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  1. My Mitt Romney Lover Experience
  2. Who's going to Atlas Shrugged II premiere 10/12? We have a SoCal viewing event.
  3. Ron Paul Sent Me: My Strange and Awesome Journey Into the World of PolicyMic
  4. Rolling Stone says Ron Paul is among The 10 Best Politicians on Pot Reform
  5. [Mod note: EU was awarded the Peace Prize this time] Ron Paul: Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
  6. RP Delegates - We had a good run!
  7. Final 'Freedom Index' scoring of this Congress comes out -- only Ron Paul has 100% of all
  8. [VIDEO ADDED] Ron Paul speaking in Victoria, TX 10/13/12 GREAT speech & Q & A!!
  9. maybe we SHOULD write him in
  10. Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne: "I'm writing in Ron Paul."
  11. [Video] Ron Paul on CNBC's online show Futures Now 10/11/12
  12. Adopt a Meetup - 10/11/12
  13. Effective Immediately... [Ron Paul email]
  14. Ron Paul Was Right All Along About Our Fiscal Woes: Time for Congress to Listen Up
  15. The Hill spins Ron Paul's warning about more spending and dependency leading to chaos as
  16. CNBC video of Ron Paul 10/11, entitled "Why I still won't endorse Romney"
  17. Electing Faithfulness: Part 2: Yep, Still Riding the Ron Paul Revolution
  18. Robin K of Blue Republicans, likes this guy in Seattle - Ron Bemis - likens him 2 Ron Paul
  19. Ron Paul Won't Endorse Romney, Cites More of Same
  20. Looks Like We Can Add WV, ID, IL and MT to States Where it's Worth it to Write in Ron Paul
  21. Urgent: California Ron Paul Electors Needed to Make Ron Paul/Judge Napolitano a Write-in
  22. Paul’s Texas district becomes Election Day fight
  23. [Video] Ron Paul: I'm Trying to Prevent The Collapse of the Dollar
  24. This guy thinks Ron Paul supporters would be better off voting for Obama than Romney
  25. Ron Paul Marijuana Bill 2 Remove Federal Level Criminalization - 8 Reasons It Makes Sense
  26. Oh, you're interviewing Ron Paul today? Don't worry, the TSA is here to detain you twice s
  27. Ron Paul Won't Endorse Romney, Sees "Essentially No Difference"
  28. FINALLY the Eventbrite is up for Ron Paul's appearance at the UCCU at Utah Valley U 10/18
  29. An Oldie but Goodie Video of Ron Paul when about to return to Congress in 1990s
  30. Ron Paul at Utah Valley U 10/18 UPDATE: Standing room only
  31. Vote for Ron Paul endorsed, and supporter, State Sen. Tom Davis in this 2014 poll!
  32. Greta asks viewers 'What do you think, would Ron Paul have made a good President?
  33. When Is The Last Time The Gop Had Competing Nominating Speeches At The RNC?
  34. The Ron Paul Effect: Showing up in the polls back in August 2011...
  35. Ron Paul: 'Forget A 3rd Party, We Need A 2nd Party' (CNBC)
  36. John Boehner Confronted Over Tampa Rules Vote in Charlotte, NC
  37. Voting for Ron Paul?!, this is what you do to keep count...
  39. Opposition games are starting to go down big time!
  40. Write-in Republican candidate Ron Paul, write off more war
  41. Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Romney Because He Rightly Thinks America is a One Party System
  42. Derek Rideout: Ron Paul still the best candidate for all Americans
  43. Jim Rogers on Politics, Money Metals, Ron Paul and How to Deal With an Endless Downturn
  45. Two Party Fallacy
  46. Help End the Fraud of The Commission on Presidential Debates
  47. Here is Greta's open thread to answer 'Why we like Ron Paul' & 'what would Pres Paul do?'
  48. Greta: OPEN THREAD: What up and coming politician is the most like Congressman Ron Paul
  49. NBC video: Ron Paul speaks at Tampa Rally
  50. Colbert questions if Obama-Romney illusion of choice is "one huge, cruel joke"
  51. Announcing The Future of the Ron Paul Revolution event
  52. Ron Paul and the American Right
  53. How I answer the question "Are you voting for Obama or Romney"
  54. The Future Of The Ron Paul Revolution
  55. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 10/15/12: Despite Claims, Recovery is NOT Around the Corner
  56. Nice to see Ron Paul on Free Talk Live again
  57. Ron Paul Endorses the Free State Project!
  58. The Hill: Ron Paul says latest jobs report overstating strength of recovery
  59. Those cuts aren't cuts; Ron Paul on Barack Romney and Mitt Obama
  60. Ron Paul Says: 'No' to Romney
  61. Opinion: On Banks and Foreign Policy, Ron Paul is Right
  62. Ron Paul Has Been Right All Along: We the People Need to Live According 2 the Constitution
  63. Possible DANGER! counting the votes. RON PAUL could take the election!
  64. some cool videos to explain economy
  65. Ex-GOP presidential candidates still in debt
  66. Opensecrets: Armed Forces Show Overwhelming Support for Obama (lately)
  67. Will the Liberty Movement Impact Future Elections?
  68. What's Next for Ron Paul? (comedy central)
  69. [VIDEO ADDED] Ron Paul will be on CNBC at 8pm ET for Pre Debate Coverage 10/16/12
  70. Great "Ron Paul People" picture off twitter
  71. Legislative candidates find Tea Party’s red-hot rage has cooled considerably (we're in it)
  72. The 'Fractured' Movement and next steps
  73. The writing's on the wall (literally)
  74. Ron Paul to speak Thursday at UVU (Utah Valley University) @ 1:30 at 8000 seat UCCU center
  75. Ron Paul and America's youth (slideshow)
  76. Is Ben Swann thinking of running - video makes me wonder
  77. Sho Baraka Tweets His Love for Ron Paul
  78. Gold Coin Encourages Americans To Vote For Ron Paul Via Write In
  79. Author's view-Ron Paul Presidential Debate Analysis: Why the American People Lost the Deba
  80. Awright ya herd of cats!
  81. What Now?
  82. Obama, Romney and Federal Reserve Independence (gives Ron credit for the platform plank)
  83. PICS ADDED Ron Paul to visit Utah Valley University on Thursday -
  84. Lindsey Graham’s collaboration with Democrats points to tea-party challenge
  85. What do Ben Swann, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Josh Tolley and Thom Hartmann have in common?
  86. UVU brings Ron Paul to Utah Thursday
  87. Should Central Banks Burn All Their Government Bonds?
  88. Ron Paul Sound Currency Message is Resonating With Worldwide Leaders, Including China
  89. Politico: Ron Paul campaign spent $718,000 last month
  90. Adopt a Meetup 10/18/12
  91. Ron Paul supporters turn out in droves for speech at UVU
  92. Ron Paul given rock star treatment at UVU - Deseret News
  93. VIDEO: Ron Paul: The Campaign Continues! We Must Stop the Enemies of Liberty!
  94. Ron Paul Lecture - The Great Enabler: The Rise of the Federal Reserve & the Growth of Govt
  95. Full video of Ron Paul at UVU 10/18/2012
  96. HuffPo: Blue Republican Endorses John Dennis, Dr. Shaun Crowell and Tisha Casida
  97. Truth Bomb Day: What Lie do We Attack?
  98. Which of the two candidates to vote for?
  99. [Video] Ron Paul on Fox News with Neil Cavuto 10/19/12
  100. The Republican Primary Legacy: Debt Hypocrisy (Minus Ron Paul) - great article
  101. No Longer Campaigning, Ron Paul Draws Numbers
  102. Ron Paul will live on forever…
  103. Video: Top Ten Ron Paul Moments
  104. URGENT Internet Poll on LOCAL Spending Vote Now!
  105. U.S. voters miss best choice
  106. PHOTOS: Young Americans for Liberty's Civil Liberties Tour and Campus Debates in Arizona
  107. Paul passing torch to supporters in speech at UVU (great pictures, too)
  108. A Ron Paul Song - video from May I hadn't seen -- by Payday Monsanto
  109. Update on FLORIDA Grassroots expansion
  110. UVU Review: Ron Paul revolutionizes UVU
  111. TISHA CASIDA anyone
  112. Ew, this guy's using his niece's love for Ron Paul to sell Mitt Romney
  113. Video: Ron Paul questions Alan Greenspan 2002 re: fiat money
  114. Ron Paul, the Fed, and special privileges for the favored
  115. New Hampshire Liberty Alliance Crunch Time
  116. Quasi Poll of Northern Illinois voters -- and Ron Paul
  117. On Organizing Books on a Bookshelf: Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul Left in the Dust
  118. PAID INTERNSHIP w/ Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty!
  119. Ron Paul: An American Tune (VIDEO)
  120. looking for this as a bumper sticker
  121. No One But Paul. I meant it.
  122. Ron Paul- Internet Freedom is Vital for Human Freedom - O considering Exec Order CISPA
  123. Rigged Elections for Romney? By Michael Collins
  124. Doug Wead: How Mitt Romney Cheated His Way To The GOP Nomination
  125. WAR ROOM: Truth bombs are no fun. Lets have a LIE BOMB!
  126. Ron Paul Endorses 5 Candidates in Maine
  127. OK, this is creepy. Mitt Romney is sending THANK YOU notes, smearing my reputation....
  128. People ARE Waking Up
  129. Ron Paul speaking tonight at Lake Jackson Civic Center on how Nat'l debt affects you
  130. Contact the Ron Paul campaign for community service?
  131. How will the candidates on your ballot stand up for liberty? CFL Survey JUST Released!
  132. [VIDEO] Ron Paul "I believe we may be at the end stages of Keynesianism" 10/23/12
  133. The mess Mitt made: He should have listened to Ron Paul on foreign policy
  134. A good night for Ron Paul
  135. Obama and Romney prove similarities - Ron Paul stands alone
  136. Great minds like a think: Paul Gottfried on why Mitt Romney's a liberal
  137. Ron Paul: "Man of the Left"
  138. PICS: Libertarian Quotes (fb covers, etc)
  139. Comment squad needed for Bentivolio and Amash to counter slams under articles and Facebook
  140. It looks like write in votes for Ron Paul WILL COUNT IN CALIFORNIA!!! (AND Maine etc)
  141. Watch Tom Woods live 8:30 ET
  142. My "grassroots" Ron Paul Liberty Corvette" is for sale...
  143. Illustrations in progress for children's book: "Meet Ron Paul" (video)
  144. Ron Paul Says Someone Needs to Ask the Fed Question
  145. Ron Paul back in Texas
  146. Adopt a Meetup 10/25/12
  147. Call To Action - Help The Next Debate!
  148. Letter: Write In Ron Paul For President As Your Protest Vote
  149. Andrew Ian Dodge on Federal Reserve Audit
  150. Things My Dad Says
  151. Blast from the past: Ron Paul questions Colin Powell on Iraq war plans Sept 19 2002
  152. Campaign For Liberty IS THE FUTURE!
  153. State Of Maine Takes On The G.O.P. Go Write In Ron Paul! (Write in Ron Paul video)
  154. The American Conservative: The Only Chart That Matters (donors)
  155. Testing Overstock.com on Ron Paul!
  156. Ron Paul for President: Why Democrats Should Consider Paul as a Progressive Choice
  157. Ron Paul's seat merits Clinton visit for Dem candidate
  158. A Ron Paul Vote is Not a Wasted Vote
  159. Progressives in UK discuss vote flipping
  160. Political Co Announces Launch of New Ron Paul Facebook Page for Upcoming 2012 Presidential
  161. YAL looking for PAID interns!
  162. Didn't we do a comparison of Obama & Romney to Ron (for CA Write in) can only find with MR
  163. Ron Paul is a CERTIFIED Write In Candidate In California!!
  164. What are you doing to make them regret what they did?
  165. Bryan Bliss Testifies to Voting Machine Vulnerabilities
  166. How do we convert people?
  167. Great Ron Paul Mini-Doc
  168. US 'Secret' Drone Base and Ron Paul's Foreign Policy
  169. Great Q & A Ron did earlier that I missed - takes questions mailed in
  170. Aucoin: Reasons to write in Ron Paul
  171. How to win California for Ron Paul in 10 Fun Filled Days
  172. Ron Paul Supporters Keep Faith Even After He’s Out
  173. How Mitt Romney Lost My Vote
  174. Ron Paul revolutionizes UVU (reprise article with great pictures and slide show)
  175. Sorry, Mr. Franklin, “We're All Democrats Now” by Rep. Ron Paul M.D. 2003
  176. Vote for Ron Paul
  177. Ron Paul Warned Us: United States, Not China, Is Biggest Currency Manipulator
  178. Ron Paul endorses Don Volaric (US-House Michigan 9th District)
  179. Candidate comparison fact sheet of Ron Paul/Obama/ Romney for CA ME and other states
  180. The coolest pumpkin EVER
  181. Ron Paul Revolution: The Write-in Campaign Strategy *Do It Now!* (from a DP post)
  182. Florida C4L school!
  183. Campaign for Liberty solicitations
  184. Write-In Candidates Not Allowed in SC--Meaning I can't Write in Dr Paul.
  185. RNC office "tagged".
  186. U.S. Senate: Ron Paul endorses Denny Rehberg
  187. Liberty for All Super PAC on Yahoo News Power Players
  188. WriteInRon2012.com
  189. Project: Notify California (and Maine) meetups that Ron Paul is a certified write in
  190. Ron Paul on what could be expected to occur in the event of a dollar crash
  191. Ron Paul: Teaching Freedom (Ron Paul speech at Mises Institute - podcast)
  192. Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Judge Nap at the Mises Summit
  193. Ron Paul is still the only real choice for President
  194. Columbia University Libertarians will not endorse for President in the general election
  195. Political Class Dismissed - Endorsement: Write In Ron Paul for President
  196. Ron Paul endorses Don Volaric for US Congress
  197. FORECLOSURES & THE ECONOMY: Rep. Ron Paul – September 20, 2007
  198. [Video] Ron Paul on Stossel: FEMA Causes More Harm than Good
  199. YAL debate will be on CSPAN tonight at 7PM Jim Antle v Tim Cavanaugh v Bill Scher
  200. Romney Supporters Banned From Free Republic
  201. Ron Paul NY write-in
  202. For those in WV: David Morgan, LP candidate for governor. Please spread this widely.
  203. Best Ron Paul Conversion Videos?
  204. Ron Paul Write In example text for posting FAR AND WIDE!!
  205. Romney, Obama and Ron Paul on video games
  206. Ron Paul : We Are Young (video)
  207. Ready to run Write-In Ron Paul :60 second radio spot
  208. Why I wasted my vote on Ron Paul
  209. Some Ideas for Red Pilling
  210. Mailbag: Write in Ron Paul
  211. Powerful post @ DP on why 2 write in Ron Paul, even where it won't b counted as more than
  212. Gaming the Election
  213. Ron Paul at UVU -fairly objective write up from a non Ron Paul supporter, accepts comments
  214. Some Local Republican Candidates Adopt Unexpected Foreign-Policy Views
  215. A ConservativeTimes.org Symposium on the Paleo Vote - good read
  216. Vote for Ron Paul in poll
  217. Notify media (facebook pages etc) that Ron Paul is a certified write in in CA & ME (links)
  218. Ron Paul and many others in new movie criticizing Washington "Of By For" is a Must See!
  219. Pima County Election Wars Testimony of Mickey Duniho
  220. Martinez (CA) Patch Voter Guide (Includes Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano)
  221. Bill Whittle: wants to tell you how to vote
  222. How to Conduct an Exit Poll for Electronic Voting Machine Verification
  223. Rallying around Romney, after calling him a 'hypocrite' and worse (except our guy, natch)
  224. Ron Paul, young voters, and the unfettered power of social media (really good!)
  225. Blog suggests Ron Paul write in hashtags trending on Tuesday-I vote 4 #WriteInRonPaul
  226. Rigged Elections for Romney?
  227. One write in Ron Paul in CA page had to change service for more bandwidth needed!
  228. New Mr. Feshamon song "Obamney"
  229. Ron Paul certified write in in CA makes talk radio
  230. Depressed GOP Chose Romney
  231. Take over the republican party? You really believe that?
  232. Maine's Ron Paul supporters focus on legislative races
  233. Texas twilight zone
  234. Love and Politics: Why I Am Writing in Ron Paul on Election Day
  235. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich should form anti-abortion lobbying group
  236. Senator Rand Paul does Radio Ad for Denny Rehberg for Montana Senator!
  237. Ron Paul is an Official Write-In Candidate in CA, & ME & Other States (LIST)
  238. ATENTION! ALL National Delegates /Alter.- How Many Had Your RP signs,etc taken at the RNC?
  239. Which states had the most corrupt GOP officials\chairman this cycle?
  240. Ron Paul write-in vote alive and well
  241. Principles, Voting, and LIBERTY - Election Day 2012
  242. Um. Video. The RonPaul Blimp takes to the Skies & Shoots down Drones PLUS MORE!
  243. Ron Paul on Homeland Security
  244. Five Years Ago Today
  245. Romney vs Obama: top 10 reasons why Obama and Romney are the same (viral!!!)
  246. In Michigan, Invalid Write-in Votes do NOT Invalidate Entire Ballot
  247. The YAL Debate is being replayed on CSPAN-1 right now
  248. This is a one-way street, folks
  249. New Hampshire Liberty Voting Guide: County by County Recommendations
  250. Just thinking out loud here...Liberty news channel?