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  1. New Legislation to FINALLY Audit the FED!
  2. Texas Sends Two Pro-gun Constitutionalists into July 31 Runoffs
  3. Where is Ron Paul? ....... It's not about Ron Paul.
  4. Can some of the Elders please try to give some perspective?
  5. Email from Ron Paul (LPAC) re importance of supporting Lee Bright in SC who endorsed Ron &
  6. NPR: Even After Texas Primary, Romney Will Remain The 'Presumptive' Nominee
  7. [VID] California Ron Paul Activism!!
  8. This Is the Romney/Paul comparison piece we sent out in South Dakota!
  9. My new rEVOLution Tattoo
  10. DP: Why I Am Endorsing Mitt Romney For President (And Not Ron Paul) [Satire]
  11. Republican Hotel or Liberty Inn?
  12. Join Lawsuit-Voter/Election Fraud-Sign-up/Submit Evidence
  13. The Daily Beast: 'Will Ron Paul Ever Give Up?'
  14. Help Get This Ad on the AIR in South Dakota!
  15. Rand Paul endorses Mitt as "precisely the person I would want to turn around govt"
  16. Ron Paul's Velvet Revolution
  17. Setting the Debate
  18. Rasmussen: Only 19% See Obama, Romney As Best Possible Presidential Candidates
  19. I guess Ron Paul won 18 delegates in Texas
  20. State GOP divided over ballot dispute (Massachusetts)
  21. The Irresistibility of Ron Paul
  22. Help get this ad on the air in South Dakota!
  23. Reason.com - 'Saner Marijuana Policies'
  24. USA Today - 'Ron Paul is worth up to $5.2 million'
  25. Please up-vote my comment on DP post
  26. Ron Paul T-Shirts: 50% OFF! Father's Day Sale!
  27. #mnleg about 33 GOP house members and wannabe House members filing for office.
  28. Graphic I made: "Quench Your Thirst For Liberty"
  30. Watch The Mo & Wa Gop Conventions Live!
  31. Justin Pagewood flyer to download for California
  33. Short Article- 'Ruedrich says no to reconvened GOP convention"
  34. Urban Outfitters offers Ron Paul themed tees
  35. Texan? If ya want to go to TAMPA deadline is TODAY for at-large delegates
  36. Upcoming June Congressional Primaries
  37. Breaking: Romney did not win nomination
  38. FREE Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout "Honest Ron" Paul vs Mitt Romney 4th Edition
  39. Ron Paul Iowa
  40. E-mail provider?
  41. What was the news from Kentucky/Arkansas Conventions?
  42. Do you have to be a delegate or media to get into the Tampa convention?
  43. (Song) Decorated Vietnam Vet 'CALLS OUT' Ron Paul for President
  44. Bickering Continues Before Reconvened Alaska GOP Convention
  45. Louisiana Republican Convention comes to Shreveport- Includes local news video
  46. Attempts are made to game the delegate selection process in Louisiana
  47. Grassroots: Nominate Liberty Candidates For SuperPAC Funding!
  48. This is hilarious, I don't know what else to say....
  49. Don't let the media fool you, there are lots of Ron Paul Supporters!
  50. Let's be Honest -- Why Ron Paul voted on H.R. 3541
  51. Get the Gun Rights Ad up in South Dakota!
  52. Missouri convention this weekend!
  53. "Can't Stop The Truth" a new supporter made Ron Paul video to a supporter written song
  54. Where is Jon Stewert when we need him?
  55. Adopt a Meetup 5/31/12
  56. Old Footage of Ron Paul - 10 min. Movie
  57. On Twitter there's a #IEndorseRonPaul meme going if u want to join & ad state convo hash t
  59. Fascinating WHICH states are tied Romney/Obama in latest polls -- when you think where Ron
  60. Where is Ron Paul Country and why did I get an attack page warning for the DP?
  61. Tacoma convention center fills with Ron Paul craze
  62. DP Blocked?!?
  63. media liaison for "Paul Festival" ... says he's "hoping for half a million" attendees
  64. Ron Paul Crushes the Market, Outperforms by 9% - Article On NASDAQ
  65. Outside looking in
  66. PolicyMic: 'Missouri Republican Convention
  67. Floridian liberty lovers have mere hours left b4 filing deadline.
  68. Ron Paul Crushes the Market, Outperforms by 9%
  69. Ron Paul Supporters keep up fight at State GOP Convention (Seattle Times)
  70. 20 Of The Weirdest Examples of Ron Paul Merchandise
  71. Texas Republican Convention Guide!
  72. Re-endorsement from Montana Shooting Sports Association
  73. US News - ''Ron Paul Festival' Could Bring 500 MILLION Supporters to GOP Convention" ZOMGG
  74. Pics of activity in California
  75. Ron Paul Supporters Force RNC Chairman to Resign
  76. NC state convention updates
  77. Ron Paul Supporters Keep Wash. GOP Convention Lively
  78. Going to give to 3 different liberty candidates.
  79. Quote that applies to the delegate strategy
  80. How long has google been censoring dailypaul.com search results? I just noticed..
  81. The best thing you can do, to help us get delegates from South Dakota. Is help get these a
  82. We ARE bound delegates....to RON PAUL
  83. We all need some humor in these dark times...
  84. [Video] California Grassroots, 110%
  85. Just got another co-sponsor for Audit The Fed (HR459)!!!
  86. Texas Counties, Coleman, McCuloch, Brown, Comanche, Earth, Read!!!
  87. New President sworn in January 20, 2013
  88. Big Texas bucks go to national SuperPacs
  89. Make this video go viral: Why I Am Endorsing Mitt Romney For President (And Not Ron Paul)
  90. Linda Bean (a Ron Paul supporter) elected to represent Maine on RNC platform committee
  91. Great Ben Swann Interview
  92. Youtube posted as Assault of Ron Paul chair at Louisiana GOP Convention - u can hear yell
  93. Republican Party blocking massive Ron Paul event in Tampa?
  94. I am giving a speech to my local (R) party on Monday. need suggestions.
  95. Ron Paul will FLUSH these Bilderberg scum down the toilet. SWOOOOSH
  96. Florida! Important information recently discovered!
  97. Ron Paul campaign statement on Louisiana GOP convention
  98. This weekend's delegate counts?
  99. Tolerance and Growing the Cause for Liberty
  100. GOP Unity Talkers Listen Up: Romney EQUALLY as bad as Obama!
  101. was Ron Paul abducted?
  102. Article - 'Why Ron Paul's fans are still amassing delegates'
  103. A surprisingly good story on the LA GOP Convention by local news
  104. Breaking: Ron Paul supporters takeover Louisiana Republican State Convention
  105. Huffington Post: Ron Paul Campaign Claims Supporters Assaulted At Louisiana GOP Convention
  106. DHundrethMonkee youtube channel... even if Romney gets 450 delegates he still falls short
  107. Thoughts on Louisiana, Civility and Winning - John Tate
  108. Shenanigans At The North Carolina Convention
  109. Good Chronicle Of Louisiana Covention
  110. GOP Civil Rights Violations and Election Fraud
  111. Ron Paul Is Coming To Fort Worth, Tx This Thursday! (Liberty Festival w/ Jordan Page etc)
  112. So did we get the LA delegates or not?
  113. Ron Paul's supporters ready to fight for his principles at state GOP convention in Fort Wo
  114. Concert for Liberty w/ Ron Paul and Jordan Page
  115. Mr. Ben Swann, is this your daughter?
  117. Why has this GREAT video only 1,000 views??
  118. Simply Pathetic Media spin.
  119. "I didn't raise my son to be a soldier"
  120. Ron Paul Delegates Arrested at Louisiana Convention, Command Majority
  121. California's Ballot Choices: Lost and Out of Touch. Vote for your Kids, Instead
  122. MO State Convention was crazy
  123. Doug Wead: War Breaks Out in GOP
  124. Liberty : An American Ideal (France for Ron Paul 2012)
  125. The LAGOP spin and version of the LA State GOP convention
  126. Potential Candidate to Support in MI-8
  127. Old Delegate Transparancy Tactic being used by the GOP???
  128. Assaulted Ron Paul Chair Responds After Release From Hospital
  129. Liberals on the Attack Against States' Rights
  130. Louisiana GOP Convention (local news with video)
  131. Romney could nominate a V.P. before the convention
  132. Possible Speech to the Several State's Conventions
  133. H. R. 5882 Legislative Branch appropriations for FY 2013
  134. To those who say it is not about Ron Paul winning the nomination
  135. Louisiana GOP Convention Splits; Ron Paul Wins Majority Convention
  136. How one WA National Delegate Candidate used his 30 second "Elect Me" speech
  137. I'm proud of you guys. Keep going.
  138. Ron Paul Supporters Outsmarting GOP Establishment at Every
  139. Missouri State Wide Caucus June 2, 2012 Full Video
  140. Dardenne, Kennedy, Skrmetta and Sewell Elected as Delegates to the LA Republican
  141. Why Do Economists Say that Ron Paul Would Be the Best President for the Economy?
  142. Texas delegates & Alts. last call for ride and room !! Please don't miss this.
  143. Final California Poll-- Rick Williams Among the Leaders for United States Senate
  144. Please Pray for the Texas State Convention--& TX Conv. Thoughts
  145. Police Swarm Louisiana State Convention, Assault Chairman, Arrest Ron Paul Delegates
  146. Romney State Chairman (and others) Speak to LA RNC Delegation
  147. Ron Paul Snatches A Majority of Louisiana's Delegates
  148. Boston Globe: State GOP shouldn’t use tricks to defrock Ron Paul backers
  149. More legal arguments that binding a delegate's vote is illegal (this time under Fed law)
  150. A comment from an minority delegate at the LA GOP convention.
  151. I'm New Here...
  152. US Supreme Court Has Dispecable Ruling on Dick Cheney Antiwar Protester
  153. RNC Committee on Arrangements attempting to block Paul Festival in Tampa
  154. Conservatives Wonder Why Romney Picked Obamacare-Loving Mike Leavitt To Lead Transition Te
  155. Email idea. Next step.
  156. Ron Paul wins LA GOP delegate majority- LAGOP tries2stop 1st by Trickery then Brutal Force
  157. Why are there such huge differences in the level of voter turnout in different states?
  158. Front Page of SD Argus Leader-S.D. primary is Romney's to win, but Paul backers press on
  159. #LibertyQuote #RonPaul TWITTERBOMB tonight at 7:30 - prior to primaries
  160. MEDIA: Federal Law, All Delegates are unbound
  161. Ron Paul's talk about going on Committees / Precinct Project
  162. Supporting Delegates?
  163. Please Help Me To Explain Why RP Voted this way
  164. where can i find full vid of LA convention?
  165. The Romney Cheating Problem
  166. Massachusetts Liberty Caucus -- check out the new website - talks about our delegates!
  167. NJ senate primary election tomorrow, Qarmout or Rullo?
  168. Join the fight for liberty on Reddit
  169. Who hired this 'Nevada GOP Political Director' from Utah?
  170. Support Ron Paul (South Dakota)
  171. Ron Paul chalks up another win, this time in Louisiana
  172. What To Do About False Arrests Police Are Making At Conventions
  173. A way around binding, without unbinding risks.
  174. Ron Paul on Washington's War Drums for Syria
  175. Video: Ron Paul Suddenly Seems Electable
  177. Predict how we will do tomorrow compared to 2008?
  178. If you happen to be in Cali tomorrow!
  179. Washington State?
  180. Doug Wead: "Behind the brutality in Louisiana" (Santorum people)
  181. From missouri convention-you wanna see this
  182. Small Victory with Rules Committee before the TX State Convention
  183. Texas Republicans taking a closer look at foreign policy.
  184. Romney to visit Ft. Worth Today. Rumor of "private meeting" with Rules Committee
  185. Ron Paul on Washington's War Drums for Syria
  186. Louisiana GOP convention descends into chaos
  187. The Rigged Game in California
  188. Vote for Ron Paul at primaries - CA central C'ee candidates HERE
  189. Live stream from inside Texas rules and meetings
  190. Just finished voting in NorCal...
  191. ATTN NJ: One of our own is listed under Romney!
  192. Ron Paul's Revolution
  193. Indiana Convention this weekend
  194. New Video - Ron Paul Revolution dethrones Republican Establishment @ LA State Convention
  195. Just Voted for RON PAUL in California!
  196. Primary Results June 5th - CA, MT, SD, NJ, NM (Delegate Allocation Rules in 1st Post)
  197. California: I JUST VOTED FOR RON PAUL!
  198. Just voted in NJ
  199. Caught in the middle: Record number of Americans scorn both Dems and the GOP
  200. Fox: Why the GOP can't afford to ignore Ron Paul and his many fans
  201. Does Ron Paul want his supporters to cool it?
  202. Computer geeks, please help analyze these files!
  203. I think I'm liking this CALIFORNIA JUNGLE PRIMARY setup...
  204. California Primary 2012: Voters Say Only Ron Paul Could Defeat President Obama
  205. Just voted for paul in NJ
  206. ~~~~~~~~~~KARMA, SWEET KARMA~~~~~~~~~~
  207. Proud to share the ballot with my Hero & wanted to say thanks to all of the activists
  208. New Ron Paul billboard in Nevada
  210. Ron Paul Radio Interview with Henry Herford - Plans to get in contact w/Ben Swann!
  211. An opportunity to educate (for those who attended the LAGOP convention this Saturday)
  212. McClatchy Press News and Observer makes fun of anti Agenda 21 effort
  213. Good photos for 2012 ROn PAul election
  214. Good News from NJ - I won my Primary
  215. Louisiana Convention is the Major Story of the Primary
  216. For those going to the Texas State Convention
  217. Ron Paul Beat Romney in North Dakota!!!
  218. [Video] Ron Paul on Cavuto 6/5/12
  219. Should we be blacking out success stories now?
  220. Ron Paul live on Cavuto, 6-5-12 on budget deficit and Scott Walker
  221. There's a Ron Paul sticker, purposely placed in the show Breaking Bad.
  222. Los Angeles County Central Committee Results
  223. Letter to LAGOP Exec. Cmte. by State Convention Delegate
  224. John Dennis: Grassroots Ron Paul Supporter Wins CA Primary, will take on PELOSI!
  225. Rick Williams Finishes a Strong 4th Among 24 U.S. Senate Candidates In California
  226. Ron Paul and the Fed: how we got to this point
  227. I won county committeeman in my district in NJ
  228. Mass GOP upholds election of Ron Paul delegates in Mitt Romney’s congressional district
  229. Update from Carol Paul
  230. Alaska: New Alaska GOP boss Russ Millette calls on party to reconvene convention
  231. Texas GOP prepares to kick off Fort Worth convention (Ron Paul expected to speak 2 1000s)
  232. Update from RON PAUL (email)
  233. For Liberty!
  234. louisiana state convention MSM news black out?
  235. Poll
  236. Texas State Convention Live Stream
  237. Special Thank you to everyone who helped out South Dakota
  238. All of the newly elected Ron Paul Los Angles County GOP Central committee members
  239. Indiana GOP clarifies SMALL recording devices are ok at convention
  240. Adopt a Meetup 6/7/12
  242. Cooking with Mrs. Paul -- Don't ask about the calories! (video)
  243. who has the most delegates supporting them?
  244. [OVER] RON COMING ON NOW Liberty Festival-livestream
  245. Ten Indelible Marks About Ron Paul
  246. PoliTex coverage of Ron Paul's email
  247. Ron Paul's delegates to have significant presence at Republican convention
  248. Ron Paul Shows No Signs of Leaving the Arena -- or the GOP
  249. Book Recommendation: Ron Paul’s rEVOLution by Brian Doherty ( a good article)
  250. Support for Ron Paul in proposed state of Jefferson, Part 3