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  1. 100 1 Hour Promoters x 10 Days = 1k Hours. 10 Pledges an Hour x 1,000 Hours = 10k Pledges
  2. To anyone mad at the unfair media coverage
  3. If You don´t want to help BTO on FB, please read how to help us on YT easily!
  4. BTO = Bluntly Terrifying Ordeal (If we don't raise $6,000,000 or more.)
  5. The left are drawing the line with Republucans = bankers != for america....
  6. Can we get some of us down at OWS?
  7. I am getting ANGRY!
  8. Associated Press: Few in New Hampshire paying attention to GOP race
  9. Black THIS Out Surpasses 10,000 Attendees on Facebook! 15,000 Left to go!
  10. RPF Voluntary Botnet
  11. GLORIOUS Bruce Fein Speech
  12. *ARTISTS* Need a couple of flyers made for this Saturday's LA event. 10,000+ people
  13. More of This
  14. Foster's Wrong On Ron Paul
  15. Best Ron Paul advice to every TRUE Ron Paul Supporter!
  16. Bloomberg:Herman Cain a Vigorous Capitalist,We are up against a lot of stupid people
  17. Ron Paul not mentioned in "most popular" Reuters article, but comments are open!
  18. Easton man shows his support for Ron Paul
  19. Jon Huntsman: I'll win New Hampshire primary, Oh Really??
  20. Brit Hume: Ron Paul has the base with the most Enthusiatic Supporters
  21. Sign Waving and Open Carry. Quick Question
  22. The Ron Paul Revolution Past 2012
  23. [Video] Ron Paul: Straw Polls and the Media Bias in Perspective
  24. Sign Bomb---Anyone in or around Gloucester, Mass?
  25. Go give a thumbs up to my BTO comment on this viral video!!
  26. Idea for Moderator of Bloomberg debate.
  27. Today's News 10/10
  28. Pro-Life, Marriage Groups Release 2012 GOP Scorecard
  29. Does the Media Manipulate the Political Process? *BTO Video*
  30. After two months, my liberal aunt has joined the cause!
  31. Nine days!
  32. What is a team ?
  33. Ron Paul Wins Values Voter Summit Straw Poll Despite Having Some Admirable Values
  34. thumbnail not showing on fb for YouTube videos.
  35. Paul straw poll win discountedz
  36. Post Your SignBomb Pics HERE!!
  37. Iowa & New Hampshire Phone Banking
  38. Doug Wead via Newsmax: Ron Paul Scores With Born-Again Christians [at VVS]
  39. The truth about vvs11
  40. Harvard/St Anselm Poll - New Hampshire GOP Primary / Ron Paul at 13%
  41. Could use some help in the comments
  42. Dartmouth debate - Anti-GOP protest planned under OWS guise
  43. Ask Not How Your Candidate Can Pander to You...
  44. Prepare for a flurry of Tweets from RP
  45. Ron Paul Scores With Born-Again Christians - Doug Wead blog
  46. How many of you were converted to Ron Paul because of a Sign Wave?
  47. TREY GRAYSON is going to be a Pundit in a Box 4 media like Larry Sabato?
  48. Poll finds Romney maintains strong lead in N.H., Cain and Ron Paul strongest competitors
  49. PPP Tweet: Only Paul, Cain, Romney in double digits in Iowa
  50. Ron Paul Speech at VVS
  51. Ron Paul’s Reaganesque Temperament - a blog by Jack Hunter
  52. To OWS: Some Educational Tips.
  53. Video: Ron Paul and Prohibition
  54. On request, Shemdogg has set up a chip in for SIGNS for SIGNLESS New Hampshire SEE THREAD
  55. Ron Paul is the only frontrunner who opposed the Banker Bailout
  56. Great article explaining Ron Paul's faith and how it affects his political views
  57. POLL: Romney Leads in New Hampshire But Support Soft
  58. The media always apply the 'libertarian' tag to RP - libertarianism needs to be re-branded
  59. Me on the Dom Giordano Show in Philly Today
  60. How Are We Doing With the Huckabee Grassroots?
  61. Jack Hunter & Official RP Site Links to Ron Paul Forums!
  62. *VIDEO* Bloomberg: Ron Paul, A View From His Hometown 10/10/11
  63. POLL: Washington Post-Bloomberg News Poll
  64. Chip-in to advertise Black This Out on infowars.com
  65. Geraldo chased out of OWS.
  66. Invited You Friends To BTO? Good. Now contact them!
  67. Iowa Public Television will air GOP debate live tomorrow night
  68. Perry won't be front and center on debate stage
  69. We have gained + 500 pledges today on FB for BTO!!! KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING!!!
  70. Thy Black Man: Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama…
  71. Only one left. 150 RP2012 stickers for just $29.
  72. Ron Paul and Occupy Wall Street should jointly call for full public disclosure of all Fed
  73. New Congressional Candidate
  74. The Important thing about the VVS Win
  75. New Gallup national poll
  76. Forget Wall Street: Occupy The Voting Booth
  77. Should we call the media to call them out on their lies?
  78. Christianity Today interview with Ron Paul!
  79. Viral Projects from Ron Paul Gold
  80. Trying to find a video....need help
  81. Ron Paul actually got some love.
  82. RP on Cavuto 6pm ET (10/10/11)
  83. Students become involved in election, support Ron Paul
  84. Ron Paul to be on The Daily Show again?
  85. I gave a speech about how bad the Fed is at OWS... [video]
  86. NBC2: Ron Paul "Sign Bombs" pop up around SWFL
  87. Post your sign bomb pictures here!
  88. Headline on RawStory.com - Juan Williams: This is the age of Ron Paul
  89. Ron Paul flyers for liberals/progressives
  90. The OFFICIAL (10/11/11) Debate Thread! - Bloomberg / WaPo @ Dartmouth
  91. Occupy Columbus (Ohio)
  92. Occupy this forum!
  93. Defend Ron Paul on Facebook NOW
  94. Amee Allen: Ron Paul Anthem
  95. Blue Republicans need a little support - Capitalism = Corporatism Argument
  96. The Raw Story: discussion of RP, EXCELLENT fodder for vids
  97. Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama…
  98. Here it comes: Democratic Party offering "solidarity" To Occupy Wall St.
  99. [VIDEO] Local coverage Ron Paul signbomb in Naples, Florida
  100. Ron Paul at The University of Iowa! - Y4RP
  101. oh look, another front page yahoo article - no mention of Ron Paul.
  102. For Once I Agree With The CNN Political Contributors, National Polls are Meaningless
  103. Go Back to Bed America *BTO* video
  104. Detroit Lions being treated like Ron Paul
  105. What is Courage?
  106. [VIDEO] new promo video "Ron Paul 2012 Real Leadership"
  107. Ron Paul Interviewed by Christianity Today
  108. Time to Pony UP: BTO Challenge for the next 24 hours
  109. Newest Vid: Ron Paul Leading
  110. short poll on the Tea Party facebook page
  111. Feel like commenting on an article?
  112. New BTO Record! 873 New Attendees Today! We're Now at 10,713! (Graph Included)
  113. Debate Format DESIGNED so that Candidates can interact & engage eachother
  114. In Iowa, Religious Right Is Now a Force Divided
  115. Bloomberg Pre-Debate Coverage - Republican Candidates' Own Words: Ron Paul
  116. Should we not have a Oct 19 nation-wide event to pair with BTO?
  117. NYT: Is the Tea Party Over? (Equates Ron Paul to Rick Santorum)
  118. Amazing Fact Sheet!
  119. MSNBC POLL (Needs your vote now)
  120. Brief Look at the Tea Party
  121. Get the last 150 Ron Paul Design stickers ever for $29!
  122. Facebook page: StandBehindOurTroops
  123. BTO on Front Page of RonPaul2012.com
  124. Don't fall for it.
  125. A backwards compliment...
  126. HELP ME! I need suggestions for BTO Moneybomb 2011!
  127. [announce} i think paul should address occupy wall street nyc!
  128. [VIDEO] Must see Ron Paul 2012 assessment of why we were attacked(NOT what if speech)
  129. Claiming the Tea Party back, NYC Meetup
  130. RPF Featured in Official RP site! calling out MSM!
  131. NBC/Marist Iowa and New Hampshire Polls (10/3-10/5)
  132. The Myth of Government Money
  133. NBC: Iowa and New Hampshire Polls
  134. NBC POLL: Iowa-Romney 23/Cain 20/Paul 11/Perry 10 NH-Romney 44/Paul 13/Cain 13/Perry 6
  135. Liberty News - Liberty Rising Network (Streaming Video) - Justin TV
  136. Where Can I watch The Bloomberg Debate Tonight?
  137. I'm About to Go Off on a German Socialist -- Need Help
  138. "Make or Break" for Rick Perry
  139. My experience with 10/10/2011 sign bomb
  140. MSNBC: White House used Mitt Romney health-care law as blueprint for federal law
  141. Excellent article that completely decontructs Cain's 9-9-9 plan
  142. TV Replay Note: Ron Paul on The Daily Show - 10/12/2011
  143. Today's News 10/11
  144. Have libertarian radio shows beyond FTL been considered for advertising the BTO MB?
  145. Question?
  146. SC Primary: Cain 26%, Romney 25%, Perry 15%... Developing...
  147. 999 a DeFacto 9% VAT tax
  148. OMG must see Bloomberg video !
  149. Fox News just said "Ron Paul is right there or above Cain in most of these polls"
  150. Honest discussion of RP on Fox! Shocked
  151. I need some rappers
  152. Pictures of Ron Paul at VVS are up!!!!!
  153. Breaking: Chris Christie will endorse Romney
  154. PPP Poll - Iowa GOP Caucus
  155. Ron Paul New "Secure Ad" Step in right direction
  156. I hope Ron Paul makes CORPORATISM a household word tonight at the debate...
  157. Money Bombs Vs Phone Bombs
  158. Well, I hope Ron Paul has his ONE-LINER sound bite prepared...
  159. New Quinnipiac poll of VA Primary
  160. What if the Media Embraces the "Black This Out" Money Bomb
  161. Reason.com: Ron Paul Candidate Profile + comparative candidate fact sheet
  162. Saw this on the DP: Give us Ron or get Obama.
  163. I hope Ron Paul does NOT say "FEDERAL RESERVE" all the time...He needs to say CORPORATISM
  164. Tune in - the administration wagging the dog. Building a case for war with Iran.
  165. Zak Carter, promoter for Rock the Revolution Tour on AJ right now!
  166. Tonight's debate what will the topic be? (it wont be the economy focus)
  167. NH: Large Scale RON PAUL Banner Making Project over 8000 SQ.FT!
  168. Herman Cain vs. Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul voter fact sheet
  169. PPP Poll - National General Election
  170. Let us pray.
  171. Romney Advisers Helped the White House Draft Health Care Reform
  172. Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions - How accurate is he?
  173. Newsmax Presidential Poll Asks: No One But Paul? (sorta)
  174. "Blacking This Out" the Bloomberg Debate With These: [pic]
  175. Black This Out action idea
  176. Pre-Debate BTO Promotion, 2% of RP Supporters Pledged.
  177. Just received another email from the campaign regarding BTO, this time, signed by Ron!
  178. Facebook poll: Vote Ron Paul
  179. Debate will be a round table format
  180. ZeroHedge: Where the Heck is Ron Paul?
  181. Perry's vaccination executive order - Need help finding supporting documents
  182. Bloombergtv.com live stream link for tonights debate !at 7
  183. Ron Paul on Drudge Report: Who Else is on Obama's Secret Kill List?
  184. Video: Long Line to Meet Dr. Paul at Values Voter Summit 2011
  185. Ron Paul plans Iowa visit Oct 21-22 - TICKET INFO 4 Faith & Freedom Forum
  186. Washington Post Poll During Bloomberg Debate - Avoids Ron Paul Option
  187. Ron Paul Needs To Speak Up During The Primary Debates
  188. Ron Paul has won the debate over the Federal Reserve - a blog by Jack Hunter
  189. I can't find the option to turn off automatic thread updates. I want to participate.
  190. No Debt Reduction Without Cutting Pentagon Spending - blog by Jack Hunter
  191. Check out the Ron Paul App for a great source of news and video about the debate!
  192. Everything Depends upon New Hampshire & Iowa
  193. Paul Supporters Show Up For Christie Interview on Hannity
  194. Ron Paul Attacked On Sean Hannity Forom on the Debate
  195. Ron Paul Polls for 10/11 debate...
  196. Peterson Foundation Commercials on TV?
  197. All youtube video makers..i have an idea! (help)
  198. Ron Paul won this debate hands down
  199. huffpo already calls out cain as liar on RP clip; so setup its funny
  200. BTO 1 Day Record Shattered Already! LOTS of People on Facebook Tonight, Let's All Promote!
  201. Anyone else unable to access Daily Paul site?
  202. Cain: Proof He is a Liar about The FED! SPREAD!!!
  203. Cain's Alan Greenspan in 2005 on the housing bubble
  204. POLL:Who do you think is the strongest GOP candidate/jobs and the economy?
  205. [YOU-TUBE] Ron Paul Highlights in 10/11/2011 Presidential Debate
  206. Focusing efforts
  207. Politico..Ron Paul to Cain.."Spoken like a true Insider"(video)
  208. Screenshot from Herman Cain's new book showing where he calls us stupid.
  209. WINNING IDEA right her
  210. Here's a fun idea for BTO...
  211. The OFFICIAL Ron Paul NH Bloomberg Debate Highlights [Where Are They??]
  212. Cain's 999 tax plan = double federal taxation on most vulnerable consumers (18%)
  213. Mox News upload of debate
  214. The RP footage from NH Debate
  215. Huffpo: Local Wells Fargo Branch Employee, Crafted Herman Cain's '9-9-9' Tax Plan
  216. Time to one up the 999 Plan
  217. Sickening ignorance from Herman Cain supporters on Facbook
  218. [Video] Judge Napolitano on Ron Paul's suprising victory at Values Voter Summit
  219. Ron Paul Debate Full Answers in one Clip
  220. Vote for Ron in debate facebook poll - HC currently ahead
  221. Ron Paul Conversation at Work
  222. Ron Paul National DVD Education Bomb!
  223. BTO Attendance Surging! New Record Tonight, Over 1,000! (Graph included)
  224. Ron Paul Compendium of Facts (a work in progress)
  225. Has anyone found a tube of the full debate yet?
  226. Chip in for signs for Black This Out Rockefeller Center action
  227. The timing of Black THIS Out is perfect...
  228. Washington Post article says Cain's answer to Paul on Fed was "disingenuous at best"
  229. Ron Paul could win the GOP nomination!
  230. Iowa State Daily: Under Paul presidency, welfare programs safe for those already dependent
  231. Poll of Palin supporters' second choice for President
  232. HOW DARE YOU!! (Anger thread)
  233. Was Ron Paul's Fed Question To Cain A Set Up?
  234. Ron Paul Halloween Mask
  235. CBS News Journalist Attacks Ron Paul,y isn't going to make it to the White House
  236. ***bto update*** how will we raise six million for ron paul!great to share with everybody!
  237. For those who like Glen Beck.... This makes you angry...
  238. Ron Paul National DVD Education Bomb!
  239. redstate.com wants to have a live broadcasted sit down conversation with each candidate
  240. Black Out continues; Fox News: Cain 9-9-9, Gingrich takes aim at FED
  241. *new* ron paul double pwns herman cain and disses alan greenspan
  242. 9-9-9- and the housing market
  243. Ron Paul to Cain at Bloomberg Debate: “Spoken Like a True Insider!
  244. HuffPo: Ron Paul Calls Out Herman Cain For Lie Over Fed Audit During GOP Debate
  245. Just nominate Mitt Romney, already, Mainstream Media Choosing Romney After The Debate
  246. A case for the gold standard help.
  247. Signs behind Newt!
  248. Bloomberg's three-hour post-debate radio show this morning
  250. Bloomberg News FB Poll: Which candidate do you feel understands the economy