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  1. ZeroHedge
  2. Billionaire Peter Thiel and Revolution PAC?
  3. I tried not to get angry. I really tired. I'm reaching into my wallet.
  4. "Ron Paul #2 In Straw Poll" - The Young Turks
  5. facebook video links from daily show keep disappearing...
  6. Why The Evangelicals Should Flock To Paul
  7. Getting Mobilized for August 20th Money Bomb
  8. Any Youtube video for August 20th moneybomb ?
  9. *** The Official Ron Paul and the Economy Thread ***
  11. Media protest idea: the PRESStitute
  12. Ron Paul's New Ad Calls Him "The One"
  13. Rate Ron Paul's New Commercial
  14. Ron Paul is better off as anti-establishment
  15. Ron Paul 2011 results better than Mitt Romney 2007 results
  16. Soda Head - help keep this thread alive
  17. Doug Wead: "Ron Paul scores big in Iowas despite the media bias"
  18. Does Ron Paul have the record?
  19. Mods: Please change my name
  20. Jim Rogers and Glen Beck Sort Of Endorse Ron Paul 2012 (?)
  21. Ron Paul mentioned on Mark Levin Show
  22. Celebrity endorsement idea
  23. Ron Paul has never voted to raise congressional pay.
  24. Taking the message to the Farmers Market
  25. Is this even worth responding to?
  26. Large MSN Poll doesn't include Ron: Vote "someone else" to show support
  27. Drudge Links to Stewart Video
  28. radio show plugs for Ron Paul birthday moneybomb
  29. Fox News about to play new ad
  30. Front-Loading the Campaign?
  31. Ron Paul to be on Fox News Today 2:05pm ET
  32. Official Pledge Site For The Aug 20th Moneybomb From The Campaign! PLEDGE!
  33. RP2012.com merch?
  34. Ron Paul - The One
  35. Doug Wead, live chat on FB, NOW!
  36. Chat with Doug Wead about media bias
  37. "The One" is on HuffPo - let's live them some comments
  38. Why "Ron Paul can't win," and Michele Bachmann can.
  39. Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Finally showing the media blackout at Ames!
  40. Think the campaign has enough cash? THINK AGAIN
  41. Rick Perry: Bernanke guilty of "Treason"
  42. Invite all of your facebook friends for the aug 20th moneybomb now!
  43. The Willis Report on FOX BIZ Covering "Is Ron Paul being Ignore By Media?" 8/16 @ 5-6PM/ET
  44. Politico Debate - Is Ron Paul being snubbed by the media?
  45. Hypothetical Situation
  46. Ron Paul - the last independent politician in America
  47. CNN covers the lack of Ron Paul media coverage
  48. An answer to the question of Ron's debate prep
  49. FOX POLL- Is Ron Paul being ignored?
  50. New Rasmussen Poll #'s at 1pm Eastern on Fox News
  51. video: Fox Power Play talks about Ron Paul
  52. Did Ron Paul lose by TEN votes, not 152?
  53. Ron appearing on Fox's America Live with Megan Kelly (1pm-ish)
  54. Ron Paul campaign website needs a fancy donation indicator like in 2008?
  55. Ron will be on Fox 'within next hour.'
  56. My thinking on why 2nd is better than 1st at Ames
  57. Is Ron Paul being ignored?
  58. Giving Ron Paul the Credit He Deserves
  59. CNN's Jack Cafferty Asks You: Ron Paul Only Grown-Up Running For President In GOP?
  60. Defend the House that Ron Built...
  61. Ron Paul's new Campaign slogan needs a song!
  62. Ron Paul Media Blackout 2011: Overcoming the Impossible Odds.
  63. Comment of the Year, by Sargeant Lewis
  64. Why does Santorum get to go to the debates with 1%?
  65. Delegates...?
  66. sick of the negativity
  67. Jack Hunter on Jerry Doyle Radio Show (8/16) - 4:30et
  68. CNN's Drew Griffin: "If you get a sound bite from Palin.. you can hold the Ron Paul stuff"
  69. Attempting a socratic method of opening a liberals eyes to Ron Paul -- conversation inside
  70. Revolutionpac spam
  71. Alex Jones characterizes the last GOP debate: "Wolves attacking a Lion"
  72. Great Article from CBS News
  73. Wow -- We made the British Press!
  74. Support Our Troops, Support Their Candidate! [NEW Image Inside]
  75. Awesome Idea!
  76. Pledge Email
  77. Call to Action! Promote the Money Bomb NOW!
  78. New Hampshire Beach Activism this Saturday
  79. Cain and Gingrich
  80. Rand Paul email "Ron Paul CAN win it all"
  81. Why our 2nd Place is Powerful...
  82. NPR: "Ron Paul Wears Invisibility Cloak in News Media Eyes"
  83. The NY Times Caucus Blog: Ron Paul: He Who Shall Not Be Named."
  84. A poll we're losing in...
  85. Is there something seriously wrong with me?! :-) Please help!
  86. Get OFFLINE, Get OUTSIDE, Get Ron Paul the WIN!!
  87. Awesome New Ron Paul Video!
  88. PPP still including Herman Cain and excluding Ron Paul
  89. Catching up with Bachmann
  90. Did Ron Paul's presidential bid just get a big boost from Jon Stewart?
  91. Listen to this tripe from Rush Limbaugh - says Ron Paul is going to destroy the....
  92. Representative Ron Paul tonight at 7PM ET on CNBC's "The Kudlow Report"
  93. FOX Just Doubled-Down
  94. Anyone here from the 2008 Facebook Group?
  95. Why just run ads in Iowa and NH? Late night cable is cheap.
  96. [VIDEO] TYT: Ron Paul Iowa #2 win
  97. Media Bias against Paul: Top of Yahoo News.
  98. ABC13 Houston News Covers Ron Paul Media Blackout!!
  99. YAHOO FRONT PAGE -- make your voices heard!
  100. Ron Paul and The Daily Show Bumps
  101. Michael Savage just said Rick Perry is the only vet in the race.
  102. I think the Ron Paul bug is hitting me again
  103. How many of us are becoming delegates or being in charge of State GOP's to allow it?
  104. Texas Rep Kevin Brady on Freedom Watch today
  105. Video: 23 minute Raw interview with Ron Paul
  106. The media is trolling Paul and supporters meme... is the trolling part of the goal?
  107. Important official 2012 Iowa Caucus poll
  108. Photos: Ron Paul & Rand Paul in Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Ames, Iowa
  109. So what whas the big campaign news that was supposed to come out today per RP's FB page?
  110. Could RP scare GOP into voting for him by threatening to run 3rd party if he loses?
  111. CNN Atlanta protest August 25
  112. Can Corporations Donate Any Amount to the Campaign?
  113. Why Ron Paul Is Worthy Of Press Attention
  114. Help me buy more stamps & campaign supplies!
  115. Rand Paul´s email seeking 8/20 support pledges!
  116. Help Fight the Media Blackout on Ron Paul, August 19th!
  117. It should have been Michelle Bachmann's day...
  118. Iowa straw poll gives native-son Pennsylvanians Ron Paul, Rick Santorum traction for 2012
  119. My FIRST Grassroots Ron Paul Vid! Watch, Rate, and SHARE!
  120. Why I Change My Mind
  121. ronpaul2012@revolutionpac.com
  122. Spirit of '76 moneybomb graphic?
  123. We are going to win
  124. Status Quo
  125. "Experts" weigh in on media blackout
  126. Campaign email typo?
  127. Okay guys, so what's next?!
  128. Bret Baier Says Ron Paul Will Be A Factor
  129. Ron Paul on the Kudlow report
  130. Is it possible Youtube is messing with Ron's view counts?
  131. Vote in this poll, Ron is way down and results are peculiar across the board
  132. End the Fed
  133. Ron Paul New Hampshire Headquarters Set to Open Tomorrow
  134. Ron Paul, another Texan hoping to take over the White House - Texas tv coverage (video)
  135. "A Force to Be Reckoned With" - Very Big Houston News Article needs your comments NOW!!!
  136. Another poll (easy one)
  137. Yes oh yes! DrinkingwithBob ENDORSE's Ron Paul!
  138. A couple of questions...
  139. My childish August 20 moneybomb video
  140. New Gallop poll positive intensity score
  141. How to Overcome Media Ignoring Ron
  142. Contacting folks for the August 20th money bomb
  143. Another Poll: Who can beat Obama?
  144. ***OFFICIAL New Hampshire 2012 Primary poll***
  145. Bachmann, Paul, Perry And The GOP Iowa Straw Poll Menu
  146. Iowa straw poll reveals frontrunners, mixed field in GOP primary
  147. The only way Ron can actually win is to...
  148. Perry’s No Tea Party Darling in Texas
  149. Iran's Supreme Leader has declared nukes to be anti-Islamic
  150. [Video] Cavuto gives more props to Ron Paul, calls him "spooky prescient"
  151. Sioux City Journal - OUR OPINION: Why isn't anyone talking about Ron Paul?
  152. Will Jon Stewart's Daily Show Video on Ron Paul become the most viewed?
  153. Ron Paul legitimacy
  154. My August 20th moneybomb video is live!
  155. [Audio] Ron Paul discussed on The Howard Stern Show 8/15/11
  156. Block Parties
  157. Fox News Watch Poll - Ron Paul OMITTED!
  158. Time to quit whining...
  159. Ron Paul needs to bypass disrespectful Main Stream Media - here's how
  160. C-Span taking calls now
  161. Online Poll
  162. Ron should say "government" and "federal government," not "we" and "America"
  163. Combating Miseducation of (some) Who Don't Support RP
  164. Penn Jilliette - I don't know, so I'm an atheist libertarian"
  165. Michele Bachmann having a town hall in my town Friday
  166. Ron Paul Ready to Rock NH
  167. Where was McCain polling around this time in 2007?
  168. Ron Paul 81%, Rick Perry 19%; Paul Spoofs Movie Coming Attraction Trailer in New Ad
  169. Official Campaign's Facebook Event for the August 20th Money Bomb!
  170. 5 Reasons progressives should join the Ron Paul revolution
  171. Paul Krugman calls for space aliens to fix the U.S. economy
  172. 8/16/11 RON PAUL swings back at Fox News commentator..
  173. Do we have any videos to promote the 8/20 moneybomb? Let's promote this thing!
  174. Hold the Ron Paul Stuff!!
  175. Boortz attacking this morning
  176. PPP - Wisconsin GOP Presidential Primary Poll
  177. Have you voted in the Townhall presidential poll?
  178. Go Brent Budowsky!
  179. Media solution: Disappear Michele Bachmann
  180. Vote for Ron in this poll Ron is behind
  181. [VIDEO] Ron Paul Happy Birthday moneybomb
  182. Ron Paul Wins National Press Club "Poll"
  183. Ron Paul beats Gov Rick Perry and All Others in Texas GOP Poll
  184. "Black THIS Out" Money Bomb site is LIVE!
  185. If everybody does this, i bet we will invite over 100.000 for the moneybomb on Aug 20th!
  186. [VIDEO] "The Most Grievous & Exaggerated Example Of Candidate Picking I've Ever Seen"
  187. How to get a piece published
  188. Smart caller on AJ mentioned FOX phone number
  189. RT: Tom Hartman on Ron Paul blackout. Reason plugs alternate candidate as usual
  190. Do NOT Invite ALL Your Friends to Ron Paul Events
  191. Drinking With Bob: Ron Paul the only legitimate candidate!
  192. We need a video to appeal to the more 'apolitical' and dems. brainstorm anyone?
  193. Change your Profile Picture to Support the MONEY BOMB!
  194. I'll donate the last $20.00 to my name if...
  195. Need help finding a video...
  196. AFA (American Family Association) Poll
  197. Rick Santorum Has 2 Children 18 or Above ---- Would He Send Them To Iran?
  198. [VIDEOS] Why black people should support Ron Paul
  199. Paul about to eclipse Bachmann in Facebook likes by end of today!
  200. NH POLL: Romney 36%, Perry 18%, Paul 14%
  201. New NH Poll: Romney 36%, Perry 18%, Paul 14%, Bachmann 10%
  202. Paul called anti semetic for being noninterventionist, yet again.....
  203. Who Started The Modern Day Tea Party Movement? (video)
  204. Bachmann Rigged Iowa Poll by Buying "At Least" 4000 Votes
  205. "Ron Paul clobbers Rick Perry in latest poll"
  206. looking for large Format Printing Company or Sign Shop
  207. Ron Paul at 14% in New Hampsire
  208. Aug 20TH Moneybomb will be HUGE!
  209. How to have More Impact on Facebook (especially when sending invitations).
  210. *NEW VIDEO* Can't you see the signs?
  211. Is the news media treating Ron Paul’s presidential campaign unfairly?
  212. URGENT: Vote for PPP to poll Iowa!
  213. Can someone ask the campaign to add (RonPaul2012.com) to the Aug20 MB event's description?
  214. Ron Paul passing Michele Bachmann on FB
  215. Military Report: $360 million funded U.S. enemies...
  216. Ron paul still getting the shaft?
  217. Comment Bomb!
  218. NH Poll: Need strategy to reach seasoned citizens and ladies
  219. Haha--Did y'all see the article from the State Column?
  220. US News Rpt poll: Should Ron Paul be treated more seriously as a Presidential candidate
  221. Online poll needs your help!
  222. A Brief History of Iran - Great Tool For Every Ron Paul Supporter
  223. "The Five" is going to run a segment on the seasteding movement.
  224. Is it just me, or are there a TON of new folks?
  225. Would more GOP candidates hurt or harm Paul?
  226. Is It better do donate money Directly to Ron Paul or to the Revolution Super Pac?
  227. December 16th 2007 over 59,000 people donated on one day!
  228. Welcome to all you newcomers out there!
  229. Do you think it help Ron Paul if Paul Ryan runs?
  230. The Hill: GOP field encroaches on Paul’s turf with sharp attacks on the Fed
  231. The Hill: GOP field encroaches on Paul’s turf with sharp attacks on the Fed
  232. Follow me on twitter for RP updates at: http://twitter.com/#!/Habhab2
  233. Rasmussen poll
  234. Ron Paul Military Support
  235. New Texas Poll? Paul 22% Perry 17%
  236. Almost $200,000 has been pledged so far!
  237. R-Ill Tm Johnson on Ron Paul
  238. Video - Fox News : "Congressman Paul Continues To Pop Up In All These Polls"
  239. News from NH: Mr. End the Fed - jumps to Bernanke's defense, dings Perry
  240. Blimps galore today at NH
  241. 2012: Who are the frontrunners? - Fantastic research article with Paul on top!
  242. Cnn interview with DR.Paul and wolf blitzer coming up.
  243. USA Today: Roundup: Don't count out Ron Paul
  244. Magellan Strategies Poll: Ron Paul in 3rd place at 14% in NH Republican Primary
  245. PR: Ron Paul Leads Bachmann, Perry in Two Recent Polls; Media Doesn't Care
  246. NBC NEWS: "Ron Paul - Mr. End the Fed - jumps to Bernanke's defense, dings Perry"
  247. Use this facebook page to invite friends to Moneybomb!
  248. Urgent! Use this facebook page to invite friends to Moneybomb instead...
  249. [VIDEO] Ron Paul in NH 8/17 four min clip from politico
  250. Birthday Money Bomb Profile Pics?