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  1. Four Major Famines - Unintended Consequences Of US Foreign Policy
  2. Ron Paul: Globalism Is Collapsing/Donald Trump’s Back Is Against The Wall (Video Interview)
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  8. Syria Gas Attack and Russian Election Hacking...Debunking Fake News With Scott Ritter
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  11. Russia’s Expulsion of Staff From the US Embassy in Moscow is Unprecedented and Huge
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  13. Real Bipartisanship: Republicans And Democrats Unite For New Cold War
  14. Trump Signs Sanctions Bill - Another Deep State Victory
  15. The Antiwar Conservatives, With Rep. John Duncan, Jr.
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  17. 100,000!!!!!!!!
  18. Ron Paul on de Blasio’s tax plan to repair the NYC subway system
  19. Fire And Fury...And Profits! Korea Crisis Great For The War Industry
  20. US 'Greatest Threat To World Peace'? With Lew Rockwell
  21. Worried About The Empire? … This Peace Conference Comes To The Rescue!
  22. War Drums Beating For Venezuela?
  23. RP: Attack Venezuela? Trump Can't be Serious!
  24. End Of Iran Nuke Deal? What Comes Next...
  25. Is Hate Speech Free Speech?
  26. The Truth About Yemen - With Vanessa Beeley
  27. Happy Birthday Ron Paul
  28. Ron Paul: Oppose Fascism of the Right and the Left
  29. Trump's Afghanistan Strategy: What To Expect. With Jacob Hornberger
  30. Trump's 'New' Afghan Strategy: Protect The Empire!
  31. 2012 Ron Paul voters for 2016 Trump?
  32. RT: Killing in Afghanistan a recipe for disaster – Ron Paul on Trump’s plan
  33. Pentagon Attacks Extremists At Home...But Finances Them Overseas
  34. Senate Declares War On Wikileaks - With Philip Giraldi
  35. YouTube "Economically Censors" Ron Paul, Labels Videos "Not Suitable" For All Advertisers
  36. Blowback: Israel Threatens Syria Over Iran
  37. Peace and prosperity conference
  38. Ron Paul on War & Peace In The Age of Trump
  39. Is a Militarized Police The Answer To Inner City Turmoil?
  40. Ron Paul on Price Gouging
  41. Ron Paul Tzu
  42. Trump Bumbling Into Unnecessary War With North Korea
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  44. Bubble Troubles: The Fed Has Done It Again
  45. Ron Paul @ Peace and Prosperity Conference 9/9/2017
  46. Repeal The Debt Ceiling? ... Really?
  47. Bannon Reveals The Truth About Trump...It's All About The "American System"
  48. Sen. Rand Paul Forces Vote On 16 Year Undeclared War
  49. The Neocon Case Against The Iran Nuclear Deal - One Big Lie!
  50. Nikki Haley Meltdown: Assad Must Go...and War With North Korea!
  51. ‘We need to continue efforts to wake up American people’ -Ron Paul on anti-war amendment fight
  52. Elon Musk Sycophants Attack Ron Paul As A Shill For Defense Industry
  53. Scandal: The Pentagon's $2 Billion Underground Syria Weapons Pipeline
  54. America's Broken System: Left & Right Authoritarianism
  55. Trump’s UN Speech: A Neocon Dream?
  56. Defense Secretary Mattis: US Cannot Survive On 'Puny' Military Budget
  57. How To End the Korea Crisis: Ron Paul
  58. Trump Vs The NFL - The Right To Protest
  59. Ron Paul pwned Alex Jones today
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  61. Puerto Rico: How Government Increases Suffering
  62. Las Vegas: Conspiracy or Lone Nut
  63. USA LIBERTY Act - Making Spying On You Permanent
  64. Ron Paul: The Revolution At Ten Years
  65. Trump's 70-Point Immigration Reform - Here's A Better Way
  66. Horrific New Revelations On CIA Torture
  67. Did Trump Call For Ten Times More Nukes?
  68. Trump And Iran: Have The Neocons Won?
  69. Ron Paul's 'bubble' warning on CNBC
  70. Big Brother's War on Cash
  71. Waiting for a Tax Cut
  72. Former FEC Chair Calls For Crackdown on “Disinformation” In Internet
  73. Secede or Concede To Empire - That's The Choice
  74. Trump’s Fed Picks? More of the Same!
  75. Cold War Returned: B-52s Back On 'Ready Alert'
  76. Pentagon Expands 'Terror War' To Africa: Where Is Congress?
  77. Jeff Flake And The DC Impasse: Who's At Fault?
  78. PHOTOS: Mises's 35th Anniversary Gala in NYC ft. Ron Paul
  79. The Harmful Effects of Antifa
  80. Ron Paul Reminds Americans the US Military is in 53 of 54 African Nations
  81. Trump Hypes Tax Cuts - Don't Get Too Excited
  82. Murray: My Honest-Money Friend and Ally | Ron Paul
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  84. NATO Threatens Turkey...
  85. Do We Need A New War Authorization?
  86. Tragic Horrors...From New York To Yemen
  87. Trump's Fed Nominee Delivered an Entire Speech Attacking Ron Paul's Audit Bill
  88. Ron Paul Warns "Government Interest In Bitcoin Makes Me Nervous"
  89. End The Fed? ... Libertarian Republicans? ... #AskRonPaul
  90. The Fed Is Safe Under Trump - RPLR
  91. Ron Paul: GOP Tax Plan Increases the Most Insidious Tax
  92. Ducks Lining Up: Saudi, Israeli, US Moves On Iran, Lebanon
  93. Ron Paul: We Are Reaching A Point Of No Return (Video)
  94. Deconstructing 'Russia-Gate' with Joe Lauria
  95. Saudi Escalation: Lebanon And Yemen In The Crosshairs
  96. The Government Burden Goes Way Beyond The Income Tax
  97. ‘Fake news comes from our own govt’ - Ron Paul fires back on propaganda charges [2016]
  98. Is Trump Getting A Bad Rap On His Asia Trip?
  99. Kochs Spend Big On Foreign Policy Realism...Should Neocons Be Worried?
  100. War on ISIS - Whose Side Are We Really On?
  101. The Real Cost Of War: Three Times More Than The Government Admits
  102. Ron Paul on Politicking with Larry King - 11/16
  103. Why So Many Big Businesses Love Government Regulations
  104. DOD Conference Bill Passed...Yet We're Less Safe & Poorer
  105. Saudi Purges Explained, With Marwa Osman Live From Lebanon
  106. Abolish The TSA As Soon As Possible. With Guest Jim Bovard
  107. Being Thankful in Difficult Times...
  108. Governments Can't Legislate Morality
  109. Hypocrisy: US Meddling In Hungarian Elections
  110. Is North Korea Really a 'State Sponsor of Terrorism'?
  111. Iran Re-Certified; Washington In Denial
  112. 'Turning The Corner' in Afghanistan...Again
  113. 'Fair' Tax, Just War, Houston Astros and more...#AskRonPaul!
  114. Just Heard Ron Interviewed By Michael Savage (update: tube added)
  115. Ron Paul on Cerno News 12/7
  116. Ron Paul's Market Update --- Bitcoin Wins The Twitter Poll
  117. Ron Paul ‘Surprised’ With His Followers Resounding Pick of Bitcoin Over Gold (Kitco News 12/7)
  118. Israel's Capital: Who Decides?
  119. Looking For Inflation In All The Wrong Places
  120. Should I Trust Government?
  121. Government Should Leave Bakers Alone
  122. Pentagon Audit - Just Another Cover-Up!
  123. Trump To Release New US Strategy: Will Neocons Cheer? RPLR
  124. RP Liberty Report The End of Dollar Hegemony and the Crypto Craze
  125. 'Make 'Em Pay'? Trump Spends $5 Billion On Europe's Defense
  126. Will Nikki Haley Get Her Iran War?
  127. 'Forcing' North Korea Denuclearization...But Does South Korea Agree?
  128. Ron Paul On Bitcoin: "Our Problems Are Gigantic, People Are Desperate And Looking Everywhere"
  129. Gold, Yuan or Crypto: What Will Replace Dollar Hegemony?
  130. Another Flip-Flop: Trump Approves Lethal Arms To Ukraine
  131. Political and Personal Immorality
  132. What Does Christmas Mean To Us?
  133. Ron Paul: Trump may be vulnerable to 2020 GOP primary challenge
  134. New Trump Executive Order: Good Move Or Global Asset Forfeiture?
  135. Will Gold Shine When The QE Bubble Bursts?
  136. Ron Paul Warns America's "On The Verge Of Something Like 1989's Soviet System Collapse"
  137. Despite Setbacks, Liberty Will Prevail in 2018
  138. Iran Protests...CIA Fingerprints?
  139. Koreans Agree To Talk To Koreans...Nikki Haley Furious!
  140. Ron Paul: "Mr President, FIRE JEFF SESSIONS!"
  141. Iran Protests: Convenient Pretext To Kill The Nuclear Deal?
  142. Ron Paul on weed and crypto currency
  143. SPECIAL REPORT: What Has QE Wrought?
  144. Obamacare On Its Last Legs? ... I Hope!
  145. House Approves More FISA Spying...Can The Senate Stop Them?
  146. Ron Paul: ‘When Our Financial System Crashes…The Elites…Will Suffer The Least’
  147. China's Attack On The Dollar: What Does It Mean?
  148. Who Killed Martin Luther King...And Why?
  149. Ron Paul: Earmarks Are Not the Problem
  150. Nonsense article claims Russians helped Ron in 2008
  151. Ron Paul: Trump To Embrace Nuclear First Strike - Video
  152. More US Bases In Syria...Why Not Come Home?
  153. What To Expect In 2018 - With Special Guest Gerald Celente
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  156. VP Pence At Olympics To Prevent North Korea Peace Overtures
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  215. Non-Interventionism: America's Original Foreign Policy
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  227. Another Subprime Bubble: The Fed Never Learns
  228. On The Ground In Syria - With Special Guest Vanessa Beeley - Ron Paul Liberty Report
  229. Happy 5th Anniversary! The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity
  230. US Grasping At Straws In Syria
  231. Fool's Errand - 17 Years In Afghanistan
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  243. The NSA Continues to Abuse Americans by Intercepting Their Telephone Calls
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