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  1. Video: Ron Paul on Freedom Watch
  2. Ron Paul: The Champion of Peace
  3. Tonight's Republican debate may really be between 2 Texans: Paul & Perry
  4. Today's the debate! OFFICIAL 9/7 debate thread!
  5. Iowa Caucus: Iowa GOP: Perry 29%, Bachmann 18%, Romney 17%, Paul 14%
  6. New Campaign Ad to Run Nationwide During GOP Debate!
  7. Today's News 9/7
  8. Grassroots veteran video. Enjoy!
  9. Forgetting Someone?
  10. Keep an eye on RP's Twitter Feed!
  11. Ron needs to articulate response to Perry..
  12. Veterans for Ron Paul
  13. California with 59% minorities?
  14. nbc poll, who has the most to gain.
  15. Ron Paul 3rd in MN statewide straw poll 9/6/2011
  16. RP Presses Perry on Big Government Record and Fake Rhetoric
  17. Yahoo (AP): Ignores Ron Paul then snarks @ Ron Paul coverage complaints
  18. "Paul, Perry, and Reagan" - a blog by Jack Hunter from RP2012
  19. Rasmussen poll on 'extreme candidates'
  20. Fox News about to do segment on gibson guitar.
  21. hahaha this made me laugh
  22. Let's get Ron Paul on drudge again today!
  23. The Establishment's hatchet man tonight is Santorum. Watch how this plays out.
  24. PAUL, PERRY AND REAGAN - a blog by Jack Hunter
  25. The American Spectator -- Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan
  26. Dumbass Ron Paul supporter curses on CSPAN today
  27. The Christian Science Monitor: Ron Paul versus Rick Perry: Who's Ronald Reagan's true heir
  28. [VOTE] "The Tea Party" Poll on Facebook [VOTE]
  29. From Washington Post: Ron Paul may play offense at Reagan Library debate
  30. PPP Poll - Kentucky GOP Presidential Primary
  31. The Washington Times: Paul: Perry’s not really conservative
  32. Ron Paul will skip Obama’s speech on job creation
  33. Ron Paul Entry in the Ligonier Marshmallow Festival Parade-Labor Day (PHOTOS)
  34. Forbes: 2 Texans trade barbs in GOP presidential race
  35. 'Perry vs. Paul Ad' By John Stossel
  36. Reason: Ron Paul's Reagan
  37. Poll: Which GOP Candidate has the most to gain? (debate)
  38. Debate presents crucial GOP test (Politico barely mentions Ron Paul again..)
  39. RP2012 Campaign Launches Nationwide Youth Initiative!
  40. Jon Stewart Reagan Debate Prediction
  41. Looks like Santorum plans to use the points in Ron's campaign's letter against Perry
  42. Paul/Perry Debate Points
  43. California Presidential Debate Live Chat Event
  44. Ron Paul waiting for the debate to start [PIC]
  45. Ron Paul will reach 500K "likes" tonight.
  46. Gallup Poll Sheds Light on New Ron Paul Grassroots Strategy
  47. New video: Is Barack Obama the Peace President?
  48. "A Tale of Two Rons" -- (RP2012 Research)
  49. September 7 GOP debate live stream
  50. New Ron Paul Video - VOTE FOR PEACE
  51. National Review Hit Piece Coming on Ron Paul?
  52. jus saw the ad on tv
  53. Commercial just aired.. cut short?
  54. Yyyyeaaahhhhh goooooooaaaaaaaalllllllll!!!!!
  55. O'Reilly is doing a hit piece on his show tonight
  56. Is Rick Perry Padding the Stats?
  57. Everyone is the top job creator! Pathetic!
  58. Why don't they ask Ron about jobs?
  59. Ron Paul only has had 1 question so far!
  60. Who is watching on msnbc.com?
  61. Rick Perry: Anything but conservative on health care!
  62. Ronald Reagan tribute.
  63. Outline of HillaryCare was known before Perry wrote his letter
  64. Ron Paul Explains Reagan Conservatism
  65. Perry and HillaryCare!
  66. Rick Perry Cronyism Creates Serious Risks for Texas Girls
  67. Ron Paul should have chewed him up about the vaccines
  68. 9/7 Debate RPF Mini-Bomb
  69. Rick Perry's Liberal Past
  70. Any questions about the wars? Where is the foreign policy questions?
  71. Reform the DHS and TSA? - a blog by Jack Hunter on RP2012
  72. Perry’s Real Record on Illegal Immigration
  73. Perry Is A Liberal, So He Spends Like One
  74. Glad To See Rep. Bachmann Joining The Team
  75. The Perry & Romney debate ft. 6 other people
  76. Ron Paul trending on twitter
  77. Federal Reserve Secrets (In Case You Missed It)
  78. Official post-debate discussion thread
  79. dr. paul got so many questions that i sense a complete media bias turnaround
  80. who won the debate POLL
  81. RP and TSA Sexual Abuses (articles)
  82. Damage Control over Facebook!
  83. Bernanke was the biggest loser at the debate!
  84. CONSISTENCY <--- THIS AND ONLY THIS needs to be the campaign strategy
  85. Post debate analysis (only if you have 1,000+ posts)
  86. [video] Analysis of the MSNBC GOP Debate
  87. James Madison Agreed with Paul on Welfare - Jack Hunter Blog RP2012
  88. 2 New Ron Paul Voters
  89. Relax.... : )
  90. They just ran the Ron Paul/Rick Perry ad on MSNBC!!!
  91. holy sh*^... they just ran RP new ad "TRUST" on msnbc here in OHIO 10:31 PM
  92. The offical "prove you're not a troll thread."
  93. Question count and times?
  94. Daily Show comment on twitter:
  95. Ronald "Tear Down This Wall" Reagan
  96. New Slogan Idea
  97. Please Vote for Ron Paul in this CNN Poll!
  98. Something Massive. Lets make it happen.
  99. List of tonight's debate polls - including MSNBC First Read Poll
  100. Can someone count "Perry" and "Romney" mentions in post-debate coverage, vs "Paul" (zero)
  101. How I scored the debate....
  102. WHO Radio Jan Mickelson Gives Paul Some Love Today
  103. Bill o and his producer claim Ron Paul does not understand the constitution IRT GOLD
  104. [blog] LibertyIsReal - The MSNBC GOP Debate Analysis (Child Labor and Doing Things)
  105. What the hell was that new word that Romney made up...
  106. Picture of Rick Perry and Ron Paul as main picture on drudge right now
  107. Pic of RP at Debate After Party & Rally
  108. Rick Perry trending on Google. Could be a good thing?
  109. O'Reilly Factor Producer Jesse Watters Confronts Ron Paul!
  110. These lines lie
  111. Fox News: "Ron Paul: Border Fence ' comment"; Has Post-Debate Poll
  112. Poll: Another useless online poll.
  113. Operation Mail New Hampshire
  114. Things got interesting again, Perry will flop and lose his lead
  115. Ron Paul Video Contests (Updated Rankings) Make a video and join the competition!!
  116. Ben Kweller likes Ron Paul most
  117. PPP GOP primary Kentucky 6/7/11
  118. Drudge: "Ron Paul Wins After Show Poll"
  119. 700+ viewing grassroots central
  120. Poll: Who won the MSNBC debate?
  121. Google: "Liberal Rick Perry"
  122. [Video] MSNBC panel discusses Ron Paul debate performance
  123. Ron Paul needs to go ALL IN from here on out
  124. Ann Coulter TRASHES Ron Paul over new ad; Defends Rick Perry "Southern Democrat"
  125. A new idea using the Ron Paul "pwned" video concept.
  126. MSNBC "Buffers" Ron's Poll Results - *CALL TO ACTION*.
  127. Remember Ross Perot's running mate?
  128. If played right, Perry's assault on Ron can win this election!
  129. Should this serve as the unofficial theme song to the Ron Paul 2012 Grassroots movement?
  130. Banned Commercial: Ron Paul 2012 Video
  131. Did Perry Lay Hands On Paul During Commercial Break?!
  132. By Perry's Logic, He Should Have Himself Executed
  133. MSNBC Muted Ron Paul's Applause at the Debate?
  134. Rick Perry to Ron Paul: "You're making me look bad Ron"
  135. Ron's Speech after the Simi Valley, CA Debate
  136. Politico: The Republican presidential debate: Eight takeaways
  137. Rick Perry Angry (Pics)
  138. So the MSM's Strat is to "Gary Johnson" Ron Paul...
  139. The epic classic's: Ron paul supporters owning the media
  140. Ron Paul Chats with Supporters after the Debate
  141. how Rude Ron Paul is getting attacked by the Sean Hannity forum
  142. [mod: old thread] Dr Paul.Please Ask The Police To Charge Perry With Assault
  143. WTF happened!!?
  144. Ron Paul hits a Nerve in Rick Perry [Photos]
  145. Ron Paul is no COMPLAINER
  146. 'Reason To Believe': Joe Scarborough Releases Powerful Antiwar Song
  147. HuffPost debate highlights video - what's going on?
  148. I'm All But Done With These Debates...
  149. The only good fence is an enforcible fence
  150. The Debate America should have seen
  151. Which candidate gets cut out of the next debates first?
  152. Are you dropping out after one comment?
  153. How was Ron so unprepared for Perry's Reagan attack?
  154. Bush-without-a-brain gets the giggles during debate intermission
  155. CSM : Ron Paul versus Rick Perry: Who is Ronald Reagan's true heir?
  156. The Insignifanct Debate
  157. For All of Those Who Are Worried About Ron...You're Wrong!
  158. FOX Pic of the Day (edited for Perry's sake!)
  159. Freedomworks Facebook Poll - Ron needs your votes, trailing Perry
  160. The tale of 2 debates in 1
  161. Ron Paul Debate: Rick Perry Physically Grabs Him, Points at His Face
  162. Who is going to the Values Voter Summit?
  163. This calls for a spontaneous "Don't Touch Me Bro' Money Bomb!
  164. Perry Grabs Paul's Arm during commercial break
  165. UK Telegraph: Ron Paul is right. Military adventurism is a luxury we can no longer afford
  166. Debate Audience and Our Role As Grassroots
  167. Yahoo Poll: Ron has small lead
  168. Why Rick Perry saying the Keynsian Experiment is over HURTS us
  169. Article: Amnesty Costs 70 Times More Than Enforcement
  170. FOX crops the photo of Perry grabbing Ron Paul and twists the story a bit...
  171. Republican Debate Scorecard: The Reagan Library
  172. Reason Magazine Debate
  173. Need Help Here: Wall Street Journal Post Debate Poll
  174. Just Caption It!
  175. Ron Paul WHOOPS Rick Perry
  176. How much talk time did the candidates get during the debate?
  177. New MSN poll
  178. MSNBC distorting their own post-debate poll (RP currently first with over 50% of votes)
  179. Adopt a Meetup 9/8/11
  180. Drudge: Rick Perry Physically Grabs Him, Points at His Face, gets aggressive
  181. Debate intimidation: Gore and Perry both try it.
  182. Today's News 9/8
  183. Ron Paul Takes First in Debate Poll, Despite Debate’s Perry vs. Romney Focus
  184. What Can Grassroots Do to Better Protect Ron Paul?
  185. Who's the frontrunner? Vote in poll!
  186. Ron Paul to speak at Louisiana State University, September 23, following CPAC FL
  187. MEDIAite Laughs at Us: Ron Paul Fans Allege Rick Perry ‘Assault’ During Debate Break
  188. Kudos to the Ron Paul Campaign for last night!
  189. Fox News Reagan Library Debate poll AND bonus O'Reilly video link
  190. Could you guys help out with this poll please?
  191. What have YOU done in response to the debate?
  192. Debate Preparation is EVERYTHING. Ron, Get it Together! I know You Can Do it.
  193. State ColumnRon Paul Takes First in Debate Poll, Despite Debate’s Perry vs. Romney Focus
  194. Move Over Iowa and New Hampshire! Here Comes the Comic Book Straw Poll
  195. The Official Hurricane Maria Thread
  196. Ron Paul Camp Slams Rick Perry on Many Fronts
  197. Can Small RNC Rule Change Affect GOP Race?
  198. GOP Debate: How is it possible Ron Paul is winning?
  199. Video: Ron paul revolution has just begun
  200. Fox News GOP Poll w/o Ron Paul (only 3 candidates listed)
  201. Ron Paul to speak at Louisiana State University September 23
  202. PAul and the debates
  203. Michele Bachmann​ Does Best Ron Paul Impersonation: Eliminate Dept. of Ed.
  204. The Washington Times: Perry vs. Paul: A Texas-sized war
  205. WSJ Poll Without All The Candidates (including Ron Paul)
  206. Wondering How to Help RP When Your Stuck at Home?
  207. I am rather upset....
  208. 2 more NH State Reps Endorse Ron Paul
  209. Media source picks up "banned china Ron Paul commercial" as real
  210. Des Moines Register: Paul: 9/11 talk left out of debate
  211. Banner/Sign wave test run (looking for suggestions and reference points)
  212. MSNBC Graph Shenanigans!
  213. **IMPORTANT** Sept. 22 Youtube/Google/Fox Debate-vote up GOOD questions for RP!
  214. Ron Paul Debate Poll @ the Daily Mail
  215. You guys that havent been banned need to educate RedState's Erick Erickson...OMG
  216. What campaign strategy would YOU utilize in order to get Ron the GOP nod?
  217. Can we get the Huntsman vote? He could use his presidency to profit his family business.
  218. Going after Perry was good, but...
  219. Selling Ron Paul 2012 cards for discount price
  220. Neal Boortz attacked Ron this morning... surprised?
  221. [VOTE] MSN Poll - Paul Behind [VOTE]
  222. Patti Davis (Reagan's daughter): Looking for Ronald Reagan — and Not Finding Him
  223. Scientific sociological and political experiment you can do to win voters
  224. Msn poll go vote now!
  225. Thank you all so much for helping me spread the word of Ron Paul
  226. Ron Paul will be on Piers Morgan Tonight at 9 pm ET
  227. Accept Reality
  228. My Video Question for the Fox News/Google Republican Presidential Debate is in the Top 7!!
  229. NPR discussed the Texas HPV issue today
  230. Have you seen this really weird Perry animation? No clue who made it....lol....
  231. "Letter from Birmingham Jail". MLK was called an extremist and an agitator too. great read
  232. Flyer Design for our Meetup Group, Opinions wanted
  233. A friend of mine asked me about Ron Paul's position on Israel...
  234. Please chime in and thank our ally in New Jersey!
  235. Drudge: Perry Debatin',Up in his face: Perry gets aggressive,Ron Paul Wins After-Show Poll
  236. [VOTE] Ron way behind in Facebook Poll [VOTE]
  237. Huffingtonpost Mentions Perry's Aggression (Sort Of)
  238. The media expects a retaliatory money bomb in response to Perry's finger pointing episode
  239. Perry and Paul: Texas-Sized Feud? (ABC)
  240. Ron Paul: Now is the Time to Expose Rick Perry, Help Run "Trust" Ad Today!!
  241. IMPORTANT: This can really help Ron Paul at the next debate!
  242. Ron Paul, Buy a 15 Minute Block Of TV Time. Subvert The MSM! Speak To The People!
  243. Brand New Version of the "Banned" US/China Ron Paul 2012 Video Commercial
  244. Presidential candidate Ron Paul to visit LSU's Baton Rouge campus this month
  245. Doug Wead: How will they get rid of Ron Paul?
  246. List of bloggers/writers that think it's permissible to do what Rick Perry did
  247. My suggestion for next debate: get out of rpf chat
  248. Great Post Debate Article --- Says Ron Paul Won
  249. Benton: 'What's The Matter Rick?' Campaign Email
  250. From Twitter, a very short video take on Perry's thuggishness