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  1. Romney and Santorum to skip March 1 debate (update: Paul declines too, event cancelled)
  2. Ron Paul speaks to a crowd at Twin Falls High School
  3. Look at picture from Ron Paul Twin Falls Idaho event! Over 1300 people on a day's notice!
  4. Friday Push for NOBP Money Bomb
  5. Cool Ron Paul Rap Song
  6. Photos: CPAC 2012
  7. An elephant in the room question about delegates
  8. Ron Paul to Speak in Boise on Saturday
  9. All this CONTRACEPTION talk is making RON PAUL out to be the only FREEDOM CANDIDATE.
  10. March 1st Ron Paul Media Bomb
  11. Ben Swann shocking new information
  12. DRUDGE this article about Maine!
  13. Free Ron Paul ad in Skinnie Magazine in LA! Page 53!
  14. (Salon) Mitt Romney's ticking Maine time bomb
  15. CNN/ORC: Feb. 10-13 Independents Favorability Graphic ---Please Spread!!
  16. Grinch has $2 million...We MUST MATCH IT.
  17. [PICTURE] Michelle Obama greets a Ron Paul supporter during surprise White House tour
  18. Local Idaho News w/ great pic: Locals Crowd Roper Auditorium For Dr. Ron Paul's Speech
  19. Poor Newtie: No One Wants to Come Out and Debate
  20. Ron Paul's schedule from now through Saturday Feb 18 - appearances, ID and WA
  21. Ron Paul stops in Twin Falls for rally (includes VIDEO of speech)
  22. Is North Dakota Ron Paul's next best chance at a win?
  23. Brian Doherty: Ron Paul: His Opponents Don't Even Know They've Been Beaten‎
  24. Presidential stump a rarity for region
  25. Ron Paul brings his limited government message to Twin Falls
  26. We need a new slogan: DISCOVER RON PAUL
  27. Don't Throw Away Your Vote - Convincing people they should vote for who they want
  28. Ron Paul speaks (thru Twitter)......
  29. Fire Marshall has to turn away hundreds at Ron Paul's Vancouver Washington event
  30. Libertarian response to unwanted telemarketers - National Do Not Call Registry?
  31. New Money Bomb Ideas
  32. Ron Paul’s Delegate Strategy (And why you shouldn't panic)
  33. Cool google maps of 2008 results + 2012 fundraisers by state
  34. Ron Paul rally in Vancouver, Washington
  35. Urgent: What's a good script for voter ID?
  36. My Primary Care Physician (PCP) Endorses Ron Paul
  37. Presidential Hopeful Paul Focuses on Liberty in Twin Falls Stop
  38. The Columbian: Recap of Ron Paul's Thursday visit (liveblog of Vancouver event-kinda cool)
  39. Santorum reports millions in income as Washington consultant
  40. KANSAS CITY -- Union Station KCMO Saturday 7 PM
  41. Seattle local Fox station Media coverage of Ron Pauls stop in Vancouver
  42. Ben Swann is demonstrating the power that ONE local journalist can have
  43. Robert's Rules Sticky Post Needed?
  44. VIDEO: Reality Check: Maine GOP 'corrected' caucus numbers, why there may be a new winner
  45. To those concerned that Webster will hold the "new" result until March 10...
  46. A Few Important Lessons I learned at the local Delegate meeting
  47. [Video] Maddow covers Maine vote debacle 3rd night in a row
  48. Ron Paul Endorsed By NFL Player, Farmer and Former U.S. Senate Candidate Clint Didier
  49. Ron Paul to hold rally in Kansas City, near MO Lincoln Days festivities
  50. Republican March 1 debate in Atlanta canceled
  51. Wha'? Apparently Ron Paul approached Romney about ATL debate?
  52. NYT on Paul/Romney relationship: Amid Rivalry, Friendship Blossoms on the Campaign Trail
  53. Find your CD,LD and Precinct number & name for ARIZONA here
  54. [VIDEO link] - Ron Paul "I will simplify the system".
  55. Ron Paul makes a campaign stop in Vancouver in advance of Washington's March 3 caucuses
  56. LIVEBLOG: Ron Paul To Address Hundreds of Supporters in SeaTac
  57. Ron Paul and Mary Pride: Homeschooler supports Libertarian candidate
  58. Nevada Delegates - County Delegate Information (Official Campaign Info)
  59. Maine's Sun Journal Editorial Board: Getting the vote right is what counts
  60. Need music suggestion for Ron Video
  61. Jeopardy: A 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates Edition
  62. Ron Paul Attracts Over 1,800 Voters at King County Rally (Picture)
  63. Ron Paul: Punk Rock in an AARP Body
  64. GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul delivers message of 'revolution' in SeaTac
  66. Too many folks making videos that don't do the job
  67. Castellanos of CNN says Ron Paul is the only candidate that will reduce spending in absolu
  68. Romney isn't "aware" of the power structure?
  69. Seattle Times: Republican Paul brings 'revolution' to SeaTac
  70. The Columbian: Ron Paul draws overflow crowd in Vancouver
  71. Ron Paul: A political force, a Republican blasting war (has good pictures)
  72. Video: Ron Paul ROCKS Vancouver, WA
  73. First State Convention?
  74. Where are all the other media outlets on the Maine debacle?
  75. Top Libertarians
  76. This is a Do it Yourself Presidential Campaign for Dr Ron Paul.
  77. Second [unofficial] POSITIVE Ron Paul Ad... :)
  78. Maine, by the numbers
  79. PPP tweets regarding Washington poll
  80. Maine GOP: Results went to spam filter (on Drudge)
  81. Vote for Ron Paul in poll - currently tied with Obama
  82. VIDEO: Ron Paul Electrifies Raucous Crowd in SeaTac
  83. I'll be in studio on local talk (San Antonio) radio station...
  84. Flashback: Ron Paul only got 8 votes in Washington County. Mitt got 5 times more votes.
  85. It's up to the grassroots in Michigan
  86. Strategy Alert for Washington Co., ME
  87. Americas largest group for Ron Paul !
  88. Gingrich to get another $10 million from casino backer - sources
  89. My new favourite Ron Paul video
  90. A Tom Woods Show? He Needs Your Advice
  91. Hubby just said...
  93. POLITICS: Ron Paul speaks in Richland today
  94. Ron Paul wins (in North Dakota fundraising effort)
  95. Ron Paul to speak at MSU (Michigan)
  96. Ron Paul here [Williston ND] Sunday
  97. Oregon Republicans say Portland presidential debate still on
  98. Leaked Email: Military Top Brass Warn Troops Off March For Ron Paul
  99. Maine votes went to Spam Filter
  100. Idaho gets love from Mitt Romney, Ron Paul (all times EASTERN - so convert them)
  101. Maine GOP Webster: No recount, but Romney increased his lead by a few votes
  102. Ron's up another point on Gallup's 5 day tracking poll
  103. KREM - Ron Paul Heads To Spokane, Moscow
  104. "Why I won't vote for Ron Paul" and My Reposte
  105. Vacation movie explains voting for Ron Paul
  106. Delegate Count:
  107. CNN/ORC Nationwide Favorability Poll (Graphic) --Please Spread/ Email to Boomers
  108. [Video] Is Ron Paul Dangerous? Yes! to the Power-Elite
  109. POLITICS: Crowd of about 1,000 in Richland to hear Ron Paul (Picture)
  110. Go look at top of Drudge
  111. The Media Doesn't Understand Delegates - Do You?
  112. GOP pres candidate Paul to visit 4 ND cities -Williston, Dickinson, Jamestown and Bismarck
  113. Ron Paul Campaign Comments on Obama Proposal for Federal Flight Deck Officer Program
  114. Is this a good idea?
  115. [Video] Ron Paul on State of the Union w/ Candy Crowley 2/19/12
  116. In response to Catholics saying we should get involved in Iran:
  117. Romney, Paul Plan Appearances in Boise
  118. OK, this title is Comedy Central's regarding the Maine recount. I disclaim responsibility
  119. Waldo County Republicans hold firm after state GOP reconsiders caucus results
  120. WSJ: Maine GOP now admits "the final outcome may not yet be known"
  121. HELP DISSECT - Updated numbers from Maine GOP has Ron Paul FURTHER behind by a little
  122. Today's Campaign Stop in Eastern WA packed to the rafters
  123. ND Republican caucus takes shape
  124. Ben Swann: Youtube Channel
  125. Reinforcements needed to defend Paul in this frontpage Reddit topic concerning healthcare
  126. 3000 at Ron Paul rally in SeaTac?
  127. Ron Paul Blasts Misguided 'War On Drugs' In Washington State Campaign Speech (w/ OLD video
  128. What material do you make banners out of?
  129. Ron Paul earns first place for social media use
  130. Updated Map of Maine Republican Caucus Results after Vote Undercount Scandal (2/17/2012
  132. Washington County Caucuses
  133. Police prepare for Ron Paul crowds
  134. Ron-Romney friendship the best political move of the decade?
  135. Drudge has a story up about Atheists marching on DC, and not us? Help me fix that?
  136. [VIDEO] Chris Matthews omits Ron Paul from favorability poll
  137. Washington and Hancock County a preview of Virginia?
  138. Yahoo News: Washington County, Maine - Saturday's Political IQ Test
  139. Will Ron Paul win Maine caucuses after all?
  140. If you really want to catch those committing fraud, a more deliberate strategy would help
  141. Vote in This Poll: Which is the Worst Candidate
  142. ALL discrepancies between previous Maine results and "reconfirmed" Maine results
  143. Ron Paul in Moscow, Idaho (slide show)
  144. Anyone for a mini bomb?
  145. Thy Black Man: Ron Paul & Washington state caucuses.
  146. Spokane event feed?
  147. Kool-aid stats for Americans
  148. PHONE FROM HOME NEEDED to Washington, North Dakota and Alaska!! Email from the campaign
  149. Military Warns Active Duty, Reservists, and Retirees Not To March for Ron Paul on 20 Feb.
  150. Results of my Voter ID
  151. Ron Paul Draws More Than 2,000 Voters to Moscow, Idaho—Doubling Expectations (Picture)
  152. Paul draws over 2,000 to Spokane WA event Fri night
  153. MAINE: Fully analyzed before-and-after data in Excel format!
  154. Facebook battle. Comments. Some good, some bad, some stupid. Some weak RP supporters
  155. Ron Paul's Technical Issues Ad - Destroying the MSM
  156. Motivational speech
  157. Maine Saturday Open Thread
  158. Ron Paul was greeted by more than 2000 screaming supporters at Spokane rally Friday, 2/17
  159. Phone from Home plea from Ron Paul.
  160. Paul rally shows his support still strong in Spokane County
  161. Virginia House Passes NDAA Nullification 96-4
  162. ARG Michigan Poll shows Ron up 3 points in 4 days
  163. Will we know the results of the Washington County vote today?
  164. New York Times: Romney and Paul Friendly Amid The Rivalry
  165. Reuters talks of brokered convention--blacking out
  166. Ron Paul is the most "electable" Republican
  167. Coverage of Maine caucuses?
  168. Next Possible Money Bomb Ideas/Theme
  169. 3000th Post
  170. A view of Ron Paul forums
  171. [video] Vancouver, WA is Ron Paul country!
  172. Paul challenges Idaho -- people FAINTED? can anyone who was there comment on that?
  173. Photo Gallery and Article: Congressman Ron Paul Visits Spokane
  174. New meme or money bomb idea: "celebrating" the 100th anniversary of the IRS and the FED
  175. For those interested, REVPAC seems to be streaming the Maine Caucus live
  176. The ultimate moneybomb - April 15th...END THE IRS
  177. Are we on the ballot in NY?
  178. Ron Paul in Boise Today, Attracted Capacity Crowd at U of I
  179. Ron Paul won the presidential nominee preference poll in Hancock, Maine
  180. Had fun sending out this text message early this morning...
  181. Article states Paul only down 137 heading into today in Maine [mod: article misses stuff]
  182. Gingrich Supporters Don Chicken Costumes
  183. Campaign set up table for kids to color during @RonPaul event in Vancouver WA (picture)
  184. RP live stream Boise, ID 02-18-2002 12:30PM MST
  185. WANTED: Video editor
  186. At least 18% of precincts in Maine were misreported according to Maine GOP's revised #'s
  187. Thousands gather to hear GOP candidate Ron Paul in Spokane
  188. NEW Campaign Signs for The Home Stretch:
  189. NH State Rep. DeJong explained why Ron Paul did so well in NH on Freedom Watch
  191. [VIDEO] Ron Paul Robbed by SPAM, Maine GOP Chairman Webster Claims!
  192. Gwinnett County, Georgia Mass Precinct Straw Poll Results
  193. Ron Paul scores win in Hancock, Washington County voting as state nears end of GOP caucuse
  194. Totals from Washington county
  195. There is a PRO-RON PAUL woman HOSTING on WSB Radio right now..!
  196. Request: Link to Ron Paul Ad [Stand with the man]
  197. Ron Paul scores big wins in Hancock and Washington County but statewide count doesn’t top
  198. Castine, Maine caucus
  199. Challange: find 20 people
  200. NEW Jack Hunter Videos @ The Daily Caller!
  201. Picture of Boise Rally.
  202. Ron Paul........... Around 2,400 people at the Boise, Idaho Rally today!
  203. Ron Paul stops in Boise
  204. 2,400 at Boise Rally!
  205. True believers: Ron Paul's presidential effort has solid local support (mentions Glen Brad
  206. Double Counting Paris as South Paris
  207. Ron Paul in Boise: Slams Federal Reserve and Dept. of Education, Promotes 'Golden Rule' as
  208. Recount keeps Romney on top, but new results likely to prolong controversy
  209. Cool new Reason cover on the Ron Paul Moment (updated w/ article)
  210. Media ignoring today's Hancock and Kennebec caucuses
  211. GOP contender Paul rallies supporters in Boise
  212. A Total Summary of Maine Irregularities
  213. GREAT daily paul post with pic from someone at the Boise rally
  214. Local video of news coverage of Ron Paul's Twin Falls Idaho visit
  215. Ron Paul Calls For One Trillian Dollar Cuts At Boise Rally
  216. Ron Paul rallies supporters for third stop in Idaho (with news video)
  217. Obama trails three of four Republican candidates in latest Iowa Poll - Ron Paul polls best
  218. KC Caucus SATURDAY 3/24 - Standing room only for Ron Paul in Kansas City Union Station
  219. New Massachusetts Poll
  220. RP needs 500k By Monday. How can we get more donations, lets do this!!
  221. Ron Paul Endorsed by Missouri State Rep. Paul Curtman
  222. Ron Paul just took stage at Union Station. Raucous crowd.
  223. Maine Recount Done; Romney Still Winner
  224. Picture of the BACK half of the crowd at Union Station Rally in Kansas City
  225. Iowa, Maine, Who's next?
  226. Here are a lot of AP photos of Ron's recent rallies
  227. Paul says US 'slipping into a fascist system'
  228. DMR Poll: Ron Paul beats Obama in Iowa by largest amount
  229. During Missouri stop, Curtman endorses Paul for president
  230. Anderson Cooper Coming To My University!
  231. Give 'em some Paul!
  232. Ron Paul rallies thousands in Boise as Idaho Caucus inches closer (includes news video)
  233. Ron Paul going to North Dakota Sun-Mon 2/19-20
  234. GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul visits KC to energize his base
  235. Wyoming is holding caucuses now
  236. Ron Paul rises above the GOP dog and pony show
  237. The Thomas Jefferson of our Time (w/ Surprise Announcement @ end)
  238. Photos of Ron Paul speaking to Huge Crowds - #StandingRoomOnly
  239. local news: Thousands attend Ron Paul rally in Boise
  240. Grassroots - Plan of Attack? FOCUS!
  241. Adventures in campaign miscommunication: Ron Paul has problems coming in first…on Google
  243. Ron Paul Best Against Obama in Iowa
  244. if you're not dropping these everytime you dine out, you're not doing your part
  245. Ron Paul discusses one possibility for Vice President (Judge Napolitano)
  246. $10,000 to the winner of this poll. Our lead is slipping.
  247. John McCain: Talk with the Taliban
  248. Ron Paul Leads Obama In Iowa, According to New Poll
  249. Reality Check w/ Ben Swann: Is Iran really plotting attacks on U.S. Soil?
  250. Seen yesterday exiting a Publix supermarket in GA...