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  1. Latin outreach!
  2. How the Race Will Look Next Monday (After Ames, and Perry Getting In)
  3. Dylan Ratigan is the new Glenn Beck
  4. Overt Iowa Media distortion of Paul's views
  5. Huffington Post: Perry: Twist In The Game ---- The Left Now Fears Ron
  6. Are you hosting or attending a debate watching party tomorrow?
  7. Fox News: Ron Paul "possibly THE new front runner at Ames"
  8. Anyone have an extra debate ticket?
  9. New McClatchy Poll
  10. Paul Included On Politico Front Page- RevPAC
  11. Doug Wead to be on Neil Cavuto (8/10)
  12. Fox News giving Ron Paul boxing gloves?
  13. Ron Paul Campaign Announces ĎSmall Businesses for Ron Paulí Nationwide Coalition
  14. Ron Paul's Twitter: "Doug Wead to be on FOX with Cavuto TODAY at 4:30est"
  15. Hey! Rand is going to be at Ames -- that I didn't know!
  16. No fair. Says Ron in 4th quasi-nationally -- after 'undecided' (as a candidate.....)
  17. Liberty Candidates LOGO and Book Cover Contest
  18. I think the numbers at Fairfield IA concerned ABC
  19. Ron Paul Hopes to Beat '07 Finish in Iowa Straw Poll
  20. Ron Paul busing 30 family members in to Iowa
  21. C-SPAN Covers Iowa State Fair, Ames GOP Straw Poll-Live Coverage Starts 11:30 Thursday a.m
  22. Paul: U.S. must get spending under control
  23. Yes You Do. Yes We Can. Stossel on O'Reilly Last Night Supporting Paul.
  24. Really weird national poll numbers...
  25. Ron Paul, Bachmann, Need Ames Win (ARTICLE)
  26. Meanwhile, in Louisiana...
  27. Weather report for Ames, Iowa, Saturday the 13th
  28. Ron and Rand Paul on the campaign trail - Waterloo, Iowa
  29. Iowa Poll: Huskings For Bachman But Straw Breaking Campaign Backs For Pawlenty, Others?
  30. [Video] Ron Paul explains why Rick Perry could help his campaign (SFGate)
  31. Ron Paul visits Fairfield, Iowa - local news video
  32. Ron Paul TV Ad
  33. Behind the Ames speaking lineup
  34. Cain and Paul campaign in Clear Lake, Mason City
  35. 300 free Ron Paul stickers at Staples
  36. DeMintís South Carolina Presidential Forum Could Exclude Big Names only taking those w 5%
  37. URGENT: Flyer needed by tomorrow morning!! For MI Parade
  38. Palin bus tour to roll into Iowa this week before straw poll
  39. Rand Paul calls Tea Party vindication for father Ronís career
  40. Article by a sponsor of Thursday's debate: In Iowa, will Republicans find economic policy?
  41. Rand, Ron Paul blast government spending
  42. Ron Paul Declines to Gloat About His Prescient Warnings on Debt
  43. 8/10 Fox News Poll: Paul in 3rd Among announced candidates, 6th with Perry, Palin
  44. California Republican Convention
  45. Doug Wead Cavuto vid today
  46. Foxnews Highlights Ron Paul in Pre-Debate Facebook Coverage
  47. Did Ron Paul ever say he saw V For Vendetta? If so... what was his reaction?
  48. Fox is asking people to vote in their poll for which question should be in debate Thurs
  49. IowaPolitics.com: Time for Ron Paul's campaign to gloat, Rand says
  50. Redstate guy just said RP has supporters who won't show up to vote...
  51. Ron Paul spreading same message as always, resonating finally
  52. Paul Family Challenges Romney's Family To Baseball Game @ Ames!
  53. How Many Votes Will Ron Get at Ames?
  54. Gun Owners of America Presents Award to Dr. Ron Paul in Des Moines
  55. Mark Levin Poll
  56. Ron Paul Awarded Key Groupís Coveted 2nd Amendment Award
  57. Ron Paul Spreading Same Message As Always, Resonating Finally (GREAT Article)
  58. Are we doing enough to reach out to poker players?
  59. Use of campaign logo?
  60. Hey all you Michigan Folk!
  61. Video of the 2000 GOP Debates (Bush, McCain, Keyes)
  62. Des Moines Register: Ron Paul accepts award from Gun Owners of America
  63. ABC News: Ron Paul on What Sets Him Apart
  64. Guys... I feel like im in the TWILIGHT ZONE??
  65. Have you noticed that Rand tends to whisper to Ron at events? And photographers notice?
  66. National support is about 2.5x greater than 2008 so far? And close to 2x greater in Iowa?
  67. Iowans for Ron Paul bus in the Iowa State Fair Parade
  68. Straw poll mixes food, fair and politics
  69. If going to the Iowa State Fair - Vote
  70. "Ron Paul's A Little Isolationist For Me But He Makes Sense On A Lot Of Things!"
  71. Ames debateís proximity to straw poll adds a layer of pressure
  72. Ron and Rand Paul hit the campaign trail together
  73. awesome article in thenewamerican
  74. Adopt a Meetup 8/10/11
  75. My Final Three-Day Battle Plan for the Ames Straw Poll
  76. Dick Morris actually gives Fair and Balanced Analysis of Ron Paul!
  77. Fox news has another poll up for tonight - [MOD-read it and DON'T vote for Ron
  78. New CNN poll national - Ron in third place, again
  79. Ron Paul at my fantasy football draft
  80. Doug Wead: Is Ron Paul The American Churchill?
  81. Keep Posting about Ron Paul on Facebook! *IT WORKS*
  82. Books for kids
  83. St Pete Times (FL): Ron Paul spreading same message as always, resonating finally
  84. Liberty Candidates LOGO and Book Cover Contest ends 8/18/11
  85. Poll results: Ron Paul in first among Republican males
  86. Please Help Submit & Vote for Debate Questions!
  87. Pella Iowa Paper Promotes "For Liberty"
  88. Washington Examiner: Prediction: Ron Paul will win Ames straw poll
  89. Rep. Ron Paul Campaigns in Iowa With Son Sen. Rand Paul in Tow
  90. [Video] Fox News shows clip of Ron Paul jabbing at Rick Perry
  91. Ron Paul Endorsed by Three Story County GOP Chairmen
  92. Video: Felonious Monk's message to the government & Obama (NSFW)
  93. Ron Paul Hopes to Beat '07 Finish in Iowa Straw Poll
  94. Iowa Voters Focus on Economy
  95. GOP Candidates Prepare for Ames Straw Poll, Iowa Debate
  96. Rep. Ron Paul in Ames
  97. Optimistic but worried
  98. Better ad for this month's TownHall poll - have you voted in it yet?
  99. LifeNews reports on the CNN poll from a pro-life viewpoint
  100. GOP candidate death watch: Pre-straw poll edition
  101. Ron Paul has passed Michele Bachmann in Twitter Followers!
  102. Iowa: Rand paul in Marshalltown with Busload of Pauls
  103. Toady is the debate!
  104. Vote for Ron in Facebook poll: Who do you think will win tonight's debate?
  105. WOW! The Age Of Ron Paul!
  106. Some pics of Ames meet and greet 8/11 9am
  107. Facebook poll: Who do you think will win tonight's debate?
  108. Iowa Rep Steve King raises the bar for Ron Paul
  109. POLITICO Guide to the IOWA Debate
  110. Per Twitter - supposed debate set up leaked (not sure if real)
  111. Fox News poll - about what you'd expect from Fox
  112. Check out what comes up on google images for "rick perry al gore"
  113. Ron Paul - Plus 30 Please! Great picture
  114. In Defense of Internet Anonymity - GREAT mises article featuring Paul's Book!
  115. More and more visitors to this forum!!
  116. The Sunlight foundation will be covering the debate live tonight
  117. don't forget to put corn in Ron's jar at the State Fair if you go!
  118. Congressman Ron Paul Warned Us But Very Few Listened
  119. Paul pictures
  120. another article about Ron being expected to do well at Ames, given his growing following
  121. Romney: Corporations Are People, My Friend.
  122. Ron Paul skyrocketing on Intrade!
  123. Ron Paul plans major Constitution party!
  124. Let's Talk Pella---Michael Maresco
  125. Ron Paul video concept: Using Schiff's heroin analogy. (Help me find the best clips?)
  126. Calling all Photoshop/GIMP gurus or somebody at Revolution PAC
  127. Paul campaign announces straw poll activities
  128. Urgent: I have an extra debate ticket!
  129. Burning Platform: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? [in order to get Ron Paul elected POTUS]
  130. Does anyone have a spare debate ticket?
  131. Ron's family in Iowa [PIC]
  132. Where can I watch the debate online at tonight?
  133. Question about volunteering
  134. Ames: Ron Paul earns three Story County endorsements
  135. Ron Paul #TwitterBomb for those w/Twitter
  136. Fox News is so annoying
  137. Straw Poll: Paul wives talk about campaign, family life
  138. Article re: Ron's speech in Aurora NY best part is editor's note at the end re: correction
  139. Revolution is like fire. Many are coming our way...
  140. Watch the debate here and interact with Fox!
  141. New Website: Ron Paul Myths. Volunteers needed!
  142. Over/Under for how long before they let Paul answer first question tonight?
  143. O'Reilley: The Poll #'s Just Don't Add Up For Those 2
  144. I want to say spending the last 4 years together - has been a pleasure!
  145. ONE Flippin question so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  146. Stuck at work, are they doing polls?!
  147. The Debate So Far
  148. Rick Perry HAS NOT CREATED ONE JOB IN TEXAS!! Stop the lies!!!!
  149. Follow Ron Paul @ debate on TWITTER!
  150. Take that Santorum
  151. Why are they picking on Paul so much?
  152. Boom!
  153. Vote for Ron in this Fox poll NOW!
  154. Everyone wants war, no one mentions the cost
  155. Talk about a setup
  156. Peace and Prosperity!!!
  157. Post online polls here!!
  158. Those at debate GET PHONE PIX of any 'supposed Ron Paul supporters' acting badly
  159. Three Debates Next Month
  160. Ron Paul Among Winners of Debate- Nate Silver of 538 (NYT)
  161. ron paul shaking hands with
  162. Debate video!
  163. Alright, now lets get to work
  164. Debate video here
  165. Dave Weigel tweets a Rand retort to Santorum
  166. Yahoo article talks about PERRY, all the others, but NOT RON PAUL.
  167. Other fox poll
  168. Right scoop online debate poll: vote!
  169. Anyone know if Paul is going to be interviewed on Fox tonight?
  170. All eyes on Ames
  171. Des Moines Register: Ron Paul spars with other candidates over foreign policy
  172. Bret Baier Says Ron Paul Will Win Straw Poll!
  173. Another Fox poll, with a nasty article about Ron attached...
  174. Tea Party Patriots Poll: Who won the debate tonight?
  175. NH Union Leader: GOP candidates exchange shots in lively Iowa debate
  176. Saturday Ron Paul will be on Fox's Americaís Newsroom HQ 12:30 pm Eastern
  177. FOX News poll already gone?
  178. Rand Paul "I'm Very Proud Of My Father For His Record"
  179. Santorum Reading List.
  180. Grade Ron Paul's Debate Performance
  181. tpmdc's GOP Debate 'Fight Night' compilation
  182. TheBlaze.com Poll: Ron Paul is Winning - 28.62%, Newt - 2nd: 22.07%
  183. New poll
  184. The Blaze Poll: GO VOTE FOR RON!
  185. Hidden fox news poll: Go vote ron!
  186. New FOX Facebook poll ... VOTE!
  187. Mp3 download for 8/11/2011 GOP debate
  188. The Second Great Surge
  189. "I Just Don't Believe These Wars Are Necessary" Ron Paul Post Debate Interview
  190. Fox News Removed Main Post-Debate Poll?
  191. Another Iowa write up of debate highlights
  192. Drudge: Ron Paul spars with other candidates...
  193. Ron Paul 7th hottest trend on twitter trending well after debate per a tweet
  194. Wead on debate: nobody laid a glove on Ron Paul
  195. Great Des Moines Register article about Paul
  196. Buckle Your Seat Belts *Time to Step it UP!*
  197. Ron Paul moves into top tier - Rev PAC article
  198. Still haven't seen the full debate - What was Romney saying when Ron made this face?
  199. NEW Fox News Poll on debate -- guess they lost the others....
  200. Paul passes Bachmann on Intrade Ames poll....for now
  201. Despite the stuff that is awful, there is really funny stuff in this Guardian article
  202. Lots of polls on one page...
  203. Omg Ron Paul spoke so much better today.
  204. Ron is now down to 5th trending, and has brought up Santorum with him to 6 (uhg.)
  205. Paul family makes lunch stop
  206. Pledge to support the SUPER MONEYBOMB!
  207. Calling all ron paul supporters! I need your help!!!
  208. Steve King: Ron Paul Will Win Straw Poll If Turnout Is Low
  209. Debate-Watching Party at the Ron Paul NJ Liberty HQ
  210. Donate $100 or more and I will send you free materials tomorow
  211. Top of the Ticket on the Debate
  212. Ron Paul on intrade, things changed tonight
  213. Poll we need a little help on...
  214. Full debate highlights...
  215. The Ron Paul Map from the TOPIX poll -- just look at all that green!
  216. Is He Going To Impose Competing Currencies By Executive Order Or Not?
  217. MSNBC Poll - Who Won the Debate? Voting still up
  218. Rasmussen: 59% Want Troops Home from Afghanistan
  219. Alternative Closing
  220. Should RP use the word REVOLUTION in debates?
  221. Shroomed
  222. Ron wins First Ever Iowa Online Poll: 44 Percent
  223. Call Fox News, Demand Poll Answers!
  224. Vote in this Fox poll which they're apparently ACTUALLY GOING TO SHOW ON AIR
  225. "... and we can't afford it anyway"
  226. How Ron Paul could smack down Iran critics
  227. New Poll - vote!
  228. NEED ADVICE: Handing out Flyers at a Concert Tonight.
  229. National Review: "Paul's Play"
  230. What are the talk (radio/tv/etc.) show hosts saying?
  231. What are the talk (radio/tv) show hosts saying? Post here:
  232. Paul on the radio now
  233. My quick take on who won the debate last night
  234. Ron Schools Santorum On Iran --- New American
  235. Does Ron need to Go on the Offense More?
  236. Ron Paul is LOSING this facebook Poll by a large margin
  237. Ice Skating video
  238. A whole slew of polls to vote for Ron in
  239. The debate: Paul wins, Bachmann wins, Perry heads for the OK Corral (ARTICLE)
  240. Ron Paul coming up on Fox News
  241. Feisty Debate Brings Upgrades, Downgrades for GOP Contenders
  242. Ron Paul to Santorum: "We Just Plain Donít Mind Our Own Business!"
  243. Help me write "if I were a member of Congress"
  244. Arab World Reactions to Ron Paul's Comments on Iran ?
  245. Could the Santorum v Paul spat be our 2012 'Rudy' moment?
  246. Jan Helfeld - Ally of liberty who needs our help to make it to the mainstream
  247. The response Ron should have given to Santorium:
  248. LIVE: Ron Paul at Iowa State fair; CSPAN 1:00EDT
  249. Debating coach on debate uses faultly logic
  250. Debating Our Way ...