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  1. Rep. Paul not ready to drop presidential bid (local media TV coverage of Houston rally)
  2. Joe Miller angling for spot in Alaska GOP leadership?
  3. Rope - a - Dope: Ali vs Foreman (Hang in there Ronulans and keep fighting)
  4. Ron Paul video game
  5. PENNYWISE puts out Ron Paul theme song May 1st?
  6. New movie poster - Titanic Debt ! Starring Obama, Romney and Paul ! (for fun)
  7. petition: one last gop debate
  8. Ron Paul about to receive indirect publicity May 14th-National TV
  9. Mississippi County Conventions
  10. Are NEOCONS getting nervous in KING County?
  11. Massachusetts caucus today
  12. Is this statement true?
  13. $1000 down the drain if we don't raise $400 today! [edit: $300 left!]
  14. Super Brochure shown to be effective once again:
  15. There's An Eagle
  16. PAUL FEST 2012! The Greatest Celebration of Liberty And Music The World Has Ever Seen!
  17. Ron Paul Could Get a Huge Boost in 2012 From Stephen Colbert Super PAC
  18. Ron Paul: Focus Cuts On Military, Not Poor
  19. Louisiana: district 1 won 219 to 80 something
  20. Liberty Candidates in May
  21. Ron Paul Wins Massachusetts Delegates in District Caucuses
  22. Tea Party Express Rally in Austin, May 6th with Ron Paul, Rand Paul, & Ted Cruz
  23. [VIDEO] Ron Paul on YNN Capital Tonight 4/26/12
  24. Ron Paul on Morton Downey Show in 1988
  25. Louisiana caucus results (OFFICIAL THREAD)
  27. FB poll by Million strong against Romney....Vote Paul or Obama!
  28. What's Next on the Schedule?
  30. I vote for Ron Paul today in Indiana
  31. It's all about the Delegates, baby...
  32. ALERT - I will delete this but Alaska state convention seems to have been ended w/o proces
  33. Have Gun, Need Ammo? Buy at Ammo.net And Help Ron Paul!
  34. Ron Paul supporters dominate Louisiana's Republican presidential caucuses
  35. An emotional moment for diehard Ron Paul supporters
  36. BREAKING: Ron Paul VICTORY in Alaska and Louisiana, and in Congressional Districts of Mass
  37. So how'd we do today?
  38. Confirmed huge victory in Alaska!
  39. Um, can we make some news here? Press attention needed for all these wins!!!
  40. Fixing the GOP...
  41. Periodically updated delegate count
  42. Tate County Mississippi Strong For Ron Paul
  43. Picture: where in the world is the media?
  44. Might want to get this out early: WV's voting process is similar to PA's!
  45. An Explanation of the Ron Paul Slates and Voter Guide in LA (With Pics)
  46. Wanna' see what happens when you endorse Mitt Romney in Alaska?
  47. Alaska Republican Party picks Ron Paul supporter as new chairman
  48. As Reudrich Replaced, Tension Surrounds Republican Party Convention [Alaska]
  49. Actually, Ron Paul Is Secretly Winning A Lot More Delegates Than You Think
  50. Some Observations - A Copy/Paste Argument I Wrote For You
  51. Alaskan Republican Party SCC passes new rule for state convention.
  52. Outgoing Alaskan GOP chair transfers $$ in a spiteful move.
  53. Bloomberg Business Week just had a nice segment re the influence of Ron Paul
  54. do delegates have to select the VP choice of the nominee?
  55. ***Romney Should Panic***Ron Paul Continues to ROCK Delegates***Brokered Convention Likely
  56. Maryland GOP upstart defeats party stalwart for national political seat
  58. Politico: Ron Paul's Alaska Payback
  59. Texas pastor explains why he supports Dr. Paul **SPREAD**
  60. Press Release: Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Caucus
  61. Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Caucus
  62. Did the ousted Alaska GOP just steal $100,000 from the AK Republican party?
  63. "…if Ron Paul supporters want a smaller gov't, they might try going to a smaller country."
  64. Reuters: Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Caucus
  65. Maine State Convention May 5 and 6.
  66. Ron Paul wins Louisiana caucus (an actual article with picture....)
  67. Gonna go make myself a crop circle in a 5 acre area....
  68. What if bound delegates are absent at the RNC?
  69. Help Ron Paul Win South Dakota: Phase II (Urgent Request)
  71. Could we get a sticky thread with caucus/delegate results for all states
  72. Revised current delegate count thread
  73. Abstention and Voting Present: Brokered Convention Guaranteed?
  74. Win a Pocket Constitution signed by Dr. Paul and Cookbooks signed by Mrs. Paul
  75. BREAKING NEWS: Ron Paul Wins Louisiana!
  76. Fox just said Ron Paul Won Louisiana !
  77. Two we have lost.
  78. Ron Paul Embarrasses Romney Campaign By Winning Louisiana Delegates
  79. The Daily Caller: Ron Paul claims victory in Louisiana
  80. Ron Paul backers prepare takeover
  81. Delegate Numbers
  82. Sent this to rev pac. Ad idea: "Taste test". What do you all think?
  83. Fox news admits Ron Paul is headed to Tampa!
  84. Ron Paul Won't Use Brain Chemical Oxytocin to Influence Voters, Obama and Romney Will
  85. [Video] Univ of Houston full speech 04-27-2012
  86. Need help convincing a typical republican
  87. TX Woman gets over 3000 signatures for Texas Presidential Debate (Mitt Romney & Ron Paul?)
  88. Daily Caller: Ron Paul supported by 16 Massachusetts delegates, says campaign
  89. [VIDEO] Ron Paul Revolution in Houston & Austin Texas - Local News Mashup
  90. Ron Paul wins Louisiana (local news blurb)
  91. Ron Paul Has Potential of Enough Support to be Placed in Nomination at RNC
  92. "Did The RNC Break Any Rules/Laws In “Its Official”?"
  93. Ron Paul’s campaign claims victory in Louisiana caucuses (same name different article)
  94. (Doug Wead) Louisiana Shocker: Ron Paul Wins
  95. Looking for delegates - for the Paul Festival
  96. General Un-Strike: Work Twice As Hard Day, grassroots protest to appeal to conservatives.
  97. "Ron Paul appears to be winning the republican nomination" ...
  98. Wikipedia article regarding delegate count
  99. Ron Paul Inspires Thousands of Austinites
  101. Ron Paul to hold Tea Party Express Rally at the Texas State Capitol May 6 at 2 pm
  102. RNC Rule 38
  103. Let´s take this to the next level!
  104. The relative importance of powerful political careers vs expendable soldiers
  105. How Will the Alaska Media Spin the Paulite Takeover of the Alaska GOP
  106. RP video with Dierks Bentley's song "Home"?
  107. I will pledge 10,000 calls by June 5th if I'm matched in this thread by Phone-from-Home'rs
  108. Any "on the ground" reaction to LA and MN?
  109. Last Day to Register in Texas for the May 29 Primary!!
  110. Truth about the Mass delegate win. And the real question regarding that state.
  111. [Video] Steve Forbes says Ron Paul is Right about Monetary Policy
  112. Ron Paul revolution hits the Bay State-(Politico.com)
  113. Ron Paul and Tea Party Express to hold rally in Austin on May 6th
  114. So how many delegates has Ron got now?
  115. An LA Volunteer's Tale - How I arrived at the caucus... (VERY LONG)
  116. Ron Paul's supporters stir up Alaska GOP convention Kansas City Star.
  117. Ron Paul Supporters Focus on State Delegations
  118. Mic this up to the top..."Ron Paul is the only honest candidate"
  119. What about the Republican National Committee?
  120. TMOT on Ron Paul, Real Racism, RP Rap Song
  121. Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman on Bloomberg TV 4/30/12 (Video and transcript added)
  122. If you know any delegates, please let me know.
  123. What does this mean to the Texas primary and caucuses? SCOTUS rejects redistricting by Ct
  124. Abstention is a form of protest, and it could work
  125. RCP and Wikipedia are updating totals
  126. nj last in northeast to vote... how can neighbors help?
  127. Gathering Legion
  128. Wanna know how bad the whooping in MA was?
  129. Ron Paul and son to hold Tea Party rally
  130. Ron Paul Picks Up Key Delegates at Caucuses
  131. *Ron Paul to speak Wednesday at 7 pm at Cal Fullerton MOVED TO TITAN STADIUM SEATS 10,000*
  132. RNC Rule 40(c)
  133. Zero Hedge weighs in on Ron Paul vs. Krugman 4/30/12 Bloomberg debate
  134. Ron Paul delegates will have the best hotel location at the national convention
  135. Reality Check 1/2 Hour Special
  136. What the GOP could gain from a Ron Paul RNC Convention victory
  137. Jerry Doyle on why he still supports Ron Paul
  138. Quorum?
  140. The Last Standing Conservative
  141. Texas Republican Party Convention
  142. RP press round-up from the last few days (end of Apr 2012)
  143. Spread this little known info about Ron Paul vs Paul Krugman!
  144. A thing of beauty
  145. RonPaul2008dotcom account closed by YouTube
  146. Ron Paul’s Winning Weekend Causing GOP Headaches
  147. About this ad Ron Paul supporters say Mitt Romney still has competition
  148. Any video's of the conventions and caucuses over the weekend other than Alaska?
  149. Election 2012: Explaining the Ron Paul Victory in the LA Caucuses
  150. Rule 32 Suspension of Rules-RNC Convention
  151. PPP: Paul slowly trending upwards in Texas
  152. Thank you for wearing that.
  153. Doug Wead on The Robert Scott Bell Show 4/29/12
  154. What does this movement mean to you? To me, it means "Morality."
  155. For All the People who think Ron Paul foreign policy is "CRAZY"
  156. 2012 is About More Than Ron Paul
  157. Ron Paul Looks to Slow Down Mitt Romney in Texas and California
  158. SURPRISE! Ron Paul Destroyed Mitt Romney In Massachusetts This Weekend
  159. Hey Ron Paul supporters, don’t forget party unity
  160. Rumors of Ron Paul campaign demise greatly exaggerated
  161. For those annoyed by Roach's attitude to RP on Squawk Box
  162. APNewsBreak-Ron Paul campaign did not assist Army probe of soldiers politics, records show
  163. Ron Paul California events May 2, 3 & 4 at Fullerton, Davis and San Diego
  164. Changed Delegate Count in NV per NV GOP
  165. Krugman loses debate -- Calls debates useless next day.
  166. Got Ron Paul some free media in ESPN's TMQ
  167. People are talking more about Romney on twitter but aren't saying very nice things
  168. Romney and Giuliani to team up - naturally!
  169. Ron Paul vows to end the EPA's harassment after EPA official resigns
  170. What is “Paulcare?”
  171. Please post your favorite Ron Paul video(s) or pictures.......
  172. Ron Paul's Louisiana win edges him closer to getting name in nomination in Tampa
  173. Ron Paul: The Last Man Standing
  174. Huffington Post - Ron Paul Can Win by Robin Koerner (Sequel added)
  175. I'M A RON PAUL DELEGATE! Meet Rachel And Follow Her Journey To Support Ron Paul
  176. The Christian Science Monitor doesn't allow comments on its write up of Paul v Paul
  177. Paul Supporters Win State Republican Party Leadership
  178. I made this video to inspire..and share with friends/family "on the fence"
  179. Fellow Christian Leader (A letter written by Daystar TV Network's Justin Machacek)
  180. Krugman admits he lost debate with Ron Paul - read Krugman being destroyed
  181. Veep
  182. Romney is running scared, YouTube and his supporters blog are just the beginning!
  183. In case you haven't seen, Romney vs Obama Status Quo Debate Preview (Video)
  184. URGENT: RP Endorser Attacked By Establishment (because of endorsement)
  185. Documentary that addresses the Paul V Paul debate
  186. Romney's unexpected delegate surprise in Mass.
  187. Ron Paul’s “Revolution” Is Taking Over The Republican Party
  188. Will sparks fly at Maine GOP’s weekend convention?
  189. Weigel: Ron Paul's Secret Primary (mentions RonPaulForums)
  190. Liberty Love Fest Art Auction until 5/5
  191. Ron Paul v. Columnist Paul Krugman
  192. Paul supporters create delegate mischief
  193. Song about Romney losing Massachussetts
  194. We should hold another GOP Convention in Alaska
  195. ICYMI: Taxpayer Group Study Shows Ron Paul's Plan for Cuts "Dwarfs Others'"
  197. [Video] Maddow covers more delegate strategy success in Louisiana and other states
  198. Match me because of my rugged good looks and boyish charm.
  199. Ron Paul FLIX Daily News - May 1 2012
  200. Paul Krugman Pompously Insults Ron Paul And His Supporters
  201. [Video] Ron Paul winning Delegates and getting huge crowds ! Electable !
  202. RCP National Avg-2 weeks stalled-Where you think we will be at when they pick back up?
  203. Sending a Message to the delegates at the Republican National Convention
  204. Superdelegate question
  205. Ron Paul: Is he taking over the GOP nomination? Crowds and delegates tell all (Video)
  206. With all the I killed Bin Laden better than you would have talk in the MSM...
  207. BREAKING: Ron Paul NOW on TRACK to WIN GOP Nomination! (VIDEO)
  208. Romney helping Gingrich pay off his campaign
  209. "The road to peace now runs through the Right", or "Obomney takes a hit in Mass."
  210. How to get OBAMA voters on board...
  212. Is Ron Paul The Inevitable Candidate?
  213. I think we need this guy on our team. What do you think?
  214. Comments on Romney/Obama Articles by Ron Paul Supporters
  215. NEW AUDIO: Ron Paul Interview With KNX1070 Radio In Los Angeles, CA - May 2, 2012
  216. Trouble for Romney, hope for Ron Paul's supporters
  217. Jay Dardenne among big name vote-getters rejected at Louisiana caucuses
  218. Ron Paul Balks At Supporting Romney, Vows To Take Campaign To RNC (about Ron on KNX 1070 )
  219. An economics lesson from Ron Paul: Inflation is theft
  220. Romney attack ad before Texas please?
  221. Ron Paul on KABC News in L. A. "We are trying to win the nomination" (audio youtube)
  222. RNC to help retire Grinch's debt when he endorses Romney? Should we look at Rule 11 again?
  223. Very Good Grassroots Video - Simple, but very effective.
  224. $650,000 needed by campaign over the next 6 weeks!
  225. Regarding Ron's delegate wins in Massachusetts
  226. Ron Paul liberty message supporters simply..don't care about media
  227. Ron Paul’s Clash With Paul Krugman Displays Power of Hayek Against Ideas of Keynes
  228. Lively Maine GOP convention expected this weekend
  229. Livestream of Gingrich suspending his Campaign...........NOW!!
  230. Michigan County conventions thursday night, may 3rd
  231. Just got a call from Ron Paul
  232. PPP Montana (05/02): Paul leads Obama by 8 - Stronger than Romney
  233. Let's Go Hoosier State! Indiana Primary is This Tuesday! Let's Bring Home a Win for Ron!
  234. Krugman vs. Ron Paul Meme (Image)
  235. How Much Leverage Does Ron Paul Still Have?
  236. Massachusetts Republican Party caucuses hint at party split following primary battles
  237. Dr. Ron Paul will be on the air
  238. Our central bankers are intellectually bankrupt By Ron Paul
  239. Carl Cameron has announced that Ron Paul has qualified for the RNC ballot (video added)
  240. Louisiana HQ is robo-calling Missouri.
  241. Krugman Getting More Desperate [he's quoting Frum now.]
  242. Ron Paul thanks Newt Gingrich for his attention to monetary policy reform
  243. Election Update: Where the Candidates Stand
  244. What can the grassroots do to force a Paul/Romney debate?
  245. Banners & Flyers for California - All Hands on Deck!
  246. Anyone from the Pasadena area going to the Fullerton Rally tonight and willing to carpool?
  247. All your party belong to us!!!
  248. Oregon needs HELP!
  249. UCSD May 4th Rally Parking Info
  250. Hollywood voters to mainstream media: Ron Paul is still in the race