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  1. Video-Romney Wants Money off the Ron Paul Revolution!
  2. [VIDEO] Will Romney give Palin Bush Cain stage time at RNC Paul mentioned as after thought
  3. Where is the excitement about getting a LARGE turnout in Tampa ???
  4. [VIDEO] Ron Paul has more than five states for nomination. (RT News)
  5. Liberty Roundtable: July 17 @ 10PM
  6. Need help refining this argument to change the 2 party mindset
  7. Oregon Republican Party Must Conform to State Law
  8. Ron Paul to Mitt Romney: Release tax returns
  9. Introducing the NEXT Glen Bradley (GunnyFreedom)!!! - Ryan Harring
  10. Introducing the Reject the Debt pledge
  11. Ron Paul Warns of Possible False Flag Events in Tampa
  12. Examiner: 'RNC confirms Ron Paul will be up for nomination'
  13. Liberty-minded ladies at the GOP convention?
  14. 100 Ways Mitt Romney Is Just Like Barack Obama
  15. @RonPaul vs the #HONESTMISTAKE
  16. #FED and #Bernanke are trending WORLDWIDE on twitter!
  17. Can't Believe What Mike Gallagher Said About Ron Paul Today ON His Show
  18. Has Ron Paul won 5 states to be placed in for the nomination in Tampa?
  19. Big day for Ron tomorrow....
  20. Ron Paul on Houston radio KTRH talking about RNC
  21. National Ron Paul Delegate Wins GOP Runoff in Charlotte, NC
  22. Would you vote for a Romney/Paul ticket?
  23. What Is A Committeeman and What Do They Do?
  24. Become a Ron Paul Emissary!
  25. Come see me on Liberty Chat today! I'll be promoting the ticket-thon!
  26. Barry Hinckley- U.S. Senate candidate from Rhode Island
  27. Be a Part of History! New PaulFestival Video -
  28. BlowBack happening today!
  29. [Video] Ron Paul Questioning Bernanke 7/18/12
  30. Ron Paul Warns Bernanke: The Financial Crisis Is Far From Over (Forbes)
  31. Ron Paul, Barney Frank join forces to back medical marijuana bill (The Hill)
  32. Ron Paul doesn't believe his Audit The Fed bill will pass the Senate
  33. VP Preference Poll
  34. Ron Paul will be on CNBC's Kudlow Report at 7 PM ET (cancelled)
  35. Rep. Paul: 'Congress Ought to Get a Backbone' (CNBC) video included
  37. Contacting RonPaulProducts.com
  38. Ron's Fed Audit up 4 House vote 7/24 under suspension of rules so needs 2/3 majority
  39. HR 459, Audit the Fed, vote on Tuesday, July 24!
  40. Film on how 2008 Hillary delegates to DNC were cheated
  41. [Video] Ron Paul on House Floor re: Afghanistan 7/18/12
  42. Romney tweets support of "Audit the Fed" bill
  43. Fun, fun, fun in Tampa: Will Ron Paul's name be put into nomination?
  44. Politico: Ron Paul to Mitt Romney: Release tax returns
  45. 3 yr old sings Ron Paul
  47. Would the real Ron Paul please stand up?
  48. Picture off twitter: Isolationism vs. Non-Interventionism.
  49. Christian Science Monitor: Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke: final battle ends on surprising note
  50. "We Are the Future" Ron Paul Rally
  51. Former Marion resident plans campaign for Iowa Senate seat
  52. Ron Paul Vs. Ben Bernanke
  53. Wall Street Journal's Real Time Economics: Recap: Bernanke Questioned by Congress, Day Two
  54. 3 Counties from Paul's District had decided for employees to opt out of Social Security
  55. Ron Paul Rips Romney and Obama For Debating Petty Issues
  57. Want a job working for YAL? NOW HIRING!
  58. Obama for America Offices are Hard to Find
  59. Lawyers For Ron Paul billboard in Tampa -- off twitter
  60. CBS Local: The RNC Must Allow Ron Paul To Speak At The Convention
  61. Google blocks Ron Paul website
  62. Is Gary Johnson actually part of the plan to make Ron Paul the nominee?
  63. Ron Paul vs. The Federal Reserve: four epic moments
  64. MSNBC: Ron Paul On Romney's Short-List For Vice President
  65. Ron Paul Has the Final Say
  66. [Video] Ron Paul on Fox Business 'After the Bell' 7/19/12
  67. Have your say in the GOP Platform
  68. Ron Paul: I Have Not Decided If I'll vote Romney
  69. [FILLED] Help me Get to Tampa! James Lightweis Virginia Delegate
  70. UPDATE: Clarification from the RNC rules committee, Ron Paul has 6 states
  72. Humanity is on the Brink of Something Amazing! MUST SEE!
  73. chipping in
  74. Republican Liberty Caucus PAC (RLCPAC) Billboard for Tampa
  75. Ron Paul: The Fed encourages never-ending war
  76. Retire Pelosi Moneybomb Now!
  77. What have been your favorite videos from this campaign?
  78. Pledge to call your Representative on Monday, July 23 for Audit The Fed
  79. $18 Days til the ball drops on a bureaucrat and another torch for liberty is ignited
  80. Chip-In: Emergent NJ Movement
  81. Bernanke Fights Back Against Fed Audit
  82. ChipIn: Help send Unofficial Ron Paul photographer to Ron Paul's Tampa rally
  83. Ryan Harring's Incumbent Breaks Anti-Tax Pledge!
  84. Reuters: House to vote on Fed audit bill on Tuesday
  85. Ron Paul Girl Interviewing Carol Paul 7pm Live
  86. The Massachusetts Delegates Need Your Help, and Time is of the Essence (from DP)
  87. House to vote on Fed audit bill on Tuesday (Reuters)
  88. Ron Paul may not vote for Mitt Romney
  89. Zombie article: Just posted by State Column today
  90. Washington GOP creates controvery over mailer endorsment
  91. Rand Paul Asks Father's Supporters Not to Give Up on GOP (The New American)
  92. Picture off twitter. What do you do with all that junk mail?
  93. Mike Gallagher: GOP is doomed if Ron Paul isn't allowed to speak at convention
  94. Grover Norquist tweets on Ron's Audit the Fed bill being up for vote Tuesday
  95. Paul Festival Program! Updated!
  96. Question
  97. The Honor of Ron Paul
  98. The Future of the Movement: Friends of Freedom Unite!
  99. Electoral Slates in States Ron Paul Won
  100. GOP makes room for Rep. Ron Paul at Tampa convention (mod -well not AT it exactly....)
  101. Where is the Liberty for All Super PAC?
  102. How is ron paul fighting against the wall street government?
  103. Like congressional liberty candidate David Miller (CA-32) facebook page-we could win this!
  104. Ron Paul to Newsmax: Fed Policy Destroying Middle Class
  105. Brave Marine Speaks About Taliban, Blackwater, Ron Paul, Etc
  106. Ron Paul: Lesson From Colorado shows Govt Cannot Protect Us From All Harm
  107. Bernanke v. Paul Title Bout: Pay Per View
  108. WOOT to our Nevada grassroots! "Republican Party Denounces NDAA"
  109. What did I miss? Re: Plurality of delegates in 5 states
  110. 14-year old Defender of Liberty, Great Speech!
  111. I'll be in Tampa, who wants to hang out?
  112. Volunteers Needed for Activist Project
  113. Ron Paul Still Not Endorsing Mitt Romney, Refusing to Withdraw From Race
  114. MUST SEE VIDEO! Paul Festival Update for July 23, 2012!
  115. August 6, 2012 Evening with SC State Senator Tom Davis and Congressman Ron Paul
  116. URGENT ACTION ITEM!!- Report to CFL how your Congressman will vote on HR459 Audit The Fed!
  117. I have a dream....
  118. Ron Paul Straight-Talk archives?
  119. All Delegates and Alternates to RNC out of money - cheapest way to get to Tampa (Ronvoy)
  121. HAVE YOU CALLED YET? Total calls so far for H.R. 459 AUDIT THE FED Bill
  123. Freedom-Loving Doctors: Get Your Ron Paul Hospital Scrubs Today
  124. [Video] Ron Paul on C-SPAN's Washington Journal 7/24/12
  125. Ron Paul Won Early Primaries, Mathematicians Find. Election Judge Threatened.
  126. Date change? - HR 459
  127. OVERNIGHT MONEY: Ron Paul's Fed bill hits the House floor
  128. FreedomWorks: It's Time To Audit The Fed
  129. cool graphic and tweet off twitter on HR 459 to audit the fed
  130. The 3 Things Needed to Nominate Ron Paul at the RNC
  131. Ron Paul finds support in a variety of countries other than US
  132. Ron PAUL make them Laugh (Video)
  133. Despite RNC Overtures, Ron Paul Still Hasn't Endorsed Romney (The New American)
  134. Romney’s Worst Nightmare: Palin and Paul
  135. "How Dr. Paul can still become POTUS"
  136. Legal Question About Mailings I am Getting from RMoney
  137. Where exactly is Ron Paul?
  138. Live Coverage of H.R.459 Audit the Fed Bill on C-Span starts 3 PM Eastern, 2 Central,
  139. Audit The Fed TWITTER WAR
  140. [VIDEO] Ron Paul and the GOP Convention (Reason TV)
  141. Audit The Fed in the Senate?
  142. US House Begins Debate On Capitol Hill's Influence on The Fed
  143. 102 Seconds of Dennis Kucinich yelling at the House floor: "AUDIT THE FED!"
  144. [Video] Ron Paul on Fox Business with Gerri Willis 7/24/12
  145. Heard anything about Brent Stafford's trial?
  146. Paulfest: Ron Paul disabled supporters need YOUR HELP!
  147. Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill HR 459 was the 'Most Friended' bill last week
  148. Ron Paul Will Have 500 Delegates at the RNC: 10 Reasons He Should Speak at the GOP Co
  149. Auditing the Federal Reserve is More Urgent Than Ever
  150. Help Oregon Delegate Duane Taylor Go To Tampa - I Put In $100 - Can You Match Me?
  151. FREE Ron Paul Shirt
  152. *HISTORIC VIDEO* HR 459 Floor Debate 7/24/12
  153. Anyone see Twit Romney's foreign policy speech?
  154. [VIDEO] Ron Paul "We Should Have Openness Of Government All The Time" (C-Span)
  155. "What if?" is happening
  156. VoterFraud@FoxNews.com
  157. Tweet I got from @RonPaul_2012 but not the real Ron Paul (@RonPaul)
  158. Ron Paul-endorsed Candidate Wes Riddle endorses Ron Paul-endorsed Candidate Ted Cruz!!!
  159. Politico Article on Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill up for a vote today
  160. Huffington Post- Audit The Fed Bill On Track To Pass House [UPDATE]
  161. [Video] Ron Paul questioning Timothy Geithner 7/25/12
  162. Paul’s audit-the-Fed bill up for House vote
  163. Ron Paul: Government Cannot Protect Us From All Possible Harm – OpEd
  164. Congressman Ron Paul's Floor Speech on Audit the Fed July 24, 2012 (Video)
  165. Audit the Fed hits the floor for a vote today
  166. House to Vote on Ron Paul-Sponsored Fed Audit Bill
  167. Livelink for Audit the Fed bill vote coming up soon (after vote now happening)
  168. Doug Wead: Ron Paul's Last Stand
  169. Conservative Statistical Post Election Audits
  170. TONIGHT @6 EST YAL is livestreaming a tribute to Ron Paul to kick off their YAL 2012 event
  171. Audit The Fed passes house.
  172. Federal Reserve Audit Bill Overwhelmingly Passes The House (Huffington Post)
  173. Ron Paul's ‘Audit the Fed' bill passes the House (ABC News)
  174. Audit the Fed trending on twitter!
  175. House Passes Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill (The Wall Street Journal)
  176. off twitter: Best Audit the Fed picture, imho - also Ron will be on Bloomberg tonight
  177. Nay Votes on HR 459!
  178. Audit the Fed passage made Drudge...
  179. Brian Doherty: Ron Paul's Latest "Audit the Fed" Bill Passes the House, 327-98
  180. Rand + DeMint react to Audit The Fed Passage In House!
  181. Audit the fed and the election year....
  182. House passes Ron Paul bill to audit the Fed (USA Today)
  183. Ron Paul on Congress voting overwhelmingly to audit the Federal Reserve
  184. Results of Fed audit?
  185. Harry Reid Vows Not To Let Audit The Fed Bill Be Voted On
  186. House overwhelmingly approves Ron Paul bill to audit the Fed (L.A. Times)
  187. [Video] Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 7/25/12
  188. House Passes Fed Audit Bill; Measure Seen Dying in Senate (Fox Business)
  189. Rep. Paul's Audit the Fed Bill Passes House, 327-98 (The New American)
  190. Harry Reid: "I think we should audit the Federal Reserve"
  191. GOP wants YOUR input on their platform:
  192. Audit Fight is NOT over; RLC theorizes on how to pass Senate
  193. Today should have changed America.
  194. Delegates Need to Take this Test
  195. Ron Paul called for a "Bipartisan Revolution" I say we give it to him.
  196. Invite people to call the SENATE on facebook. It actually works!
  197. This is the letter I wrote to Harry Reid
  198. ALERT: CSPAN Video Edited : Ron Paul vs Tim Geithner
  199. Ron Paul triumphant: House passes his beloved ‘Audit the Fed’ bill (great slide show, too)
  200. Retiring Ron Paul may distract from Romney fanfare at convention (Reuters)
  202. Veterans for Ron Paul March on the RNC !
  203. FB event for Paul festival, invite friends!
  204. Need a short video for Audit the Fed that can go viral!
  205. Talking Point for Senate Support of Auditing the Fed
  206. Paul Fest Video. Whats gonna happen in Tampa With Ron Paul?
  207. Got Mail from Flipping Mitt for Donations
  208. [Video] Ron and Rand's speeches as YAL Convention 7/25/12
  209. Audit The Fed News Media Roundup
  210. Response from my Senator about my request to support S.202
  211. Numerous media outlets run Harry Reid 1995 video saying we need to audit the Fed
  212. Huff Po: Congressman Ron Paul Honored With the Ron Paul Legacy Award - pictures too
  213. Harry Reid supported auditing monetary policy deliberations
  214. Cybersecurity Act of 2012
  215. 1999 Harry Reid "I have an amendment...that would require an audit of the FED Board"
  216. Politicians who supported auditing monetary policy decisions
  217. If you like Peter Schiff, please help us get his ailing father out of prison!!!
  218. VIDEO: Ron Paul speaking at the 2012 Young Americans for Liberty National Convention
  219. HuffPo blogger Paul Abrams predicts Romney will withdraw before convention
  220. Reality Check: Sen. Harry Reid Flips His 25 Year Position on Auditing the Fed?
  221. Twitter is on fire over #FreePAC--get word out now for SB 202!
  222. St. Peters trial begins for Paul activist accused of trespassing (Brent Stafford, MO)
  223. Establishment funded 'Tea Party' front group to host Cain et al event op Ron in Tampa
  224. Paul Festival announces new additions to an already impressive lineup!
  225. Keep calling Harry Reid
  226. Fax Harry Reid
  227. I just called Harry Reid's Office
  228. Get to Harry Reid through his pal Sen. Dorgan?
  229. Another Source to Help Transport to Tampa
  230. Louisiana Paulers Left out to dry by the state party.
  231. Which candidate is the ‘energy alpha-male’: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or Ron Paul?
  232. Ron Paul campaign to challenge all Louisiana delegates
  233. [S. 202] Senator Vote Roster & Planning
  234. Harry Reid Twitter Town Hall on Monday
  235. Thy Black Man: Ron Paul 2012 campaign, back to work…
  236. Adopt a Meetup 7/28/12
  237. Ron Paul's Maine delegates are being challenged
  238. Cat Woman likes Ron Paul
  239. Ron Paul: Is the GOP Trying to Steal His Louisiana Victory?
  240. Wonder why they need this in Tampa for.....GOP Convention?
  241. "Ronvoys" of 400 vans are expected to bring 4,800 festivalgoers to Tampa from all over the
  242. Jack Hunter's write up of the Louisiana delegate challenge
  243. Letter from Former Maine State Director for Ron Paul Campaign - Re: Delegate Challenge
  244. Ron Paul delegate slate challenged, shows bitterness from GOP state convention lingers
  245. Auditing The Fed is Like Auditing a Mafia Counterfeiting Operation (The Market Oracle)
  246. Robideaux and Davis call out Louisiana GOP.
  247. Brilliant article by Mark Spitznagel: The Grand Shi Strategy of Ron Paul
  248. Campaign materials post mortem
  249. McDonnell sees Paul platform influence
  250. Please share this cool page!