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  1. Ron Paul - Racing to Save America
  2. I was Ron Paul when Ron Paul wasn't cool.....
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  4. Should Ron be doing all this running around in AZ and Michigan?
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  6. PA Delegates need your help !
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  8. Paul Babeu 'Goes Ron Paul On People' When Asked About Gay Marriage
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  11. Almost half of Americans not paying income tax
  12. Ron Paul supporters bring about change at county convention
  13. Calling Chumlee (Pawn Stars) to Michigan Events
  14. MSNBC interview w/ Jesse Benton on Paul/Romney 'bromance' (her word, not mine)
  15. The State Column: Poll: Ron Paul ties Mitt Romney for second in Wisconsin
  16. Video (Ron Paul supporter in radio studio - San Antonio Market)
  17. Do Romney, Paul need to follow Santorum's lead, come to Muskegon?
  18. Tea Party Andrew Ian Dodge leaves Maine GOP--will run indy for Senate
  19. A Current Story to fight the NeoCon Foreign Policy for the Debate
  20. [Rand] Paul says chance of brokered convention growing
  21. Ron Paul enjoys a steak at San Tan Flats
  22. Live Stream for CNN Arizona Republican Debate
  23. In Arizona, Mitt's lack of charisma and draw power strikes again....
  24. Roemer ending GOP bid tomorrow, running Indy
  25. Ron Paul’s College Love-in
  26. Ron Paul Leading Obama in New Poll of Arizona Voters
  27. Is The Federal Reserve Doing A Good Job?
  28. The Northern Marianas Caucuses
  29. Ron Paul supporters outside AZ debate seem to have disagreements with Santorum
  30. VIRGINIA 17 year olds can vote
  31. Updated Political Compass for Candidates of 2012 Presidential Race
  32. Looking for a thread:
  33. Pre-Debate Scorecard: CNN/Arizona Republican Debate
  34. CNN Arizona Debate (2/22) 8:00ET- Official Thread
  35. Golden State's "Bombs" @ D.C. Troops After Party {Video}
  36. Ron Paul's talking points: The constitution and bill of rights. Is there a video of this?
  37. RevPac: Possible developments in Virginia
  38. Reuters Just Called Me, Polling
  39. CNN Debate Seating Order
  40. Ron Paul NASCAR car
  41. 2/22 CNN Debate: Voluntary Thread
  42. Get me back in the game.
  43. Prayers for tonight's debate
  44. "Ron Paul: The Choice of the Troops" is on Drudge :)
  45. “I'm real, I'm real, I'm real.” ........ “congratulations,” (Video)
  46. IMPORTANT - Organizing RP Supporters in Washington State
  47. Ron Paul schools Santorum on very first question
  48. Paul to spend Arizona, Michigan primary night in Virginia
  49. Drudge: Paul: The choice of the troops!
  50. Immigration
  51. Drudge Debate Poll!
  52. Easily Paul's best debate
  53. Post Debate Strange Handshake: Ron Paul / Rick Santorum
  54. Grade Ron Paul's Debate Performance (2/22/12)
  55. If You Loved The Debate...
  56. Drudge links to Veterans rally in DC article and to Ron calling Santorum fake
  57. Ron Paul hemp t-shirts, anybody have one?
  59. Ron Pau: Since I can't get you on the MORAL or CONSTITUTIONAL....
  60. All aboard the Nascar PAULMOBILE!
  61. [VIDEO] Ron Paul: "The Perpetuation of the Myth by the Media that I can't Win"
  62. Most Important Segment of Tonight's Debate Was...
  63. [Video] All Of Ron Paul's Highlights At The GOP CNN Arizona Debate
  64. [video] Ron Paul Post CNN Arizona Debate Interview
  65. [Youtube] CNN/Arizona Debate Highlights 2/22/12
  66. Vote in this "Pundit Press" Poll
  67. Consistent
  68. Romney and Paul successfully call Santorum’s conservatism into question
  69. The obvious importance of debates
  70. Washington Post: Romney/Paul tag team
  71. Jack Welch to the GOP: "You better offer Ron Paul an important role in the party."
  72. Outside the Debate in Arizona......
  74. CNN Poll: Vote
  75. Stop the Romney/Paul Speculation . . .
  76. I just had to do this... :)
  77. What Are We Doing in Virginia?
  78. ignore
  79. Who else saw the "Only Newt" sign during the debate commercial??
  80. Santorum on debate hot seat; Paul stays cool
  81. Help needed converting friends who agree with Paul except on foreign policy!
  82. Ron Paul Highlights, AZ debate (2/22/2012)
  83. Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC Launched to WIN Washington State!
  84. We are so close to making this happen
  85. Vote for Ron in Gretawire poll
  86. Photos: Ron Paul at Mesa, AZ breakfast & lunch fundraisers, and post-debate rally
  87. Need help with updated oath ad picture, will be on flyer handed out ..
  88. poll: romney spamming?
  89. Ron Paul will very likely delegates out of Michigan...
  90. My debate analysis of crowd reaction
  91. Ron Paul Joins Viewing Party After Debate Mesa, AZ 2/22/12
  92. Arizona GOP Presidential Debate Highlights
  93. Few new polls of Paul beating Obama in Ohio, Arizona, Iowa and Virginia
  94. President... Paul! President... Paul! President... Paul!
  95. Halperin Debate Grades:
  96. The GOP establishment has resorted to vote fraud in almost every state
  97. Tweets about the debate
  98. Old Biddies For Ron Paul! Lets start the next leg of the Movement.
  99. ***New Ron Paul Signs For Bombing***
  100. Peter Thiel on why he supports Ron Paul
  101. Why we're attacking Santorum in Michigan
  102. Let's thank John King
  103. Neocon Radio Shows, Share Summary of Debate
  104. Romney closing in on Paul in Drudge WHO WON THE ARIZONA DEBATE? poll
  105. Ron Paul: The choice of the troops
  106. Image: Dr. Paul fills out a prescription for Santorum
  107. Cnn poll
  108. Bill Maher gives a review of last night's debate
  109. "Looks like Canada could use a Ron Paul, every country in the entire world"
  110. The faces that Dr. Paul made while Santorum was spewing his bs were awesome
  111. Budget watchdog says everyone but Paul would increase the federal budget.
  112. So Santorums answer to bringing down the deficit is wage war on the poor?
  113. Did Anderson Cooper really say this?
  114. What's this Romney/Paul deal thing floating around?
  115. The myth that I'm "unelectable"
  116. Joe Scarborough: Ron Paul wants Rand Paul to be Mitt's VP or in cabinet
  117. [VIDEO]: Ron Paul Post-Debate Speech at New Life Bible Church 2/22/12
  118. [VIDEO] Ron Paul - CNN Debate Highlights 02-22-2012 [HD]
  119. My take on the Romney Paul "alliance"
  120. Huge Arizona Newspaper "Who Won?" Poll - Come Vote!
  121. Romney Chief Strategist: Ron Paul Says What He Believes
  122. RevPAC to Release Social Security Ad
  123. RevolutionPAC to Premier Social Security Ad
  124. Stop letting the media write the narrative
  125. How do you grow the economy with high gas prices?
  126. Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops Video Compilation Song Dedication
  127. IBTimes: Ron Paul on Iran at Arizona Republican Debate: Answer Gets Boos & Cheers [VIDEO]
  128. Project Electability - going for the win!
  129. Maine GOP needs to repair damage the caucuses caused...
  130. Paul Is Only GOP Contender Whose Policies Would Pare Debt, Analysis Finds
  131. [Video] Ron Paul - the fires of liberty. Must See!!
  132. Debate videos need to go viral
  133. HuffPo runs with headline: Debt Kings (Nat'l Debt would surge, Paul lone exception)
  134. Update on Ron Paul Celebrity Festival
  135. RON PAUL CAN WIN! And Republicans Can’t Win Without Him!
  136. In the nooks and crannies, They're saying ONLY RON PAUL will cut the deficit...
  137. Todd Graham critiquing Paul's debate performance
  138. New territory for us, even 'The Fix' acknowledges Ron Paul won the debate.
  139. Doug Wead interview with MRS Greenspan (02-23-12)
  140. "Truth will win in the end...so we have to persevere." ---Carol Paul
  141. "No One But Paul.....
  142. Get Ready for the Ron Paul DEBATE SURGE
  143. We're losing our lead in this poll with a $10,000 prize
  144. Compilation of Articles - Paul the ONLY Candidate to Cut the Deficit
  145. Poll: Ron Paul surges 7 points in California
  146. Only News Ron Paul Website. No Ads. Nothing 4 Sale. Fast Loading for Smart Phones
  147. Washington: TODAY March 2 is deadline to register to vote
  148. Conan references Ron Paul
  149. [Video] a storm is coming....the fires of liberty
  150. To get to the Tipping Point, we need to create a CASCADE.
  151. Christian Science Monitor: Keen on slashing the national debt? Ron Paul is your man.
  152. Ron Paul Wins CNN Arizona Republican Debate (nice article)
  153. The Guardian: Ron Paul quietly amassing an army of delegates while GOP frontrunners spar
  154. The media has shifted in a Paulwise direction
  155. Jack Cafferty Asks: Who can save the Republican Party from itself?
  156. Ron Paul is on the ballot in Delaware officially
  157. For Loyalists, Is It Ron Paul Or Nothing?
  159. know someone that votes at this address in Redmond, WA?
  160. REVPAC exit polling (new app)
  161. Ron Paul Prescribing Meds to Santorum
  162. Ron Paul's radical economic plan
  163. My Videos from Iowa to Maine during the Ron Paul 2012 Revolution
  164. NPR: For Loyalists, Is It Ron Paul Or Nothing?
  165. Could the GOP Have a Brokered Convention?
  166. Now should we publicly call Obama out?
  167. Rick Santorum's Big Government Blues (Video)
  168. Just got on the radio
  169. Arizona CNN GOP Debate Highlights: Ron Paul Style!
  170. OPB, Republicans, Moving Ahead With March 19 Debate
  171. Ron Paul: Mark my words: If you insist on going to war may I ask you to do it the right wa
  172. Ron Paul SWAG!!! (video) Radio caller talks debate performance and more.
  173. Rutgers Students Detained by University Police for Chalking "RON PAUL"
  174. What's going on here?
  175. Legalize Everything - Einstein 2012!
  176. Full 2-23-12 Arizona Rep Debate + Post debate interview with Ron Paul
  177. Now They're Complaining About This...MUAHAHA!
  178. Ron Paul drives past sign wave outside Arizona GOP debate {Video}
  179. Dr. Paul fills out a prescription for Santorum
  180. Obama Shredding the Constitution (cartoon)
  181. Online PR Media: "Republic Monetary Exchange CEO Donates $2,500 To Ron Paul Campaign"
  182. Fundraiser in Arizona?
  183. Santorum Campaign Responds to Attack Ad
  184. Where is cheapest place to buy bumper stickers?
  185. Ron Paul is Absolutely...
  186. Doug Wead: We Had to Tell the Truth about Santorum
  187. What is happening in Maine as of now?
  188. Front page Yahoo: During debate, Ron Paul’s quotes percolated most on Twitter
  189. Ron Paul is now officially on the DE Ballot!
  190. Chipin, Caucus day fliers targeting soft supporters + fliers targeting students
  191. A Winning Strategy for Washington
  192. WaPo: 3 of 4 Republican Candidates Polices would swell debt. Ron Paul the exception.
  193. Fun: Ron Paul On Tips
  194. Lists of Universities in MI, AZ, and WA
  195. 3 GOP candidates' plans would increase debt, study says (only Ron Paul would cut debt)
  196. Ron Paul's favorables and polling agst Obama second best in WA, per pre-debate PPP Polll
  197. Are you ready? For The Ron Paul Powercast!
  198. Candidate grades from the CNN Arizona Republican Presidential Debate
  199. Changing Our Media Strategy - Add Local Media Contact Info Here
  200. Overstock.com president: Ron Paul ‘would be a better president’ than Romney
  201. Detroit Local 4 interviews Ron Paul
  202. Professional Literature - Ideas Welcome
  203. Star Trek Ad - Rick Santorum Fake Fiscal Conservative (not official)
  204. PPP: Wisconsin
  205. Absolute Pandemonium Ron Paul arrival Mesa New Life Bible church
  206. Ron Paul Coast to Coast
  207. The 100th Monkey - Washing the sweet potatos of Liberty
  208. This is what a democrat had to say about Ron Paul.
  209. If I owned stock in the Federal Reserve...
  210. CNN: 3 of 4 GOP candidates would add to deficits (Dr.Paul would reduce deficit)
  211. If someone can convince Rand Paul to do one appearance (60 miles from home), we'll win TN
  212. What is Your Favorite Ron Paul Ad? TheRevolutionPAC Question.
  213. New Smear Campaign sent out in emails
  214. Debate prompts my non RP friends to start asking me questions
  215. Debate prompts my non RP friends to start asking me questions
  216. The social issues misconception
  217. My Dad sent me this picture from the CNN debate
  218. MSNBC: Santorum leads twitter and FB mentions (22% negative though)
  219. It's laughable that they say Ron can't win, it's Rick that can't win.
  220. U.S. does not believe Iran is trying to build nuclear bomb <-- THE US IS CRAZY :)
  221. Interesting Santorum/Ted Haggard Comparison (Pic)
  222. CNN Front Page Poll... Smash the Opposition
  223. Lew Rockwell Dispels Ron Paul VP Rumor
  224. Ron Paul came out looking the best after debate in Arizona
  225. Click here to put a Ron Paul smile on your face this morning...
  226. [VIDEO] Jim Rogers: Ron Paul better for America, others all clueless
  227. POTUS on Sirius/XM
  228. No conspiracy: Ron Paul just dislikes Santorum.
  229. It's satire kids...
  230. NEVER FORGET: Santorum campaigned AGAINST Rand Paul!
  231. Ben Swann Streaming 30 Minute Special Tonight!!!
  232. Video Request: Santorum eye rolling and disdain for Paul and his values...
  233. One point of view: The GOP puzzle: A look at the sometimes fractured segments of the party
  234. Ron Paul in Detroit on Monday for a very different event
  235. Jon Stewart mocks the Arizona debate - Spot On !!
  236. Fear is your enslavement
  237. Kudos to the campaign
  238. [Mod: RCPerror] Ron Paul 7 delegates in maine - Santorum 9. Could someone please explain?
  239. Glenn Beck praises Ron Paul on the Fed
  240. A few small but encouraging stories
  241. Seriously, a President RON PAUL would change the entire world...
  242. Ron Paul Rally in Georgia this Sunday...BE THERE!
  243. Michigan GOP Primary: Romney 40%, Santorum 34%
  244. [Video] Vote Ron Paul (Ball so Hard) (Kanye/Jay-Z Parody)
  245. Ron Paul's Son, Ronnie Paul, Hits the Trail for Dad in Hawaii
  246. Who's the most conservative candidate?
  247. Gallup: Paul +1
  248. New Republicans: How to Be Effective in Your Local GOP
  249. Each of us create unforseen ripples into the future - Keep spreading Your message!
  250. Paul will be on CNBC The Kudlow Report 7 ET today (2/24/12)