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  1. Need Some Matchers [mod: All matches done!]
  2. Ron Paul's current Facebook status
  3. Lepard's 2011 Q3 EMA report
  4. Conflicting polls... confusion
  5. BREAKING! New Obama Deception "Obama says Iraq War is over, US troops coming home"
  6. Has Joseph Farah form WorldNetDaily seen the light with Ron Paul???
  7. Looking for absolutely correct 3Q figures for military donations
  8. Ron Paul money bomb nets $2.5 million
  9. RP needs to assemble a top rated defense advisory team now!
  10. Karl Rove on Greta talking about BTO, Ron Paul
  11. Living Room Talk, Now. :D
  12. Punch lines
  13. [YOU-TUBE]Ron Paul Speech At The University Of Iowa
  14. Ron Paul’s Budget Plan is the Real Deal
  15. Ron Paul: Latest GOP debate was ‘disgusting’ - Daily Caller
  16. Paul: 'Future looks brighter' when he visits with young people ( UI Rally)
  17. Obama vs. Constitution - International Trading
  18. Time to revive "dr no"?
  19. Last Minute Matching Challenge
  20. Ron Paul on Jan Mickelson 10/21/11 [Audio]
  21. Ron Paul’s “Plan to Restore America”
  22. How to bridge the chasm to the mainstream. Watch this!!
  23. Ron Paul speaks in Davenport
  24. Ron Paul Jack'o'lantern contest
  25. "Ron Paul Intellectually Pummels Romney Into Submission" - Video
  26. CRITIQUE from an old schooler.. It's time to start being nice(r) to the MEDIA
  27. Santorum half praises Ron on foreign policy on The Sean Hannity Show
  28. if you're interested in seeing a cross section of GOP opinion of Paul check this out
  29. Peter Schiff on Infowars Nightly News
  30. Ron Paul 2012: Carve America Now this 10.31.11
  31. Absolutely Terrific Comment I saw.
  32. Herman Cain spent over $100,000 of donor's money buying copies of his OWN book
  33. Ohio! Your straw poll is TOADY! Help Ron win this!
  34. Glenn "Kane" Jacobs Supporting Ron Paul
  35. Nevada Straw Poll??? What happened?
  36. Ron Paul gets rock star treatment at University of Iowa
  37. Can you point me to the recent thread comparing 2007 and 2011 poll #s for RP?
  38. RevPac's "Imagine" Ad on Ebaumsworld...
  39. Why All Of This Praise for Ron Out of Nowhere from establishment types?
  40. Ron Paul speaks at 8:13 p.m. Central time, at the Faith and Freedom event tonight
  41. Time for Ron To Step It Up---Start Going on Big Shows Like Hannity
  42. Exclusive IntervIew: Ron Paul on Abortion, Jesus,Israel and American Exceptionalism (video
  43. Need images for stencils
  44. How can I help spread the word to seniors and colleges?
  45. The Iowa Republican: Ron Paul attracts huge crowd at University of Iowa
  46. Follow @RonPaul on Twitter!
  47. "End this war" great video
  48. at the swing state straw poll
  49. Sack Cartoon
  50. The Most Inspiring Movie Scenes for Liberty.
  51. So What's Goin On With The Caucus Drama
  52. Sioiux City Journal: Ron Paul warns about threat banks still pose
  53. The Next Money Bomb: Tea Party 2.0
  54. Des Moines Register: Ron Paul: Troop withdrawal won’t end U.S. involvement
  55. The Women Vote
  56. Have you guys seen this? Fox News panel discussing RP Plan
  57. Nevada Caucus moves to February 4th
  58. Judge Napolitano's spin on "What If"
  59. Military Pay Grades-Monies Spent at Home
  60. We should buy a half hour commercial on Network television
  61. my 2 cent on moneybombs and i think it´s important...
  62. picture this
  63. Ron Paul Dominates Ohio Straw Poll w/ 53.5%!!
  64. Help me link to a specific Wikipedia heading
  65. Media Now Proping Up Newt, Give Me Ammo To Refute New Found Newt Love
  66. Registration cutoff dates participating in the caucuses and primaries?
  67. The last debate was really good for us - check this out
  68. Iowa State vs. Texas A&M--Cain and Gingrich--
  69. Why Herman Cain will not be taken down anytime soon. [speculation]
  70. I'd love to get your brilliant input on this!
  71. Can Someone Justify This Claim Dr. Paul Made?
  72. Ron Paul in Burlington, Iowa 10/21 (Pics Inside)
  73. Ron Paul on Face to Face Nevada – Full Interview
  74. Getting College Students to the Iowa Caucus
  75. Robert Scheer - I may switch Party to vote for RP
  76. Ohio Straw Poll Results Video
  77. Paul Campaign Applauds Nevada Caucus Move to Feb. 4
  78. Ohio GOP Straw Poll Gives Ron Paul A Majority
  79. Ron's million-dollar hour
  80. Photos: Ron Paul at Western Republican Leadership Conference
  81. Protest at Local Media
  82. Nevada Republicans Move Caucus to February After Backlash
  83. Iowa Caucus: Paul: Liberty is my real issue
  84. Iowa's Faith and Freedom Presidential Forum starting right now
  85. Inside the Ron Paul Campaign
  86. The State Column: Ron Paul wins Ohio Republican straw poll
  87. Ron Paul racks up another big win
  88. Palin endorses Ron Paul's position on international militarism-(DigitalJournal.com)
  89. More Banker Bailouts!
  90. News: Obama takes Ron Paul's advice and just brings the troops home
  91. Bachmans NH Campaign Staff Walked Out
  92. Is this a legit poll? If so... lets own it..
  93. Someone Close to the Campaign Tell Ron The Others Stealing His ideas is NOT Helpful
  94. CBS: 2012's septuagenarian rock star
  95. New Video - "Is Ron Paul Too Old?"
  96. The Cost Of The Iraq War
  97. Interesting Facebook 'likes' data/graphs
  98. Vote in Faith and Freedom poll here!
  99. Article: Ron Paul racks up another Big Win (Ohio)
  100. Des Moines Register: Candidates court Iowa social conservatives at forum
  101. Des Moines Register: Herman Cain on abortion: Few words, little passion
  102. Cain Confronts Own Abortion Sentiments at Iowa Campaign Test (cameo for Paul)
  103. Paul's Message Resonates in Iowa
  104. Sodahead poll, Ron Paul or HC?
  106. Ron Paul speech at Faith and Freedom Network
  107. Lessons to be learned from an independent
  108. Ron #1 @ Youtube
  109. Ron Paul Says We Subsidize German Socialism. Do We Really? (Analysis and Conclusion)
  110. If the Suit Fits! (Ron Paul gets a better suit for Faith and Freedom, thank the Good Lord)
  111. 1 day moneybombs or weekend moneybombs ?
  112. We Rock Network?
  113. Correlation Between Favourable Press And Poll Numbers? Huffington Post
  114. Calendar now finally set - Caucuses will be most important
  115. 80% Of Green Jobs Stimulus Money Going Overseas - Vote Ron Paul!
  116. Batmobile, Popmobile, Paulmobile. The Ron Paul R3volution Corvette
  117. RevolutionPAC :60 TV ad "Plastic Men" - CNN nationwide broadcast
  118. How many Ron Paul 2012 Signs can fit in your front yard?
  119. Meet the Press - Candidate Ron Paul (Video)
  120. [TUBE]Ron Paul on Meet The Press
  121. Steve forbes leaning towards endorsing
  122. The Right Perspective - Ron Paul Wins GOP Swing State Straw Poll In Landslide
  123. Ron Paul inflicts the unkindest cut of all on Rick Perry
  124. Politico pretending: "Ron Paul: End U.S. student loans"
  125. Matt Ferris' most excellent presentation at the Ohio Swing State Straw Poll (vid)
  126. Ron Paul speaks to the Greater Nashua, NH, Chamber of Commerce Friday, Oct 28
  127. Ron Paul Tells David Gregory That Troops Will Never Leave Iraq, Calls Drone War ‘Illegal’
  128. RealClearPolitics: Paul: We're Witnessing "The Failure Of A Keynesian Economic Model"
  129. Priorities for the Grassroots-(My Opinion)
  130. At the Faith and Freedom conference leaflets 'Cain threw babies under the bus' given out
  131. Ron Paul paints rosy picture of huge cuts
  132. Want to prove Keynesian economics wrong? Quote Keynes!
  133. Major Spin Front page of HuffPo: Ron Paul Would End Federal Student Loan Program
  134. Foreign Policy Frustration - Help!
  135. No Ron Paul? Veteran voting Obama so tyranny kicks the public in the teeth
  136. A Million Facebook Likes?
  137. Random Ron Paul conversation in the drivethru
  138. Ron Paul's roots stem to Green Tree, Dormont (Great article)
  139. Bachmann tries to steal Ron's economic plan
  140. Ron Paul Receives the Most Money from Iowans in the 3rd Quarter!
  141. Continuing the movement: Black THEM Out & End The Fed.
  142. Ron Paul Wins Ohio Straw Poll: Can Campaign Momentum Close Gap Between Paul and Leaders?
  143. CNN: Ron Paul says unemployment is 20%
  144. How can you write articles for HuffPo?
  145. Join a Meetup.com group or just grab a friend!
  146. Campaign filings: Iowans give $454K to candidates (Ron leads GOP in donations)
  147. Des Moines, Iowa Straw Poll-Oct. 29th!
  148. Shorter Meet The Press Video - RP on Romney's Lawn, Disgusting Debates, False Choices
  149. As a student and a young person, I just hate Ron Paul now! He's just terrible! [HAHA, JK!]
  150. Ron Paul cites post WWII era as model for federal program cuts
  151. Paul would ax five agencies, hits focus on Romney’s lawn
  152. If you were hiring someone- between a Ron Paul supporter and non ron paul supporters...
  153. Pandora Radio Advertising???
  154. Happy Paulidays to my neighborhood...they will either love me or hate me for this!
  155. The principled consistency of Ron Paul
  156. Halloween: Give out Ron Paul flyers
  157. No choice between political parties: Ron Paul
  158. Alabama Straw Poll----
  159. Truthdig.com's Robert Scheer Saids he's almost going to switch parties to Vote Ron Paul
  160. Video: Ron Paul, Student Aid, College Tuition
  161. Now media are peddling their lie that Ron wants to end student loans to students at Uof I
  162. Today's News 10/23
  163. Defund: USDA Wildlife Services
  164. Ron Paul on MSNBC
  165. The Official NO ONE BUT PAUL Thread!
  166. POLL: Vote RON PAUL
  167. Something to keep an eye on this week.
  168. Wall Street Journal: Paul's Policies Foreign to GOP
  169. Reminder: Why Ron Paul Deserves the Christian Vote
  170. Brief Positive Shout-Out to RP from WSJ's Peggy Noonan
  171. Parents of College Students Fight To Keep them in Debt
  172. Ron Pauls Shcolarship Comment (Easy Answer)
  173. Did Anyone Catch the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Presidential Candidate Forum?
  174. Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 10/24/11 – TSA Highway Searches
  175. Ron Paul Wins Ohio Straw Poll. Romney in 3rd. Perry in 5th
  176. 9-9-9 = 9-18-26?
  177. National Review Online: Paul Touts Spending Cuts Plan, Pushes for More Serious GOP Debates
  179. occupywallst.org Seeking critiques of "End the Fed" signs in protest
  180. Debate Constitutional report card
  181. Google News Quote of Ron Paul
  182. Ron Paul: Best of the Best Youtube's.
  183. Inspiring Article About Ron Paul from 2002; If You Haven't Read This, You Have To!!!
  184. Tom Woods: The Student Loan Racket: Ron Paul Right Again
  185. Closing All Those Departments: What Happens To The People Who Work For Them?
  186. The media need to be chastised (nicely)
  187. RON HART: The GOP debates as pollsters order pizza
  188. Drudge: Paul: We're Witnessing "The Failure Of A Keynesian Economic Model"
  189. The Iowa Independent: Paul supporters energized, promise organization
  190. Slashdot on the Student Loans issue
  191. Vote for Ron in poll, Ron is currently behind
  192. Keep spreading the message, it's working boys and girls...
  193. Money, Delegates Votes.
  194. Fox News front page article on RP Student Loans
  195. Online poll about Barry, Romney and third party votes.
  196. Magellan Nevada Poll of only Republicans
  197. Online Nevada Poll. Vote "Other".
  198. Ron Paul wins straw poll in Ohio
  199. RON PAUL IS NOT ‘ENDING’ STUDENT LOANS -- Official Campaign Response
  200. Republican officials share Ron Paul's views on foreign policy
  201. Dear Campaign: Plan to Restore America needs clarification
  202. From a Briton: An Open Letter - Why I want Ron Paul to win the 2012 Presidential election
  203. Poll: Ever Participated in a national presidential poll?
  204. The Student Loan Racket: Ron Paul Right Again by Tom Woods
  205. New video from a female Ron Paul supporter
  206. Ron Paul will be on Hannity tonight 10/24/11!
  207. Ron Paul makes a major play for social conservatives in Iowa
  208. Get Out The Primary Vote
  209. We Can Destroy Herman Cain With His Stance On The Patriot Act
  210. Official Competition for Phone From Home Program
  211. Ways to Earn Money for RP!
  212. Contact Anderson Cooper Today
  213. Ghaddafi's Secret Crush: Republican Herman Cain
  214. Ron Paul aims “to move toward victory”
  215. Apparently CNN reported on Ron Paul's Ohio straw poll win
  216. Ron Paul Wall Street Journal Community Poll: Can Ron Paul win the GOP nomination?
  217. Ron Paul's path to nomination
  218. Politifact: Ron Paul says terror attacks have increased -- mostly true
  219. It's time for the Ron Paul Grassroots Phone Day
  220. ‘Honest politician’ is an oxymoron, but Ron Paul is rare exception
  221. Ron Paul's Latest Moneybomb Nets More Than $2.75 Million
  222. The "crazy" , "nutcase" commenters
  223. Reddit pretends: Sanctity of Life Act bans IUDs, Hormonal Contraception, and Abortions.
  224. Ron Paul needs $4.2 million by the end of November
  225. 5 Dollar Fridays For Ron Paul 2012! Spread it!
  226. The Official WIN IOWA thread....
  227. Are RP supporters to busy Preaching To The Choir?
  228. Does the general public really understand Ron Paul's plans?
  229. RUSH LIMBAUGH strategy
  230. Texas Rep. Ron Paul drops a bomb
  231. My Metro Ride Today
  232. Ron Paul on Freedom Watch + Hannity tonight (10/24) [OFFICIAL THREAD]
  233. Texas Rep. Ron Paul Drops Bomb- Candidate Rakes In Almost $3 Million
  234. College News: Ron Paul’s rebuttal to rumors of eliminating student loans
  235. Congressman Ron Paul Takes Ohio In A Landslide
  236. Ron Paul Making Too Much Sense on 'Meet the Press'
  237. "Republicans Could Nominate Ron Paul and Win"
  238. NYTimes: Campaign Ad Barrage Begins With Paul
  239. 2008 election info...
  240. Newt criticizes Ron's economic plan
  241. Self named "The Tea Party" left out RP on its GOP 2012 poll...
  242. New scientific poll by Univ. of Iowa
  243. Vince Vaughn Presents A Reception WIth Congressman Ron Paul
  244. Testimony of Libya. MUST WATCH
  245. Christmas Vacation with Ron Paul
  246. The Ron Paul Interview You Can't Afford To Miss
  247. Paul leads GOP candidates with actual budget plan
  248. Iowa WhoRadio Poll - Do you favor Cain's 999 plan?
  249. An Endorsement of Ron Paul
  250. Fox Business 2 MIN caption on screen RON PAUL WANTS TO DO AWAY WITH STUDENT LOAN PROGRAMS