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  2. Ron Paul Best Against Obama in Iowa
  3. if you're not dropping these everytime you dine out, you're not doing your part
  4. Ron Paul discusses one possibility for Vice President (Judge Napolitano)
  5. $10,000 to the winner of this poll. Our lead is slipping.
  6. John McCain: Talk with the Taliban
  7. Ron Paul Leads Obama In Iowa, According to New Poll
  8. Reality Check w/ Ben Swann: Is Iran really plotting attacks on U.S. Soil?
  9. Seen yesterday exiting a Publix supermarket in GA...
  10. If Romney loses MI, there will be a new entrant into the race...
  11. I got a real morale boost yesterday from an unlikely source
  12. What does a precinct captain do?
  13. [VIDEO] Ron Paul on State of the Union: "The momentum is picking up" (2/19/2012)
  14. Judge as vice president
  15. Obama Wants Cheaper Pennies & Nickles / State Gold Rush (CNN Money)
  16. Romney inability to clear field leads to possibility of contested convention
  17. To the Campaign: This MUST be a part of your MAINE narrative in interviews, etc...
  18. Anyone using PFH with Google Voice?
  19. Ron Paul/Doug Wead need to use this super-rant on the next TV interview
  20. More great photos from yesterdays RP Rally in KC
  21. [VIDEO] At the request of mstrmac1...
  22. Ron Paul Will Win the Presidency For Republicans
  23. Paul actually did say NAPOLITANO as potential VP choice...
  24. Greece Default Set For Mar 23
  25. **Guide on how to make cheap homemade signs**
  26. How many people could we get to a single rally?
  27. Inflation and Ron Paul
  28. Ron Paul says Santorum can't beat Obama (on Drudge)
  29. Dear Television Set (for laughs)
  30. Keep our history
  31. Comprehensive List of Potential VP's for Top 5 Candidates
  32. Calling on Superpac's : Need a MSM documentary!
  33. Dallas Mardi Gras parade Ron Paul floats
  34. URGENT ARIZONA Help needed holding 8' x 80' Ron Paul 2012 sign tomorrow Feb 20th at 3:30
  35. Paul: Santorum has an 'atrocious voting record'
  36. Ron Paul draws unusually large crowd to Dickenson, North Dakota town hall
  37. Watch Ron Paul on State of the Union on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  38. Some former Obama supporters look to Ron Paul for hope and change in 2012
  39. Ron Paul will be speaking at the Bismark, ND convention tomorrow
  40. The Thomas Jefferson of Our Time - Amazing Video
  41. Ron Paul not on the Montana Ballot yet? Signatures needed.
  42. Poll: PPP Michigan 2/19 San 37%, Rom 33% Paul 15% Ging 10%
  43. Feb 25th - SF Bay / North Cali Rally for Ron Paul @ CA GOP Convention
  44. PPP Michigan: Paul's favorabilities surge
  45. Revolution PAC GAME CHANGER Tomorrow Morning
  46. 800 gather to hear Ron Paul in Dickinson, 200 in Williston
  47. The money bomb of all money bombs -- the final push
  48. Kansas Caucus Speakers
  49. The Ron Paul Renaissance
  50. is there a great writer in the house? help refine flyer to win the student vote in Idaho
  51. Interesting crosstabs in latest PPP Michigan Poll
  52. Iowa: Paul does best against Obama
  53. WCU Youth for Ron Paul group emerges on campus
  54. Ron Paul visits Williston
  55. How would you guys respond to this statement?
  56. Ron Paul blasts Santorum's atrocious voting record.
  57. Anyone have the video with this Paul quote?
  58. 11 Year Old Ron Paul Supporter Says CNN is "Full of Crap"
  59. UT/TT Texas Primary Poll
  60. Make/find me some Ron Paul signs?
  61. Peter Thiel gives another $1.7 million to Ron Paul Super PAC (Endorse Liberty)
  62. Ron Paul Robbed by Mainstream Media
  63. Anyone for Dictators? The use of the 1984/Triumph of the Will "look" on Santorum, now RP
  64. Good luck to the Vets' March for Ron Paul today!!
  65. A year ago today.....
  66. The RevPac "Game Changer" Poll watching app
  67. Live Stream: March for the Troops in D.C. Toady!!!
  68. This might be the game changer.
  69. Can't make it to the March on the White House today? Watch it Live!
  70. Ron Paul Noon Rally Whistle Stop in Oklahoma February 25 on steps of state capital
  71. Paul Slams Santorum-Primary focus on Social Issues Are a ‘Losing Position’ for the GOP
  72. AP finally admits its delegate projections are absolutely bogus
  73. Vote for Ron in poll:
  74. Ron Paul Frontrunner in Washington
  75. Obama, Paul Lead in Defense Contributions
  76. Some Arizona Mormons Don't Support Romney
  77. Houston Chronicle: Veterans for Ron Paul 2012 holding Presidents’ Day march to White House
  78. Ron Paul says he can still win the Republican nomination - good write up
  79. The New Yorker: PARTY CRASHER (a write up of the Ron Paul campaign)
  80. COLUMN: must read, here is the rebuttal to anti-nation building being introduced
  81. In a matchup with President Obama, which Republican presidential candidate is ...
  82. NEBRASKA: March 1 is deadline to apply as delegate
  83. Current State of the Race
  84. Small leftover gift card balances from the holidays? Use them to donate to Ron Paul!
  85. MSNBC giving cnn and fox news some competition
  86. Inaccurate Ron Paul piece on yahoo main line up
  87. Rebuttal Challenge (Obama supporters vs RP)
  88. Polls Show Tight Presidential Race in Virigina (Paul v. Obama)
  89. Ron Paul raised $4.5 million in January
  90. NJ Residents - **Registered Republican** - WE NEED YOU!
  91. Money Bomb and General Fundraising Ideas
  92. Ron Paul Women Problem?
  93. What's with the Ron Paul Photo in a Sea of Romney Signs on Drudge Home Page?
  94. Is there enough military support for Ron Paul compared to most of the military?
  95. Illinois voter registration ends TUESDAY 2/21
  97. Running mate poll: Rubio still the favorite
  98. Veterans for Ron Paul, Turning Their Backs on Obama
  99. RPF Moneybomb RIGHT NOW - a Thank you to the Marching Troops
  100. a man walkes into a voting booth...
  101. Your Help is Necessary for our Grassroots Project
  102. Today's News (2/20/12)
  103. Favorite Ron Paul Quotes
  104. Delegate standing
  105. Scored today.
  106. Top 10 Photos from "Veterans for Ron Paul" March on Washington
  107. In Indiana, Republicans Challenge Delegate Candidates...
  108. STILL haven't received my Talking Ron Paul Action Figure....sigh.
  109. Video of the Veteran's March in Washington D.C. February 20, 2012
  110. Yahoo News: Ron Paul Leaving Maine on a High Note
  111. GOP primary candidate Ron Paul lines up Michigan events
  112. Breaking: Chilling video of Troops March in D.C.
  113. Good Article on "Endorse Liberty" Super PAC
  114. We are winning...
  115. Number of commited delegates in the RPF?
  116. Charity and Potential Ron Paul Publicity via ::Folding@home::
  117. Moneybomb For Peace March 23
  118. Why ron paul may have the last laugh
  119. KXAN Austin: Vets for Ron Paul rally at the Capitol (includes video)
  120. Ron Paul to speak at Central Michigan University this Saturday, February 25, 2012
  121. Kansas Prepares For GOP Caucus
  122. Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops Veteran's March on White House was a HUGE Success!!
  123. Match this! (Please????)
  124. Fox and Friends Poll
  125. Phone from Phone help
  126. Under 100k away from 2 million
  127. Russia Today - Video report on DC Vet Rally
  128. Ron Paul talks Hemp, Environmental Regulation in North Dakota
  129. "Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops" March - HQ RevPAC videos
  130. Android or IPhone? Live Realtime Poll For Wednesday's Debate #ronpaul
  131. Pittsburgh, PA 3/10 sign wave/voter registration
  132. Politico: Ron Paul money machine heats up (explains where the money goes)
  133. Ron Paul Guaranteed speaking in Tampa? Yahoo implicitly attacks media bias.
  134. From the Veterans for Ron Paul pre-march rally 2/20/12
  136. Hope Santorum gets owned at next debate
  137. The Daily Caller: Veterans march to White House for Ron Paul [VIDEO]
  138. Reality Check: Why Won't Republican Candidates Talk To Local Media?
  139. Ron Paul tours North Dakota
  140. video: Ron Paul "Will be a tremendous figure in history"
  141. 'Ron Paul has answers' -- an attention grabbing letter to the editor
  142. Ron Paul secures more endorsements in Washington state
  143. UNC Charlotte student works for “liberty and freedom” on the Ron Paul campaign
  144. Ron Paul: Don’t tell farmers what to sell
  145. We need to FOCUS and FUNNEL all intentions to donate BEFORE Super Tuesday.
  146. Consequences To Expect If The U.S. Invades Iran ( Ron Paul has always been right)
  147. Ron Paul packs venues across ND
  148. 4409 -- How to CAPS lock a Highway for Ron Paul
  149. Knitters for Ron Paul! Looking to add members!
  150. Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano campaign posters
  151. Have you seen this: Top 10 reasons why Ron Paul haters are misguided & ignorant
  152. send free texts from your computer
  153. Santorum Surge Explained
  154. The Mindset of the NeoCons, Why we wont Win Over Them Or Could We?
  155. How To End The Fed Now! by use of lawful money
  156. Ron Paul Ad - Rick Santorum a Conservative?
  157. Prayer Thread for Upcoming Debate and Town Halls
  158. Why are we running negative ads against Santorum in Michigan?
  159. Prescription discount card also donates to RP campaign -- it still works!
  160. Daily Paul has an estimate of the delegate score: Romney 93, Paul 82
  162. [video] Pat Buchanan: 300 nukes in Israel yet Iran a threat?
  163. What happened in Washington County, Maine?
  164. A new marketing meme for Ron Paul?
  165. 2000 Vets and supporters didn't get their attention.
  166. A reason to make a stop in Ohio
  167. Idea for grassroots video
  168. Ron Paul : Corporations are not people
  169. Ron Paul booking 4000 seat auditorium at Michigan State Next Monday.
  170. States for Ron Paul's super Tuesday ad campaign to be announced Wednesday
  171. Actual Positive MSM Coverage of Yesterday's Veterans March on the White HOUSE!
  172. How many individuals contributed to No One But Paul?
  173. PPP Washington
  174. Sweet Slideshow of Twitter Users Photos of Yesterday's Veterans March on the White House
  175. Mercer: Military Men Respect a Man of Peace [Vets for RP March]
  176. Where can I watch the interview that Ron Paul had with Fox News around January 2012?
  177. NEW Ron Paul's Keep Social Security SECURE Ad (not official)
  178. Vote fraud mitigation scheme
  179. Vox Day: The military supports Ron Paul [Vets for RP March]
  180. What Ron Paul should and shouldn't say about Israel in tomorrow's debate
  181. Even Defense Contractors Support Ron Paul For President
  182. FULL list of Michigan Events now posted
  183. Submit Links to Positive Press On Veterans March in D.C.
  184. Creative way to spread Ron Paul 2012
  185. Best Videos about Ron Paul and the Revolution?
  186. Dr. Paul and your health (Codex Alimenarius, organic farming, water fluoridation)
  187. [video] Defeating critics of Ron Paul's Iran policy
  188. New Gallup Poll
  189. Question at the Debate
  190. GALLUP: Republicans Want a Nominee Pre-Convention
  191. Just a While Ago on CNN Wolf, Showed Two Older Tea Partiers For Santorum
  192. Article in Backwoods Home by John Silveira
  194. Another Ben Swann EXCLUSIVE (OHIO FRAUD)
  195. We Will March - from my friend Adam House
  196. Unelectable? Thy name is Rick Santorum
  197. MSNBC video: Ron Paul's latest ad challenges Santorum
  198. Ron Paul story
  199. Veterans, Active Military march in D.C. for Ron Paul
  200. Ron Paul Announces Campaign Stop in Dearborn Monday, Feb. 27.
  201. Ron Paul Library.com
  202. Iranian Terrorist Group Overpowered by American Troops for Ron Paul
  203. How do you feel about moneybomb funds used for AntiSantorum ads
  204. Veterans, active duty military and civilians marched through downtown Clovis Sunday (video
  205. (Arguably) Even MORE Epic Than the Ron Paul Action Figure...
  206. An interesting viewpoint: Brokering a GOP disaster
  207. Ron Paul: middle class avenger
  208. Ron Paul polls even with Obama in Virginia
  209. Ron Paul Polling Higher Than Obama
  210. PA delegates in need some help
  211. "Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops": Some shots I took.
  212. Voted for Ron Paul today
  213. Romney/Paul friendship
  214. Coming up on O'Reilly: Discussion of Judge Napolitano as Ron's VP pick (edit: I guess not)
  215. Ron Paul Brochure Question.
  216. Intellectual Ammo: Defense of Ron Paul's Free Trade Policy
  217. Ron Paul to join Arizona debate viewing party after the debate tomorrow
  218. Audio of Ron Paul answering media questions after the Spokane event on 2/17/12
  219. Doug Wead doing another Facebook Q&A TODAY from 7-8pm Eastern!!
  220. Santorum In '95: 'I Was Basically Pro-Choice All My Life, Until I Ran For Congress'
  221. Ron's new 'Fake' conservative ad against Santorum is on drudge
  222. Great One line response to 'I agree with Ron Paul except on Foreign Policy'
  223. New Video Showing the Production Process of the Best Ron Paul Shirts!
  225. Video of this Ron Paul quote?
  226. Nobel Prize-Winning Economist sounds just like RP!!
  227. Video: Ron Paul float in Dallas Mardi Gras parade
  228. Reality Check: What's the point of voting? Dirty dealings in an Ohio GOP race
  229. Did Ron Paul name Judge Napolitano as VP
  230. I say we video bomb TYT about Ron Paul
  231. Should we support candidates who WON'T fight to END THE FED?
  232. What debate did Ron Paul say this in?
  233. DEBATE:Paul Should Mention Milton Friedman Tomorrow, Emphasis Capitalism and Freedom
  234. Media Blackout As Military & Vets For Ron Paul Lead DC March On White House
  235. The Detroit News: Texas maverick Ron Paul makes mark on GOP race
  236. Ad/Comic Idea - Linking War Spending to Entitlement Cuts
  237. Vote for Ron Paul in my town's paper
  238. Judge Nap on Cavuto refuses to rule out VP run (video added)
  239. 25% of super PAC money coming from just 5 rich donors (Peter Thiel makes the list)
  240. "There is NO more News, It's ALL Entertainment!"
  241. Romney and Santorum Flip Flops by Ben Swann
  242. Rick Santorum Was Nobody in 2008 and Endorsed Romney and His Winning 2012?
  243. Is Rick Santorum Pro-Choice, or Pro-Life? Abortion Ad
  244. The ONLY thing Ron Paul needs to focus on in tonights debate!
  245. Ron Paul tied with Obama in Virginia
  246. 900 turned away from student union Friday
  247. You gotta love RP supporters
  248. 3 Washington State endorsements for RP
  249. NBC/Marist Michigan and Arizona Polls
  250. Associated Press/Gfk National Poll; Paul best favorables