. We won, even the crowd thinks so!
  232. They Can't Win W/Out Us
  233. Straw Poll Events in Missouri Saturday 11/12/11
  234. CNBC Debate Video (YAY TUBEZ) [November 9, 2011]
  235. Ron Paul throws up the FIVE!!! Rick Perry's campaign EXPLODES!!!
  236. CNBC Takes Down Poll After Debate. Ron Paul Destroys Other Candidates Again
  237. What a waste of a news network
  238. "I believe in Ron Paul"
  239. Great soundbyte by the good Doctor
  240. Vote for Ron (Texas paper and MB is winning at the moment.)
  241. An open letter to Ron Paul supporters..from CNBC! 11/2007
  242. For the record: Ron Paul and Israel (VIDEO)
  243. Are we in this to win or not?
  244. Supporters Rally Behind 'Honest' Ron Paul at Debate Watch Party
  246. County GOP leaders say Paul, Romney poised for caucus wins
  247. From the Ground In Iowa
  248. Poll For Ron Paul Supports (2008 vs now)
  249. Wepolls
  250. Herman Cain copied Ron Paul