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  1. It's Game Time in Mississippi
  2. 4/24 Primary!! Be sure your freedom loving friends know who our delegates are.
  3. Best of Luck to Ron Paul and His Supporters: 4-24 Primaries
  4. What is so hard to understand about this movement?
  5. colorado?
  6. Game Day
  7. Ron Paul is the Right Choice for RI
  8. Gingrich hints at dropping out, could be down to Paul vs. Romney
  9. *VIDEO* Romney Obama the Same? Ad (10 minutes of awesome!)
  10. Per Washington Times Romney camp fears he won't have enough votes on 1st ballot
  11. Pennsylvania LOCKED AND LOADED
  12. Ron Paul will win Pennsylvania and Delaware!!!
  13. Official 4/24 "I VOTED" and RESULTS Thread
  14. Voted in DE
  15. Despite Romney being mathematically unable to get 1144 delegates today, Media fakes it
  16. All Phila CD 1 voters
  17. Daily Caller Features Fake TP Person w/Mitt
  18. Video: NY Primary - 1st Voter - Voted using a Machine - Educated the Poll Watchers
  19. Santorum's Michigan delegates are now classified as Uncommitted
  20. Ron Paul video game talked about on MSM
  21. Ron Paul Campaign Launches Operations in Texas Ahead of Candidate’s Second Major Tour
  22. New Yorkers - NYC Registered Republicans forgot where to vote today??? EASY!
  23. Ron Paul Yard Signs Dot Pennsylvania Primary Landscape
  24. Work in solidarity with us in LA and NYC
  25. Ron Paul 2012 Wins Iowa & Minnesota Delegates, Demonstrating Possible Path to White House
  26. Paul top story on Reddit today
  27. Ron Paul Yard Signs Dot Pennsylvania Primary Landscape
  28. Move to a Credit Union
  29. 8 more years of Obama
  30. Half hour Reality Check special about delegates (tube added)
  31. Ron Paul and Ending the Federal Reserve
  32. Ron Paul Picture (Like a Boss)
  34. Ron Paul supporters and others to protest ROMNEY'S CORONATION tonight in NH
  35. Very Low Turnout in my district
  36. For Delegates that need help getting to State Convention in Ft. Worth, Texas.
  37. Reporting in from lower Manhattan, 96th District
  38. [Video] Local News - Re: CT Turnout & Ron Paul
  39. Romney Nomination in doubt – Brokered Convention likely
  40. Brian Doherty - How Ron Paul's "Delegate Strategy" is Working
  41. PA Election Results Thread
  42. Live: Rhode Island Primary Results:
  43. NY Results Thread
  44. Just got my friend in OR to register Republican.
  45. What results do you expect in the primaries tonight?
  46. IBT adds video: Ron Paul Wins a Majority of Iowa & Minnesota Delegates
  47. King County GOP leader boots caucus outside after Ron Paul backers take over
  48. Walk for Ron Paul in PA
  49. With zero percent of precincts reporting Politico has called it for Romney
  50. "Mitt Romney will declare victory himself to be the Republican Party's nominee..."
  51. Where on Twitter can we find results?
  52. The next generation of Ron Paul supporting liberty lovers at the Derby season opening
  53. Clearfield County, PA for Ron Paul? 97% of the vote according to CNN
  54. Per Piers Morgan Tweet, Santorum endorsed Romney
  55. Ron Paul All Set to Win Iowa and Minnesota
  56. Beaten in Delaware, Gingrich Likely to End Campaign
  57. Kitsap County GOP could be short delegates at state convention
  58. Our 'nominee' could barely hit 60% in today's primaries
  59. Ron Paul needs to retools his ads and go after ORomneyCare!
  60. What's the deal with the Texas debate now?
  61. Did We Achieve the Plurality?
  62. Ron Paul campaign headed back to Texas for next round in presidential fight
  63. Time for something Bold to Get Attention
  64. Ron Paul to speak at UT Thursday
  65. Ron Paul is doing better than Ronald Reagan.
  66. [VIDEO] Young Turks: Ron Paul is Right about CISPA - It Must Be Stopped
  67. What happened in Missouri??? I thought we had this state???
  68. RP Winning 5 States, TAMPA "INEVITABLE" <--- FOX NEWS
  69. Less like a bomb, more like a river
  70. Newt Gingrich suspending campaign on May 1st (edit: now Wednesday May 2nd)
  71. LISTEN TO THIS INSANITY! NY GOP Chair LIES To Voters, Says Ron Paul Is Out, Support Romney
  72. [Image] Thought Police (from Facebook)
  73. [Image] GOP wants to beat Obama, using Romney ? (from Facebook)
  74. Push The Gun Control Issue
  75. Ron Paul’s Delegate Haul in Primaries Strengthens Hand at GOP Convention
  76. Ron Paul Wins Washington on Track to be Nominated
  77. Iowa: To clear things up
  78. Republican chairman claims 1 day before the primary that all have dropped out but Mitt!
  79. Ron Paul, New England powerhouse
  80. Tampa - No more "clean zone." Now it's an "event zone"
  81. Ron Paul, In It to Win It
  82. New Pew study finds that Ron Paul was ignored by media throughout the election cycle
  83. Moving Video - Spain for Ron Paul
  84. Front of US News & Report: Ron Paul still racking up delegates
  85. Where Are You?
  86. Funny Gold/Bernanke Cartoon
  87. The day after
  88. 1 on 1, low turnout (our best odds)
  89. Warning for Nevada delegates
  90. Yahoo Homepage Poll
  91. RNC officially names Mitt Romney the party's 'presumptive nominee'
  93. Will there be any more debates?
  94. Party Affiliation.
  95. Reality Check: The Truth About Delegate Numbers In Iowa and Minnesota (video)
  96. Jimmy Carter 'comfortable' with Mitt Romney
  97. Please vote in this poll
  98. Ron Paul in El Paso; Holding Town Hall at UTEP
  99. Brian Doherty: Ron Paul: The Candidate Who Wasn't There, Yet is Sticking Around
  100. [Video] The Truth is out: Ron Paul Wins Iowa and Minnesota
  101. Stop the presses! Ron Paul won Iowa
  102. Different Ways to Skin the Political-Financial Cat
  103. Ron Paul Scares GOP With Novel Strategy of Knowing Election Rules
  104. Mathematically Impossible Promises Result in a Boost to Ron Paul’s Allure
  105. Oklahoma Delegates Wanted Toady!
  106. WSJ asks: Can Ron Paul Win the GOP Nomination? VOTE
  107. Ron Paul Looks to Shine in the Lone Star State
  108. Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Tackles CISPA
  109. Check out the Ron Paul Revolution rings I made
  110. [Video] Ron Paul: Run Your Own Life as You See Fit
  111. [Video] RT: Ron Paul wins Iowa. Mary Willison joins for more on the victories.
  112. Does Ron Paul Still Have a chance of becoming President????
  113. Ron Paul coming to my University!
  114. Figured we could use a metaphor for a good laugh
  115. Do you care about Ron Paul's legacy after he retires from congress?
  116. Spanish company will Count American votes overseas in November
  117. Hotair: Paul captures 20 of 24 Minnesota delegates in CD conventions
  118. I will be in Austin tomorrow for the Ron Paul speech. Live updates. LIVESTREAM ADDED
  119. Doug Wead: Romney – Ron Paul in brutal battle !
  120. Ron Paul attracts 1,200-plus voters to El Paso, Texas town hall meeting
  121. Ron Paul 2012: Can He Beat Mitt Romney Now That Newt Gingrich Is Bowing Out?
  122. Ron Paul on WPHT 1210 Radio – Apr 25 2012
  123. colbert pac outraises ron paul pac (mod: misleading- its about liberty pac)
  124. Jon Stewart: "Help us, Ron Paul... You're our only hope..."
  125. If you still have the spirit to win, this thread is for you.
  126. Mini Money bomb. May 5th!!!
  127. Ron Paul ROCKY Shirt
  128. Republican Ron Paul continues Texas tour by stopping at UTEP (includes video coverage)
  129. Romney 2012 vote total comparison with McCain 2008 ?
  130. Anyone betting on this?
  131. Are you going to give to the RNC?
  132. Ron Paul to visit UC-Davis and UC-San Diego on May 3 and May 4, 2012
  133. Super Brochures
  134. KMX and I will be Roadtripping to see the Doctor again!!
  135. Need a boost? watch this video on the "Ron Paul Revolution"
  136. Newt dropping out, Paul and Romney battle getting brutal
  137. GA CD4 corruption
  138. UNBIASED Local TV Coverage & Interview with Ron Paul from KFOX14 El Paso, TX
  139. Texas Debate?
  140. PHOTOSHOP Thread - Post your original Ron Paul artwork or collected from the Internet
  141. Bloomberg: Ron Paul Loyalists Stepping Up to Fill Campaign Agenda
  142. Stick this everywhere?
  143. Why are candidates who have suspended still on ballots?
  144. Critical--Texas NEEDS the vote 4 Ron Paul in order for us to get delegates to Tampa
  145. State ballots until Tampa
  146. Great comparison sheets someone posted at DP to print out 1 for primary 1 for general
  147. Ron Paul Still Winning Delegates in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania
  148. Only Mitt Romney Can Stop The Grave Soviet Threat,Romney Would Start a War.
  149. Tonight on Capital Tonight: Ron Paul one-on-one
  150. AP officially shows Ron Paul as the winner in Minnesota
  151. Ron Paul’s Secret Plan to Win The GOP Nomination
  152. Ron Paul on Labor Department outlawing chores 'I will end these regulations'
  153. Ron Paul Wins 5 Delegates in Pennsylvania; Romney Officially Has Zero
  154. [Video] Ron Paul on Fox Business w/ Cavuto 4/26/12
  155. Tell me what you think about this site to further our cause?...
  156. OTM - Ron Paul on KXAN Local News (Austin, Tx) (video coverage preview)
  157. BREAKING: Ron Paul about to win Louisiana (but we need help)
  158. Romney Nomination in doubt – Brokered Convention likely
  159. A Brit offer an analysis of the neocons vs. Ron Paul
  160. [Video] Ron Paul vs Steven Roach on the US Dollar
  162. Ron Paul is a long distance runner.
  163. Meanwhile, Ron Paul
  164. Just did a Google Search for Ron Paul
  165. Scientists reveal Romney and Obama are actually clones - Doug Wead The Blog
  166. Ron-Paul-wins-5-delegates-in-pennsylvania-romney-officially-has-zero
  167. What would it cost for a National Primetime Ad? Obama = Romney
  168. Who is your choice for President?
  169. Romney or Paul. Need help developing material.
  170. (stuff already shipped)Attention Texas: I have tons of campaign literature I need to ship.
  171. What we learned from our PA delegate race that will help the next states
  172. Ron Paul Will Win 2012 GOP Nomination It's in the Stars!
  174. Alaska State Convention: How are we doing?
  175. The Doc and I
  176. Phone From Home To Win Louisiana! (Pledge)
  178. Ron Paul in Austin (video)
  179. Petition to Recognize Israeli Sovereignty and Right to Unilaterally go to War
  180. TNGOP: "Preparing to elect Romney"
  181. Party for Romney?
  182. For All Who Think Phone From Home is a Lost Cause...
  183. Ron Paul wins Washington State!
  184. Crowd estimate for Ron Paul Austin, TX speech?
  185. [Media] RT - Romney = Obama, interview with Mary from CA
  186. Sorry but NO! Help us Jon Stewart! You're our last hope!!!
  187. Spain for Ron Paul
  188. What does this Ron Paul Quote Mean to You?
  189. Adopt a Meetup 4/26/12
  190. (Video) Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama First Debate Preview
  191. Just How Corrupt Will The United States Voting System Be In 2012
  192. Ron Paul draws thousands at UT speech
  193. GOP race down to two, Ron Paul rides late delegate gains into Austin (w/ video coverage)
  194. Louisiana Republicans prepare for presidential caucuses this weekend
  195. Israel Anderson Compares Warren G. Harding with Ron Paul - Why He Can Win!
  196. Important! From the poll numbers, Romney vs. Paul... if all anti-Romney voters vote Ron
  197. How will the Florida convention work and who's on the ballot?
  198. The Ron Paul Effect
  199. Guess Which GOP Presidential Campaigns Have Zero Debt?
  200. Video: Ron Paul's speech at the University of Texas
  201. Images from rally yesterday and who's going today?
  202. One of my favorite pictures from a young person to young people.
  203. "The Real Mitt Romney" video
  204. Blitzer calls Romney leader of GOP
  205. See THREE Local Affiliates Coverage Of Ron Paul's Visit To The University of Texas
  206. Donating today and every Friday til the convention
  207. My Experience at the Austin Rally Yesterday (with Pics)
  208. Alaska State Convention - Any News?
  209. RNC Breaking Rule #11
  210. Penn Jillette complimented my Ron Paul shirt!
  211. FANTASTIC photos from Ron Paul speaking at UT Austin yesterday !! HUGE Crowd!!
  212. The Horn (UT's student paper) photos and article from yesterday's Ron Paul rally
  213. Correct me if I'm wrong...
  214. I am on the committee to re-elect Barack Obama...
  215. Another win: FOX news using term that Paul inserted into public sphere
  216. Wead corrects IBtimes---Washington, Iowa, ND, etc.
  217. VIDEO: Peter Schiff JUST Told CNBC's Rick Santelli The Only Fix Is "VOTE FOR RON PAUL!"
  218. Nice shot of the crowd in Austin 4/27/12
  219. Politico: The Ron Paul forces strike back in Nevada
  220. Is longtime Alaska GOP Chairman Randy Ruedrich stepping down?
  221. Looking Towards Tampa: Ron Paul’s Delegate Strategy
  222. Alaska - Twitter???
  223. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ron Paul - AUSTIN, May 6th (Sunday) @ 2PM
  224. [Caucus] Who else will be at the Massachusetts District 6 caucus tomorrow morning??
  225. "Ask me anything" facebook page?
  226. YAL liberty candidate campaign support opening - APPLY NOW!
  227. Paul supporters say, don't count him out yet
  228. Interesting assessment of where Ron Paul goes from here
  229. Ron Paul beat Mitt Romney in 10 states! Kind of.
  230. Ron Paul on One on One (video)
  231. 3,000 head to Houston to see Ron Paul (with slideshow)
  232. Ron Paul Visits UT: Raw milk, raw passion and thousands of enraptured Longhorns
  233. Minnesota Post: GOP state convention: short of cash but plenty of Paul delegates
  234. Ron Paul Rally in Austin, Texas April 26, 2012 (Full Video)
  235. So I've converted a friend....lol
  236. Virginia District Conventions - April 28-May 19
  237. Why the RNC Fired Michael Steele (Interesting)
  238. Latest episode of Parks and Recreation captures the essence of Paul's struggle with MSM
  239. What this movement means to me.
  240. Just Got Back from Louisiana HQ
  241. Rep. Paul not ready to drop presidential bid (local media TV coverage of Houston rally)
  242. Joe Miller angling for spot in Alaska GOP leadership?
  243. Rope - a - Dope: Ali vs Foreman (Hang in there Ronulans and keep fighting)
  244. Ron Paul video game
  245. PENNYWISE puts out Ron Paul theme song May 1st?
  246. New movie poster - Titanic Debt ! Starring Obama, Romney and Paul ! (for fun)
  247. petition: one last gop debate
  248. Ron Paul about to receive indirect publicity May 14th-National TV
  249. Mississippi County Conventions
  250. Are NEOCONS getting nervous in KING County?