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  1. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk11/22-US Military Support of Israel is Fueling the Gaza Conf
  2. How to End the Tragedy in Gaza by Ron Paul
  3. Ron Paul - Kucinich is one of the few that has integrity
  4. Remembering Ron Paul for "Changing the Debate"
  6. Steadfast Statesman Steps Down, by Steve Forbes
  7. Commentary on Ron Paul mentions student support (Liberty University paper)
  8. Ron Paul: Should You Run as a Republican, Democrat, or a Libertarian?
  9. Florida voters! Your action in the next month will determine Florida's role in 2016!
  10. Downsize DC projects - including adopting a RP bill for sponsorship
  11. Ron Paul's Subcommittee Hearing - The Future of Money 11/29
  12. Amash-Sole no vote, Paul and Massie votes for Medical Preparedness Allowable Use Act
  13. Ron Paul set a courageous example
  14. 5 Greatest Dangers to a Free Society By Ron Paul
  16. LOL! Maybe goes White House petition too far...
  17. The World is Not Flat
  18. Romney Lost Because of Ron Paul Supporters? Speculative But Possible
  19. Congressman John Duncan discusses Ron Paul on the Mike Church show (11/27/12)
  20. Republican Protest at the RNC Annual Winter Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina
  21. The best of 2012 (Student paper includes "Ron Paul Mania" in its annual highlights)
  22. Good-bye grassroots?
  23. Indefinite detention amendment to be voted on soon [update: PASSED 67-29]
  24. Ron Paul: Democratic Party, GOP Are Both 'Dinosaurs' (VIDEO and write up)
  25. Kucinich and Paul take on White House over legality of drone strikes
  26. Obama asked for suggestions of where to cut to b tweeted to hashtag #My2k
  27. Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA 10) will reintroduce Paul's Audit the Fed Bill in 113th
  28. Endless Rat Hole
  29. Huntsman Channels Ron on War
  30. Congressman John Duncan (R-TN) gives 5 minute tribute to Ron Paul on House Floor 11/29
  31. [Video] Ron Paul’s Exit Interview with The Washington Post - 11/28/2012
  32. Email from Ron Paul about the future
  33. TheLiberalOC: Allan Bartlett, Ron Paul Fan, Will Get Irvine Finance Commission Appointment
  34. RP's "Exit Interview" with Washington Post: Hopeful, Humble, and Hating Welfare 4 the rich
  35. Paul and prophets rejected
  36. Liberty movement carries on in Minn.
  37. What will happen to a post-Ron Paul Republican Party?
  38. Ron Paul Told Us There’d Be Days Like This
  39. Fireworks are about to go off in Los Angeles County. Need help.
  40. Goodbye to All That, Rep. Paul
  41. [Video] Ron Paul On His Future, Fiscal Cliff, Rand, and Secession w/ Alan Combes Nov 29
  42. First Order of Business: An Honest Vote. If We Had One Ron Paul Would be President Now
  43. Ron Paul supporter elected as Vice Chair of Maine GOP
  44. What of the GOP? (Nevada rift)
  45. Oregon GOP Chair will not seek re-election
  46. does a reporter's tweet count as earned media?
  47. Champion of the Unborn
  48. You really should follow Tom Davis and check out his twitter stream, often about us or Ron
  49. [Video] Ron Paul on Secession, Romney, the GOP's Future and Rand 2016 - Fox Business
  50. Rep John Duncan from Tennessee pays tribute to Congressman Ron Paul
  51. Tom Woods: Ron Paul Right, Thought Controllers Wrong, on Secession
  52. Yes, Romney Was the Problem (mentions how he treated the Ron Paul movement)
  53. Texas people contact your SREC members ASAP.
  54. Tom McClintock pays tribute to Ron Paul
  55. Ron Paul's ballsy facebook post
  56. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/3/2012 - Government Spending Will Send Us Over The Fisca
  57. Green Party Getting the Anti-Fed Message, Is an Alliance Possible?
  58. Nevada and 31 States have resolutions striking the draconian RNC 2012 rules!
  59. Defend Liberty: Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President in 2016
  60. Young Americans for Liberty Year End Report
  61. Ron Paul on NPR's Talk of the Nation 12/04/12 (audio added)
  62. Brown: Remember Ron Paul
  63. Bloomberg: Revolution PAC spent just 14% of funds on Ron Paul
  65. A Sound Dollar Salute to Ron Paul
  66. The Ron Paul Religion (not my choice of title)
  67. GOP Leadership Betrays Grassroots with Power Grab
  68. Ron Paul Farewell Speech: Gone, But Not Forgotten
  69. The New York Sun: The Ron Paul Awakening
  70. We need more Reps in the House in 2014.... Who are the prosepects?
  71. Ron Paul supporters to rally in Minneapolis for 'Liberty Forum'
  72. Potential Youtube Background Song
  73. Link for Dan Johnson's talk tonight
  74. Call John Boehner's Office!
  75. Ron Paul warns Republicans not to further anger their base
  76. Ron Paul to hit the speaking circuit
  77. Trygve Olson on the [nonexistant] Ron Paul Romney Alliance
  78. Grassroots initiative: 16 House Republicans needed to Fire John Boehner!
  79. anyone have contact info for speciallyblend?
  80. Dec 4th Jerry Doyle & Ben Swann Segment (always-epic)
  81. Petition for Obama to have a policy meeting w/ Ron Paul
  82. Iowa Governor's Staff Attacks Ron Paul GOP Chair AJ Spiker
  83. Adopt a Meetup - 12/6/12
  84. New Ron Paul Video
  85. Elect Ron Paul as speaker of the house!
  86. Ron Paul: Fiscal Cliff is "Nonsense"; We Will See "11th Hour Compromise"
  87. Tom Woods Response to Allegations Against Him and Revolution PAC
  88. Karaoke Night w/ Bob Murphy (Nashville 12/8)
  89. Harry Reid: Need conversation with Bernanke before considering Audit the Fed
  90. Washington state has the chance to throw out Lori Sotello, Chair of King County GOP
  91. The author of the hit piece on Woods and Franchi (RevPac) does not exist!
  92. [Video] Short animated video of Ron's farewell speech
  93. Why Ron Paul Fans Are Especially Furious About John Boehner's Conservative 'Purge'
  94. Put your money where your mouth is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  95. King County GOP Organization Meeting live blog (for those who hate Lori Sotello)
  96. Two days after Farewell speech, Ron Paul condemns "terrible treatment" of Bradley Manning
  97. Who else is running for office?
  98. FLYERS
  99. Lt. Gov. Bolling: Ron Paulians took over Virginia
  100. John Boehner....
  101. Ron Paul Has New Career: Rock Star Speaker
  102. Best/favorite memory from the election.
  103. Thoughts on the Ron Paul book by Brian Doherty.
  104. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/10/12: A Dangerous Expansion of Our Secret Military
  105. Rep. Tom Price is ready to challenge Boehner!
  106. FreedomWorks wants to engage "Ron Paul Millennials"
  107. Running OUR guy for L.A. County GOP CHAIR. Need online support
  108. matlarson10 - ALERT: Florida Senator Wants Nullifiers "Shot" and "Hanged"
  109. Ron Paul Christmas Ornament at Macy's
  110. McCarthy skips meeting with conservatives
  111. Ron to make $50,000 per speech in retirement!
  112. Ron Paul was SECOND most googled politician in 2012 - per Google
  113. MNGOP debt shrinks, but turmoil persists (talks about our folks up there a lot)
  114. WH Petition: Answer ALL questions posed by Congressman Ron Paul in his final House speech
  115. GOP Bars Ron Paul Supporter from Serving as State Committeeman
  116. who owns the fed? ron paul 1988
  117. Adopt a Meetup - 12/13/02
  118. Please contact your Congressman and the Steering Cmte about the Purge
  119. Free Way to Help Liberty Causes with Holiday Shopping
  120. Occupy Ron Paul -The retiring congressman's revolution wasn't just about the [GOP]
  121. "Pro Liberty Activists" Descend on Granite State (feat ron paul rep Mark Warden)
  122. Earn $$$ for Campaign for Liberty via Goodsearch.com
  123. Tom Woods is looking for interns.
  124. American Conservative (not the reason article) Occupy Ron Paul
  125. The 10 Most Buzzed About Politicians Of 2012
  126. Picture of Ron and Carol (and Kucinich) from Kucinich's twitter feed
  127. * LIVE STREAM* 12/15/12 - Los Angeles County GOP organizational meeting
  128. What if Ron Paul wins the 2013 CPAC straw poll?
  129. Flashback 2011: Ron Paul Introduces Bill to Abolish ‘Gun-Free Zones’
  130. Ron Paul will be at Mises Circle in Houston January 26 (speaking at lunch?) $85
  131. Toady was the Boston Tea Party
  132. John Boehner's treason is about to be Exposed!
  133. Ron Paul Supporter Running for MNGOP Chair!
  134. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/17/12: Right-to-Work is Good for Business, Labor, and Li
  135. Ithaca, NY Ron Paul Meetup Saved by RP Supporter
  136. Ron Paul: Right To Work is Good for Business, Labor, and Liberty - 12/17/2012
  137. Rehabbing Nevada GOP a Priority for Priebus in 2nd RNC Term
  138. John Boehner will meet House Republican's tomorrow
  140. When are your local GOP elections in 2013?
  141. Archive of Paul's Speeches, Statements and Texas Straight Talk
  142. Nifty YAL email
  143. Ron Paul Supporter and Former State Senator Jumps into SC-01 Race
  144. American Conservative Union (ACU) invites Ron Paul to speak at CPAC 2013, 12/18/12
  145. Clark County GOP Liberty Chairwoman, Cindy Lake on Dave Against the Machine podcast
  146. EXCLUSIVE: How Ron Paul Supporters Almost Took Over the Republican Party of Miami-Dade Cty
  147. Rubio pal Nelson Diaz fights off Ron Paul-ites to win Miami-Dade GOP chair
  148. ACTION ALERT: Call your Rep/Senators to OPPOSE NDAA 2013
  149. The Washington Times: Ron Paul invited to CPAC?
  150. Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System
  151. Whip Count for Boehner's tax bill
  152. All That Glitters is Gold: The Stock Portfolio of Ron Paul (R-TX)
  153. She survived Hitler and now wants to warn America.
  154. Armed task force to patrol streets
  155. Anarcho-Capitalists are right wing extremists, according to the SPLC
  156. Plan B and NDAA 2013 Thread Today!
  157. Ron Paul's Statement Honoring George Resch
  158. Art Robinson announces bid for Oregon GOP chairmanship
  159. Supporters of legalized marijuana run full page ad thanking some politicians for raising
  160. Torgerson and 'Ron Paul Libertarians': #2 Top Story Of The Year (St Louis Patch)
  161. Flashback: Protecting Terrorists and Despots, by Congressman Ron Paul
  162. Bret Baier's show on FOX news just ran a clip of Ron talking about the FED
  163. Why Don’t More Individuals Try To Influence Through Intellectual Conversation Rather Than
  165. PRESENTING: The 10 Most Conservative Members Of Congress
  166. Ron Paul Statement Against NDAA 2013 - indefinite detention, sanctions & MIC welfare
  167. WND Names Ron Paul 'Man Of The Decade'
  168. Fairer Electoral College votes
  169. Lew Rockwell: "The Astonishing Ron Paul" (TV Extravaganza????)
  170. EPJ: Exclusive: Boehner Was 8 Votes Short on Plan B Vote
  171. Ron Paul supporters fail by just two votes to take control of Miami-Dade GOP
  172. More threats from GOP leadership
  174. The last Friday … for Ron Paul
  175. Revenge of the Purged
  176. 2012 Facebook Trends - Year In Review -
  177. Ron Paul Brushfires of Freedom
  178. How are you preparing for an economic collapse?
  179. Pennsylvania newsmakers of 2012
  180. -VIDEO- @PiersMorgan: anti-violence crusader & principled warmonger
  181. Holiday Movie: Rang De Basanti
  182. Is DailyPaul charging for membership now?
  183. Consistent lying Nation W I D E ?????
  184. Reminding Americans why Switzerland has lowest crime rate in the world..
  185. So when China has mass stabbing, do they try to ban knives?
  186. Harass your Congressman over Christmas
  187. Check out Young American's For Liberty's Christmas Song!
  188. Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 12/24/12:Gov't Can't Mandate Safety-Criminals Don't Obey Laws
  189. The Hill: Ron Paul breaks with NRA on armed guards in nation's schools
  190. CBS: Ron Paul no fan of NRA gun plan
  191. Season's Greetings from the Ron Paul Family
  192. Fiscal Cliff: Is it really a "Cliff" we fall off of, like it's something bad ?
  193. CSPAN's Washington Journal asking for who is your political hero and why
  194. Ron Paul's Merry Christmas Facebook Post
  195. Is a Former Ron Paul Staffer the Next Grover Norquist?
  196. Ron Paul Calls Out Congress For De Facto Repeal Of Fourth Amendment
  197. Gretawire asking for responses to Ron's Straight Talk re Govt security being just another
  198. Ron Paul Rejects NRA Plan to Put Armed Officer in Every School
  199. Ron Paul's 32 Questions: Why Do Our Political Leaders Believe It Is Unnecessary To Thoroug
  200. Ron Paul on Playing the Game
  201. Ron Paul: Blowback and Why They Hate Us
  202. US News & World Report: Ron Paul Blasts NRA, Liberals Over Gun Issue
  203. It’s Time to Stop Taking Paul Krugman Seriously (Compares Krugman's predictions 2 Ron's)
  204. Doherty: Ron Paul Hits NRA
  205. Armed take over at Freedomworks?!
  206. News on Ron's speaking tour?
  207. Meet RON PAUL in Syracuse, New York?
  208. Doherty write up of Ron's discussion of guards in schools
  209. Why do Neocons hate LewRockwell.com?
  210. Adopt a Meetup 12/27/12
  211. Liberty-Minded Congressmen (All Endorsed by Ron Paul) Speak on the Fiscal Cliff
  212. Ron Paul: Republicans And Democrats Pretend They're Fighting (CNBC interview 12/28/12)
  213. [VIDEO] Time For Tom DiLorenzo To Write An Accurate Biography Of Hayek
  214. Get PAID to do liberty film and video work!
  215. Lie-Detector Test To Select (Genuinely) Principled Candidates.
  216. Muskegon County Republican Party elects 'Tea Party, Ron Paul-types' as executive officers,
  217. Mr. President, There Is No Fiscal Cliff
  218. 2012 - Year Of Living Dangerously In Review
  219. Kucinich and Ron Paul can save the US economy from collapse and starvation in the next 26
  220. "There's Never Been Anyone Like Ron Paul As the Republican shills at the NRA discover."
  222. Lake Minnetonka Patch's Top 12 Stories in 2012
  223. CSPAN will be replaying Ron Paul's farewell speech tomorrow "Time to be determined"
  224. Ron Paul Buchanan's Pick On McLaughlin Group
  225. The essential Ron Paul: 50 classic Ron Paul quotations
  226. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/31/12: Suggested New Years' Resolutions for Congress
  227. Media contact list - current
  228. As Ron Paul Leaves Congress, "Outside of Washington, I Am Very Optimistic"
  229. Ron Paul Recommends Congress ‘Reread The Constitution’ Before Taking Their Oaths
  230. Gallup: Ron Paul makes Most Admired man list
  231. Yet another liberty baby!
  232. Who did Ron Paul vote for?
  233. Liberty candidates in Texas update
  234. Daily Paul member's rant on C-SPAN
  235. Ron Paul to Congress: Honor Constitution on Every Issue in 2013
  236. Ron Paul leaves Congress as the best known national figure in Texas politics
  237. House Splits from Capitol Hill Without Sandy Relief
  238. "Revolution" Stickers
  239. A lot of people are now awake, how do we take advantage of that?
  240. Write in votes for Ron Paul in Travis and Tarrant County, Texas
  241. Good Time to get on Talk Radio
  242. The effectiveness of the liberty movement in a new Republican majority
  243. Full Disclosure
  244. Help Remove Speaker Boehner!
  245. Ron Paul rules roost among write-ins from Tarrant County in 2012 presidential race
  246. Ron Paul's statement on the fiscal cliff deal
  247. Ron Paul's Monetary Policy Anthology
  248. David Seaman Q&A with Liberty Forums
  249. A site is suggesting people download copies of Ron Paul's Monetary Policy Anthology
  250. (VIDEO) Ron Paul on Rothbard and the Great Depression