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  1. Thane Paul
  2. Early Bird tix to LPAC 2013 Sept 19-21 on sale at 40% off! Ron & Rand will both b there
  3. "Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston" Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 4/29/2013
  4. The Rise of the GOP New Wave (Part 2: The Beginning of the Ron Paul Revolution, Tea Party)
  5. All Texas Congressmen save ONE receive Chamber's Spirit of Subsidizing Businesses Award
  6. 2 Polls - Americans Fear Government Encroachment on Constitution More Than Terror
  7. Ron Paul: Boston Police Tactics 'should frighten us as much or more than the attack itself
  8. Ron Paul: Police manhunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspect scarier than attack
  9. Politico: Ron Paul slams Boston 'occupation'
  10. Drudge. Ron Paul: Police manhunt for Boston suspect scarier than attack
  11. Ron's Boston Bombing Comments on Piers Morgan
  12. USA Today: Ron Paul slams Boston police response to blasts
  13. The Boston Globe: Ron Paul criticizes Boston shutdown during manhunt
  14. (Video added)Ron Paul: We’re Already Very Much Involved in Syria -- Fox Business 4/29/2013
  15. WND uploads Ron Paul floor speech on Syria intervention
  16. "A New Degree Of Freedom", translation of a Russian Language article on Ron Paul etc
  17. Where are all these hit pieces on Ron and Rand suddenly coming from?
  18. Ron Paul calls government search for Boston bombers ‘a taste of martial law’
  19. Ron Paul's statement on death of Howard Phillips, principled Conservative Caucus Chairman
  20. Ron Paul Wins
  21. Ron Paul slams Boston police. Has he gone too far?
  22. Vote for Ron Paul in today's Yahoo Finance poll: Who is Bernanke's worst nightmare?
  23. should I replace the pic on the front page for Ron's column with this one?
  24. Ron Paul all over the news
  25. A response Lawrence O'Donnell smear of Ron Paul, claiming only 'voluntary' Boston searches
  26. Lew Rockwell's powerful peace manifesto Ron Paul's Institute for Peace and Prosperity
  27. Ron Paul: The Real Terror in Boston Wasn't the Bombing But the "Taste of Martial Law"
  28. Ron Paul did not go far enough
  29. Ron Paul Statement on Federal Open Market Committee Meeting
  30. I was walking home one evening...
  31. Ron Paul Op-Ed: The Internet Tax Mandate Is Backwards Thinking
  32. Tickets to see Ron and Rand @ LPAC 2013
  33. Boston Herald: "Oh, be quiet! Could someone make Ron and Rand Paul please just go away?"
  34. Ron tweets a picture of himself with youngest greatgrandaughter, Cathryn (a few weeks old)
  35. Ron has two new podcasts up, the motivation for suicide bombing, and a discussion of
  36. Former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul to Present Keynote Speech in New York 5/13
  37. Hannity Forums has a poll on whether the Boston police state aspects went too far
  38. Adopt a Meetup - 5/2/13
  39. Nigel Farage discusses revolution w/ Ron Paul present
  40. [Video] Ron Paul + Jim Rogers at Sovereign Man Conference 3/30/13
  41. Vote for Ron Paul in facebook poll: Who in 2012 was most sincere in his fight for
  42. Financial Advisor Magazine: A Talk With Ron Paul
  43. Ron Paul Liberty Movement Will Outlast the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street
  44. New on Ron Paul Institute of Peace & Prosperity NeoCon watch: Neo-Cons Jump On Red Line
  45. (Video) Ron Paul 2010 CNBC interview on foreign policy, tweeted tonight
  46. Tom Woods blog post: The Dunces Are Against Him
  47. Video - CNBC Ron Paul: Goldman's Ulterior Motives from TUE 23 APR 13
  48. Ron Paul Institute: The Neo-Jacobin Ideology of American Empire
  49. MUST see video response: MSNBC: Ron Paul is a Paranoid Liar: "No Guns Pointed at Families,
  50. Ron Paul's Podcast Nation #10~Americans are No Longer Willing 2 Give Up Liberty 4 Security
  51. Flashback Pre Iowa Caucuses: "RON PAUL IS KICKING ASS!" Cenk Uygur
  52. Ron Paul Endorses Syracuse NY City Council Candidate David Gay MONEYBOMB today 5/3
  53. Jim Rogers and Ron Paul: You Can’t Disobey Economic Law
  54. VIDEO Ron Paul's Morality, Small Government, Legalizing the Constitution and Freedom
  55. Ron Paul: The Proposition is Peace
  56. Beautiful shadow theater. A great 'bring them home' message
  57. Zerohedge: Paul vs Paul: Round 2
  58. VIDEO going around about some of the media bias against Ron Paul in the campaign
  59. RPI on the current Israel bombing of Syria
  60. RPI: Syria's Drone Future
  61. "Federal Reserve Blows More Bubbles" Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 5/6/2013
  62. The Fed To Continue Bond-Buying Program, Ron Paul Responds ‘I Am Disappointed, But Not Sur
  63. GrokTV: Congressman Dr. Ron Paul (R-TX) house event - Speech July 2011 New Hampshire
  64. 550 people are 'demanding' Ron Paul come to Phoenix - I guess this event site allows deman
  65. RPI: UN Commission Investigator: It Was The Syrian Rebels Who Used Sarin
  66. RP Repub running in special election for MA Senate seat
  67. Ron Paul: What defines a terrorist target? Wealth? Religion? Freedom? Podcast
  68. Des Moines Register compares Ron Paul policies to Rand Paul policies on several subjects
  69. Conservatives Hate Drones
  70. Ron Paul Strikes Back
  71. RPI: The Iranian Nuclear Issue: What’s at Stake for the BRICS
  72. Ron Paul endorses Chris Stearns for VA State Senate (MAY 9th)
  73. Econ Love Ballad (with a Ron Paul theme of sorts)
  74. (VIDEO) Ron Paul - Every Color, Every Culture, One Constitution
  75. Classic Ron Paul:Osama bin Laden was our good friend because he was a freedom fighter-VID
  76. Ron Paul Podcast: The people, not the authorities, are really the First Responders
  77. Adopt a Meetup 5/9/13
  78. Fannie and Freddie in Good Hands with Mel Watt, by The People's Voice
  79. Ron Paul supporter statement goes viral
  80. Washington Times: Ron Paul: States rejecting failed war on drugs
  81. Ron Paul Podcast:The failed war on drugs, its cost, and its racial bias
  82. (Video) Ron Paul Message Striking A Cord (from 2007 but reuploaded today)
  83. Who's this guy standing behind Ron Paul on MSNBC?
  84. Pictoral response to Obama's speech to ignore those talking about government tyranny
  85. Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk: What No One Wants To Hear About Benghazi - 5/13/2013
  86. Brand New Ron Paul Movie
  87. Ron Paul: How to Sell Liberty (Video from 1990)
  88. Ron Paul: What No One Wants to Hear About Benghazi
  89. Ron Paul: Benghazi a result of U.S. ‘interventionism’
  90. How does prohibition of alcohol compare to the war on drugs? Ron Paul Podcast
  91. Politico: Ron Paul rips both sides on Benghazi
  92. Ron Paul at the Metals & Minerals Conference 5/13/2013 NYC
  93. #IfRonPaulWasPresident
  94. Ron Paul 2016!
  95. (Video) Ron Paul - War Propaganda (from 2012 but tweeted tonight)
  96. (Video) Ron Paul: Predictions in Due Time (from 2012 but retweeted tonight)
  97. (Video) Ron Paul vs. Bernanke in Three Rounds (from 2012 - tweeted tonight)
  98. Mike Church agrees with Ron Paul on Benghazi - transcript
  99. Newsmax: Ron Paul Blasts Both Parties Over Benghazi 'Sideshow'
  100. Ron Paul on optimism (video)
  101. An animated Ron Paul clip (from 2012 but tweeted today)
  102. Ron Paul 2012 debate clip with M Bachmann - tweeted today
  103. Denali - Live Free or Die Ft. Ron Paul (music Video)
  104. Ron Paul Gets to the Heart of Benghazi
  105. NY Metals & Minerals: Applause, politeness and Ron Paul
  106. Ron Paul Interview 1988
  107. Ron Paul's America #18 ~ Boston Bombing & CISPA
  108. Ron Paul's America #19 ~ Internet Tax Mandate & Liberty
  109. Ron Paul Keynote @ Casey Research Summit October 4- 6 at Loews Ventana Tucson, Arizona
  110. Six Years Ago Today
  111. Ron Paul's First Fundraiser in NH First Baby on the Campaign Trail!
  112. Ron Paul: Pessimistic on Washington, positive on gold
  113. You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy (VIDEO)
  114. Boston Becomes Toxic
  115. Adopt a Meetup - 5/16/13
  116. Ron Paul Institute ED: ‘Susan Rice Rice Belongs In The Big House, Not In The White House'
  117. Ron Paul Institute Editor post on Susan Rice appointment
  118. RPI: The Rise and the Fall of the Humanitarian Interventionists
  119. Flashback: Ron Paul on the IRS and Healthcare
  120. Ron Paul Video (from 2007 tweeted tonight)
  121. Ron Paul-IRS To Hire 16K Thugs To Enforce Healthcare Reform
  122. Ron Paul - Democrats and Republicans are the SAME! (from 2010 tweeted tonight)
  123. Ron Paul 2012 Floor Speech on Iran, Syria and US Civil Liberties
  124. Ron Paul's Weekly Podcast: IRS Targets
  125. Cashless Society - National ID Program in Africa run by Mastercard & 8 Banks begins
  126. Have you seen Ron Paul's new video about the National ID card being buried in immigration
  127. Support Ron Paul podcast by doing amazon shopping thru his podcast link
  128. Ron Paul Institute: Bill Kristol's Empire of Death
  129. Neo-Trotskyites Hating the Good
  130. Ron Paul: 'Let it not be said that we did nothing' (Floor speech 2007)
  131. Johnnie St. Vrain: Longmont homeowner is allowed to keep Ron Paul sign up
  132. Ron Paul Institute: Dealing remote-control drone death, the US has lost its moral compass
  133. Ron Paul vs Barack Obama on the drug war (2011 video being tweeted tonight)
  134. Ron Paul tweets: It's time to abolish the #IRS now more than ever! (With picture)
  135. (VIDEO) Most AMAZING ★ 2012 Election Ron Paul revolution (from 2012 tweeted today)
  136. Great Video Ron Paul vs Michael Moore on Larry King re Government Healthcare etc (2011)
  137. 'The IRS's JOB is to Violate Our Liberties!' - Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 5/20/2013
  138. EXCLUSIVE Interview With Ron Paul: Ron Paul's revolution continues
  139. (Video) Ron Paul's 6/2012 Floor Speech on Ongoing involvement in Syria
  140. Bonnie Legion Music Videos music inspired by Ron Paul ('Soldier' etc...)
  141. Powerful Ron Paul Song " For Liberty " by Mythic Tribe
  142. The Washington Times: Ron Paul: Fix IRS by shutting it ‘once and for all’
  143. Ron Paul sent me a "Thank You" letter!!!
  144. Chuck Baldwin: "My Interveiew with Ron Paul" (video from 2008-uploaded on channel today)
  145. People on left discuss issue alliance in context of poster bashing Ron Paul FEMA views
  146. Ron Paul's America -- Sneaky Congress and Enemy Combatants (compilation released5/20/2013)
  147. Police officer decided not to traffic write ticket because of Ron Paul sticker
  148. Any recent videos of Ron around???
  149. Is there an app for a daily Ron Paul quote?
  150. Billboards and Large-Format Signs
  151. Ron Paul on CNBC on gold, the plunge protection team, bitcoin etc
  152. Campaign for Liberty offering the Ron Paul Scholarship to college students
  153. RPI (Michael Scheuer): Obama, His Party, & Republicans Will Militarily Intervene in Syria
  154. Ron Paul Revolution - A Truth Whose Time Has Come (tweeted tonight, but from campaign)
  155. Ron Paul: 'Freedom Is a Young Idea and We're Throwing It Away' (PBS interview 2011)
  156. Ron Paul: Bernanke Grossly Misleading American People
  157. Ron Paul's Tax Plan - How Low Can You Go?
  158. RPI and LRC Blog: Senate Votes Unanimously Toward War Against Iran
  159. Ron Paul Chocolate Bar To Help Adam Kokesh Liberty Defense Fund. ALL proceeds this week
  160. Congressman Ron Paul Did Not Save U.S.!
  161. NBC Flashback: "Ron Paul on Bush’s Iraq stance"
  162. Gawker: "Check Out Sexy Ron Paul Being Don Draper On a Bicycle"
  163. (VIDEO) From Ron Paul Farewell Speech -- 5 Greatest Dangers
  164. RPI: The Great Peacemaker U.S. and Its Benevolent Effort to Bring Peace to Syria
  165. Caller on Mark Levin: "Some Ron Paul guy is trying to take over local committee"
  166. Video - Ron Paul - Don't Stop Believing
  167. Adopt a Meetup - 5-23-13
  168. Ron Paul's Imagine speech done as a school project (from twitter)
  169. Ron Paul THE GREAT AWAKENING (tweeted tonight)
  170. Ron Paul Podcast -- The way to end the IRS scandal is to end the IRS!
  171. Ron Paul Institute: Orwell Reigns Over Raw Milk Trial
  172. What Ron Paul Did For Me, by Sherry Peel Jackson (tweeted tonight)
  173. The Wrap: From Ron Paul's call to end the IRS, to the London machete killing,
  174. Ron Paul: "The Real Meaning of President Obama’s National Security Speeches"
  175. Ron Paul: 'Common Core' Nationalizes and Dumbs Down Public School Curriculum
  176. Obama is an ‘elected dictator’ Ron Paul spells it out (previous interview uploaded today)
  177. Ron Paul Interview with Kitco News on Gold's Volatility
  178. Ron Paul: Common Core used to bribe states into following educational mandates
  179. Economic Policy Journal: How the "Shadow CIA" Monitored Ron Paul
  180. Ron Paul gardening with the grandsons
  181. RPI Neocon Watch: McCain Spends Memorial Day with Al-Qaeda Allies
  182. Washington Whispers: Ron Paul Launching a New Website
  183. Ron Paul Interview With Lew Rockwell: Homeschooling, War, and Banking (Youtube added)
  184. I need a little help from the RPF
  185. Flashback interview: Ron Paul talks about 9/11, Bin Laden, Healthcare with CNN (9-14-2011)
  187. Ron Paul - Stossel Topic from ABC News Interview from 2008 (Role of Government)
  188. "Soul" - Why Does Ron Paul Inspire People? (Video)
  189. Ron Paul (LIKE A BOSS): LET A REAL DOCTOR SOLVE OBAMACARE!!! (from Presidential debates)
  190. Adopt a Meetup - 5/30/13
  191. Why Ron Paul?
  192. Bev Harris on Election Fraud, Citizen Journalism and the Ron Paul Revolution (video)
  193. Monsanto and the Ron Paul Syndrome
  194. Drug addict finds Ron Paul book lying on the ground, changes his life
  195. It would have been Ron Paul-Kucinich [Citation needed]
  196. Great picture from twitter - How To Spot A Ron Paul Supporter
  197. Ron Paul Rap Song "America's Choice: Liberty or Death" (VIDEO)
  198. Ron Paul v Paul Krugman ( from twitter)
  199. Ron Paul Podcast Interview- Pressures of Being in Office and How To Stand Up to Them
  200. The Best of Ron Paul Video
  201. Campaign for Liberty store reopens, has Ron Paul stuff
  202. The establishment doesn't just steal Ron's ideas anymore - Ann Romney to write cook book..
  203. Raw footage of Ron Paul interview from The Bubble film
  204. Ron Paul Video - rEVOLution ON FIRE! (tweeted tonight)
  205. Ron Paul Supporters have Passion! (Video)
  206. Ron Paul Institute: Those Old Colonial Lusts
  207. Ron Paul Institute: Illinois School District Forces Students to Self-Incriminate
  208. Ron Paul Institute: Turkey's Erdogan Gets Taste of His Own Medicine? (Gezi Park triggered)
  209. Ron Paul Questions Tim Geithner on Libor and Fixing Interest rates, etc (Video)
  210. Ron Paul's roots stem to Green Tree, voted Best All Around at Dormont High School
  211. Ron Paul gets to the heart of the Benghazi circus
  212. Ron Paul: “It’s the cause of liberty that I stand for” (Brown University appearance )
  213. Ron Paul takes the stage at Brown
  214. Ron Paul at Brown: Live Blog
  215. Ron Paul: Iraq Collapse Shows Bankruptcy of Interventionism, Texas Straight Talk 6.2.2013
  216. Ron Paul / Beck interview from 2010 about the ideological fight between sovereign/global
  217. Yet Another Attack on the Ron Paul Curriculum
  218. another Mass RP supporter running for statehouse in special election
  219. ICYMI: Ron Paul Blasts National ID Provision in Immigration Bill
  220. Ron Paul's America #34 ~ Medical IRS & German Family Appeal
  221. Ron Paul's America #33 ~ Snooping Reporters & Gov't Power Grabs
  222. Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell Talk Homeschooling, Nebraska Court Rules in Favor of Homeschool Fre
  223. Ron Paul Interview with Brown Political Review
  224. Ron Paul on The Alan Colmes Show 6/5/13 (tube added)
  225. Vince Vaughn comes clean on his love for Ron Paul
  226. JUNE 12th, posting Ron Paul memories on FB
  227. Adopt a Meetup - 6/6/13
  229. Prominent Ron Paul backer sits out NJ senate race
  230. Ron Paul's Statement on NSA: The Fourth Amendment is Clear
  231. [Video] Ron Paul on CNN - NSA Spying on Americans is a failure of the State
  232. Cruz: Ron Paul appealed to youth through principle, even though he’s “not Brad Pitt”
  233. Dr. Ron Paul, of course, has been warning about today's "surprising" revelation for years
  234. Ron Paul on Cavuto re: NSA spying 6/7/2013
  235. Help finding one of Ron Paul's Bills.
  236. Ron Paul Reacts to Gov't Spying News: What Did You Expect? (The Blaze)
  237. Matt Drudge, Bernie Sanders & Ron Paul versus Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Big Brother
  238. Ron Paul will be keynote speaker @ Catholic conference- Ontario 9/2013
  239. Ron Paul: Holder Should Be Fired and the IRS Should Be Abolished! (VIDEO) 6/6/2013
  240. Ron Paul warning about government computer surveillance in 1984 (VIDEO)
  241. New Ron/Rand Paul animation!... :)
  242. Got Ron Paul on the front page of Reddit :)
  243. Sen Cruz: Ron Paul appealed to youth through principle, even tho he’s “not Brad Pitt"
  244. Walter Block wants Ron Paul to run for President in 2016
  245. Politico: Vince Vaughn: 'I really do like Ron Paul'
  246. Ron Paul Condemns Reports Of NSA Secret Seizure Of Verizon Phone Records
  247. Edward Snowden donated to RON PAUL in 2012
  248. Ron Paul -Turn the cameras on the government (not the people) and defend whistleblowers!
  249. White house petition for Edward Snowden PMoF
  250. *DEBATE VID* The Battle for Clark County Nevada, RP vs Establishment