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  1. Ron Paul Republican Evan Feinberg (R) PA-18 is doing an AMA at reddit, also Moneybomb
  2. UCLA town hall location changed ~~ CAN SEAT 10K!
  3. The Young Turks ~ Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney AND Obama
  4. [Audio] Ron Paul interview on KQMS radio in Redding
  5. Someone asked if I was sad
  6. ND GOP appeal to delegate rebels doesn't impress
  7. Tyler is now Permanent Chair and took all 4 Precinct delegate slots - Tarrant County, TX
  8. Prediction:
  9. Join my Facebook group?
  10. North Carolina
  11. great DP thread with pictures from Chico state
  12. Focus on 1 State?
  13. Hypothetical Question:
  14. Ron Paul has 6,200 people at his first town hall in California! Another record broken!
  15. I need your help: RP NJ Alternate At-Large Delegate FB page!
  16. Epic Ron Paul Picture
  17. We Have Petitioned for Redress
  18. Delegate selection process begins early (Texas)
  19. CA Billboard Question
  20. (Video) The Medical Marijuana Issues - Mitt vs Ron vs Rick vs Newt
  21. Video Needed! - Ron Paul Money Bomb Contest - In-It-To-Win-It - Help Promote the Contest
  22. Awesome UNBIASED Local TV Coverage of Ron Paul in Chico, California from CBS12 Affiliate
  23. Ron Paul Fundraiser in Dallas, TX - April 11, 2012
  24. Just got 2 tickets to eat lunch with Ron Paul April 11th! ;0) STOKED!
  25. Ron Paul says he runs 'to wake people up'
  26. [Video] Ron Paul on Fox News w/ Cavuto 4/04/12
  27. At least 4,900 expected for UCLA event (updated w/ amazing pics and video inside!)
  28. Jefferson County, IA Convention. What Happened, What We Learned
  29. Should Snoop Dogg aimee allen goldenstate produce Ron Paul radio HIT?
  30. [VIDEO] Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul Has Already Won the Election (Russia Today News)
  31. According to the New Yorker, Romney will get 1,122 delegates
  32. Paul Better than Romney vs. Obama (Nevada)
  33. Motorcycle Riders for Ron Paul---Tampa GOP Convention
  34. Vote up Ron Paul endorsing politicians
  35. Help Buy CA Activist a ticket to the Nassim Taleb fund-raiser!
  36. Ron Paul named ‘taxpayer friend’ for 2011 by the National Taxpayers Union
  37. Information on Houston SD Convention
  38. Ron Paul says he thinks already has "plurality of delegates" in 6 states
  39. Ron Paul should spend most of June in Montana
  40. Wyoming and Colorado State Conventions
  42. They're calling it for Romney; they should be calling it for the bankers
  43. It's Working! Josh Tolley Picked Up Another Station! Please Call Your Local Talk Station!
  44. The gracious, the noble Dr. Ron Paul wants to . . .
  45. Please "Like" the April 15 Money Bomb Facebook Page
  46. Jerry Doyle
  47. PPP: Romney takes the lead in Pennsylvania
  48. PPP: Paul Polls Best Among GOP Candidates Against Obama in Nevada
  49. Live Stream Ron Paul at UCLA (low quality)
  50. How much of the Popular vote has Ron Paul gotten thus far?
  51. Nye County Republicans plan to appeal Paul convention win | Reno Gazette-Journal |
  52. The UCLA Rally from my point of view
  53. How a Dutch kid would solve the Greek crisis
  54. How to Have a Great Ron Paul Rally -- Music!
  55. How to fix the debt ceiling mess–a very long list of unconstitutional federal agencies
  56. Tweet the April 15th Money Bomb Now! - InToWin2012.com - Let's Reach $2M+
  57. A media mockery and coup: RNC Convention.
  58. Photos: Ron Paul at the University of California, Los Angeles rally
  59. Ron Paul close to ONE MILLION 'LIKES' on FACEBOOK
  60. Contra Costa Times: Ron Paul draws overflow crowd at UCLA town hall meeting
  61. Ron Paul Takes UCLA like a Superstar
  62. Mono/Poly Disses Obama, Praises Ron Paul
  63. Photos: Ron Paul draws huge crowds in California
  64. Why is everyone acting like we lost already?
  65. Ron Paul draws total of 12,000 people in California in two days
  66. UNBIASED Local TV Coverage of Ron Paul at UCLA from ABC7 in Los Angeles
  67. Daily Gallup Poll Thread
  68. Federal Reserve's Inspector General Clears Fed Re Ron Paul's Allegations
  69. Patriot's Day Money Bomb
  70. NEW JERSEY, CHECK IN! Time to get the ball rolling.
  71. Adopt a Meetup 4/5/12
  72. Ron Paul At U.C. Berkeley 4/5/12 Official Thread
  73. Bizarre Article from "The Hill"
  74. Where in the World is Ron Paul??
  75. Ron Paul motivational posters
  77. Ron Paul Fundraiser in San Francisco Today
  78. Ron Paul Continues To Draw Huge Crowds
  79. Why is the Media Scared to show Ron Paul's crowd of thousands?
  80. [Video] Ben Swann Reality Check on North Dakota delegate shenanigans
  81. GOP corruption in Missouri: An update
  82. What it feels like to be a Ron Paul supporter....
  83. A youtube video of Ron Paul at UCLA
  84. A Ron Paul Song Bonanza! New Torrent Released
  85. Full Time HD Videographer! Why don't we have one?
  86. Berkeley event moved to Memorial Glade (from Zellerbach Hall)
  87. [VIDEO]: Ron Paul is "In It To Win It" Moneybomb Contest
  88. Santorum Twitter and Email Bomb
  89. Daily Show/ Colbert Report Blackout??
  90. Ron Paul in Ft. Worth, TX on April 11 at 7PM!!!
  91. What if giving up on this effort would mean giving up on our nation?
  92. Hacking Democracy: An In Depth Analysis of the ES&S Voting Systems
  93. Ron Paul to hold two "Youth for Paul" rallies in Fort Worth & Texas A&M NEXT WEEK!
  94. Paul Festival - Tampa, FL Aug.24-26
  95. Ron Paul Surpassed His 2008 National Popular Vote Total After WI/MD/DC
  96. Where is bleeding heart Hollywood?
  97. Just got the word, Berkeley BROKE the campus tour record!
  98. Now is the time for Ron Paul to take a stand and call out the GOP, Patrick Henry style.
  99. Ron Paul shatters previous record with 8,500 voters attending his town hall
  100. Ron Paul and Frisbee
  101. Could I get a little help with my reprogramming project?!:)
  102. Ron Paul on KTTV LA Channel 11 News 4/4/12
  104. New Upcoming Ron Paul Video Game!
  105. Ron Paul L.A. Girl
  106. The Revolution is Alive and Well
  107. The Media’s Blackout of Ron Paul Has Gone Openly Hostile Ignoring Chico St., UC Berkeley a
  108. Aaron Greenz - Parental Warning - His Raps Make Your Kids Think!
  109. Going to a Ron Paul event? Be your own video reporter with the NewsIT App!
  110. President Paul full speech at UC Berkeley [Video]
  111. philly phreedom rally (Ron is coming)
  113. Ron Paul Gets VERY POSITIVE Coverage Of Visit To Berkeley From NBC Affiliate In Bay Area
  114. How to counter party establishment shenanigans at state conventions -IMPORTANT OPEN THREAD
  115. Local California Bay Area KCBS radio interview (San Francisco & Berkeley)
  116. Something great to share with people who otherwise will not listen.
  117. The "2000+ Likes" EPIC Commercial Challenge To Ron Paul Supporters
  118. Ron Paul in Texas Next Week
  119. [PIC] Where in the World is Ron Paul? - Everywhere!!!
  120. If you are in the Houston Area and You plan to be a Delegate...
  121. RPF Web Warriors Current Tasks
  122. Must Watch Video On Conspiracy Theories
  123. Could Ron Paul be America's Tommy Douglas?
  124. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul draws crowd at UC Berkeley
  125. Question for those who have gathered Ballot Access Signatures
  126. Ron Paul says he won't quit race
  127. State of the GOP Race: On To Pennsylvania
  128. Ron Paul Should be Added to this Video ... then it would be PERFECT!
  129. Friends of Liberty Jam Fest! 4/7/2012 Energize The NY Primary!
  130. Race Not Over For Ron Paul
  131. Calling All RPF 3D Modelers
  132. trouble brewing within the Nevada GOP
  133. The Romney Reality
  134. Philly Phreedom 2012! Featuring Dr. Ron Paul (Sunday April 22, 2012)
  136. Barack Obama versus Reality - My new ad for Ron Paul
  137. AWESOME Easter Cartoons Take Shots at BARRY & MITTENS!
  138. [Video] Thousands welcome Ron Paul at UC Berkeley (with Mary Willison)
  139. why we need to get out of iraq
  140. New York Grassroots planning thread- Lets WIN the Empire State for Ron Paul!
  141. Just got a letter in the mail saying my polling location changed
  142. No More Reservations: Blowback from America’s debt slaves and cannon-fodder service member
  143. When Ron goes to campuses
  144. [video] 2012 R3VOLution is alive and well !!!!
  145. My high school has Ron Paul content blocked
  146. Ron Paul to spend 3 days campaigning in Texas (with ticket links)
  147. An Open Letter to Justin Raimondo.
  148. Ron Paul is heading to Philly
  149. Washington Times: What Would It Take For Ron Paul To Endorse Romney (AWESOME ARTICLE)
  150. Happy Easter, Passover, and/or just plain Happy Day for non religious folks.
  151. UCLA students hang in trees for Ron Paul (with video)
  152. Well the Media has decided who the nominee will be apparently
  153. Ron Paul speaking in Ft. Worth Texas
  154. NATE HART just dropped a bomb on the r3volution!
  155. Local Ron Paul Supporters Keep the Faith
  156. Need Help: Video/Avatar Contest Prizes - Chipin
  157. Ron Paul Can't be President — And it's Your Fault.
  158. I'm remembering the St Charles Caucus is rescheduled for April 10 do we need to help get
  160. Ron Paul Supporter: Without Me, You have Lost
  161. Ron Paul video response to "The Real Mitt Romney"
  162. [Video] Let's Get Ready to Ron Paul
  163. On twitter this is called 'the Tree of Liberty' --photo from Ron's UCLA rally
  164. POLITICO: Ron Paul's baby boom
  165. New Video: "Ron Paul, Real Populist"
  166. Video: Ron Paul Girl Sings: Ron Paul Revolution
  167. (Video) Ron Paul Supporters Storm C-SPAN
  168. Ron Paul supporters deserve recognition
  169. "Make a Youtube Video" a song and message by Tatiana Moroz
  170. Help needed in PA District 7,, Delaware County
  171. to the ron paul supporters on the third street promenade - santa monica
  172. Help Ron Paul Win South Dakota (Urgent Request)
  173. Got a call from Tisha Casida (liberty candidate for congress in colorado)
  174. Half the Crap Here Doesnt Belong Here
  175. What If The Money Bomb Explodes?
  176. Idea to give Ron some publicity
  177. Romney Delegate Count Too High
  178. Ron Paul picks up Kennedy endorsement?
  179. I have an odd feeling that Ron Paul is going to be Federal Reserve Chair
  180. The Fascists Are Coming! The Fascists Are Coming!!
  181. Ron Paul 2012: No End in Sight
  182. CHARITY for Ron Paul
  183. April 15, 2012 Money Bomb - Letter From the Campaign
  184. A disappointing view of the world without Ron Paul
  185. Why Ron Paul matters more than Newt Gingrich
  186. Morning Joe Mentioned RP today
  187. Where Is Ron Paul (VIDEO)
  188. Tim Johnson (Ill GOP Congressman who just won primary after endorsing Ron Paul) to retire
  189. [Video] New Grassroots Ron Paul Ad – Establishment Candidates Are All The Same
  190. Ron Paul Straight Talk: "In Praise of Private Charity"
  191. Doug Wead facebook event Tues 7PM - discuss "What can happen at the Tampa convention?"
  192. [Video] Media Fights Its Own Bias of Ron Paul
  193. Need your help with this petition!!!
  194. Ben Swann Live on Ron Paul Radio (now)
  195. Official Chip-In Compendium
  196. Video - Ron Paul - Obama's Greatest Threat
  197. [Video] Politics vs Ron Paul with Joe Rogan
  198. Doing anything in Delaware County, PA this weekend? WE NEED HELP to get out Delegate info!
  199. St Charles County MO Live feed?
  200. Blast this link out to all the Texas Ron Paul supporters you know!
  201. GRASSROOTS PROJECT- Josh Tolley to speak at a New York TEA Party rally for Ron Paul?
  202. Ron Paul is our American Boy
  203. Attn: PA!! We NEED more volunteers to work polls. It's Easy! Plz Help.
  204. Paul backer wins reelection as Iowa GOP chairman
  205. RCP average Ron Paul now 3rd
  206. Awesome Ron Paul Quote (Long)
  207. Robo call for Ron Paul?
  208. Wednesday, April 18: Ron Paul to hold University of Rhode Island Rally
  209. “Where is Ron Paul?” (In It to Win It promo)
  210. Voice over talents for RP Grassroots needs
  212. Ride a Motorcycle? Going to Paul Fest and the RNC? Ride With THE R3VOLUTION RIDERS!
  213. Witness the Power of an Idea: Ron Paul Massive Rallies 2012
  214. Nate Silver (538 blog) on the Paul Campaign
  215. USA Today: "in it to win it" money bomb
  216. New Ron Paul video ad (promote moneybomb guys and both of your girls)
  217. Paul @NRA?
  218. Ron Paul: Help Me Get to Tampa!
  219. The spirit of Ron Paul lives in Mexico!
  220. live stream Ron Paul Texas A&M 04-10-2012 7PM CST
  221. Ron Paul Hits Home States Airwaves
  222. Ron Paul does not owe Mitt Romney or GOP any loyalty
  223. Ron Paul strongest BY FAR in Colorado general election
  224. THE DEFINITIVE THREAD Breaking-Santorum calls news conference for 2:00 Is he dropping?
  225. Brokered Convention and how to still get to it
  226. Welcome Santorum supporters!! Help us stop the Mass. Moderate!
  227. Does Newt Gingrich have any chance now to help us make it a brokered convention?
  228. Why Santorum Voters Should Now Vote for Ron Paul
  229. A big welcome to the supporters of Senator Santorum
  230. One on One Debate with Romney
  231. April 24th is our last chance. Can we afford to ignore New York?
  232. Ron Paul campaign statement on Rick Santorum withdrawal
  233. Who here thinks we can win Texas now?
  234. Christian talk radio now pushing that Mormons are cool...
  235. Ron Paul's in Second Place!!!
  236. Time to make the videos that seperate Paul from Romney.
  237. Run Ads to Praise Santorum NOW!!!
  238. Are there Rick Santorum forums where Ron Paul Ambassadors can go play nice?
  239. Video: The amazingly accurate predictions of Ron Paul
  240. Reality Check Tonight: Santorum Dropping out and what it means for Delegate Count
  241. The Campaign Needs to Redo Their New Ad & Switch Out Santorum for More Negatives on Romney
  242. I recently did 6 radio interviews, most about Ron Paul
  243. Ok What Now?!?!
  244. Who are Santorums delegates?
  245. Are there any more televised debates ?
  246. 10 Year Anniversary of Ron Paul's Chilling Speech, Don't forget to post it April 24th
  247. ATTACK ROMNEY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  248. Is anyone willing to become an unbound delegate in Maryland?
  249. NY Times: Meanwhile, Paul Keeps Campaigning (Includes NEW CAMPAIGN AD)
  250. **URGENT!!** ..PFH is calling St.CharlesMissouri 3 hours left! CAUCUS 2Nite!