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  1. Ron Paul's view on public schooling vs private/home schooling
  2. "If Paul forces want 'nuclear war' over reducing caucuses, let's have it"
  3. People in Los Angeles who want Ron Paul on the radio shd ask KFWB nicely
  4. Young Republicans and Ron Paul people work with the Libertarian Party also
  5. Hallowed Be Thy Name: Ron Paul Tries to Retrieve RonPaul.com
  6. Ron Paul's Podcast Nation 3/22 "The Iraq War Began 10 Years Ago"
  7. Where is Canada’s Ron Paul?
  9. Ron Paul stuff on Ebay
  10. Ron Paul on Fox Business w David Asman re Federal Reserve VIDEO LINK & YOUTUBE ADDED
  11. "Abortion Restriction is Still a Winning Issue" (discusses "Ron Paul Youth")
  12. GOP Lawmakers Who Voted Against Iraq War Stand Their Ground 10 Years Later
  13. Adopt a Meetup 3/21/2013
  14. Anti-Fed Film 'Silver Circle' Debuts Tomorrow in NYC w/ Peter Schiff Q&A Afterward
  15. "Gold Is The Ultimate Money" says Ron Paul
  16. Ron Paul Statement On The 3/20/2013 Federal Reserve Announcement
  17. Ron Paul rises to oppose the Iraq War (2002)
  18. Picture of the Day: Ron Paul, Hot Young Dad
  19. Perry, Some Lawmakers Want State's Gold Back in Texas
  20. Ron Paul's comment for the day: "The Korea Threat"
  21. RNC Chair: Embrace Paul supporters
  22. Ron Paul says Fed’s warning about sequestration is ‘confusing and contradictory’
  23. Ron Paul Backed Gold-Standard May Become Texas Law Under Rick Perry
  24. Support H.R. 198: Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force
  25. Ron Paul: My Texas Straight Talk for March 25: " War Addiction Threatens Our Future
  26. Ron Paul - April 15th - University of Florida
  27. Ron Paul, former GOP presidential candidate, to visit University of Florida on April 15
  28. FLASHBACK Video: Ron Paul on the FED, War Mongering, and Iran
  29. Ron Paul on The Alan Colmes Show discusses Iraq War, gay marriage, and more
  30. AUDIO ADDED Ron Paul to be on Joe Walsh Show!
  31. Ron Paul to speak at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY 4/24
  32. Ron Paul to speak @ U of FL OConnell Center in Gainesville, Florida April 15
  33. 1988 TNA Interview - Ron Paul Offers a Choice
  34. "Meet Ron Paul" is climbing the 100 best selling kids bios list on Amazon's Kindle Store!
  35. Ron Paul to speak at Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH 4/7
  36. Ron Paul on The Lew Rockwell Show 3/26/13 "Empire, Blood, and Banking"
  37. Ron Paul ally Robert Lowry to challenge Rep. Pete Gallego in 2014
  38. INTRODUCING: "EPJ at Night with Ron Paul"
  39. Uncut Student Interview With Ron Paul
  40. Esquire: Michelle Bachmann's Bad Awful Month (about Sorenson and the email list)
  41. !!A 'brush fire of liberty' in Peabody -Ron Paul endorses Leah Cole and she WINS!!
  42. Who are 'neoconservatives'? Ron Paul wrote this in 2003 - being tweeted today
  43. VOTE UP Ron Paul Op-Ed - Let's Call This What It Is—An Internet Tax Mandate
  44. Air Force Nominations accepted for Portraits in Courage - wonder if they take ex-Air Force
  45. Adopt a Meetup 3/28/13
  46. Liberty Candidate Mike Moon is GOP Nominee in State Rep Race for April 2!
  47. Neocons Itch For War With Syria. Ron Paul Warned Against It [2011]
  48. Flashback: Santorum v Ron Paul on 2d amendment in South Carolina debate
  49. Ron Paul in 1988 on the power structure behind the parties
  50. Ron Paul: A Most Unusual Politician, by Murray N. Rothbard
  51. Ron Paul Podcast 3/29/2013 'Syria and North Korea: Powder Kegs and Interventionism'
  52. Elect The Right Candidates: Great Voting Index!
  53. Nigel Farage had dinner with Ron Paul
  54. Ron Paul in Chile 3/30/2013 -Sovereign Man Conference
  55. Ron Paul in 1980s - the Drug War Has Racist Origins
  56. Ron Paul Rallies Feb-Apr 2012 (Posted today as 'underground social video discovery')
  57. Is Ron Paul responsible? by Walter Block
  58. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery 4/1/13
  59. LA County RLC Presents: Friday Los Angeles Screening of End the Fed film 'Silver Circle'
  60. 'Ron Paul's Greatest Interview' (according to the guy who interviewed him in 2011)
  61. Ron Paul Speaks at Chilean Conference, Says Abolish the IRS
  63. MLB Campaign Donations GO HAFNER!
  64. Convention to bring Ron Paul, 15,000 visitors to Cincinnati
  65. More info on the Chile meeting of top liberty people
  66. 10 Things You Might Not Know About Ron Paul (from Dec 2008)
  67. Former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul to Present Keynote Speech in New York
  68. Ron Paul: ‘The Great Cypriot Bank Robbery'
  69. New Ron Paul Book on Home Schooling (You can pre order on Amazon now)
  70. Outlaw Marriage for All!
  71. The Hollywood Reporter: Ron Paul Endorses Animated Feature Film (Video)
  72. Obama and Congress should follow Ron Paul’s example on elected pay
  73. From Astrophysics to Politics and a Change in Philosophy, by Ani DeGroot
  74. Early Adherence to Libertarian Ideas Leads to Political Activism
  75. Good pre-2012 election, interview of Ron Paul by RT about the Fed, bailouts, and Korea
  76. Harper's Magazine: The Awakening - Ron Paul's Generational Movement
  77. Ron Paul donated $150,000 from House campaign acct to Foundation for Rational Economics
  78. Ron Paul's America (collection of some of the 1 min spots)
  79. Ron Paul 55KRC interview today in connection w homeschooling event (audio link)
  80. Ron Paul Economic Policy (Video compilation over the years)
  81. Ron Paul Tribute to Dr. Thomas Szasz—Psychiatrist who fought 4 liberty (Congressional Rcd)
  82. RLC (Republican Liberty Caucus) national convention will be in Austin in May
  83. Ron Paul email to fight gun control laws as Senate comes back into session Monday
  84. Ron Paul Podcast #6 'The Midnight Bank Raid in Cyprus'
  85. FLASHBACK: Ron Paul and William F. Buckley on 'Firing Line'
  86. EPJ's 'Ron Paul at Night' tonight on the US not getting the 'straight story' is great
  87. Ron Paul - Just War Theory and the Constitution
  88. Ron Paul made me realize
  89. Ron Paul Introduces for Homeschoolers the 'Ron Paul Curriculum' FREE grades 1-5
  90. The RNC Rules Battle Continues -- NOW Push for RNC Rules Change
  91. Ron Paul To Speak At Midwest Homeschool Convention, Launches Ron Paul Home School Curricul
  92. The State’s Newest Problem: Ron Paul Curriculum
  93. A Treasure Trove of Articles by Ron Paul – 2007 ‐ 2013
  94. Ron Paul's predictions
  95. (VIDEO) Ron Paul speaks at Cato about the Federal Reserve and then bill HR 1207 (now HR24)
  96. WND: Ron Paul Launches Home Schooling Site
  97. 'Homeschooling: The Future of Liberty' - Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk April 8, 2013
  98. 'Ron Paul Politico'd' (Lew Rockwell teases information again)
  99. 'Emulate Ron Paul', Lew Rockwell speech delivered at YAL event in Alabama 4/6/2012
  100. Ron Paul to speak at Brown on April 16 (per twitter)
  101. Lew Rockwell knows a little too much about Ron
  102. Ron Paul to speak (via Skype) at YAL's CA State Convention in Fullerton 4/13/13
  103. 60 Conservative leaders sign letter urging reversal of RNC power grab
  104. RT: Ron Paul launches his own school
  105. Fox News: Ron Paul launches libertarian-edged home school curriculum
  106. From the campaign debates but tweeted tonight. Ron Paul "I went" (VIDEO)
  107. Ron Paul Curriculum Accreditation?
  108. Ron Paul's Home Schooling Curriculum Will Turn Your Kid into a Little Ron Paul
  109. Reason write up of the PolitiCON smear article
  110. In the running to have closest exoplanet Alpha Centauri Bb named after them:
  111. The Humble Libertarian writes up Ron Paul's homeschool program and responds to critic
  112. Ron Paul’s new education curriculum promises ‘self-discipline’ and ‘success’
  113. ConservativeHQ: Ron Paul Launches No Cost Home School Curriculum
  114. Ron Paul speaks in Oberlin
  115. RNC Resolution Honoring Ron Paul via Iowa GOP
  116. Former RonPaul director heads the Galveston County Food Bank
  117. Is the Reddit "BitcoinBillionaire" a Ron Paul supporter? likely!
  118. (Video) Ron Paul Versus The Establishment
  119. Alaska establishment trying to kick out Debbie Brown, acting GOP Chair (fmr Vice)
  120. Vote for Pat McGeehan in the poll
  121. Ron Paul scheduled to visit Knoxville Friday - Tix $35 - includes dinner
  122. Ron Paul's Home School: a review (Good write up, from a homeschooling parent)
  123. Adopta meetup 4/11/13
  124. This is Why Ron Paul Distrusts the Federal Reserve: Minutes On Bond Program Released Early
  125. Grassroots Continue Rules Fight at Spring RNC Meeting
  126. GREAT speech! [Video] Ron Paul's Speech and Q&A at Oberlin College 4/7/13
  127. Ron Paul: Bradley Manning Promotes Peace More Than Obama
  128. You wouldn't have this problem w the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum
  129. Ron Paul and Religion (Lew Rockwell, also EPJ)
  130. What one picture of Ron Paul best sums up the man? (Post yours!)
  131. Ron Paul to Launch New Policy Institute
  132. ‘The neo-conservative era is dead’: Ron Paul announces DC think-tank
  133. Ron Paul to launch foreign policy institute
  134. She Googled Ron Paul
  135. Suggestions for alternative media to send "Meet Ron Paul" Press Release ???
  136. Ron Paul Podcast Nation 4/12/2013 "Crony Capitalism"
  137. ron paul's curriculum
  138. Ron Paul Draws Huge Lincoln Day Crowd in Knoxville 4/12/2013
  139. Curriculum for RonPaulCurriculum... I need contacts
  140. What it's like working for Ron Paul:
  141. Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Announced
  142. Ron Paul speaks at Knox Co. Lincoln Day dinner
  143. RNC passes Iowa GOP motion to honor Ron Paul
  144. Arguably Ron Paul's Greatest Debate Performance Ever (10-18-2011)
  145. Ben Swann: Had a great time interviewing Dr. Ron Paul one on one during his visit to Cinci
  146. Natural News gives favorable write up to Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum
  147. NEW better Video ADDED- Blog on Ron Paul in Knoxville, pics of Ron Paul Corvette and more!
  148. Ron Paul Video - rEVOLution ON FIRE!
  149. "Why Can't We ALL Travel To Cuba?" Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk April 15, 2013-VIDEO added
  150. Ron Paul @ Univ of FL (4/15/13) - Official Thread
  151. TownHall : Ron Paul to Launch Foreign Policy Institute
  152. Remember when the leftblog echo chamber pretended Ron would leave uninsured to die?
  153. (VIDEO) "The Best Of Ron Paul In 15 Minutes"
  154. Ron Paul - There Is Still Hope (School Project) (The one that brought FBI 2 students door)
  155. Obama Lost The Youth To Ron Paul
  156. Business Insider doesn't realize gold doubled in price since 2007-thinks Ron's way down
  157. ACLU picked up Brent Stafford's case!!!
  158. Ron Paul speaks at O'Connell Center to crowd of about 3,000
  159. Victory: Bill Rentiers elected as GOP Chairman of Lexington County, S.C.
  160. Ron Paul Using Campaign Cash for Non-Profit (Mod: campaign funds only allowed a few uses)
  161. Ron Paul at UF: youth support marks career highlight
  162. The Washington Times: Out of politics, Ron Paul launches his own curriculum
  163. Whats up with Ron Paul you tube searches?
  164. Ron Paul-Supporter Sues St. Peters Following Caucus Arrest (more details)
  165. If this is what Brown students write about Stenhouse (with mention of Ron) what will they
  166. Ron Paul espouses wary view of big government (Brown)
  167. The Fed Undermines Foreign Policy, by Ron Paul (2011)
  168. Irritated student who pays fees wanted freeer access to Ron Paul questions etc at UF
  169. Fox News Insider: Ron Paul on Promoting Peace
  170. "The Neo-Conservative Era Is Dead": Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity
  171. GOP Division Continues, Insiders Resorting to More Petty Tactics and Losing
  172. Ron Paul press conference launching Foreign Policy Institute
  173. Ron Paul to be on Cavuto today (per twitter)
  174. 'Ron Paul's America' Monday thru Friday at 8:20a & 6:20p on FOX Radio 910 (link inside)
  175. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich want to give peace a chance
  176. American Conservative: Take note, Ron Paul's new foreign policy site includes a score card
  177. The story surrounding Ron Paul's 'Neoconned' speech, and Ron's new 'NeoCon Watch'
  178. Politico Writes Up Ron Paul's Launch of the Peace and Prosperity Institute
  179. Like the Facebook page for Ron Paul's new Peace and Prosperity Institute!
  180. Ron Paul questions Alan Greenspan at economic outlook hearing (2003)
  181. Reason: Ron Paul Launches Foreign Policy Institute
  182. Photos: Young Americans for Liberty State Convention in Fullerton, CA, 4/13/13
  183. US News: Ron Paul To Launch Non-Interventionist Summer School
  184. RT Video Coverage: Ron Paul launches Institute for Peace and Prosperity
  185. TIME Magazine Interviews: Ron Paul (Video 2009)
  186. Ron Paul comments on the recent gold price plunge
  187. [Video] Press Conference of Ron Paul Institute of Peace and Prosperity 4/17/13
  188. Follow Ron Paul's new Foreign Policy Institute on Twitter! @RonPaulInstitut
  189. The Coming Non-Intervention Revolution by Ron Paul
  190. Ron Paul unveils libertarian think tank(new article as well as video)
  191. Ron Paul relaxed about gold's slump, focused on the dollar
  192. Ron Paul launches Institute for Peace and Prosperity to fight ‘the interventionist
  193. Ron Paul's America #6 ~ Obamacare, Germany & Texas Wants Their Gold (Three short spots)
  194. Retired Representative Ron Paul Continues Revolution By Building An Army
  195. Ron Paul Email: Internet Tax Bill Due Next Week
  196. Ron Paul Think Tank: Will Focus On Civil Liberties and Foreign Policy
  197. Ron Paul Unveils His Peace Posse!
  198. Ron Paul's Podcast Nation #8 - Gold Confiscation
  199. Ron Paul is skyping into the YAL Kansas convention! I hope they ask about Boston
  200. National Review Online: Ron Paul Launches ‘Institute for Peace’
  201. Ron Paul Autotune video from The Gregory Brothers criticizing drug war
  202. Ron Paul defines 'Conservative' (2012 debate Video off twitter today-series of short vids)
  203. 2012 Discussion on Ron Paul on Morning Joe, tweeted today (pretty good)
  204. "Ron Paul in 10 Great Quotes"
  205. The Untold Story of Antiwar Conservatives
  206. Ron Paul and Mitt Romney Both Speak To Same Dying Medical Marijuana Patien
  207. Someone 'Autotuned' Ron Paul's 'What if.." speech
  208. Ron Paul's Questions (VIDEO) -- from Ron Paul's farewell address
  209. A Ron Paul song I hadn't heard: Soul - Where Did America Go?
  210. CISPA Congress Exploits Our Fears to Take Our Liberty-Ron Paul TX Straight Talk, 4/22/2013
  211. Ron Paul in 2010 on the Mosque at Ground Zero- don't demonize groups for the acts of a few
  212. The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity
  213. Ron Paul's America #8 ~ Obama's Budget Joke, Korea Provocation
  214. Ron Paul: No one ever asked me how to increase youth support (Interview after RPI launch)
  215. (VIDEO) Ron Paul on Gold: No One Knows Value; I'm Buying - Bloomberg 4/23/2013
  216. Dr. no(Ron Paul statesman) payday monsanto RUFF DRAFT (tweeted today but from 2012)
  217. (Video Added) Ron Paul on futuresnow.cnbc.com at 1pm (ET) today (4/23)
  218. Ron Paul to visit Colgate University
  219. (Video - last couple minutes on Boston etc) Ron Paul on Fox Business channel at 8PM 4/23
  220. Review of "Meet Ron Paul"
  221. Ron Paul Peace and Prosperity Institute under smear thru association attack by Trotskyite
  222. Ron Paul at Colgate (pics as I find them)
  223. "Bastiat Foretold of Ron Paul’s Struggle"
  224. Ron Paul's America Collection #10 - Internet Tax, CISPA and Gay Marriage
  225. Ron Paul "The MSM Is Part Of The Problem! They're Part Of The Military Industrial Complex!
  226. S-FL cop forced to return RP supporter phone revealing unlawful arrest video
  227. Ron Paul endorses David Gay for Syracuse Common Council!
  228. Ron Paul endorses Rep. Paul Broun for US Senate (GA)
  229. Adopr a Meetup 4/15/13
  230. Walter Russell Mead bleats madly against Ron Paul's Peace and Prosperity Institute
  231. What is it about Ron's Peace and Prosperity Institute that terrifies the Trotskyites?
  232. No Need to Distort on Ron Paul Institute
  233. Ron Paul Criticizes Boston Lockdown: 'We Had Martial Law Out There,' 'It's Criminal'
  234. [VIDEO] Ron Paul Gives The Liberty View Of Boston, Terrorism
  235. Ron Paul endorses Curtis Coleman for Arkansas Governor race
  236. Vote For Ron Paul in this League of Independent Voters Facebook poll - currently tied
  237. (Audio Added) Ron Paul coming up on the Scott Horton Show
  238. Ron Paul: People seeking to drive wedges father vs. son, we agree 99%! (Geraldo show 4/26)
  239. America's Confused Foreign Policy:Battling Al Qaeda (Except Where We're on Their Side)
  240. (Video Added) Ron Paul on Alex Jones about martial law in Boston, etc. 4/26/2013
  241. Ron Paul brings message of liberty to Colgate
  242. Joe Rogan tweeted this picture of himself and Ron back stage at the 2night show
  243. Ron Paul Statement on Internet Tax Mandate
  244. Conservative Times: The Interventionists Aren’t Happy About Ron Paul’s New Foreign Policy
  245. Ron Paul: End the IRS & Abolish the Income Tax (Tax Day 2010)
  246. Funny Ron Paul related tweet
  247. VIDEO: Rachel Maddow Vilifying Ron Paul
  248. Why are so many college kids drawn to Ron Paul and libertarianism? (HuffPo VIDEO)
  249. Ron Paul - Awakening On Its Way 2013 ( January re: drones civil liberties etc)
  250. New Podcast Today: Ron Paul on His New Peace and Prosperity Institute!