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  1. List of bloggers/writers that think it's permissible to do what Rick Perry did
  2. My suggestion for next debate: get out of rpf chat
  3. Great Post Debate Article --- Says Ron Paul Won
  4. Benton: 'What's The Matter Rick?' Campaign Email
  5. From Twitter, a very short video take on Perry's thuggishness
  6. Jesse Benton: Campaign needs $150,000 immediately!
  7. "Rick Perry FEARS Ron Paul" - a blog by Jack Hunter on RonPaul2012.com
  8. Thank You, Matt Drudge
  9. [Video] Analysis: The Obama Jobs Plan
  10. Taiwanese Animators Mock Rick Perry
  11. John Tate: "Ron's In It To Win"
  12. Still No Actual *VIDEO* of the Paul/Perry Exchange?
  13. Perry Bullies Ron Paul At GOP Debate
  14. Ron Paul brings substance to a poorly moderated debate
  15. My take on the Rick Perry confrontation
  16. Analysis: Ron Paul is Right About the FDA
  17. Just saw Rand on Sean Hannity
  18. Video for debate: What would you do to curb military spending?
  19. Did Perry Threaten Ron during the commercial break???
  20. A good story to illustrate Ron's "fence to keep us in" comment
  21. Interesting thing happened today.
  22. Ron Paul's biggest advantage
  23. John Stewart defends Ron Paul on border comment
  24. Ron Paul Sign Bomb
  25. !La Nueva Revolucion!
  26. Ron needs to use a Reagan line at the continued "disrespect" at debates.
  27. Jay Leno mentions RP in his monologue tonight
  28. Michael Barone Post Debate Analysis: Ron Paul Is Becoming More Endearing
  29. Ron Paul and "The Fence" - And why it's not all that crazy
  30. Ron Paul Gains an Important Convert
  31. Reagan was famous for tearing down walls, not putting up East Germany style razor wire
  32. Worth reading: Pro-Zombie Reagan Debate Light On Substance, Heavy On "Let Me Finish"
  33. Adopt my Campus!
  34. "In new poll, Ron Paul rates with front-runners Romney and Perry"
  35. Ron Paul at 499,321 likes on Facebook -- that's up thousands just today. Can we b> 500,000
  36. New Video - This One Will Shake Things Up!
  37. Dude! Did 115,000 people vote for Ron Paul in this poll?!
  38. Matt Drudge places Mel Gibson link above Rick Perry photos: Deliberate?
  39. What the real MSNBC Poll Bar should look like - They cut RP's by HALF!!
  40. Liberty Forest EXCLUSIVE Interviews!
  41. How to: Easy & Affordable Tabling for Ron Paul
  42. Ohio GOP to host October 22nd Straw Poll at Ohio St. University
  43. Ron Paul's reaction to rick perry grabbing his arm photo
  44. moving to NH, urgent help needed! please!
  45. Why Paul needs to win.
  46. Campaign TV ad about Perry's intimidation/assault!
  47. Huffpost: Rick Perry Subjects Ron Paul To A 'Rick Lazio Moment'
  48. Good Politico Article on NSA
  49. Ron Paul Widens MSNBC/NBC Presidential Poll Lead
  50. Today's News 9/9
  51. Ron Paul returns to Webster Hall - NYC Sept 26 [UPDATED]
  52. In Class, On Desk...Funny Comment
  53. [VIDEO] "Ron Paul’s Reaganesque Foreign Policy" - a blog by Jack Hunter on RonPaul2012.com
  54. Good write up by some who aren't exactly fans: Ron Paul’s Secret Weapon
  55. Ron Paul warned 9/11 would happen! [VIDEO]
  56. Paul: No, Perry didn’t assault me
  57. Don't Like Being Bullied Either...?
  58. Perry to compete in "Presidency 5" Straw Poll in Florida
  59. Go vote now!
  60. Houston Chronicle: Rick Perry’s debate debut nets big ratings
  61. Another reminder that this forum is monitored by the media
  62. Even the Chinese supports Ron Paul!
  63. Marketing, Sentiment, Demographics and Social Media Engagement
  64. Promote Ron Paul by promoting the viral "Peter Schiff was Right" video?
  65. Mark McKinnon, frmr adviser 2 Pres G W Bush says Ron Paul can be the nominee and win
  66. Ron Paul Emerges as Formidable GOP Presidential Contender
  67. CNN leaves Ron Paul out of poll, yet includes trailing Bachmann
  68. Ron Paul to Rick Perry "You Mad Bro?"
  69. Why both the left and right media hate Ron Paul, in a nutshell
  70. Go to Borders bookstore...buy books!
  71. Doug Wead via Newsmax: Ron Paul is Reagan's True Heir
  72. Black This Out MoneyBomb Business Cards Are Here!
  73. How Ron Paul Flix keeps the message flowing when Networks pull videos
  74. How Ron Paul won the debate
  75. Perry's At It Again with Forced Vaccines...
  76. Using robocalls to grow your Meetup and win straw polls
  77. Is there a mainstream media conspiracy to ignore Ron Paul?
  78. If you or a friend was a neocon on foreign policy... what changed your mind?
  79. Ron Paul over President Obama anyday…
  80. "The war on jobs" by Ron Paul - just published on The State
  81. Ron Paul spoke for 9:35 in the Last Debate
  82. How Ron Paul won the debate -POLITICO
  83. Constitution Day Money Bomb Sept. 17th Promotion-Headquarters!
  84. Ron Paul over President Obama anyday... (ThyBlackMan)
  85. MIKE CHURCH on FoxBizNetwork 7pm (9/9/11)
  86. Ron Paul in 3rd place in MD with 16.8% after Perry and Romney
  87. POLITICO - Perry and Paul had never met before
  88. Ron Paul on Peirs Morgan 9/9/11
  89. Freedom Watch will discuss Perry/Paul confrontation tonight, w/ Tom Woods & Mike Church
  90. NH Inst. of Politics announces Presidential Forum on fiscal reform and “governance issues"
  91. Ron Paul over President Obama anyday…
  92. Fein on Ron on TV today on some station
  93. Luntz analyzing debate RIGHT NOW on hannity
  94. GOP candidates are trying to commandeer Dr. Paul's message. The campaign MUST respond!
  95. BREAKING: What REALLY happened at the debate backstage!
  96. Al Gore says he was “happy” to have Rick Perry’s support in 1988
  97. GOP race not down to Romney and Perry
  98. Which post is the one with the captioned photos from Wednesday?
  99. Debate photos suggest animated exchange, poss arm-wrestling contest between Perry & Paul
  100. CNN to try to get all candidates equal time on Monday's debate
  101. Howard Stern Goofs on Ron Paul Campaign Ad Voiceover Guy
  102. Detailed Time/Question Analysis of Debate
  103. Analysis of Ron Paul's twitter mentions surrounding MSNBC debate
  104. ChipIn for a RP Supporter running a Marathon for Charity
  105. New Constitution Day Moneybomb video
  106. What Is Ron Paul's Appeal to Single Mothers?
  107. Idea: short educational videos by the campaign
  108. They Want to Ignore Ron Paul? They Can't Ignore US!
  109. watched the debates with my ultra conservative parents and.....
  110. All the info as to why Ron Paul is a frontrunner can be found in this thread. SHARE IT!
  111. Future Debates: When Ron Talks about The Fed/Monetary Policy...
  112. Ron Paul now formidable GOP opponent now on REDDIT, VOTE IT UP!
  113. VIDEO: Ron Paul 2012: And The Idiocracy Of Bill O'Reilly
  114. We have a YouTube problem
  115. Ron Paul - like him or not - makes you think
  116. MSNBC just analyzed Perry, Ron debate photo, played Ron's explanation
  117. Are the gloves going to come off?
  118. 9/11 and Meetup
  119. Tea Party Endorsement?
  120. Why Do Liberals Love Ron Paul?
  121. Politico: "How Ron Paul Won The Debate"
  122. Vote for peace! Viral video!
  123. Abolishing FDA/EPA/FAA - how to explain to those who fear deregulation
  124. Helping Christians spread the word for Ron Paul
  125. Today's News 9/10
  126. Ron Paul gave Piers Morgan a HUGE ratings boost!
  127. Commercial Ideas to bring in more Supporters
  128. Handing out Ron Paul cards on campus
  129. Who got the most words in edgewise in MSNBC/Politico GOP debate?
  130. #CNNTeaParty will be the twitter hashtag for tweets during the debate Monday
  131. NEW VIDEO: "I Have A Dream": Comparing Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ron Paul
  132. OMG - You won't believe what the people over on Sean Hannity Forums think...
  133. "Learning Nothing from 9/11" - a blog by Jack Hunter
  134. What do you think Ron should try to work in at the debate in Tampa Monday?
  135. Are you a student in Boulder, CO?
  136. Texas on the Potomac: Top Ten: Ron Paul sticks to his principles
  137. [Blog Post] Did Ron Paul call for bimetallism?
  138. Bachmann the democrat?
  139. This worries me.
  140. Good Ron Paul AP Video
  141. The Young Turks on Ron Paul and Ricky Perry at the debate
  142. What is Ron Paul's standing in the Jewish Community?
  143. URGENT: CA voter lists needed
  144. Ron Paul TV channel??
  145. Ron Paul going on Opie & Anthony?
  146. Remembering 9/11
  147. 2012 Primaries - open and closed states
  148. video of Ron Paul supporters at the Reagan Debate
  149. How was the grassroots newspaper perceived in Iowa?
  150. Ron Paul on 9/11 Anniversary: Wars ‘Made Things Much Worse’
  151. American Thinker: MSNBC Distorts its Own Poll
  152. John McCain: We Won't Go To War In The Middle East Again...
  153. My Congressman's Case of Betrayal and Illogic!
  154. God Bless America! Lessons from 9/11....
  155. "Never Forget" - a blog by Jack Hunter
  156. Texas Gallop Straw Poll
  157. DailyPaul Back Up to Normal Speed
  158. Obama Finally has a Primary Challenger: Ron Paul
  159. Worlds first ever astro turf ron paul revolution stencil!
  160. Ron Paul For President 2012 * "Sounds Bite" (video)
  161. Ron Paul Left Out of WSJ Poll
  162. Politico, National Journal Praise Ron Paul Campaign
  163. Can't seem to find ron paul crowd videos for 2012
  164. Web Developers for Ron Paul
  165. Cast your Vote for President Now!
  166. Sure wish we could have Jon Stewart endorsement :-)
  167. Today's News 9/11/11
  168. Wikipedia Action Alert - Group Action needed, repeated distortions discovered
  169. Tips Cutout Sheet
  170. How/where can I get a copy of the Time Magazine that featured 'The Prophet" ???
  171. No Competing Democratic Primary
  172. Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Prepares to Handle Attacks
  173. CNN: Social Security marks the battle lines for CNN/Tea Party Debate
  174. CNN: Paul's long-held policies converge with Tea Party's
  175. IDEA! Collecting youtube comments!
  176. Ron Paul third in straw poll at Maryland state fair
  177. Video: Ron Paul makes me wish I was an American
  178. New :60 RevPAC TV ad "Plastic Men"
  179. Some interesting tweets at PPPPolls - they should have polled Ron, not MB agst Obama in NC
  180. New Video - Angie4RonPaul - Voting for Ron Paul in the Primaries
  181. A very serious concern for tomorrows debate - a prediction of sorts
  182. 100,000 Twitter Followers by September 17th!
  183. RedState jerk says NO ONE BUT RON PAUL...
  184. RedState jerk says NO ONE BUT RON PAUL...
  185. Official CNN Tea Party Express Debate Thread
  186. New CNN/ORC Poll: Perry 32%, Romney 21% and Paul 13%
  187. WOW! - was anyone just watching FOX and friends just now?
  188. Ron Paul Mondays (T-Shirt Day)
  189. Wolf Blitzer:Last chance for you to send me suggested questions!
  190. A bit of funny news...
  191. Ron Paul EXPOSED in this old video!
  192. Paul Subcommittee to Explore Restoring Sound Money
  193. Pawlenty's on Romney's campaign team now?
  194. Neal Boortz Tweets about Ron Paul
  195. Please donate to the campaign regardless of what you think of their strategy.
  196. Official Tea Party Facebook poll asking 'Who YOU think will win the debate tonight'
  197. Ron Paul Subcommittee to Explore Restoring Sound Money Tuesday, September 13, at 2:00 p.m
  198. wsj poll "someone else"
  199. New poll
  200. Wall Street Journal Wire: Ron Paul Group Paints Perry, Romney As “Pretty Boys”
  201. New CNN national poll: Perry 35%, Romney 21%, Paul 13%, Bachmann 7%
  202. #CNNTeaParty is Twitter hashtag for tonight's debate!
  203. Today's News 9/12
  204. A subject for a powerful ad/video aganist Obama
  205. Limbaugh warns Bachmann, Romney not to attack Perry for ‘Ponzi scheme’ remarks
  206. Ron Paul: Foreign Occupation Leads to More Terror
  207. Drudge links Budowksy: "Why Ron Paul scares Rick Perry"
  208. Kentucky sore loser rules of the GOP we need to be aware of
  209. RUSSELL KIRK, RON PAUL AND 9/11 - by Jack Hunter
  210. "Ron Paul, 9/11, and Russel Kirk" - a blog by Jack Hunter
  211. Positions Perry has taken from Paul and timelines...
  212. LPAC Reno and YAL bootcamp
  213. Bachmann intends to be Social Security's defender tonight - Ron has 2 make his plan clear
  214. Comedy Central album: #MusicMonday: Ron Paul – "The Paul"
  215. Can someone rip the Jan Mickelson show when he talks about Ron Paul?
  216. Ron needs to release a statement on SOCIAL SECURITY. EErickson pretends Ron wants 2 end it
  217. Prior to Tea Party Debate, Rick Perry Clarifies Position on Social Security
  218. Jindal Endorses Perry
  219. Huffington Post notices the hammer and sickle on Pelosi's shirt in the RevPac ad
  220. Antiwar: Scott Horton Interviews Glenn Greenwald
  221. Putting together whathasrickperrydone.com and need help!
  222. Ron Paul to Hold Town Halls in Council Bluffs, Sioux City and Spencer, IA
  223. RP Campaign Staff: "donation totals are disabled intentionally between money bombs"
  224. Ron Pauls Message In Less Than 60 Seconds
  225. Rand Paul needs your help in this poll.....
  226. Before the Florida Tea Party debate, a GOP 2012 hair preview
  227. Probably a lost cause, but you can help if you'd like.
  228. The State Column has a new poll up and currently Ron is losing...
  229. Ron will stand on Perry's left at the debate
  230. Paul seeks mainstream treatment at CNN/Tea Party Express debate
  231. Campaign launches RonPaulNevada.com!
  232. GOP debate in Florida: What to watch for
  233. WaPo: Paul seeks mainstream treatment at CNN/Tea Party Express debate
  234. CNN/Tea Party Presidential Debate: What to Expect
  235. Are you going to the debate live in person tonight?
  236. Ron Paul answer on Cafferty File?
  237. Paul going after "pretty boys" in tonight's debate
  238. HuffPo: Ron Paul Super PAC Ad Knocks Perry, Romney (VIDEO)
  239. What's this about Ron Paul being blocked in Tampa?
  240. Facebook Tea Party Poll was a trick.
  241. Fantastic new video: "Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust"
  242. Jindal on CNN pre-debate piming Jindal.
  243. The decal for my car turned out great!
  244. [PIC] Ron in the greenroom prior to the debate
  245. How bout Ron Paul the founder of the tea party.
  246. Ron Paul in 60 Seconds or Less
  247. Wiki makes changes to RP prior to debate - Wikipedia editors needed big time
  248. CNN Tea Party Debate: "Ron Talking Like Ron" - a blog by Jack Hunter
  249. Ron Paul Mobile iPhone / iPad app the perfect app for past debate videos and news
  250. Rick perry = taxes governor