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  1. Myth-Busters: Trump To Give Us 'Always Higher Prices'?
  2. Antiwar And Anti-Violence: The Revolutionary MLK
  3. Chelsea Manning Clemency: Did Obama Do The Right Thing?
  4. McCain's $5 Trillion Military Budget: Will It Make America Great Again?
  5. Myth-Busters: Liberty vs. Leviathan
  6. Executive Power In The Age Of Trump
  7. Ron Paul weighs in on Trump's inauguration - CNBC 1/19
  8. Ron Paul's REAL Analysis Trump’s Foreign Policy: An Unwise Inconsistency?
  9. Trump's 31 Airstrikes - A Taste Of Things To Come?
  10. Ron Paul talks Trump on The Alex Jones Show 1/26
  11. How To Really Reform Military Spending: Is Cutting Waste Enough?
  12. Is Medical Marijuana A Crime? - W/Special Guest Shona Banda
  13. Myth-Busters: The Debt Will Defeat The Fed
  14. The Birth Of The American Empire, With Special Guest Stephen Kinzer
  15. Ron Paul Backs Trump, Shuts DOWN Furious Liberals
  16. A Better Solution Than Trump’s Border Wall
  17. Trump's Travel Ban: Targeting Terrorism...Or Iran?
  18. Ron Paul: Economic Collapse Imminent — Trump will Get the Blame Instead of the FED
  19. Droning On: More US Bombs On Yemen
  20. Settled Science? A 'Climate Change' Dissident Speaks Out
  21. Iran 'On Notice': Will Trump Pull The Trigger?
  22. Tribute to Ron Paul and what the the forums once believed a decade ago.
  23. Ron Paul talks Trump on RT 2/2
  24. Myth-Busters: Tax Cuts or Shell Game?
  25. Business As Usual - Is Trump's Foreign Policy Just More Bush And Obama?
  26. Elliott Abrams To State Dept: You Can't Be Serious!
  27. 'Extreme Vetting' - Homeland Security's Attack On Liberty?
  28. Dr. Paul and Daniel McAdams share a good laugh re: the CIA.
  29. What Next For NATO? What About Education Dept? Support Tulsi? Ron Paul Answers Viewer Question
  30. Myth-Busters: Those Who Depend on The Fed
  31. Cut, Don’t Reform, Taxes
  32. Ron Paul: Trump's tax plan won't work without spending cuts (Fox Business 2/10)
  33. Ron Paul weighs in on Trump's support of civil forfeiture (Kennedy 2/8)
  34. Ron Paul interviewed by TYT Politics 2/8
  35. Will Congress Stop Forcing Pro-Life Americans to Subsidize Abortion?
  36. New Ron Paul Interview: The State is a Religion
  37. Gen. Flynn Out At NSC -- Winners and Losers
  38. Is The Intelligence Community At War With Trump?
  39. The Deep State with Ron Paul (Propaganda Report Podcast from 10/16)
  40. The Future Of Liberty
  41. The Economy Is Booming - Good News Or Fake News?
  42. Myth-Busters: No...Gold Didn't Fail As Money
  43. Ron Paul CFR
  44. Alan Greenspan: Ron Paul was right about the gold standard
  45. More Troops: Why Trump's ISIS Strategy Will Fail
  46. Trump's Words vs. Trump's Advisors
  47. McMaster To NSC - More Troops To Middle East?
  48. CIA Weapons Pause In Syria - Are We Backing Off...Or Escalating?
  49. Kennedy | Ron Paul's Take on Presidential War Power
  50. Shock Poll: Is Russia Friend Or Foe?
  51. Myth-Busters: The Truth About Hoover & FDR
  52. Hate Trump? You Should Have Voted for Ron Paul (Counterpunch)
  53. Trump’s ISIS Plan: Another US Invasion?
  54. War And Peace In The Age Of Trump
  55. On Military and Spending, It’s Trump Versus Trump
  57. Ron Paul's been on a Twitter roll tonight!
  58. Ron's Tweetstorm - Was Trump's Speech Libertarian?
  59. Will The Neocons 'Flynn' Jeff Sessions?
  60. Will the Neocons Flynn Sessions?
  61. What's Going On In Djibouti? US/China Faceoff in Africa
  62. Myth-Busters: What Do Banks Do With Your Deposits?
  63. Bitcoin News - Ron Paul talks about Bitcoin on FOX News
  64. Trump Tapped? President Accuses Obama Of Spying On His Campaign
  65. PHOTOS: Ron Paul at 2017 Young Americans for Liberty Los Angeles Spring Summit
  66. New TSA Rules -- More Aggressive Pat-Downs!
  67. Trump's Global Hot Spots - Is He Losing Control?
  68. Race For Raqqa: Major US Escalation In Syria
  69. PHOTOS: Ron Paul at the Arizona Capitol to promote H.B. 2014
  70. Myth-Busters: There Is No Right To Health Care
  71. Ron Paul: "CIA revelations are a "fantastic" gift to liberty" #Vault7
  72. Why Trump’s Syria 'Surge' Will Fail
  73. New Rules Of Engagement: More Authority To The Generals
  74. Ron Paul Piece in USA Today About Whistleblowers - POLL
  75. US Practices 'Taking Out' Kim Jong-Un -- What Will Be The Consequences?
  76. Trump/Saudi Collusion: Laying Plans For More War In The Middle East
  77. Fed Hikes Rate - Stagflation Ahead?
  78. Myth-Busters: "Pro-Choice" Hypocrites
  79. Ron Paul: There will be major corrections in the market (Fox Business 3/15)
  80. He overstepped the line – Ron Paul on McCain accusing Rand of ‘working with Putin’ (RT 3/16)
  81. Ron Paul: Some people in US need an enemy to keep building weapons (RT 3/16)
  82. Ron Paul’s take on the GOP health care plan (Fox Business 3/13)
  83. April 8 Mises Event in Lake Jackson, TX
  84. Debate redux, Drudge headline: "Ron Paul goes for Newt's throat".
  85. Obamacare Repeal or Obamacare 2.0?
  86. Neocons Strike Back: Kagan Family On The Warpath (Again)
  87. Arizona Challenges the Fed’s Money Monopoly
  88. House Russia Hearing: Revelations Or More Speculation?
  89. Is North Korea An 'Imminent Threat'?
  90. Comey Lied? Trump Vindicated? Nobody's Safe From PATRIOT Act
  91. Myth-Busters: Trump's Horrific Views on Eminent Domain
  92. Stock market takes a hit after failure of “Trumpcare” (RP on RT)
  93. Dick Cheney Surfaces: Claims Interfering In Elections "An Act Of War"
  94. Escalation Everywhere: Will Trump's Foreign Policy Succeed?
  95. Ron Paul on Fox Business: Do the police need more fire power? (3/29)
  96. Tom Woods: Ron Paul and Connor Boyack on How to Teach the NAP
  97. [Video] Ron Paul speaks to YAL in Boston - 3/25
  98. Free Market Healthcare? Favorite Country? Ron Paul Answers Viewer Questions
  99. Game of Thorns: Revelations From The 2016 Campaign (Doug Wead interview)
  100. Myth-Busters: Please Jean-Claude...Break Up The U.S.!
  101. Anyone know a good place to find a signed Ron Paul book?
  102. Threatening China Over Korea: Grandstanding...Or Wise Diplomacy
  103. Yes, Let’s Allow The Syrian People To Decide For Themselves
  104. Susan Rice Spy Scandal: Was Trump Right? And What It Means.
  105. Syria Gas Attack: Assad's Doing...Or False Flag?
  106. WWI Anniversary: 100 Years Of 'Making World Safe For Democracy'
  107. Mises Circle in Lake Jackson with Ron Paul coming up on Saturday
  108. Breitbart Loves Ron Paul #MAGA
  109. Ron Paul: "Zero Chance" Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag
  110. Ron Paul and Thomas Massie Live at Noon Today
  111. Live stream of Ron Paul's War and Peace symposium. April 8, 9:30am.
  112. Ron Paul: No Right To Immigration, No Migration in Current System
  113. Ron Paul on RT Politicking, Apr 7, 2017
  114. Ron Paul on the fallout from the Susan Rice controversy - Fox Business 4/4
  115. Ron Paul on Syria strikes - RT 4/7
  116. After Trump Bombed Syria, Are We All Neocons Now?
  117. After Trump’s Syria Attack, What Comes Next?
  118. PHOTOS: 2017 Mises Symposium featuring Ron Paul, Thomas Massie, Lew Rockwell, David Stockman
  119. Why Does Assad Have To Go? -- With Lew Rockwell
  120. Does Anybody Know What Our Russia Policy Is?
  121. Myth-Busters: The Un-American Income Tax
  122. Liberty In Maine - With US Senate Candidate Eric Brakey
  123. Ron Paul: Trump’s policy unstable, depends on who’s advising him at any moment (RT 4/14)
  124. Ron Paul: The U.S. doesn’t need to be in Syria (Kennedy 4/10)
  125. Who 'Provoked And Destabilized' North Korea? China?
  126. The Federal Reserve Is, and Always Has Been, Politicized
  127. Ron Paul: Neocons in Trump Administration are Pushing US Conflict with Russia
  128. 'Doing Time Like A Spy' - With Guest John Kiriakou
  129. More US Troops To Afghanistan: Will A New 'Surge' Work?
  130. Ron Paul "George Bush Deep Into CIA Drug Trafficking" (1988)
  131. Tillerson Threatens Iran: 'The Great Destabilizer'?
  132. Myth-Busters: No...There Is No "Right" To Never Be Offended
  133. Ron Paul: Border wall going to hinder American people as much as anybody (Fox Business 4/20)
  134. Government Shutdown: A Looming Threat...Or A Manufactured Crisis?
  135. Candidate Trump: ‘I Love Wikileaks.’ President Trump: ‘Arrest Assange!’
  136. Trump Vocalized A Massive Truth About Terrorism ... But Is Anyone Paying Attention?
  137. New Syria Sanctions; Gas Attack Claims Still Unproven
  138. State Governments Are Becoming the Biggest Drug Lords of All
  139. Our Turk Allies Just Attacked Our Kurd Allies - Whose Side Are We On?
  140. A Libertarian Laughs At The State, With Dave Smith
  141. Tomorrow at 12pm ET @JulianAssange on The Ron Paul Liberty Report
  142. Ron Paul Interviews Julian Assange
  143. Gen Mattis' Syria Chemical Claim Smacks of Politicized Intelligence
  144. Saddam Hussein at 80: Iraq Without its ‘Liberation’
  145. Ron Paul debates former CIA officer on North Korea - Kennedy 4/25
  146. Save Liberty, Shut Down the Government
  147. Ron Paul Warns "We Are In The Last Stages Of The Welfare-Warfare State"
  148. As Expected, A 'Bipartisan' Budget...More Spending!
  149. Enemy Of The Week: US To Slap Iran With New Sanctions
  150. Ask Ron Paul: NAFTA, Obamacare, Taxes, State Rights, And More...
  151. Ron Paul: The Collapse Is Closer Than Ever
  152. Ron Paul Unleashed: Former Candidate Excoriates Trump and Congress On One Issue After Another
  153. Dr. Ron Paul On The Fed, Stocks And Gold (CNBC 5/1)
  154. Syria Safe Zones Declared: Will The Killing Finally End?
  155. Myth-Busters: Pre-emptive War Is A Pandora's Box
  156. President Trump: Cancel Your Saudi Trip, Play More Golf
  157. McCain Hammers Tillerson On Human Rights: Why The Panic?
  158. Trump's First Trip: Will He 'Stabilize' The Middle East?
  159. Trump Is Making Good Diplomatic Progress With Russia; written by Ron Paul
  160. Arming The Kurds - A Dangerous Idea
  161. Comey Fired...Now Fire The FBI!
  162. Myth-Busters: The Infrastructure Boondoggle
  163. Maxime Bernier: Margaret Thatcher & Ron Paul are my political role models
  164. Ron Paul: No evidence of Russian intrusion in US political system (RT 5/11)
  165. Ron Paul on the GOP tax reform plan (Kennedy 5/9)
  166. Jeff Sessions' Authoritarian Drug Crackdown Won't Work
  167. 'Russiagate' -- National Security Threat...Or Just Politics?
  168. The 'Giuliani Moment' 10 Years On: What Does It Mean Today?
  169. Ron Paul on why Trump’s credibility is at risk
  170. Mueller Appointed 'Chief Prosecutor' -- 'Russiagate' Crisis Over...Or Just Beginning?
  171. Black Swans And Interventionistas...With Special Guest Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  172. Trump In Saudi Arabia - 'Peace In Our Time?'
  173. Manchester Tragedy: Understanding The Big Picture
  174. NSA Spying On Americans 'Widespread' - Let Sec. 702 Expire!
  175. Liberty vs. Security in the UK
  176. Myth-Busters: The Hysteria Over Budget "Cuts"
  177. Was Manchester Blowback?
  178. Are We Fighting Terrorism, Or Creating More Terrorism?
  179. An Update on Blocking The Saudi Arms Deal with Senator Rand Paul
  180. 100 Most Influential Libertarians: A Newsmax/FreedomFest List
  181. Washington's War on Food is Making Us Sick! with Guest Liz Reitzig
  182. Memorial Day: What Should We Remember?
  183. Hooper's War and Moral Injury, With Guest Peter Van Buren
  184. Myth-Busters: Is The Fear of Robots Overblown?
  185. London Attacks: Don't Blame Iran
  186. Trump's Budget: Radical change or more of the same?
  187. George Bush Shows Off Crack-Cocaine He Created & Ron Paul Responds
  188. Ron Paul Schools Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  189. A New Era - No Bubbles To Be Found
  190. Ron Paul Had The Mainstream Media Pegged A Long Time Ago
  191. Russia: US-Declared 'De-Confliction Zone' In Syria Illegitimate
  192. White House Blames Iranian Victims for ISIS Attack
  193. Comey Under The Gun: Truth-Telling...Or Just Politics?
  194. Ron Paul on healthcare: We’ve destroyed the concept of insurance
  195. Myth-Busters: Inflation Nation
  196. Ron Paul on Syria, Comey hearing (RT 6/9)
  197. Qatar Chaos: Washington's Middle East Mass Confusion
  198. Why Are We Attacking the Syrians Who Are Fighting ISIS?
  199. New Russia Sanctions: The Deep State Unifies Congress
  200. RT - 'It's always a blame game' - Ron Paul on US-Russia relations
  201. Global Peace Index: Where Do We Rank...And Why?
  202. Gen. Mattis Admits Afghanistan Truth: After 15 Years, No End In Sight
  203. Myth-Busters: Trump's Plan To Extend The Debt Bubble
  204. Ron Paul on Trump's infrastructure plan (Fox Business 6/12)
  205. Ron Paul confirms 'deep state' exists in United States
  206. Trump Turns Back the Clock With Cold War Cuba U-Turn
  207. Escalation! US Hits Syrian Jet, Russia Cuts Communications
  208. RPLR: Security...or Surveillance? The Edward Snowden Interview
  209. Congratulations To Ron Paul Liberty Report! 100,000 Channel Subscribers!
  210. ‘US should mind its own business; it shouldn’t be in Syria’ – Ron Paul
  211. Ron Paul: Enemies Foreign and Domestic at FFF Conference 6/3/17
  212. Paul Ryan's Tax 'Reform' -- Beware!
  213. Russia/Iran Sanctions Delayed In House: Policy Change...or Deep State Pressure?
  214. Snowden Part Two: Edward Interviews Ron!
  215. Republicans haven’t done much better than Democrats on healthcare: Dr. Ron Paul on Fox
  216. Republican Healthcare Plan Fails the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Test’
  217. Republicans Still Pushing False Flags In Syria And Cold War With Russia
  218. RPLR Trump's Super Fake Syria News: More US Attacks Expected
  219. Ron Paul Institute Five Minutes Five Issues: Episode 64
  220. More Americans See Liberty In Decline. Why?
  221. Is Civil War Coming To Saudi Arabia?
  222. Mises Weekends: Ron Paul on Making Money Great Again
  223. 'The Putin Interviews' - Oliver Stone Speaks Out!
  224. We Must Declare Independence
  225. Ron Paul: Not a 'total shock' if stocks plummet 25% and gold soars 50% by October
  226. Trump Appoints Himself Chicago Police Chief - Ron Paul Liberty Report
  227. Declaring Independence - A Novel Idea!
  228. Ron Paul says Sanctuary Cities Policy is "National Suicide"
  229. Let South Korea Be South Korea
  230. Trump Meets Putin - Who Has the Upper Hand?
  231. Myth-Busters: Government Healthcare Is Ready For Hospice
  232. Republicans, Democrats both believe in government medicine: Ron Paul
  233. Partial Syria Ceasefire (Again). Who's Winning, Trump Or Putin?
  234. Back To Benghazi - Are More US Troops The Answer?
  235. Janet Yellen: False Prophet of Prosperity
  236. Ron Paul "There's Such A Thing As BLOWBACK. There's Consequences For Us Interfering Overseas."
  237. July 09, 2017 C-SPAN Ron Paul "We As Americans Should Really Question WHO THE ENEMIES ARE!"
  238. Ron Paul RPI: Facts Or Fakes: Can We Trust The Washington Post?
  239. Ron Paul: Banks have helped bankrupt America
  240. Mosul: Another 'Mission Accomplished'
  241. Ron Paul On The Coming Dollar Crash, Cashless Society & False Flags (FULL INTERVIEW - 13/07/17
  242. Big Military Spending Boost Threatens Our Economy and Security
  243. Ron Paul talks Trump & Globalism with Alex Jones
  244. Four Major Famines - Unintended Consequences Of US Foreign Policy
  245. Ron Paul: Globalism Is Collapsing/Donald Trump’s Back Is Against The Wall (Video Interview)
  246. Ron Paul: Jeff Sessions Declares War On Liberty (Video)
  247. Autographed Ron Paul Family Cookbook
  248. RPLR Syria Gas Attack and Russian Election Hacking...Debunking Fake News With Scott Ritter
  249. Trump Should Veto Congress’ Foolish New Sanctions Bill
  250. Mr. Trump: Veto This Bill! - Sanctions Lead To War