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  1. YouTube Video: Ron Paul Wins Last Night's Debate
  2. Another Poll
  3. Ames straw poll: A test of strength or much ado about nothing?
  4. The Hill: The debate: Paul wins, Bachmann wins, Perry heads for the OK Corral
  5. National Review: The first paragraph is talking about US!
  6. where can I get a copy of the Rally for the Repiblic?
  7. KGO AM810: Iowa Pundits: Don't Underestimate Ron Paul
  8. Audio: Post Debate interview with KTRH
  9. The Seattle Times: I cheer Ron Paul
  10. Another fox poll
  11. David Weigel bails on Ron's speech to chase after Palin, Palin says Ron has 'great chance'
  12. Sarah Palin says Ron Paul "has a great chance of winning the Straw Poll"
  13. Congressman Paul will be on Fox Business with Gerri Willis at 5PM Eastern today.
  14. Iowa Truths: Veteran political reporter analyzes the Ames Straw Poll
  15. Veterans of Afghanistan/ Iraq
  16. The Ames Straw Poll Eve Thread
  17. National Review Online: The importance of Ames
  18. Tom Woods has great debate suggestions for Ron Paul
  19. Republican Presidential Candidates Set Out Thier Stalls
  20. Ron is on CSPAN NOW! (Repeat of earlier speech today)
  21. Ron Paul Wins Iowa GOP Debate; Is Right On Iran
  22. Did Santorum/Newt decide to take a "hit for the team" last night??
  23. Jews for Ron Paul
  24. Crazy twitter comments
  25. San Fransisco C: Ron Paul Was Right On Iran
  26. British Daily Mail Story about the Debates
  27. VIDEO: Russia Today: Ron Paul's message hits America
  28. Chris Matthews Hardball on Ron Paul winning Ames
  29. More than 5 million watch GOP debate on Fox News
  30. We're getting hammered on these comments....
  31. Facebook trends
  32. Ron Paul trends on Google for 19 straight hours, still going strong
  33. Amidst the chaos, Ron Paul shines through
  34. Ron Paul being mentioned by callers on C-SPAN
  35. Ron Paul on the TOP of Drudge!
  36. Ron Paul Will Beat Obama (video)
  37. It's Friday - we we we so excited - for the Ames Straw Poll tomorrow!!!
  38. SacBee: Once viewed as a fringe candidate, Rep. Ron Paul enjoys newfound credibility
  39. Ron Paul Remarks
  40. Top Viewed Ron Paul Video of the day on youtube, has a negative comment with most likes?
  41. [Video] Ron Paul speech at Des Moines Register soapbox
  42. Iowa Campaign Contrast: Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul (kinda funny)
  43. Good luck in Iowa tomorrow from Mexico
  44. Ron Paul comes in from the fringe
  45. Sarah Palin sounding more and more Pro-Paul
  46. New Poll
  47. Matt Kibbe is a so annoying
  48. Call me crazy
  49. What Does Ron Mean by SIX Wars?
  50. Ron Paul wins the first-ever online Iowa Straw Poll!
  51. I need some help!!!!
  52. Facebook Banned Me For Spreading the Message of Liberty!
  53. What's up with Backmann's "new wrinkle?"
  54. Twitter Peeps - Can You Retweet This?
  55. The Tents are up at Ames (photos)
  56. Good way to reach readers AND target specific groups at the same time?
  57. Help! Unrealistic Foreign Policy?
  58. Has anyone lost a red cape?
  59. What's the schedule for the straw polll tomorrow?
  60. Revolution Pack: New video
  61. Just came back from hearing Ron Paul's 2012 acceptance speech after becoming president
  62. Watch the straw poll/span on iPad?
  63. Ron Paul Winning All the Polls! Video Evidence! SPREAD!
  64. Just for fun a quick video
  65. RevolutionPac to Colbert: "The Bump Never Came!"
  66. Need Enemy Video Clips
  67. PressTV: "Ron Paul censures US policy on Iran"
  68. Camera angles sure do matter...
  69. Fantastic Article
  70. Chat substitute thread
  71. Iowa GOP announces gladiator fights at Ames Straw Poll
  72. Washington Post: Ron Can Be Surprise Win At Ames
  73. The Official Ames Straw Poll Thread
  74. WaPo KILLS its own article titled, "The candidate who’s winning the Internet"!
  75. duplicate post. please ignore
  76. National Review Poll online
  77. I can honestly say that... (Don't take this seriously--Or Do, I don't care)
  78. Toady is the Straw Poll!
  79. VIDEO: 8/12: Ron Paul on fox Power Play Live
  80. Ron to Fox (on Perry) "I doubt he's going to take any of the Ron Paul vote!" :p
  81. Individual sales of tickets to Ames have outpaced other years
  82. Where was Ron Paul when he was in the Air Force?
  83. Jesus would support Ron Paul 2012
  84. Document Cheaters @ the Ames Poll
  85. Washington Post removes pro-Ron Paul article
  86. Shaping Dr. Pauls message to WIN, relate to what people are most concerned about!
  87. According to CNN, Iowa GOP insiders say Ron Paul, Bachmann and Palenty will be top three
  88. Ron at the top of Drudge
  89. Ron to be on Fox's Cost of Freedom
  90. PLEASE READ: What Ron Paul's Answer on Iran Should Be
  91. Bilderberg Perry announcing today vying for Iowa poll spotlight
  92. Early Signs of Strength on the Road to Ames
  93. Ron Paul fans are EVERYWHERE!! (including the UK)
  94. NYT: Ames Straw poll best predictor of caucus results; 1st or 2s place @Ames usually wins
  95. Ron on Fox News now!
  96. Reflection in the Face of Ames
  97. Drudge on Ron Paul at the Ames Straw Poll
  98. Does anyone know how the 'For Liberty' screening in Pella went last night?
  99. The Five Most Bitter Rivalries in Today's Iowa Straw Poll
  100. Official Bumper Sticker Thread
  101. We got 1 Vote-Photo
  102. Colonel John McCabe USMCR(Ret) for Ron Paul (video)
  103. How Fox News helped Ron Paul in the debate
  104. Front page of Des Moines Register today
  105. Paul to be on Fox again at 12:30 EST
  106. Corporate Welfare Tea Party Rally - October 12, 2011
  107. Ron Paul currently 16 in google trends but higher than any other politician
  108. check out my twitter feed for straw poll pics, trying to retweet all the goods
  109. Need comments on the Town Hall article.
  110. GOP Debate in Iowa in Review, (Part I – The Economy)
  111. Yahoo is looking like a Ron Paul discussion board!
  112. Fox News Online Poll
  113. FOX News Poll -- They just promoted it on air
  114. Paul Mulshine: The debate question Fox will never ask (w/ video of Ron predicting crash)
  115. TownHall: Preview: Who Will Win the Ames Straw Poll?
  116. Internet Poll: vote for Ron Paul
  117. Ames live feed links
  118. Post best tweets from straw poll here
  119. Weird - Michele Bachmann keeps a low profile at straw poll event
  120. Paul gave an epic speech exactly four years ago!
  121. Des Moines Register notes 'Quirky things at the straw poll' - inc Ron's Gdaughter dresses
  122. Ron Paul has the most buses at Iowa Straw Poll so far, rough count shows
  123. Politico: Ron Paul win would help Perry and Romney
  124. Ron Paul giving speech on CSPAN right now 222 EST
  125. Fox News messing with Ron's Speech
  126. Rand Paul Rallies Ron Paul Supporters In Ames Ahead Of 2012
  127. Ron Paul passing out Constitution text
  128. Paul Camp Predicts at least 4,000 votes
  129. Iowa 2011 Straw Poll Live
  130. Then what are you doing here?
  131. Des Moines Register: Paul uses speech to stress social values
  132. That's it...I'm switching to Thaddeus McCotter.
  133. Ron Paul's 'Prosperity Playground,' and Other Straw Poll Wonders
  134. Cavuto interviews Ron "best interview ever" 8-13-11
  135. Ron Paul trending nationwide!!
  136. While Bachmann received a raucous ovation it was nothing like the wave of adoration 4 Paul
  137. straw poll update
  138. Ron Paul top 7 in google trends
  139. Vote for Ron in this Fox news poll
  140. Regardless of placement some things we won today
  141. whats bachmann doing?
  142. Senator Chuck Grassley defends Ron Paul!
  143. Get your wallets ready!!! :)
  144. Beyond Iowa
  145. If Ron Paul does not Win remember this......
  146. Ron Paul Girls (picture from RP FB)
  147. Now what?
  148. Progress!!!!
  149. "I think my challenge of Ron Paul hurt him. Michelle Bachmann should thank me."-Santorum
  150. WE ARE WINNING: From (9.1%) to (26%) in 4 years!
  151. Congratulations Everyone!!
  152. What? Carl Cameron: Ron Paul is a major contender for Iowa Caucus
  153. What does this mean for all the candidates?
  154. TOP OF DRUDGE - Ron Paul a Close Second
  155. When is the NH straw poll?
  156. Ron Paul effectively tied in 1st is better than leading with 1st
  157. Presidency 5 in Florida
  158. Any Ron Paul Straw Poll Buttons? (Button Collector Question)
  159. Be prepared!
  160. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ron Paul Takes Very Close Second In Ames
  161. I love Drudge - check it out
  162. Politico: Michele Bachmann wins, Ron Paul a close second at Iowa straw poll
  163. Sign up and Promote our next Huge Constitution Moneybomb Sept 17th!!
  164. We beat Romney 07 (4516) < Ron Paul 11 (4671)
  165. Ron's in the headlines, folks: Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll, Narrowly Besting Ron Paul
  166. The Ron Paul Nation $27.65 Universal Donation Drive
  167. Congratulations, Ron!!!
  168. Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn Tries to Hide Ron Pauls' Strong Iowa Straw Poll Showing
  169. Politics aint beanbag
  170. What Does the Straw Poll Result Mean For Paul in Terms of Money and New Voters?
  171. A victory Bomb
  172. Where will Ron be interviewing...?
  173. What the campaign should do from here until the first elections...
  174. Another GREAT OPPORTUNITY to expose media spin...
  175. MSM reporting spontaneous donation surge for Ron Paul?
  176. Rick Steve's Iran
  177. It is clear - it is going to be YouTube vs. Faux and the MSM
  178. Ron Paul did win today... wanna know why?
  179. How did the screening in Pella go?
  180. Google Trends: Paul from 9th to 5th, Bachmann: 20th
  181. "Ron Paul delivers strongly anti-abortion speech" - Politico
  182. Conversation With My Dad
  183. Video: RON PAUL Chant AFTER Straw Poll Results Announced on FOX
  184. Rand Paul of Fox Now 9:04pm ET discussing Ron Paul victory
  185. Paul no longer the only Republican Military Candidate
  186. Great article about Ron!!!
  187. This video cracked me up!
  188. Why do the media and Bachmann seem to have a worried, indigested look?
  189. Luntz claims RP supporters tried to "break into" his focus group
  190. LA Times: Top of the Ticket Ames straw poll: Michele Bachmann beats Ron Paul By 152 Votes
  191. [VIDEO] Rand Paul Reaction To Father Ron Paul's Grand Showing At The Ames Straw Poll - Fox
  192. I think I'm gonna go watch For Liberty right now
  193. "Rick Perry Is The Bankers' answer to Ron Paul" - Alex Jones
  194. So....Sarah Evans is a Paul supporter?
  195. Why did Bachmann and Paul win in Iowa?
  196. Organization, evangelical appeal power Paul to 2nd
  197. Anyone up for a spontanious $15.20 Moneybomb
  198. Pat yourself on the back.
  199. Why you should be sending people to Ron Paul Flix instead of YouTube. Point in case.
  200. The State of the Movement - Post #Ames 2011
  201. The Blaze: Ron Paul Emphasizes Social Issues as the Veteran Congressman Finishes 2nd
  202. What Ron Paul needs to do to answer Rick Santorum and other 10th amendment doubters
  203. My message to Ron Paul supporters: We can win! Phonebank 4 Freedom, Monday Aug. 15
  204. Iowa Caucuses: The Rematch.
  205. Should Ron Paul have helped Bachmann win reelection?
  206. Pledge your vote for Ron Paul now at: http://www.ronpaulvoterbomb.com/
  207. I love it when they stare.....
  208. NYT's 538 Projections for 2012 Iowa Caucus: Bachmann 25.3%, Ron Paul 24.0%
  209. Supporter: Ron Paul ‘slayed the straw poll’
  210. Des Moines Register: What rhymes with hyperinflation? Ron Paul fan sings his support
  211. "Michele Bachmann wins Ames Straw Poll, Tim Pawlenty gets third"
  212. Who won the battle of undecideds?
  213. Looking Forward -- The Next Debate, Straw Polls and Events
  214. Great idea for GOP conventions
  215. Vote discrepancy
  216. This effort has just begun
  217. Ron Paul: "We did very, very well."
  218. Perception is everything!
  219. The Results Prove that Ron Paul has Stronger Iowa Support than Bachmann
  220. We Have Bigger Fish to Fry!
  221. Constitution Day Moneybomb September 17th!!
  222. The Legacy Of Ron Paul
  223. Why I Registered Republican
  224. Wow - New video - Presidential Words of Wisdom
  225. How to help the revolution on vacation
  226. Only Anti-War (anti-Unconstitutional war) Candidate in 2012!!
  227. "Ron Paul is at the Gates!"
  228. In this thread you will list GOP candidates with a chance to win this nomination thing.
  229. How Would The Media Have Spun A Tie Between Bachmann & Paul?
  230. Facebook poll - Vote now!!
  231. A close shave for the Sock Puppets!
  232. Bachmann, Paul Soar in Iowa Straw Poll
  233. Ron Paul Rock Star (video)
  234. ZH: On RP's Showing in Ames Straw Poll
  235. Paul is hot on C-SPAN this morning
  236. Even if Ron Paul repeated his 3.5 x increase in Iowa he wouldn't win or place NH
  237. Ron Paul's 2nd place finish completely discounted by Santorum.
  238. When They Say " Ron Paul Can't Win" The Gop Nomination
  239. Gotta Love Supporter Videos... Haha
  240. TPaw ends the race
  241. Indestructable Support Base
  242. We need to not be pissing off MB supporters and get ready to welcome them
  243. Political Newbie asks, whats the next Milestone?
  244. Predict the next Iowa poll numbers
  245. Nice graphic from the straw poll results
  246. Where is Ron Paul today?
  247. Jake Tapper on ABC framed the Ron Paul issue this year......
  248. My Analysis of NH and South Carolina
  249. On FOX: Michelle Bachmann has a strong message, Ron Paul has a cult of personality
  250. Ron Paul Revolution March in Washington DC October 8, 2011