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  1. New McClatchy Marist Poll
  2. Today's News 9/21
  3. Ron Paul Can Win
  4. ~Black This Out~ Youtube comments to vote up
  5. "So shall we" video: what's the music used?
  6. WSJ: behind the sartorial choices of the 2012 presidential candidates
  7. Why Obama won't be reelected
  8. Ron Paul on 4 State Campaign Swing
  9. New Rasmussen National Poll
  10. Yahoo Hit Piece: Are News Media Personalities More Powerful than the President?
  11. Ron Paul rules out third-party presidential bid
  12. Ron Paul dresses from Iowa Straw Poll
  13. The Atlantic stands in awe of Ron's private jet
  14. Radio Iowa: Straw Poll a test run for Paul’s “phone from home” tactic
  15. “Bernanke isn’t the problem,” Paul said. “The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is the problem.”
  16. Ron Paul says he’s “not surprised” that Rick Perry is echoing his views on the Fed
  17. J.D. Nero is keeping the fires of the r3volution burning!
  18. anyone seen any (anti) Perry handouts?
  19. Ron Paul says he'd consider putting Kucinich in his Cabinet [Mod: clarified as joshing]
  20. Nine GOP candidates invited to [Iowa] Reagan Dinner Nov. 4
  21. Paul over Orlando! - Skyspot Advertizing.
  22. Ron Paul: Perry's Fed attack "good politics" but maybe insincere (includes video)
  23. Cutting Veterans’ Healthcare ‘Unjust and Immoral’ - a blog by Jack Hunter
  24. What actions would Ron Paul take to fix the wealth inequality
  25. FORA.tv has the full Christian Science Monitor Breakfast with Ron Paul ($$)
  26. Ron Paul: My delegates could influence the GOP platform
  27. PPP Poll - Massachusetts Presidential General Election
  28. Paul moves back into third place while Perry holds his lead in GOP primary race Read more
  29. Ron Paul: Country, GOP have shifted toward my views
  30. Video request: Blue Republican video
  31. Molotov Mitchell officially endorses Ron Paul
  32. How do you respond to the statement "Ron Paul can't win?"
  33. Updated Progressives for Ron Paul (article URL)
  34. Just conversed with someone who wants more regulation
  35. "I AM" Ad
  36. Just wondering, how do you justify it ?...Please everybody read this!
  37. Lew Rockwell talks Ron Paul and much more on the Alex Jones Show
  38. Ron Paul Sees a Path to Super Tuesday Success
  39. WTF!!! Rick Perry is running a "Movie Trailer" ad!!!
  40. Ron Paul Sign Bomb 10/10/11 - Video
  41. Ron Paul, if you need him..
  42. End Ron Paul Censorship
  43. Ron Paul Attributes Polling Rise To Diminished Public Confidence
  44. Ron Paul's Only Political Goal?
  45. Why Are The GOP Presidential Candidates Dressing Like Total Schlubs?
  46. Are there any Milliners out there?
  47. Chip-in central
  48. OFFICIAL Orlando Debate Thread! (9/22/11)
  49. Benton issues statement on Kucinich
  50. WSJ: Ron Paul’s Latest “Moneybomb’’ Draws $1 Million
  51. Someone help me find the poll....
  52. Showdown in waterloo
  53. AlexaForRonPaul---new video
  54. Troy Davis + Death Penalty
  55. My dad started a Paltalk Ron Paul room
  56. Clint Eastwood in 2007: "Ron Paul is Talking About Fiscal Responsibility"!
  57. Ron Paul interview on WHO radio Sept 20 (video/audio)
  58. USA Today: Ron Paul: Individual mandates make matters worse
  59. Gingrich: "History will recognize Ron Paul" as "first serious national leader" on Fed
  60. Ron Paul 2d in NH Poll with 14%; Perry takes 4th
  61. Ron Paul 2012: Appreciates Publicity From Jon Stewart, The Daily Show [VIDEO]
  62. Study: TV Morning News 'Dissing' GOP Candidates
  63. Follow Black This Out On Twitter!
  64. Pre-debate message to Ron: ~~~HAVE~FUN~AT~THE~DEBATE~~~
  65. Ron Paul Slams Obama’s Deficit Plan for Cuts to Veterans’ Benefits Read more: http://www.
  66. Ron Paul campaign trumpets thumbs-up from two Clay County GOP officials
  67. [Video] Judge Nap breaks down the presidential field - guess who came out on top?
  68. [Artwork] Liberty for South Carolina: Ron Paul 2012!
  69. Google+ Networking
  70. Ron Paul and H.R. Gross
  71. Doherty endorses Paul and Linker bows out
  72. Dana Milbank: Why Ron Paul is winning the GOP primary
  73. Ticket Lottery Now Open for Dartmouth Debate October 11th!
  74. DesMoines Register: RP campaign trumpets thumbs up from two Clay County Iowa GOP officials
  75. Is Media Now Pushing Gary Johnson to take Votes from Paul?
  76. Few clicks for Blackthisout moneybomb now! Thousands will see the comments!
  77. Ron Paul Video Contest Updates!!
  78. ronpaulradio?
  79. Remember last time when Ron was at 1% this time & his son wasn't a Senator & we didn't...
  80. 1:32am: RON PAUL !REVOLUCION!
  81. Steve Deace: Iowa Caucuses very much in play for Ron Paul
  82. Ron Paul making $1M early state ad buy!!!
  83. Why is it I have an easier time converting Democrats?
  84. Ron Paul "Jon Stewart helped make my case"
  85. Campaign releases NEWEST AD!!!! (+$1 million combined buy for next 3 ads)
  86. New Quinnipiac Florida Poll
  87. Going to an event today with Ed Rollins and Howard Dead
  88. Fox News Poll: Which GOP candidate would be best to fix the economy?
  89. Do you have faith in the fed?
  90. Lets be positive today
  91. ROCK THE R3VOLUTION TOUR! - Kicks Off In Washington State On October 15th!
  92. Today's News 9/22
  93. Is The New Ad Picture & Audio Off?
  94. Values Voter Summit Poll
  95. Let's Do an Attack Ad!
  96. Twitter Hashtag for the debate? #FoxDebate ?
  97. Ron Paul nets two Iowa endorsements
  98. NEW Veteran's Ad To Run During Debate Toady! (9/22)
  99. Ron Paul to Appear as a Guest on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" Monday, September 26
  100. N.H. poll shocker: Perry falls, Romney surges as does Jon Huntsman (Paul in Second at 14%)
  101. Drudge Bomb The New Ad so VOTERS see it!
  102. PPP Poll - Massachusetts GOP Presidential Primary
  103. Adopt a Meetup 9/22/11
  104. Friendly Reminder to Paul for Tonight - SPEAK UP
  105. Christian Science Monitor: Mitt Romney surges in NH, but No. 2 Ron Paul gets no media love
  106. “RON PAUL IS A VETERAN’S BEST FRIEND” - a blog by Jack Hunter
  107. The Hill: Ron Paul second, Jon Huntsman third, Rick Perry embarrassed in New Hampshire pol
  108. Campaign fixed the audio-video delay in the new ad!
  109. USA Today: Ron Paul launches $1M ad campaign
  110. Ron Paul Going Back Up On Airwaves
  111. Paul Mulshine: Looks like most of that 'top tier' is on the bottom
  112. Ron Paul Campaign Responds to Bernanke, Federal Reserve's Latest Move
  113. A pro-Ron Paul vote was taken last night by the MA GOP State Committee
  114. ANOTHER NH poll released today puts Ron in 3d with 12% in NH, Perry in 2d w 13%
  115. Fox News: How To Participate in the Fox News Google Debate
  116. As President I...
  117. Snark from the Atlantic on Ron's ad buy
  118. PPP Poll - Texas GOP Presidential Primary
  119. Vince Vaughn: A 'great honor' to introduce Ron Paul
  120. Are you going to be at the debate tonight? - Bring your video camera! Videographers neede
  121. Ron Paul betting big on early 2012 states
  122. End of the Quarter Push!- Donation thread
  123. Ron Paul seeks to make a name for himself at Fox News Republican debate
  124. Slate: Instead of Bachmann, Tonight We Will Watch Ron Paul
  125. Ron Paul launches $1 million ad campaign
  126. New tactic for those not involved directly with the campaign!
  127. 70 House members tell 'supercommittee' to save money by ending wars
  128. Ron MUST bring up TARP tonight and identify supporters
  129. Ron Paul Says His Campaign Exceeds His Own Expectations
  130. Ron Pauls Next Ad....
  131. UNOFFICIAL Orlando Debate Thread (9/22/11)............
  132. Audio Fixed: Drudge Bomb!
  133. OVER 1500 People Have Allready pledged to donate at OCT 19th moneybomb! have you ?
  134. Concord Monitor: Ron Paul to launch new ad before debate
  135. Chipin For Rock the r3volution Ron Paul Radio Ads - Free Radio Air Time Offered!
  136. Ron Paul to Jon Stewart: thanks for the help (video)
  137. # For todnight's debate?
  138. Molotov Mitchell endorses RP (sorry if already posted)...
  139. online polls during the debate tonite
  140. Official Pledge and Attend After The Debate Blitz
  141. signup here to suggest BTO moneybomb in EVERY meetup group in the country
  142. How does Ron do in Kentucky?
  143. GOP presidential debate in Orlando: Mitt Romney versus Rick Perry
  144. Alexa for Ron Paul (Black This Out MoneyBomb)
  145. Google search map featured on Gawker...
  146. Ron Paul Campaign Responds to Bernanke, Federal Reserve’s Latest Move
  147. Ron Paul Email -September 30 critical, support the end of 1/4 donations -needs $1.5 mill
  148. We need more energizing videos for money bombs
  149. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul - a WaPo slide show
  150. Prayers for tonight's debate
  151. The Ron Paul Road Warrior (The Tour to End the War): Colorado
  152. Will someone please design some flash banners for the official campaign's ticker!?
  153. Who gets the first question in tonight's debate?
  154. Why are some people asking if Ron Paul is "retired" US Airforce?
  155. F You Frank is doing focus groups after the debate
  156. FOX Debate tonight - Rigged and the fix is in for Rick Perry - only Perry allowed banners
  157. Live streaming video links for tonight's GOP debate?
  158. New Hampshire poll offers bad news for Perry, good news for Huntsman AND PAUL!
  159. Debate Game!!!How many people will be "viewing" the RPGC forum tonight?
  160. Promote Black This Out by Posting All Debate Articles, Videos & Facebook Updates Here
  161. Prophetic prayer over sir ron paul tonight
  162. [PIC] Ron Paul & Doug Wead prior to the debate
  163. Start spamming the debate chat for Ron Paul!
  164. Ron Paul's Wrong - Terrorists Are Depressed
  165. Gallup Poll Sheds Light on New Ron Paul Grassroots Strategy
  166. Ron Paul fundraiser at Union League Club in NY on Monday
  167. Debate polls for winner of tonight's debate
  168. Paul/Johnson ftw
  169. Ron Paul - Too Polite?
  170. Anyone see the New Ron Paul ad during the debate as of 10:30pm est?
  171. Fox-google debate..question-response count..all candidates
  172. My scorecard for the debate!!
  173. Debate Watch: GOP Candidates Meet in Orlando
  174. Grade Ron's Debate Performance
  175. Nearly 1,000 people viewing Grassroots Central!
  176. Ron Paul on Hannity (9/22) 11:30PM ET!!!!
  177. Post-Debate Facebook Likes Monitoring
  178. [VOTE] OFFICIAL Post-Debate Polls Thread (9/22/11)
  179. Austrian Economics and Chilean Social Security
  180. Tonight is the night Ron Paul begins moving to 1st Place!!!!
  181. Huntsman's Closing Statement Needs Discussion!!
  182. FOX News/Google Orlando GOP Post-Debate poll
  183. Any stream for RP's Hannity Interview coming up?
  184. Another Fox News post-debate poll...
  185. Make sure you GOOGLE Ron Paul now!!
  186. RP facebook page is blowing up
  187. ABC News/Sodahead Poll!
  188. LEts Thank Ron for some great answers and lets stick it to Fox for their B.S with DONATION
  189. Welcome new folks!
  190. Who is going to drop out of the GOP race next, and when will they!!!
  191. The beast: Best Moments From the GOP Debate
  192. Sean hannity has a poll on his facebook now!!!!
  193. Polls for tonite's debate
  194. Go to youtube.com/fox news!
  195. Ron Paul is unelectable email response?
  196. Our Response to Fox should be BLACK THIS OUT!
  197. Surprised at the Post Debate "Analysis"
  198. Tonight was very good for us
  199. Ron Paul Highlights - Fox/Google Debate
  200. Attention International Supporters: Here's how you can help the BlackThisOut moneybomb!
  201. toady is the day of the michigan straw poll on mackinac island!
  202. Use this quote on people
  203. Morale Boost: Redstate Cries Over Perry
  204. Video: Ron Paul on Hannity Post-Debate
  205. New ChipIn BBCode added - now you can embed ChipIn
  206. The mass concentration thread: 2pm central every day
  207. Anyone in the campaign seeking IT help in the MA / Boston area?
  208. Is it possible Fox and other media outlets are secretly burning Romney and Perry out?
  209. Ron Paul to speak in Union Theater today (LSU)
  210. Watch debate highlights and the Hannity interview on the Ron Paul Mobile App
  211. Bruce Fein on Fox News (9/23)!!!
  212. Post-debate moneybomb to congratulate Ron Paul on a great performance!
  213. Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan....
  214. Vector graphics artis
  215. Huntsman for VP?
  216. Two formerly lost RP votes, regained!
  217. Over on Twitter...
  218. ATTENTION: People who have 'StumbleUpon'
  219. Fox News Debate Failed in Candidate Time Appropriations
  220. Govt OPENLY buys it's own bonds and the world jumps in a buys them too? Radical?
  221. Let's have a national Garage Sale day to raise money and promote Ron Paul
  222. My post debate letter to Hannity
  223. Is this a youtube glitch?
  224. New website to call out the media!
  225. Ron needs to take Hannity up on his offer to "come back spend more time with us"
  226. Full Debate video is up! Fox News/Google Debate on September 22, 2012
  227. 6 takeaways from the GOP debate
  228. Video: Napolitano and Juan Williams Discuss Why Ron Is Ignored (Non Conspiracy View)
  229. ABC: Ron Paul Is Still Raising Big Money, But Just Who Is Giving?
  230. Texas POLL who won the debate? - News/Talk 790 KFYO
  231. Not a blackout, but add this to media garbage CBS: RP Loser in Debate
  232. Ron Paul drives Republican policy, Republicans drive America to a crash
  233. Fox America's Newsroom Poll: Who won the debate
  234. New NH Poll, RP in 3rd with 13%
  235. According to Rick Perry, he will be entering the White House (Washington) January 2013!
  236. Today's News 9/23
  237. 1958 - Great Speech by Robert Welch Founder of John Birch Society
  238. The doctor is in: Ron Paul is on the Rise
  239. OFFICIAL "Conservative" Talk Radio Show Reaction thread
  240. Ron Paul on the Fast & Furious Scandal at DOJ
  241. Judge Nap, Juan Williams: Why the Media Ignores Ron Paul
  242. He's on Fire!
  243. Debate Poll STILL TAKING VOTES even though Fox took it down!
  244. GOP Debate: Romney, Perry & The Underdogs
  245. My Dad vs The Unions
  246. Des Moines Register: Ron Paul will attend Iowa GOP’s Reagan Dinner Nov 4
  247. who won the debate? Patch poll
  248. Att. West Mich. R.P Supporters...Ron Paul TV Program
  249. Ron Paul scheduled to speak at CPAC @ 1:45pm
  250. Petition for eliminating the TSA