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  1. Help promote BTO off-line tomorrow and Friday
  2. Couple of things (BTO and voting in general)
  3. I made a little something to represent my opinion on this election...
  4. Anyone know where I can find a video of the end of the CNN debate?
  5. Establishment Media Bloomberg Runs Hit Piece to Scare People About Paul's Budget Plan
  6. My Analogy To The Newly Proposed Flat Taxes
  7. Time for Santorum to drop out
  8. Just caught Colbert giving Cain the finger
  9. Ron Paul's Campaign needs an ad on Cain right now on abortion.
  10. Herman Cain - Those Paulites and their stupid questions about the Federal Reserve.
  11. How The Government Could Save The Economy By Constructing A $2 Trillion Pyramid To The Sky
  12. VOTE FOR THE NEXT MONEYBOMB DATE: 5th of November OR 11/11/11?
  13. Someone Record Morning Joe!
  14. Seems like BTO aint important any more !!!
  16. Ron Paul's Octopus vs. Mitt Romney's Squid
  17. Calendar updated
  18. Did you notice the lack of media for 'Black THIS Out'? No 'midday update on fundraising'
  19. Nevada GOP reconsiders Feb. caucus date
  20. "Peace on Earth" moneybomb - give the gift of freedom
  21. The Hill: Paul campaign announces multi-million dollar ad buy
  22. Investors Business Daily praises Ron Paul's domestic economic plan
  23. Ammunition against Romney (Use It)
  24. Morrissey writes on Ron's economic plan for Fiscal Times
  25. Slate: Ron Paul in Nevada
  26. The Coming Ron Paul Explosion Explained by the Law of Diffusion of Innovation
  27. Real Clear Politics:Paul: Serious Budget Cuts Will Prevent "Violence" At "Occupy" Protests
  28. Extremely negative Washington Post Article attacking Ron Paul & Rick Perry
  29. Blue democrats should be changed to Ron Paul democrats.
  30. Herman Cain Claims Apples Cannot Be Compared to Oranges; Sings Deal for "Apples to Apples"
  31. Have an article that needs reviewed & edited, by request.
  32. Boortz gave a shout-out to BTO on the radio this morning
  33. Planning November 11th
  34. Adopt a Meetup 10/20/11
  35. Remember, Remember The 5th of November Moneybomb
  36. Juliette Lewis likes Ron Paul?
  37. Hannity Radio Show: Ron Paul Interview
  38. PPP Poll - Ohio General Election
  39. More For the Grassroots to Spread wrt Herman
  40. Ron Paul : The Leading Grassroots Candidate For the GOP
  41. Ron Paul Defends Middle Class at Republican Debate
  42. MD - Local Activism & Ron Paul - Radio Interview 1240AM
  43. Cain campaign cash scandal
  44. Iowa: Cain 28% Romney 21% Paul 10% (Rasmussen)
  45. Donation emails?
  46. Iowa poll after Pauls' economic plan & CNN debate
  47. We need a hit ad against Cain in IA!
  48. Thank you for waking me up...
  49. New Facebook Page: If Ron Paul isn't the Republican nominee I will write him in.
  50. Cain and Romney caught in campaign cash scandal
  51. Search: Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign Donors
  52. I have made up my mind, I'm voting for Romney.
  53. Slashdot: Ron Paul Suggests Axing 5 U.S. Federal Departments (and Budgets)
  54. site to track candidates
  55. This is hilarious! GOP Presidential Debate (different ending)
  56. Bruce Fein / Daily Caller: RP's Irresistible Budget
  57. Strange google result for campaign for libery website [Both parties are aware now.]
  58. Blog: "Ron Paul is Pure American Conservatism"
  59. Where Do You Place the Candidates on the Layers of Time?
  60. Blame the Fed for the Financial Crisis by Ron Paul at WSJ today - spread everywhere!
  61. PPP Poll - Hawaii General Election
  62. Host a party this Friday for Black This Out! SPREAD THE IDEA
  63. They Ignored BTO. Now It's Time For an Occupy The Media
  64. RP"This System We Have Of Money & Government Regulation Will Destroy The Middle Class
  65. Ron Paul launches ad blitz in early voting states (USA-TODAY)
  66. Viral?
  67. An interesting note on Republican Fundraising numbers...
  68. Ticker Has FLATLINED! Don't WASTE The Extra Time, Let's Keep PROMOTING & Hit $4 Million!
  69. Drudge 10/20: Ron Paul launches $2M in TV ads taking on GOP field...
  70. Ron Paul Right to Work Petition
  72. Nevada Governor supports moving caucus to Feb 4, AFTER Florida
  73. Tools For Convincing People That Non Interventionism IS NOT Isolationism
  74. Social Security Recipients, The Fed has made your payments worth less!
  75. Military drops a bomb on Paul.
  76. 2 Dollar Bombs?
  77. The Iowa Republican writes up their review of debate performances
  78. openSource Science: A Ron Paul Grassroots Effort
  79. The Iowa Republican on Ron Paul's 'Consistent' ad
  80. Photos: Ron Paul at Youth for Ron Paul at UNLV kickoff
  81. Ron Paul to visit Davenport and Burlington, IA Friday and Saturday, Oct 21-22
  82. Socrates and Ron Paul: Whoa, interesting.
  83. Today's News 10/20
  84. If we were to give Ron a 'Super Hero' brand, what would it be?
  85. Adam Kokesh on Red Eye tonight
  86. RP most donors in Kansas in Q3
  87. Conversion Strategy: Making the Moneybombs Smartbombs
  88. If you don't think "online" stuff makes an impact...
  89. CBS - Paul launches $2M ad campaign in early voting states
  90. Send them a Message (Email from Ron Paul)
  91. My second donation to BTO brought it over 2.4 mil
  92. National Journal: Ron Paul Launches TV Ad Blitz
  93. Chanting of The People.
  94. Want Ron Paul on the 60 Minutes show? Don't Skip This Thread!
  95. Bar graph comparing military donations to speaking times for GOP Candidates.
  96. Rand Paul officially endorses Ron Paul for President (VIDEO)
  97. Washington Times: Ron Paul - The last honest Republican standing (video)
  98. RON PAUL to be on MEET THE PRESS this sunday
  99. Herman Cain gets blasted by Rick Santorum
  100. Reminder: Ron Paul in Iowa Friday and Saturday
  101. Rick Perry releases Romney attack ad!
  102. Ron Paul ‘Plan to Restore America’
  103. Politics Ron Paul Spends $2 Million on Attack Ads: Is This Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel?
  104. Thanks to your help, these videos have 50,000 views between them!
  105. Faith & Action online poll....
  106. Whoa, Nellie!
  107. The Tea Party Is Lost...
  108. Fox -O'Reilly and piece about Hillary Clinton on Cain
  109. donation question
  110. Its Official OWS and Communists.
  111. Great video: Ron Paul 2012 - Golden State (End This War)
  112. Scientific Proof The Media Purposely Avoids Ron Paul
  113. Sarah Palin gives shout out to RP about foreign policy on Hannity.
  114. Obama Flew in "Air Force One" 172 Times Every Other Day in 2010
  115. Ron Paul Wall: a Social marketing idea
  116. Google Trends Analysis: Search Volume vs. Media Coverage - Ron Paul vs. Romney
  117. Just in case anybody missed this like I did.
  118. We OWN YouTube- must see
  119. Project: A Collage, of News Media Bias.
  120. Are you a new supporter?
  121. Ron Paul knocks off Romney, Perry & Cain in Top 5 YouTube Political Videos
  122. Ron Paul Texting Bomb??
  123. Obama Campaign Doubles Beer Koozie Price (Now, $10!)
  124. Ron Paul -- The Trillion Dollar Man
  125. Corona/Inland Empire area promotion
  126. Ron Paul's Presidential Pardon List
  127. Amazing stats for Oct 18th
  128. I want to pursue, perhaps, the idea of a "Why the media ignores Ron Paul" ad.
  129. Coincidence? Qadaffi KILLED & RP Obama Lawsuit REJECTED on the same day!
  130. WOW!!! Sarah Palin talks up Ron Paul's Foreign Policy on Hannity
  131. @Q3 FEC Thread
  132. Selection of images paired with Ron Paul in Anderson Cooper segment
  133. I think next moneybombs should be whole wekeend bombs! Please read...
  134. I Need Some Help Refuting This
  135. Ron Paul to be Interviewed at 10am by Jan Mickelson on 1040 WHO - Des Moines, Iowa
  136. IowaCaucus.com:"What’s Ahead" (Paul is Iowa favorite!)
  137. Open Secrets - Individual Small Donors Numbers - Romney & Perry Wow!
  138. MSNBC Dylan Rattigan Releases the Banking Secrets LIVE! End the Fed con job!
  139. Need help raising Funds for Ron Paul Ads Support in Council Bluffs/Omaha(Iowa-NE)
  140. Anybody that was in the fray in 2007...
  141. Is Cain getting yet another 'pass'?
  142. You know what I find odd about the Ron Paul Media Blackout?
  143. Sarah Palin fights the media blackout of Ron Paul
  144. We need 2 focus our energies on the ground, especially with Christian voters. Idea inside
  145. "V" is for Victory, and "5" should be for the next Money Bomb
  146. Goldman Sachs Employees Gave Ron Paul 2012 $2,500???
  147. Revolution PAC Seeks to Own 2012 Web Campaigning
  148. FED-mouthpiece Hilsenrath(WSJ): "Fed Is Poised for More Easing" (through MBS purchases)
  149. Need Some Help Here Guys reg. FB/FP
  150. Just $7800 shy of $2.5 million :) [mod: passed it!]
  151. Ohio! Your straw poll is this Saturday!! Who's going?
  152. Today's News 10/21
  153. Attempts to forge libertarian-leftist alliances predate Occupy Wall Street
  154. National Federation of Republican Assemblies Straw Poll, Iowa, 10/29
  155. Ron Paul launches 2 Million in TV Ads - AP Story
  156. DRUDGE BOMB!! Cain lied on CNN??
  157. Blue Republican (Dems) - How to Register Republican for Ron Paul (updated regularly)
  158. Nevada primary 'probably' will be moved to February 4
  159. Iowa Politics Insider: The doctor is in
  160. Ticker over 2.5 Million
  161. Ron Paul releases 'consistent' television ad in large media buy
  162. Sarah Palin praises Ron Paul's foreign policy on Hannity
  163. Financial weapons of mass destruction.
  164. $3,000,000 by Midnight!!!
  165. Paul’s Loyal Money Bomb Contributors Represent Average Voting Americans
  166. Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum Finish On Top in Values Voter Summit Straw Poll
  167. Ron Paul thinks now is the time to make his move
  168. Ron Paul Money Bomb Raises Millions of Dollars
  169. TAX..TAX..TAX ...( when does it end ? )
  170. Something for the weekend: “What is money” – discuss [video from Ron's lecture series]
  171. Ron Paul Announces Major Ad Buy
  172. Des Moines Register/PBS Newshour debate will be Dec. 19
  173. This should be fun: Heritage / AEI to host presidential debate with CNN on foreign policy
  174. From 2008: College democrat versus college republican
  175. Republican Presidential Candidates: Which One Is Best for Your Wallet?
  176. Help debunk 999 Calculator
  177. Ron Paul knocks off Romney, Perry & Cain in Top 5 YouTube Political Videos
  178. Ron Paul Plans $2 Million Ad Buy in Early-Voting States
  179. Can't Go to Des Moines Presidential Forum? Follow It on Patch
  180. War in Iraq Over. All US Troops back by years end. [mod: except mercenaries]
  181. Discussion of ad buy here is more interesting for its discussion of campaign strategy
  182. Campaign Store Doing a Great Job
  183. Newsmax: Ron Paul: Fed to Blame for Faltering Economy
  184. Rock the Revolution Hits Santa Monica
  185. Ron Paul sounds off on Gadhafi, 14th Amend, looming economic collapse on Iowa radio show
  186. Do you ever feel like...
  187. Ron Paul visits Iowa City on campaign stop
  188. Ron Paul 3rd with 12% in Iowa Caucus poll
  189. Is there a video out there...
  190. WSJ Blog: Ron Paul’s Latest Moneybomb: $2.5 Million and Counting
  191. Ron Paul'
  192. Donate your "dinner" for Liberty! 8PM EST !!! FOOD-BOMB!
  193. BlueRepublican.org LAUNCHES. Spread the word!
  194. Bachmann New Hampshire Staff Resigns
  195. 1000th Post Explication
  196. Controversy with Cain in Iowa over abortion remarks-up on Fox News shortly
  197. not sure if right forum: Love him or loathe him, Paul is the real deal
  198. Ron Paul will be on Meet The Press this sunday morning @ 9am on NBC
  199. In Newton, Ron Paul calls for smaller government, less "militarism"-(DesMoinesRegister)
  200. Ron Paul: Live in Iowa City (liveblogging tonight's event)
  201. Ron Paul Brochures for Iowa, MN, ND - Chip-in Included
  202. The Hill: Paul raises more than $2.5 million in 'media blackout' moneybomb
  203. Palin Praises Ron Paul For Foreign Policy Position on Libya-(RCP Article-Please Drudge!)
  204. Who's the Blue Republican guy again?
  205. Lets at least get to 3Million? By midnight! Show em what we are made of!!!
  206. Toe to Toe-(Email from Rand Paul)
  207. Hispanics for Ron Paul - Join Now!
  208. RON HART: The GOP debates as pollsters order pizza
  209. Did Herman Cain Borrow His 9-9-9 Plan From A ’96 Report? Ron Paul Supporters Think So
  210. Paul Earns Most Financial Support From Residents in Q3-Merrimack, NH Patch
  211. Ron Paul Live Tonight - CSPAN 2 - 9 p.m. ET
  212. Immortal Technique on #ows, Obama, 2012 election, Ron Paul, Immigration, Bloomberg
  213. I was blacked out on GBTV for wearing a Ron Paul shirt.
  214. Cain received $2,813,341.52 in the third quarter. Can we match that in 3 days, for BTO?
  215. Sean Hannity - its all about me
  216. Press Release: RevPac seeks to own 2012 Web Campaigning
  217. OpenSecrets.org Unveils New Interactive Features To Monitor 2012 Presidential Money Race
  218. TSA sets up check check points along Tennessee highways.(Coming soon to your neighborhood)
  219. Peter Schiff taking on OWS Face to Face - Talks Ron Paul with protesters!
  220. 18 year olds living in our parents basements..
  221. Ron Paul: 'I Was Tempted To Walk Off' Republican Debate
  222. A RP Video I made in 2007
  223. Soldier in Afghanistan calls campaign, buys buttons for his fellow soldiers!
  224. WeAreChange video on Michael Moore; Ron Paul at the debate - will do more on the Fed
  225. New Jack Hunter article at Daily Caller - Good read. Let's show some love!
  226. Jim Rogers interview with Ron Paul coming Oct 31 [wrong Jim Rogers, tho :(]
  227. Ron Paul Proposes $1 Trillion In Cuts; Would Cut President’s Salary By 90%
  228. Drudge has been almost completely empty of candidate news
  229. RIDE NOW!
  230. The Christian Science Monitor: Ron Paul ad blitz: Will it work?
  231. Need Some Matchers [mod: All matches done!]
  232. Ron Paul's current Facebook status
  233. Lepard's 2011 Q3 EMA report
  234. Conflicting polls... confusion
  235. BREAKING! New Obama Deception "Obama says Iraq War is over, US troops coming home"
  236. Has Joseph Farah form WorldNetDaily seen the light with Ron Paul???
  237. Looking for absolutely correct 3Q figures for military donations
  238. Ron Paul money bomb nets $2.5 million
  239. RP needs to assemble a top rated defense advisory team now!
  240. Karl Rove on Greta talking about BTO, Ron Paul
  241. Living Room Talk, Now. :D
  242. Punch lines
  243. [YOU-TUBE]Ron Paul Speech At The University Of Iowa
  244. Ron Paul’s Budget Plan is the Real Deal
  245. Ron Paul: Latest GOP debate was ‘disgusting’ - Daily Caller
  246. Paul: 'Future looks brighter' when he visits with young people ( UI Rally)
  247. Obama vs. Constitution - International Trading
  248. Time to revive "dr no"?
  249. Last Minute Matching Challenge
  250. Ron Paul on Jan Mickelson 10/21/11 [Audio]