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  1. Just voted for Paul
  2. The Delegate Race: "Brokered" vs. "Open" Conventions
  3. Tea Party, don't vote RP if you are suicidal. IRS is already out to get you.
  4. Don't Believe the deceptions of the Mainstream Media - Ron Paul is drawing HUGE numbers!
  5. Media Bias Against Paul
  6. RonPaulVOLUNTEER.com Training Webinar at 4:30PM PST
  7. Ron Paul Endorsed by Michigan Arab American Republican Leadership
  8. Another Ron Paul MSU Auditorium Video
  9. Reporting live from Dearborn
  10. GOA -- Open Letter To Mitt Romney
  11. PPP:...looks like Santorum is closing the gap in Michigan
  12. Why is there nothing on the official website, facebook or twitter about the new H2H poll?
  13. Do It Again!
  14. Poll: Ron Paul Strongest Against Obama In Head To Head Matchup
  15. Ron Paul's anti-war message resonates with East Lansing crowd
  16. Gingrich gives up on Afghanistan; sides with Ron Paul
  17. RON PAUL @ a TOWN HALL in Detroit, Michigan, 2/27/2012
  18. National Journal: Paul Draws 3,800 People at Michigan State
  19. The 2012 Democracy Illusion Tour
  20. How Ron Paul Won Yucca (Nye) County Nevada in 08 and 12
  21. Ron Paul in Dearborn, Michigan!
  22. Ron Paul leads Illinois primary...
  23. Vote in the Townhall.com Straw Poll!
  24. Moderators: who are those people and how do you become one?
  25. Nation Builder help!!!
  26. 1000th pages of Ron Paul Grass Roots Central
  27. Ron Paul Polar Plunge pics.
  28. Ron Paul Rally MSU Part 1 (Video)
  29. University of the People!!
  30. Ron Paul speaks to packed auditorium in Dearborn (includes video)
  31. PPP Michigan
  32. Paul 4000 vs Santorum 300 - Crowd comparison in Lansing
  33. Help with sourcing some Ron Paul predictions!
  34. Local News tonight says no candidate will visit
  35. [NEW] - Short, but SERIOUS **unofficial** Ad: Wisdom & Leadership, Fiscal Conservatism
  36. Some good points you can use in conversations with people
  37. Someone's experience at the county convention
  38. Best way to answer this?
  39. Vote for Ron Paul THIS SATURDAY in Washington!
  40. Do you feel the swing?
  41. Did this story show on Drudge ? (3 of 4 GOP candidates would add to deficits)
  42. Five Thirty Eight - Examining Michigan’s Delegate Math
  43. How to attract Democrats to vote in the Republican Primary?
  44. Ron Paul Speaks at the Auditorium (includes video)
  45. Ron Paul Rallies Supporters in Dearborn (includes pictures and video)
  46. GOP candidate Ron Paul holds town hall in Detroit
  47. Ron Paul finds support in a variety of countries other than US
  48. Here are some responses for those who don't like Paul's foreign policy
  49. Democrats in Michigan Voting for Santorum
  50. Vermont Poll!!!!
  51. Michigan Primary Preview
  52. ideo: Really good media questions with Dr Paul after Michigan rally.
  53. A reminder - Michigan is an OPEN PRIMARY!
  54. Ron Paul radio interview from WOOD Radio 1300 for Michigan and Arizona voters
  55. Nullify the NDAA!!!
  56. Ron Paul vs. 10th POTUS John Tyler???
  57. Just got back from Michigan voting
  58. I love Ron Paul
  59. Drudge Report has Ron's MSU rally with 4000 people on upper left
  60. Media pretending Ron's 4000 person events in MI aren't happening
  61. Rush Limbaugh gives up on Afghanistan; sides with Ron Paul
  62. How Many Votes Can You Deliver?
  63. I just voted in Flagstaff, Arizona
  64. Ron Paul to speak at Lindenwood University, St Charles MO, March 10 in run up to caucuses
  65. Media Propaganda - Forest Fires Are Important
  66. Poll: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney only GOP candidates leading Pres. Obama
  67. Don't mistake me for a hippie because I support Ron Paul, I'm a combat veteran! (video)
  68. Randi Shannon for Senate (District 34) in Iowa - Please Support Her and Share with Iowans
  69. Michigan is not winner-take-all for delegates
  70. Photo of the year. Ron Paul and a Fist in front of flag
  71. Santorum, Paul voters turn out at one Phoenix poll
  72. Rand Paul endorses EVAN FEINBERG as primary challenge to my Congressman Tim Murphy!
  73. Order Ron Paul Blimp Balloons Today If You Need Them by Super Tuesday
  74. How to use Facebook search to GOTV
  75. Detroit News Editorial Cartoon
  76. Jon Stewart: We Need You Now....
  77. Gallup National Tracking Poll (2/23-2/27): Paul Up, Santorum & Romney Down, Gingrich Same
  78. Drudge Primary just opened - VOTE NOW
  79. Anyone in the MD/DE/VA area have a large boat we could use?
  80. Ron Paul receives major endorsement in North Dakota
  81. Low Michigan turnout blamed on little interest, ballot confusion
  82. Tax Accountability,Political Action arm of Taxpayer's United Endorses Ron Paul 4 President
  83. Distributed a few flyers, organized a sign wave for Saturday
  84. Mish: "Brokered convention...is increasingly likely."
  85. My interview now available as a podcast
  86. My Report: CMU Rally 2/25/12 [Pics & Video]
  87. Poll: Ron Paul Tops Obama Nationally for First Time
  88. NEW Jack Hunter video: 'Santorum hurts social conservatism'
  89. Some shady exit polling already coming out of Michigan
  90. Where is Ron Paul Campaigning Next?
  91. How do you respond to such an idiotic response?
  92. Rasmusssen Poll: Obama trailing behind Romney and Paul
  93. Michigan Too Close; Thoughts on Democratic Crossovers
  94. DEARBORN: Ron Paul makes final push for primary WITH SLIDESHOW
  95. Lets get a
  96. Mitt Romney Opens Up About Relationship With Ron Paul (VIDEO)
  97. US BUDGET WATCH: The GOP Candidates & the National Debt Plans, Only Ron Paul's Plan Cuts
  98. NRO: Conservative Intel and JMC Polling & Analytics post their Michigan GOP exit polling
  99. Staff: GOP candidate Ron Paul to visit Alaska on Sunday
  100. Springfield, VA live stream 6:30PM EST
  102. Mitt Romney Ron Pauling Delegates?
  103. Drudge: Romney easily wins AZ
  104. How smart is your congressman? Ron Paul has highest word diversity of all congressmen
  105. Rick's and Arlen's Love Affair
  106. Ron Paul in the Ghetto
  107. Poll on Drudge
  108. Voted for RP toady!!1!!
  109. when the numbers come in.......
  110. Wyoming vote results to this point
  111. Voted for RP in Tucson
  112. Rush Limbaugh says to "vote for Ron Paul"!
  113. Live stream
  114. **Share your knowledge* Los Angeles needs suggestions of top Ron Paul sites
  115. Has Ron Paul said anything about the Quran Burnings in Afghanistan?
  116. Democrats' 'Operation Hilarity' Working For Santorum
  117. My Big Prediction - Newt
  118. Southern Strategy: Talking points that REALLY WORK with southern evangelicals
  119. Any exit poll data from RevPac yet?
  120. Ron Paul Dearborn, MI 2/27/12 Full Event
  121. John Tate: "incredibility strong showing" if you PHONE-FROM-HOME
  122. Ron Paul Speech Live, Now.
  123. Any exit polls telling # of dems showing up in Michigan?
  124. Did TODAY's Rasmussen Poll show ONLY Ron Paul able to beat Obama?
  125. Apparently Ron will be in Illinois next week and NIU students are trying to petition him
  126. Turned a hater into a donor in 2 hours
  127. Ron Paul only has one full-time reporter - Politico.com (How does grassroots remedy this?)
  128. RP Live Interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN
  129. Here us what Ron Paul was fighting for in 1976, Reagan's 1976 Republican Convention Speech
  130. WSB just said Ron Paul won a precinct...
  131. Why aren't we focusing on Virginia, where only Romney and Ron Paul are on the ballot?
  132. Converting Supporters: Gloom&Doom vs Philosophy
  133. Drudge: "Ron Paul hangs in"
  134. Ron Paul Issues Statement on Obama's Decision on Tricare Cuts
  135. A little North Central PA Grassroots activity.
  136. OHIO is the next big prize.
  137. Ron Paul will hold a rally at noon Friday at the Spokane, WA convention center
  138. [video] Ron Paul CNN Interview During GOP Michigan Voting 02/28/12
  140. Ron Paul on CNN VIDEO
  141. We do well in the north
  142. MSNBC: Paul predicts political revolution (Video from Virginia rally)
  143. Disparity in Rally vs. Voter Numbers - Michigan
  144. Help WA to surge into Super Tuesday, NOW is the time!!!
  145. Ron Paul: 'We're very pleased with our strategy'
  146. All Hands On Deck For the Washington Caucus
  147. Rand introduced Ron as "Presidential Candidate"
  148. RevPAC Exit Polling Data for Michigan and Arizona
  149. The Message is Definitely Spreading
  150. Someone match me $50.00
  151. Ben Swann's Reality Check Covering the Troop March
  152. How possible is a Idaho, Alaska, North Dakota win if we win Washington???
  153. Our best hope
  154. Virginia: A great place to get delegates or maybe not?
  155. February 29th - Happy Birthday Carol Paul Thread!!!
  156. Does Dr. Paul need to use more 'active' than passive sentences in his speeches ?
  157. You won't read this thread because you don't like the truth. We lose if we don't ADAPT.
  158. GOP opposes Ron Paul delegates in Indiana
  159. VIDEO: Dr. Paul says "We have a long way to go yet"...
  160. My Ron Paul Signs are Front-page of Muskegon Chronicle election coverage
  161. How to respond to this question?
  162. About Springfield tonight....
  163. Awesome Ron Paul Anti-War campaign video
  164. Where is the Tea Party?
  165. Best anti-war Ron Paul video here.
  166. Ron Paul poll shocker: He beats Obama head-to-head
  167. Ron Paul beat Newt Gingrich and came in 3rd on Tuesday
  168. Ron Paul to Visit Alaska
  169. Should there be more emphasis & ads about Ron's superior electability against Obama?
  170. Operation Grandma On Steroids Urgently Needed
  171. Can we get all of RPF to call Washington before Saturday?
  172. The truth about college kids voting
  173. Ben Bernanke on Ron Paul Hot Seat! Watch live Today (video added)
  174. Happy Birthday to Carol Paul!!
  175. VIDEO: Virginia Crowd at Rally Sings Happy Birthday to Carol Paul
  176. RP! Stop campaigning at colleges and hit the small rallies.
  177. RP on now
  178. Paul to run Washington State and Vermont ads
  179. Has anyone read about HR 347?
  180. A good online candidate comparison chart?
  181. Ron "Trumps" the Huckster, again! (will skip Huckabee Forum)
  182. Encouraging Economic Competition without Punishing Good Companies
  183. Ron Paul and Romney: 2012 versus 2008 results so far
  184. another wave of effort
  185. There Seems to be an Elephant in GRC ...
  186. WOW. I feel sorry for whoever is the next President...
  187. Ron Paul tells Bernanke he killed the dollar, silver coin in hand...
  188. Can someone explain this?
  189. Ron Paul and Rep. McCotter Confront Bernanke on Inflation, Monetary Policy 2/29/2012
  190. the erosion of freedom
  191. Email from campaign : Michigan is far from over
  192. Phone from Home-Operation TURNOUT WASHINGTON
  193. Seriously?! We're going to let Santorum beat us in this poll for $10,000
  194. [VIDEO] Ron Paul questions Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State on foreign affairs
  195. Has anyone the results per precinct of Michigan/Arizona/Missouri/Minnesota please?
  196. The question of Leftists
  197. Language Barrier in Culturally Different Communities
  198. Help needed: Help the Dallas/Fort Worth RP groups get in the parade
  199. Doctor vs. Colossus
  201. A real way to return to a defacto gold standard.... that we can see in the next 4 years
  202. Court hearing tomorrow , wish us luck !!
  203. There's been a lot of heated argument here lately...
  204. CONFIRMED: RP at 2 events in WA State on Friday 3/2
  205. Tonight - Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, Mike Church & many more - LibertyChat.com Q&A Marathon
  206. New Jersey’s oldest weekly newspaper ~ endorses Congressman Ron Paul for President
  207. Washington Analysis (08' results, donations, etc)
  208. Great Video Interview of Carol Paul
  209. Ron Paul won Detroit!
  210. Ron Paul on Wikipedia. Wikipedia editors needed here to correct the record!
  211. TRENDING: Paul ad target rivals, including Romney, in Washington state
  212. Need some literature regarding RP's foreign policy
  213. Gold, Silver and Inflation: Ron Paul Spars With Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke (includes video)
  214. Senior Romney Health Care Adviser Selling Consulting Services To Help Implement Obamacare
  215. Area youth turn out for Republican presidential candidate in Springfield-Fire marshals tur
  216. Full Report: Presidential Primary Results for Dearborn
  217. Ron Paul: No Tax Hikes! Cut Government Spending Instead – OpEd
  218. Ron Paul to visit three Idaho cities Monday —Sandpoint at 11 a.m., Moscow at 2 &IdahoFalls
  219. How symbolic would it be if we won WA as our first state?
  220. Time to insert foreign policy into TV ads?
  221. Anyone in Massachusetts?
  222. National Taxpayer's Union grades Gingrich, Santorum and Paul (audio) (hint: Paul is best)
  223. Get Reddit to join us for the ALL HANDS ON DECK Phone From Home effort!
  224. Ron Paul to speak at Kibbie Dome and Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho, March 5 & 6
  225. Just converted a friend of mine, Army at Fort Campbell, KY
  226. Refer your friends or any supporter in WA here!!!!
  227. Peter Schiff and Tom Woods on Livestream/chat, Now!
  228. Brian Doherty: Ron Paul Hits Fed Chief Ben Bernanke with Silver
  229. "Negative" signs at polling places?
  230. Ron Paul is coming to St. Louis Missouri
  231. Ron Paul campaign claims 'irregularities' with delegate appointments in King CTY WA
  232. Ron Paul campaign reaches out to Hawaii, may snag first win in the islands
  233. Cleverbot is warning us
  234. The internet is STILL our greatest ally.
  236. Ron Paul on top in New York
  237. [Video] Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight 3/01/12
  238. Post-MI/AZ Washington robopoll results
  239. Is anyone collecting yard signs from states that have voted
  240. Great bit on Ron Paul (+ other candidates) on Jon Stewart 2/29
  241. Santorum and the GOD Principle
  242. Step brother needs a ride to his Seattle Precinct (Roosevelt HS Gym)
  243. Anyone have some Extra Superbrochures?
  244. Ron Paul on Santorum - Because he's a ****
  245. Get This Phone From Home Banner to the Top of the Forum! We Need Everyone to Make Calls!
  246. SurveyUSA poll shows Ron Paul does best against Obama in NY among GOP in every demographic
  247. The Ron Paul Truck
  248. Grand Strategy: How Ron Paul Can (Still) Win the Nomination
  250. Ron Paul is Getting His Own Holiday!