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  1. After Bloody Primary, GOP Reconsiders Nomination Rules...
  2. Ron Paul Peace & Sound Money Blimps Are Here!
  3. Ron Paul Facebook Page Clarifies the Rand Paul as VP Rumor.....
  4. Santorum makes it onto Indiana Ballot... -_-
  5. Tim Pawlenty‘The Last Person To Cut A Back Room Deal In American Politics Would B Ron Paul
  6. Guess who I just voted for? [PIC]
  7. Jim Rogers: Ron Paul is the Only One Who Understands the Economy
  8. CNN (After Break): Rick Santorum to discuss Ron Paul / Mitt Romney "Alliance"
  9. The Third Man: Why Ron Paul Is the Steadiest Candidate in the Race
  10. Ron Paul: Loved By the Military, Not Loving Santorum
  11. To Those Who Say Mitt Romney Has No Core
  12. Delegate Count Analysis
  13. Ron Paul focus group is back on FOX
  14. 'Bomb Iran' Billboard in Salt Lake Sparks Controversy
  15. Unusual Letter From the IRS
  16. New Grand Rapids (MI) Press Political Writer is a Paulbot
  17. [video] Ron Paul Interview On Kudlow, Talks Fake Santorum & The Medias MItt/Ron Conspiracy
  18. how did i handle this situation on facebook?
  19. Before you vote for BO check this out.
  20. OK City Rally - 1:00PM CST - 2/25/12 - HUGE!!!
  21. We Can Win Kansas
  22. The Alleged Ron Paul / Romney Silent agreement.
  23. Poll of “insiders”: Heavy majority thinks brokered convention is unlikely
  24. IAEA: 'Serious Concerns' about Iran (but report says no actual problems)
  25. New Poll of Georgia
  26. Honest Question: Just who IS the ESTABLISHMENT?
  27. Stats on Ron Paul vs. other candidates on the debt
  28. Next Money Bomb Idea: The Only One We Can Trust
  29. Help with facebook convo
  30. Ron Paul clobbers Romney, Santorum in New York straw poll
  31. Ron Paul Hits the Campaign Trail in Michigan
  32. Townhall Feb Presidential Strawpoll
  33. Mike Church gets PISSED over Ron Paul! (audio)
  34. Some sabotage going on in Michigan?!?!If from or near Michigan - read this!!
  35. Study: Ron Paul would be the only candidate to shrink the federal debt
  36. Ron Paul Vectors and Design resources.
  37. Video: Fox Focus Group Praise Ron Paul, Criticize Santorum
  38. **Free stuff** Bumper sticker templates, large printable signs!!!!
  39. someone impersonating MI coordinator trying to cancel RP events
  40. OKLAHOMA CITY Ron Paul will b at the Capitol Plaza, Saturday, Feb 25, TOMORROW, at 1:00
  41. Will turnout in Washington State be as low as last time?
  42. How Ron Paul Wins the Nomination: Delegates, Grassroots, and a [possible] Brokered Conv.
  43. Romney camp's game plan: Make Ford Field look crowded
  44. The Ron Paul Generation
  45. Tecumseh was a libertarian.
  46. Cpl Jesse Thorsen Speaks Up!!! Must see video<------
  47. VIDEO! Rick Santorum's & President Obama's Arlen Specter Endorsement Video (Ad for PAC?)
  48. Central Michigan University LIFE: Column: Why I Love Ron Paul
  49. NY Times: U.S. Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb
  50. VIDEO: Reality Check's Special Report on GOP Race (video here)
  51. Free campaign materials
  52. ALL POINTS BULLETIN: Massive weekend push for Ron Paul "Battle of Thermopylae"
  53. Ron Paul Announces Super Tuesday Rally in Virginia
  54. Central Michigan University - TOADY!!
  55. People Love...Ron Paul and his Republican Quest
  56. What's Paul's Alaska Plan? - Romney sending son and Santorum doing mailings...
  57. What do I have to do to get through to the younger generation?
  58. TODAY in Arlington, Texas HUGE Ron Paul event.
  59. Is this Ron Pauls time to be the new anti-Romney?
  60. U.S. Rep. Ron Paul is 'ideal candidate' and his influence is taking hold at the Capitol
  61. Vote in the poll- urgent
  62. Romney and GOP in Trouble
  63. Today!! See Ron Paul at Central Michigan University Rally, Plachta Auditorium, 6:00 pm
  64. Top 10 Ron Paul Photos of the Week
  65. Military donations by branch as of 2/23/12
  66. Need help in argument!
  67. If Ron Paul is elected, Military would be stronger, because I would join.
  68. Update on Maine Caucus: Portland Delegates
  69. Ron Paul Joke On Leno Last Night
  70. Why the constitution is relevant today - a great read
  71. Michigan Radio Station Email List
  72. RevPAC's 12 Hour Powercast is today 12pm-12am - Tune in for new SS TV ad
  73. NOBP People - Who Did You Vote For in 2008?
  74. Military donations, broken down by branch
  75. Christians For Ron Paul ~ Help Spread the Message!
  76. Vey revealing image from my facebook...someone send this to the GOP.
  77. live stream Oklahoma City rally 1:00PM Central
  78. Ron Paul For Liberty and Truth
  79. Rally today in San Francisco area!
  80. The Great Debate: How Ron Paul’s Presidency Will Reshape America
  81. Talking Heads, Mainstream Media Pushing Paul/Romney Alliance Conspiracy
  82. Michael Scheuer On Live NOW talking about Iran
  83. $15,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOO FRAUD EXPOSED in UK House of Lords
  84. Looking for Freedom Loving Writer(s) Willing to Volunteer to Promote Freedom
  85. Ron Paul in West Michigan/Hudsonville are Sunday
  86. What more can I do as a veteran of Iraq?
  87. My mom posted this on Facebook today.
  88. Ron Paul Concert in the Memphis, TN area tonight..SPREAD!!!
  89. Why no major foreign policy event?
  90. Keep voting in this important poll!
  91. Hundreds of Ron Paul Supporters Occupy Cal. GOP Convention
  92. Open Letter to Ron Paul
  93. Tweet and PICTURE Lindsey Boerma@Lindsey_CBSNJ Wow-- over 2,000 people at this Ron Paul r
  94. Question: can my dad become a delegate?
  95. Washington Caucus Contest Instructions
  97. Large crowd at CMU greets Rep. Paul
  98. Great PICTURE!! Ron Paul delivers campaign speech Saturday in Warriner Hall
  99. VIDEO! Rick Santorum Continues the Isolationist Lie - Ron Paul Rebuttals (Please share)
  100. When is the Secret Service going to start protecting Ron Paul due to crowd size??
  101. Ron Paul scores another endorsement
  102. Why did Peter Thiel choose Endorse Liberty over RevPAC ??
  103. Final Push For Super Tuesday
  104. Rev9 & The Remnants Video - R3volution - Dont Tread On Me
  105. Ron Paul inspires old fans, earns some new ones at Central Michigan University in Mount Pl
  106. New RevPAC Social Security TV ad "Tea For Two"
  107. Nice article and great pictures from Oklahoma City Rally
  108. Tea for Two New RevPac Ad
  109. Because I trust Ron Paul on the economy, I am currently...________________
  110. Liberty Tax Return Pledge
  111. Feeding The Paul/Judge Nap rumors-Video evidence
  112. I was the very last person let in
  113. GOP Registered Paul Supporters Evicted from California GOP
  114. South Dakota Delegate Selection Caucuses this Thursday 8pm Local time.
  115. Ron Paul @ CMU : Slideshow and Article
  116. Wyoming Doomsday Bill Advances In State House
  117. NEW: SLIDESHOW: Ron Paul gets enthusiastic reception in central Michigan
  118. Is Romney - Paul a Dream Ticket for 2012? (Conservative Byte)
  119. Official Campaign MoneyBomb On Now! The Super Tuesday Push!
  120. CNN does not show Minnesota delegates
  121. 'Teaser video' of Oklahoma Capital Rally 2/25/12
  122. This is how we roll in Tarrant County Texas
  123. Who'll Slash the National Debt? Only one Presidential Candidate
  124. Paul will bring us overdue freedom - Op Ed and endorsement by Pres of Cincinnati Tea Party
  125. Short video of Ron Paul's crowd in Oklahoma at the State Capitol 2/25/2012
  126. Ron Paul Pro-shot video and live streaming
  127. Vinton Ohio meeting Feb 29 to Support Ron Paul
  128. The new Ron Paul Volunteer dot com website is incredible
  129. Perspective On Propaganda and the MSM
  130. The Next Stage in Human Evolution: please share this
  131. Marketsworld.com
  132. Plans for the 2012 RNC Convention, Tampa, FL
  133. Gasoline the reality for most folks
  134. video - Chinese Warship in the Gulf of Mexico
  135. NY Mag: The Lost Party (GOP)
  136. Has anyone made a compilation vid to showcase the turnouts at these rallies?
  137. Ron Paul: Rick Santorum is Desperate
  138. [Video] Doug Wead on MSNBC 2/26/12
  139. Do you ever get tears in your eyes watching Ron Paul?
  140. Ron Paul: Rick Santorum Is 'Desperate'
  141. Flint, MI Radio station wants to interview Dr. Paul
  142. Hudsonville Michigan Toady
  143. Election 2012: Ready to Caucus, Washington? (Some sources for facts on Washington Caucus)
  144. SFgate: Insider story on Peter Thiel, Paul's quiet SuperPac supporter
  145. New Gallup tracking poll shows Santorum crashing after his week long focus on culture wars
  146. Ron Paul *DESTROYS* Latest Google Poll (2.74million searches/month)
  147. My answer to the stupid idea that Paul and Romney have a deal
  148. Doug Wead: We Had to Tell the Truth about Santorum
  149. Johnson County Republicans' Straw Poll Supports Ron Paul
  150. (Video) Ron Paul michigan University Rally 02-25-12
  151. Golden State 'Bombs' feat. Adam Kokesh, Jordan Page, Tatiana Moroz
  152. I'm somewhat out of the loop
  153. Ron Paul's speech at Central Michigan University on 02/25/2012
  154. Paul fans near Grand Rapids clamor to hear their candidate
  155. Ron Paul event draws supporters, detractors
  156. Thousands are crowding the ballroom of Hudsonville's Pinnacle Center for a 4 p.m. Ron Paul
  157. Announcing RonPaulVolunteer.com - a GOTV tool
  158. novel concept for sign waving....
  159. Electability
  160. Republican Presidential candidates and supporters gear up for super Tuesday - Go Georgia!!
  161. Only Ron Paul
  162. Ron Paul campaigns in West Michigan
  163. Packed House Hears Paul at CMU - good write up
  164. Mitt Romney's Cash Problem
  165. Ron Paul laughs off Santorum's claims of Paul-Romney alliance
  166. The Man Who Anticipated Ron Paul
  167. National Taxpayer's Union rebuts Santorum's claim to be more conservative than Ron Paul
  168. feedback on editorial
  169. Grinch and Santa both want Secret Service protection
  170. Saw TMOT's band play, Hope for GA
  171. UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Ron Paul delivers campaign speech Saturday to full Plachta Auditorium
  172. You have to marvel at Ron Paul
  173. Ron Paul Predictions--More than just economics. Empirical proof of foreign policy wisdom.
  174. Help me show how Paul's economic views would help poorer people
  175. Ron Paul and his campaign people are geniuses.
  176. Why Ron Paul is the Best Canidate for America
  177. Carol Paul's Birthday Party
  178. Almost no Ron Paul supporters in WA realize there is no primary
  179. Santorum Proven Fake! (Unedited CNN debate footage doesn't lie!)
  180. PA is a closed primary - One Month left to be registered.
  181. How long is the typical sign wave?
  182. PPP Polls: Santorum's net favorability in Michigan has declined 29 points in the last week
  183. Ohio needs to step up! Where my Ohio peeps at?
  184. Santorum win in Michigan could be chaos for GOP
  185. Michigan Radio (audio): Thousands show up at Ron Paul campaign stops in Michigan
  186. Mid-Michigan in the Spotlight as State Primary Just Days Away
  187. Did Anyone See Stossel Tonight?!
  188. A taste for politics? Paul camp hands out family cookbook
  189. PPP: Santorum Declining; Romney Heading For Huge Win In Arizona
  190. How does it feel being at the back of the line? Ron Paul Rall- Hudsonville Michigan(video)
  191. Bucks County PA Ron Paul supporters wanted
  192. We Ask America Poll: Michigan: Romney 37% Santorum 33% Paul 18% Gingrich 13%
  193. Caucus news: MN GOP is already trying to pull some crap. (Koochiching County) Spread this.
  194. Breakdown of CD results for 2008 Michigan Primary
  195. Ron Paul on CNN now for a whole show?
  196. Ron Paul visits West Michigan before primary
  197. Santorum and Gingrich's lack of national organization would doom them in the general
  198. For Some Visits Will Make A Difference
  199. Detroit News: Crowds in state give Ron Paul rousing welcome
  200. ARG Arizona poll
  201. Romney fake "grassroots" sign wave at rally (video)
  202. FOX news edits audience response to blowback question. What new?
  203. Censorship or?(United States of America is subsidizing Brazils cotton farmers)
  204. 3 doomsaying experts who foresee economic devasation ahead
  205. Ron Paul receives more donation $ than other GOP in Iowa
  206. Detroit Morning Radio "random" phone polling
  207. Ron Paul Rally in Marietta GA 2/26/12 [Video]-(Awesome)
  208. RASMUSSEN: Obama Falls Behind Paul - Paul 43% Obama 41% (on Drudge)
  209. NDAA - Allen West says it excludes American citizens. How to intelligently respond?
  210. Arab Americans here jokingly call Gingrich "the invented candidate"
  211. GWU/Politico Poll Feb.19-22 {Crosstabs)
  212. Get this guy Lawn Sign in Tenessee before Super Tuesday
  213. "Electable" Moneybomb? April 2-4 (Weekend)
  214. A mail to my brother
  215. Ron Paul Abolishes the Fed (with a little help)
  216. If anyone has not seen this, it's really good -
  217. Ron Paul and Obama most Truthful
  218. If Ron Paul got the Ring of Power, he'd throw it in Mt. Doom.
  219. HILARIOUS tweet on Santorum and Gingrich by one of Ron's embedded reporters
  220. Live Tweeting on Ron's town hall
  221. RP leading the Indys in AZ Rep Poll
  222. California US Senate Race: Who is the liberty candidate?
  223. Ron Paul live on C-span NOW!!
  224. Ron Paul to Hold Rally Tuesday Night at Ballroom in Springfield, VA
  225. Gallup National Tracking Poll (2/22-2/26): Romney and Paul Up; Santorum and Gingrich Down
  226. Arab Republicans in the Detroit area say they are planning a joint endorsement of Ron Paul
  227. VIDEO: Ron PaulaPalusa Great Party the Supporters Had me all Choked-Up
  228. Kevin Allocca: Why videos go viral [TED talk tube]
  229. There is a claim out there that Ron has yet to attack Romney in a debate
  230. Bulk SMS service needed ASAP
  231. *URGENT* Get on PFH system, the script has CHANGED. WE'RE CALLING 4 DELEGATES!
  232. Ron Paul's goal is to continue to earn delegates in non-winner-take-all states such as MI
  233. attended the rally for Rep. Ron Paul in Marietta Square, Georgia
  234. Epic Ron Paul Rally @ MSU Toady!!
  235. United States Freedom Tour
  236. Ron Paul on the Front Page of the Detroit News
  237. Paul leads Obama in national poll
  238. Ron Paul bumper sticker meets Santorum's Bus.
  239. Rough Draft video -- please critique!
  240. Ron Paul in Detroit says people need to be rewarded for working, being frugal
  241. Paul Decries Racism in Visit to 'Poorest Zip Code' in Michigan
  242. Ron Paul Super PAC Ad Reinforces Candidate’s Will to Uphold Promise to Seniors
  243. [Drudge]: Obama to cut healthcare benefits for active duty and retired US military
  244. msu event photo.
  245. Ron Paul: Solving Detroit's Crisis: A Town Hall (Video)
  246. Wyoming's disaster plan bill proposes the ability to print money 02/27/2012
  247. When calling voters in Washington state...
  248. Better stream for Ron Paul MSU Rally. Not CNN, but local news
  249. OMG...The IRS is trying to kill the Tea Parties...
  250. Would be so Awesome if we could get a crowd of this magnitude