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  1. Ron Paul's 11/5 Texas Straight Talk~Federal Flood Insurance: A Moral Hazard We Cant Afford
  2. [Video] Ron Paul on Fox Business w/ Cavuto discussing FEMA
  3. Question for my fellow PA residents
  4. ballots
  5. Alabama House District 1 Write in vs Jo Bonner
  6. Tennessee House District 65 Write in vs Jeremy Durham
  7. Look at how #WriteInRonPaul is already catching on on twitter - we want to trend
  8. "Ron Paul" your Facebook page Election Day
  9. Does Ron Paul plan on endorsing a Presidential candidate?
  10. If You Were Thinking About Voting for Romney
  11. Voting in Ron Paul Gear
  12. I did NOT write in Ron Paul
  13. For all the children
  14. Nov. 6 Polling Place Sign: Write-In Ron Paul
  15. It all came down to this
  16. [Video] Ron Paul on Fox Business: Not enough difference between Obama and Romney
  17. Bittersweet Feeling
  18. Fraud reported at West Hollywood location - Voter told couldn't write in Ron Paul
  19. Show Write In Pix here!
  20. Ron Paul coming up on CNN now (Done already)
  21. What Would Jesus Do?
  22. Is it ever dangerous to vote?
  23. [Video] Ron Paul on CNN 11/06/12
  24. Rep. Ron Paul: Supporters ‘Frustrated and Aggravated’ That They Have No Choice to Change t
  25. Election 2012: Ron Paul’s Revenge!
  26. [qualified]Florida Ron Paul Write-In Votes Will Not Be Counted
  27. A new chapter
  28. it is time for a Libertarian Revolution....
  29. Mitt Romney lost because he ostracized us
  30. Just Venting, to the only people who understand
  31. Predictable
  32. See a flood of ...
  33. This might be our best case scenario....
  34. open letter to mitt, the RNC cheaters, and the media
  35. GOP didn't lose. 2-party system is an illusion of choice!
  37. Ron Paul email: Duck Hunting
  38. Run-Off Election in MS
  39. A National Presidential Poll of Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama?
  40. Braveheart - The legend spreads (mop up of traitors time)
  41. *ongoing* Romney FB likes crash as Ron Paul's steadily rises
  42. Thank you...
  43. GOP's Weber beats Lampson in race to succeed Ron Paul
  44. [Video] Ron Paul short interview on CNBC election night coverage
  45. Freedom is the Most Powerful Message
  46. Social Network Poll
  47. Romney loss guide for supporters
  48. Several ‘Ron Paul Republicans’ win closely contested House races
  49. PPP tweets 2016
  50. This needs to be burned into the brains of ALL Republicans
  51. Ron Paul Won!
  52. Mitt Romney is UNELECTABLE!
  53. Loose ends that will hurt us in the future.!?
  54. We warned them....
  55. The Way To Effect Change Is To Educate
  56. GOP in Deep Trouble, Ron Paul Looking Good
  57. A heart felt "Thank You" to Dr. Ron Paul
  58. Is this a bit too much?
  59. Ron Paul Elected Ruler Of Planet Inhabited By 1 Billion Tiny Ron Pauls
  60. The Ron Paul Revolution Moves to Congress
  61. Libertarians...Get To Work!
  62. This movement is at a significant crossroads
  63. Jim DeMint's Warning to the Republican Party
  64. Trevor Lyman, Creator of the Money Bomb, Endorses Free State Project
  65. Rebuilding
  66. From DP: The Ron Paul Factor (vote tallies)
  67. the delusional mainstream "GOP" pundits are already re-envisioning the election
  68. Liberty News Network - what should it be?
  69. An Ohio thought experiment
  70. We need letters to the editor now!
  71. Ron Paul revolution continues in Congress
  72. Ron Paul Republicans Win House Races
  73. Ron Paul's U.S. Presidential Election 2012 Lesson: Obeying the Constitution, No Sure Path
  74. Obama's win brings a cheer....
  75. My Vote For President Of The United States
  76. Divided GOP Resulted in Obama Victory
  77. Attention, Republicans!
  78. Anybody good at making websites?
  79. 8 of 12 YAL endorsed candidates WON last night!
  80. Where did the votes go? Article
  81. Audit the Fed looks promising in next year's Senate
  82. Judge Nap tweet notes he was a write in VP candidate in CA
  83. Ron Paul: NFIP Creates Moral Hazard In Housing
  84. Extremely angry Romney supporter
  85. From Ron Paul's Wiki
  87. Adopt a Meetup 11/8/12
  88. Gauging Ron Paul's Effect on Popular Culture
  89. The House controls the pursestrings and the GOP controls the House
  90. Who Killed Rudy Giuliani?
  91. The Ron Paul Effect-How the GOP Threw the Election By Disenfranchising Ron Paul Supporters
  92. [Video] Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 11/08/12
  93. (VIDEO) On Anderson Cooper: "Ron Paul youth are the future of the GOP"
  94. Front Page Drudge: RON PAUL - Election shows 'US far gone'
  95. Please support the establishment GOP's third-party calls
  96. Need info about "working within the GOP"
  97. USA Today: Ron Paul: College students understand my message
  98. The Daily Bell : Republicans Rage as the Great Burning Arrives
  99. Stat that proves the GOP must choose Liberty or Death
  100. Need help: which states are in process of nullifying Obamacare?
  101. Results Of Ron Paul Republicans That Won Senate Or Congress Seats?
  102. Photo collection of Delegate supression re: Romney loses the General
  103. Limbaugh Caller: I Voted for Virgil Goode (sounds like RP supporter)
  104. For the sore losers: we told ya so! (get your links here)
  105. Obama's path to to victory went straight through the Republican primaries
  106. Ron Paul 2016: Why I Refuse to Vote Anymore
  107. The Taming of the Tea Party
  108. Essays on Libertarianism, objectivism, and individualism.
  109. The Ron Paul Revolution Brings In 8 Congressmen
  110. Maine GOP head says he will not seek another term as chairman -LOL!!!
  111. Image of the year
  112. The One Issue Paul Could Have Won The Election With
  113. Hello New to the Forum, Some thoughts
  114. VIDEO: Ron Paul & The Four Horsemen of the 'Barackalypse'
  115. When are we going to get serious?
  116. Is Ron Paul a republican?
  117. My Response to Ron Paul being blamed for Mitt's loss.....
  118. Breaking down every Municipality in the United States
  119. Ron Paul: “Pure Democracy Is Dangerous”… When It’s Purchased
  120. Lou Dobbs says Romney's loss could be accounted for by voters who support Ron Paul
  121. [Video] Ron Paul: We're Broke and Already Over Fiscal Cliff - Bloomberg 11/08/2012
  122. Romney "shellshocked" by loss
  123. Jaynee Germond - endorsed by Ron Paul, Blames Ron Paul for destroying America
  124. The Vote Flippers might find this interesting (Obama gets 100% in Cleveland districts)
  125. Clip cut from live tv presidential debate!!!
  126. Demographic Data
  127. Radio Host mentions Ron Paul's thoughts on fiscal cliff
  128. Morton Blackwell Goes on the Record: 2012 RNC, Rule Changes, Virginia Delegation Bus, and
  129. Ron Paul's message to the GOP (from Ron's Facebook)
  130. Wake up Republicans! Stop picking crappy candidates like Romney every election cycle
  131. The GOP Establishment is missing the point (again)
  132. Neocons already trying to undermine us in the debate over spending in GOP
  133. OMG the "lady: who covered AFs face in that picture(Not AF)
  134. Ron Paul culpable for Romney loss - conversation with Uncle
  135. Ron Paul Won't Go Quietly
  136. Tea Partiers Celebrate Victories, Say Romney-Ryan Ticket Was Too Moderate
  137. Satire: Ron Paul Still Campaigning Out In Nebraska Somewhere
  138. Now Is Our Time. Become The Republican Party!
  139. Ron Paul’s thoughts on the coming crash (a nice write up)
  140. The GOP has learned nothing!
  141. The Ron Paul factor in the GOP’s defeat
  142. SNL shout out to Ron Paul
  143. When You Stab Ron Paul In The Back... [I'm not going to post this thread title]
  144. Who did you vote for in the primaries and in the election??
  145. The Youth Vote Helps Re-Elect President Obama
  146. How we benefited from the 2012 election
  147. Ron Paul Revolution Phase 3
  148. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 11/12/12: Abolish All Price Controls: Let the Free Market F
  149. [VIDEO] Go Back In Time And Shoot Hamilton
  150. Ron Paul Legacy Could Trigger a Libertarian Takeover in the 2014 Midterm Elections
  151. 12 million fewer Americans voted in 2012, yet political pundits scratch their heads
  152. New Guy here. How do we spread the message?
  153. Ron Paul Supporters Still Being Purged by Johnsonite Mods at DailyPaul
  154. My LTE: The Revolution is Alive and Well
  155. Bill Kristol admits Ron (and Rand) Paul supporters are the future of the GOP
  156. Ron Paul - Will my last session be the worst?
  157. Need a little help here
  158. Challenge to You All
  159. Pelican State Liberty PAC Announces Official Launch!
  160. Subversive ideas: A karma-based economy
  161. Went to a local Tea Party meeting tonight, my experience.
  162. Wishful Thinking or Accurate Account (Republican Party is in remorse?)
  163. Ron Paul: In Praise of Price Gouging
  164. Proof Ron Paul's ideas are winning!
  165. Doug Wead Interview 11/12/12 - tube?
  166. Ron Paul on secession
  167. Why I won't vote for Rand Paul or anyone else for president in 2016
  168. [Video] Ron Paul: Americans Expect Too Much From Government - Bloomberg 11/13/2012
  169. [VIDEO] Ron Paul: Boehner Is Safe in Leadership Role
  170. [VIDEO] Ron Paul: No Chance for Big Bargain on Fiscal Cliff (Full Bloomberg Inteview)
  171. Calling All Ron Paul Supporters To The Clark County Republican Party CC Meeting tomorrow
  172. Too Far Right? NO! Ron Paul Told You! Not Enough Liberty! (Social Issues/Obama Win)
  173. Ron Paul: Secession is "Very American"
  174. [Video] Ron Paul farewell speech on House floor 11/14/12
  176. [TRANSCRIPT & VIDEO]: Ron Paul's Farewell Speech- 5 greatest dangers #1 toCivil Liberties
  177. Brian Doherty: Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress
  178. A Tribute to Dr. Paul and the movement he started
  179. 'Ron Paul and Barney Frank to Obama: Leave pot smokers alone'
  180. Celebrate Dr. Paul's Last Weeks in Office by Filing Your Local Office Nomination Papers
  181. [Video] Ron Paul: Raising Taxes Doesn’t Necessarily Increase Revenue - FBN November 14
  182. Drudge Report - Ron's farewell speech, top of center column
  183. Yes, Romney was the problem
  184. HotAir: Ron Paul’s farewell salute to freedom
  185. [Video] Ron Paul on C-SPAN's Washington Journal 11/15/12
  186. Ron Paul's Farewell Speech need its own Wikipedia Page?
  187. Ron Paul Farewell Speech On Front Page Google News
  188. Adopt a Meetup - 11/15/12
  189. Ron Paul: 'Our Constitution Has Failed' to restrain government
  190. How did Ron do it?
  191. New Petition: Answer ALL the questions posed by Congressman Ron Paul in his final speech
  192. Ron Paul - The Principles of Individual Liberty
  193. LA County GOP Central Committee meeting going down tonight.
  194. Atlantic Magazine- Ron Paul's Last Speech to Congress: 30+ Strangely Ordered Questions
  195. In Farewell, Ron Paul Offers Hope Despite Looming Economic Implosion (The New American)
  196. Ron Paul's First Sit-Down Interview after Congressional Farewell Address
  197. WaPo's view of Ron Paul’s most memorable moments (VIDEO)
  198. LA Times Ron Paul calls for 'Love' 'Free Market Economics' in Final Address
  199. L.A. Times: Mitt Romney and Ron Paul: Who had the better exit lines?
  200. Ron Paul's Vision of a Virtuous and Moral People: Not Sexual Behavior, But Attitudes Towar
  201. "What Happened to the Ron Paul Coalition?"
  202. Ron Paul bids farewell to “psychopathic authoritarians”
  203. Ron Paul Blasts Washington As A Corrupt Warmonger
  204. Limbaugh on Paul Farewell Speech
  205. The Ron Paul of the 1980's
  206. Petition to nominate Ron Paul to secretary of the Treasury
  208. RP asked 31+ questions in his farewell speech. Lets ask him 31 questions
  209. [VIDEO] Ron Paul calls it quits: his legacy will live on
  210. Radio talk show hosts going back into libertarian mode now that it does not matter
  211. Massie, Amash vote differently than Paul, Jones on Russia Bill
  212. [VIDEO] Ron Paul on Stossel: "Hard to divvy up loot when there's none left" - Nov 15
  213. *sniffle* - Facebook Cover Picture From A RP Staffer
  214. The Only White House Petition Worth Signing
  215. Ron Paul has BIG plans!
  216. Ron Paul's Swan Song, Jerry Doyle Show, 11/15/12
  217. Maine National Committeeman (RP campaign endorsed) calls for Maine GOP chair's resignation
  218. NY Sun editorial: The Ron Paul Awakening
  219. Can we all spread Ron Paul´s Farewell Speech to Congress around the web ?
  220. Calling all Georgians: GA sign-up for next year's Party Elections
  221. The Hill: Ron Paul to take his case for liberty to college campuses
  222. Nevada rule changes means what?
  223. Do you work out as much as Ron Paul?
  224. Ron Paul: You're Not FREE if you Can't Secede from an Oppressive Government
  225. Whitehouse.org Petition to Make Ron Paul Chairman of the Federal Reserve
  226. A "must read" Ron Paul story.
  227. Video: Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul's ‘Secret’ Plans
  228. (on Drudge) Ron Paul: 'Secession is a deeply American principle'...
  229. Strangest Political Secret
  230. Ron Paul 2016?
  231. [Video] Ron Paul Interview at the Mises Supporters Summit
  232. [Video] Ron Paul on GoldMoney 11/19/12
  233. Why Ron Paul deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  234. Why All the Outrage Over Ron Paul's Secession Musings?
  235. Has anyone gotten their Ron Paul Talking Action Figure Doll yet?
  236. @ronpaul on Twitter needs presence nothing since 26 Aug
  237. Thank You, Ron Paul
  238. Anti-Ron Paul people?
  239. Anyone know the song used in this video?
  240. Thank you RPFs!!!
  241. Chuck Baldwin's tribute to Ron
  242. Ron->Rand, the GOP's Paul Problem Isn't Going Away. It Also Isn't a Problem
  243. Ron as Rand's VP? On his cabinet? Fed chair?
  245. How many Ron Paul supporters are there?
  246. OK Electoral College, don't let me down. I want to see a bunch of Ron Paul votes.
  247. Ernie Hancock Interviews Jeff Deist (Dr. Paul's Chief of Staff) on Ron Paul's Future
  248. How will Ron Paul fare with visibility in the media once he is retired?
  249. Ron Paul's farewell address: Right up there with George's - Washington, not Bush
  250. Ron Paul’s Inaugural Address, Written by His First (and Only) Speechwriter by Gary North