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  1. Technorati: The True Power of Supporters
  2. BRAND NEW Post-Debate Poll - LET'S WIN THIS
  3. This is the BLOG Rick S. was talking about.
  5. Sponge squarepants trending top 20 on google, Ron Paul is not...
  6. TEA PARTY Patriots wants to know who YOU think won the debate
  7. Motivation v. Justification
  8. List of Post-debate Polls -- VOTE!!!
  9. Post Debate Polls
  10. LA Times Article- Missing anyone?
  11. [VOTE] MSNBC Post-Debate Poll [VOTE]
  12. Did anyone record the CNN debate with the commercials? How about we fight back?
  13. Official Debate Schedule Thread!
  14. Ro Paul: Time to stop spending trillions on war (CBSNEWS)
  15. Why was America attacked on 9/11/01? America was attacked...
  16. Be Prepared! O'Reilly is DEF Going To Go After Ron Tomorrow Night Over Foreign Policy
  17. Help vote for this poll
  18. Where is CNN debate poll?
  19. Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Would Make America MORE Safe! - a blog by Jack Hunter
  20. Santorum has a complete logic fail on Afghanistan and blowback
  21. PHONE NUMBER TO CNN - tell them what you thought of the debate!
  22. Rock the PA Straw Poll on 9/16/11 in Harrisburg, PA!
  23. Grade Ron Paul's Debate Performance
  24. Rewatching Ron's Foreign Policy Rebuttal, I Don't Think the Booing was that Bad.
  25. Rockwell on the "debate"
  26. New Rick Perry Ad Released!
  27. Help extend an olive branch to reddit!
  28. Restream of debate? Where?
  29. Ron Paul Highlights - CNN Tea Party Debate
  30. Ron Paul is getting a lot of praise on yahoo comments and yahoo answers
  31. Looking for quality debate video
  32. Great video:Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust
  33. Reading assignment time for Santorum!
  34. Percent Debate Time By Candidate
  35. Puffington Host: Ron Paul Goes After Rick Perry Over TX Job Growth In GOP Tea Party Debate
  36. Pro Ron Paul letter to editor in Virginia Tech's newspaper
  37. does anyone have a yt vid of all of Rp replies?
  38. This is for you Santorum, and everyone who booed Ron Paul tonight
  39. “Out of every dollar I earn, how much do you think I deserve to keep?”
  40. My analysis of campaign strategy
  41. Jack Hunter made his way into the debate ;)
  42. "They all sound the same except for Ron Paul"
  43. How The Campaign Should Address Our Foreign Policy Position
  44. One More Poll (From a reliable site)
  45. Ron said Perry doubled taxes, spending and tripled debt in Texas, is this true?
  46. Arizona's primary date causes early states to possibly move earlier
  47. [Video] Judge Nap and Robin Koerner talk Blue Republicans on Freedom Watch!
  48. Two potential RP votes lost :(, please find a new response
  49. Yahoo article on the Debates and only ONE mention of Ron Paul?! Let write the author...
  50. Anyone else notice Newt say we can keep our money if we do what the statists say?
  51. Really need some help in this hidden poll
  52. Michele Bachmann: The Planets aligned, The Perfect Moment Came... and she missed it.
  53. Reddit IAmA request for Ron Paul
  54. So..that's the Tea Party eh?
  55. Do you think Monday's debate will raise or lower Ron in the national polls?
  56. An Oldie, but a Goodie to share with anybody on RP's view on Iraq
  57. Graphs Showing Blatant Media Bias
  58. a whole slew of polls on the debate>>>>
  59. MSNBC way too early OMITS Ron Paul on CNN poll
  60. Ron Paul wins Tea Party Express straw poll
  61. CNN Just Spoke With Some Two Supposed Undecided Voters
  62. Ron Paul Snubbed on Federal Reserve Question at CNN Debate
  63. Its time for an Official Campaign foreign policy clarification vid
  64. A Consequence of the Debate
  65. A Lot Of Good Comments On Ron's Foreign Policy Statement During Debate...
  66. should "we" get a new name/title??
  67. Santorum handed us a few votes last night
  68. US Embassy In Kabul Under Attack ---- Because Of Our Freedoms...
  69. 10 years later, the POLLS agree with Ron Paul on 9/11...WORLDWIDE...
  70. Cincinnati Tea Party Debate Poll (a CNN location)
  71. I loved Ron's reply to what he'd bring to the White House...
  72. It's time to Stomp Santorum !
  73. Today's News 9/13
  74. Donate NOW to boost Ron Paul in the California straw poll!
  75. Tea Party Express Head attacks Ron Paul but praises Adulterer Gingrich
  76. Apple Daily Cartoon on Dr. Paul
  77. Didn't Ron Paul sound EXACTLY like Harry Browne last night?
  78. Tubes of Last Night's Debate
  79. Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Would Make America Safer by Jack Hunter... facebook share it NOW
  80. [video]: Great response to the CNN/Tea Party Debate
  81. This Idea Deserves its Own Thread!
  82. Would President Paul Make Any Changes to the UCMJ?
  83. Is Rick Santorum a 9/11 Truther?
  84. Ron Paul Signs Starting to Pop Up in Iowa
  85. Politico: the Trouble With Ron Paul
  86. High Point of 9/12 Debate: The National Anthem
  87. Tea Party Express = Republican Front
  88. Ron Paul life reimagined by Taiwanese animation outfit
  89. Glenn Beck Seems To Be Going After Ron Paul
  90. MSNBC: Paul and Santorum spar over foreign policy
  91. Soon-to-exit Santorum
  92. Lots of hate coming from Breitbart.tv
  93. Bachmann e-mail about Gardasil Perry
  94. Fox News about to cover Ron Paul stance on Medical Coverate question in the next hour
  95. PPP will now start polling Ron Paul against Obama
  96. New Sept. 17th Money Bomb Pledge Page-Official Campaign
  97. New User/Website: 4RonPaul2012.com - Stand and Be Counted
  98. CNN Debate: Ron Paul followed by his GOP opponents
  99. Ron Paul America's Hope for a future... (ThyBlackMan)
  100. Celebrities for Ron Paul
  101. LOSING! Washignton Post/George Will Poll
  102. Was Santorum's attack the "Guliani" moment? (Article)
  103. CNN covers up Ron winning in person straw polls at their own debates?
  104. PR: Ohio Leaders Endorse Ron Paul
  105. LA Times Title - "Support at GOP debate for letting the uninsured die"
  106. Ron Paul Subcommittee to Explore Restoring Sound Money LIVE NOW 2:30ET
  107. MSG for Campaign: Identify Your Audience/Support!
  108. The Return of the Crimson Ties (GOP debate fashion critique)
  109. Great article about Ron Paul's views and media ignoring him
  110. Radio- I had a 15min conversation about Ron Paul this morning... (Audio)
  111. Limbaugh: Huntsman, Paul Should Join Democratic Party
  112. Perry gives Paul props for having Integirty and not backing down from his principles?
  113. Blue Republicans (Democrats) switching parties
  114. HPV Vaccine is the #1 Trending Topic on Yahoo right now!
  115. Daily Mail Story about Ron Paul's Al-Qaeda Response
  116. New Post-Debate Poll (Perry Currently Winning)
  117. Foreign Occupation Leads to More Terror -- by Ron Paul
  118. Ron Paul Subcommittee to Explore Restoring Sound Money Tuesday, September 13, 2:00 p.m ET
  119. Murray Sabrin: CNN Debate: Ron Paul followed by his GOP opponents
  120. URGENT HELP NEEDED: Need powerful bulletpoints for flier
  121. Unfiltered CNN phone poll results
  122. Can we get 100,000 votes for Ron Paul in this poll?
  123. Cheney comments on Ron Paul - Cavuto Fox News After Break
  124. Wolf Blitzer blog: Please leave comments!
  125. PPP national polling speculation thread.
  126. Ron Paul Constitution Day Money Bomb Ad on Real Clear Politics Front Page!
  127. ****the time is now!****
  128. [Video] Beck rips Ron Paul's 9/11 debate answer
  129. Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul's 9/11 Theories
  130. PPP Polling North Carolina & West Virginia Released:
  131. PPP Poll - North Carolina GOP Presidential Primary
  132. PPP Poll - West Virginia GOP Presidential Primary
  133. Make sure to have political party in order for primaries!
  134. nydailynews.com poll
  135. Are there Anti-War Flyers/Slimjims?
  136. Positivity, the dangers of repetition, nerves
  137. Ron Paul's DEMOCRAT Party - a blog by Jack Hunter
  138. Which Candidate Best Represents Tea Party?
  139. Brent Budowsky: Why ‘tricky’ Rick Perry scares Republicans - Awesome!
  140. Ron Paul on CNN and FOX (9/14)
  141. Submit Question for FOX Debate (9/22)
  142. Ron on the front page of yahoo.
  143. Noam Chomsky say Ron Paul is Right
  144. What was your favorite answer by Ron Paul last night?
  145. After Last Night, Ron Paul Needs A Military/Veterans Support Ad Running Nationwide!
  146. Zogby 9/13 GOP National
  147. Taiwanese animations: Republican Rebel *video*
  148. PPP asks to ppl to choose which states to poll
  149. Ron Paul WINS CNN debate period with Facebook likes
  150. Vote here now! Fox Insider.
  151. "Ron Paul's Issue With Style Over Substance" - US News & World Report
  152. We need to flip the non intervention thing back onto neocons
  153. CNN - Ron Paul has a ceiling 0- ON NOW
  154. Google Ad Words can be used by you to promote Ron Paul to specific people
  155. Someone was asking for examples of Perry tax increases...
  156. few Pics/Audio from Tampa CNN/Tea Party debate!
  157. HULIQ Article Questions Paul's Christianity (Action Needed)
  158. Ron Paul Wins, Slate
  159. Ron Paul Needs A Speech Writer
  160. Good Country Song Ron Paul Video Idea?
  161. "Ron Paul has the deepest support I've seen in decades.... could come around to win"
  162. Fun with Door-to-Door Religion Mongers...
  163. Ron Paul, Please Pull Out of the Race. [Sarcasm]
  164. Levin poll on who won the debate last night
  165. The New York Sun thinks Ron needs to talk about his letters of marque issues, force that
  166. Share your "I converted a Democrat" stories here
  167. Mike Gallagher! Give him some love!!
  168. Ronald Reagan campaign/voting statistics compared to Ron Paul?
  169. Is this why Ron Paul is ignored by the media?
  170. From business to politics.
  171. "When I'm President..."
  172. Have you ever wanted to just shout to America "WAKE UP!"?
  173. Roland Martin: "GOP race not down to Romney and Perry"
  174. Ron on WXKS-AM @ 9:30AM -- CNN @ 11:30AM -- Fox @ 4PM - 9/14/11
  175. How does the RP 2012 Campaign communicate with Grassroots?
  176. I just hit my facebook friends with truth bullets!!!
  177. Favorite Ron Paul quotes from supporters
  178. IowaPolitics.com: Expect Perry, Bachmann, Santorum and Paul to beef up Iowa presence
  179. Republican wins Anthony Weiner's old House seat
  180. I need very important help/input to help ron paul win
  181. GUEST COLUMN: Local fairs should be a place for the dissemination of ideas
  182. Who lives in Florida? FOX debate coming up on the 22nd. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO BE THERE!
  183. Where Can I Find Constitution Handouts?
  184. Ron Paul can't win ?!?! (Video)
  185. We are eveywhere
  186. Does FOX think their viewers like Ron Paul? discuss here
  187. Someone Talk to RP - or else this will happen.
  188. Michael Scheuer sticks up for Ron, semi-bashes Santorum.
  189. How will the hosts of Sept 22 debate (Fox and Google) affect the presentation?
  190. WSJ op-ed defending Perry/Merck, slamming Bachmann over HPV vaccine
  191. Let's Pick All the Questions for the next Debate
  192. Early primaries and caususes through Super Tuesday II
  193. Read the comments and get a feel what a debate question caused people to think.
  194. "Ron Paul, now more electable than ever"
  195. Who wants to bring troops home from Afghanistan?
  196. Ron Paul said the Government Needed to Give $19,000 to each tax payer
  197. How do we know they weren't just booing Bin Laden?
  198. Boston Globe pics of us at Rick Perry's visit
  199. 9/13 Hardball - Chris Mathews Said Ron Paul Stated in Debate Ppl Should be Allowed to Die
  200. Winning is NOTHING if we start Compromising/Weakening the Message
  201. Ron Paul on last night's Daily Show and Colbert Report
  202. Today's News 9/14
  203. Send this message to the campaign NOW! Don't just think about it... DO IT
  204. WANTED: Examples of American Interventionism and Consequences
  205. Great HuffPo Article on Ron's Health Care Answer
  206. Media Bias - The Reality
  207. paul coming up on cnn news room . sometime in the next few minutes im assuming...
  208. First "Youth for Ron Paul" contest announced!!!
  209. PPP Poll - National GOP Presidential Primary
  210. Fox News / Google Debate - Ask A Question...
  211. Let the debate be the bait.
  212. online poll: is it a two way race between Perry & Romney?
  213. Should we be attacking Bachman?
  214. Budowsky: Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann should call on Rick Perry to Drop Out
  215. Changes in The Electoral College?
  216. Hi - I'm looking for a bigger image of this pic.
  217. Ron Paul turns his attention to California ahead of state GOP convention and straw poll
  218. (Video) Ron Paul covered favorably on Democracy Now.
  219. Unintended Consequenses give Ron more press coverage. (re:cheers for letting coma man die)
  220. Ron Paul: Consider the humanitarian answer to health care
  221. "Gardasil: One More Girl" Documentary
  222. Ron Paul on Niel Covuto today!!!
  223. State by State Voting Information
  224. Ron Paul on the Campaign Trail in Iowa and Florida
  225. Get Business Card Flyers to spread the message offline.
  226. CNN: TRENDING: Ron Paul on debate's health care moment
  227. Someone Needs to Fix Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Messaging
  228. John Gibson RIPPING Ron Paul RIGHT NOW LIVE ON AIR (888) 788-9910
  229. Ron Paul was right
  230. Ad: The ABCs of HPV and Rick Perry
  231. Campaign Ad suggestion (re: Perry and Gardasil)
  232. Reuters and Ipsos GOP poll
  233. Encouragement from Dubai! Proves we're on the right team!!! MUST READ
  234. Huff Po Using Kent Snyder Story to Attack Ron Paul on Healthcare...
  235. Ron did well on Cavuto
  236. Ron Paul has already addressed foreign policy and 9/11
  237. Clint Eastwood Endorsement?
  238. Will this be the lowest attended Moneybomb to date?
  239. Things That Aren’t Supposed to Happen....
  240. Why is there 2 money bombs going on within 2 days of each other? Sept. 17th & the 19th?
  241. What Ron needs to say about The Fed against Romney/others
  242. Rebuttal Article on Healthcare - I Need A Publishable Pic of Dr. Paul
  243. Mediaite writes up part of Ron's appearance on Cavuto's show
  244. Discussion of the Let Him Die question on CNN's Situation Room
  245. In a meetup group? Suggest events for these moneybombs
  246. Tea Party Facebook group blocking Ron Paul supporters
  247. I need help with the earmark question
  248. We need a slogan for "libertarian compassion"
  249. Jack Cafferty shining again! This time about Gardasil scandal
  250. Ron Paul World Wide Support Team