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  1. Grover Norquist at CPAC NOW Praising Ron Paul People and "New People in the Party"
  2. Norquist plugging Ron Paul in his CPAC speech
  3. Cpac announces vote now:
  4. Romney wins CPAC - Discredits Results.
  5. Ron Paul Campaign Member Elected Iowa GOP Chairman!
  6. Maine Results Watch Meetup for CPAC Attendees
  7. Why must Paul be at CPAC for us to win?
  8. Official Maine Caucus Results thread
  9. Maine Results - 6:20pm (this is a change from 6:45)
  10. Stream for Paul speech this evening at 6:00pm Eastern?
  11. C-SPAN to broadcast LIVE Ron Paul ME Speech about 8pm EST.
  12. Help with a cnn live stream plz
  13. CNN LIVE: Portland Maine Caucus Results Streaming NOW WITH AUDIO
  14. CPAC attendance down from last year
  15. Sarah Palin Hoping For Brokered Convention on CNN
  16. Updated National Comparison Sheet!
  17. Hello Friend: Free Michigan advertisements
  18. Mitt Romney Wins Maine
  19. Maine results just announced... Romney 39% (2190), Ron Paul 36% (1996)
  20. Washington County is the SUNSET CAUCUS of Maine - TURN THEM OUT!
  21. 195 votes were Wed, Thur, Fri in TX
  22. Fox News "Technical Difficulties" right when Ron began talking about the excluded caucus
  23. SCREW IT!!!!!!!
  24. 95% reporting?
  25. We have to win the WA caucuses
  26. If Ron won Maine, after tonight we'd be hearing from whiners...
  27. Not all the Results are in..
  28. Do not lose hope!
  29. We Haven't Begun to Fight! States to Focus on Through Super Tuesday (w/ details)
  30. Silver lining...
  31. We can still win Maine! Washington County has not voted yet!
  32. Ron Paul can still win Maine
  34. Pledge to the No One But Paul Moneybomb!
  35. GOP chairman said Maine will be won by 200 votes...on Friday
  36. Snagging a Close 2nd in Maine Ain't Too Shabby!
  37. Hey CNN
  38. I am disappointed. The OFFICIAL thread.
  39. Maine County by County Results?
  40. The Maine Appreciation thread, 36%
  41. Thomas Paine has something he wants to say to us Ron Paul supporters
  42. Their only hope is that they discourage us into acquiescence. They can't stop us.
  43. [video] Ron Paul Interview ON CNN After Maine Caucus Results Announced 02/11/12
  45. Ron Paul won in my mind
  46. DELEGATE Confusion
  47. Uh Oh, Media Elites! Our "Ceiling" Just Got Raised Again!
  48. 84% of precincts reporting... 194 votes separate Romney/Paul.. How is there a winner NOW?
  49. We Still Can Win: How To Boil A Frog
  50. Reframing the Narrative; Endorse Liberty to Endorse Sanity or Rationality?
  51. An easy sports analogy for those of you who want to give up
  52. Is Ron Paul's "ceiling" now 36%?
  53. I'm still fighting! What are you doing?
  54. Washington County caucus was closed due to 1-3" of snow...
  56. I have no desire to be a part of the Republican party any more
  57. Romney accuses Paul of "taxing and spending and borrowing and endless bureaucracy"
  58. Benton suggests Romney Campaign involved with Caucus Cancellation
  59. My friend is trying out what his MA district is
  60. What do we know about the 2-18 Guam Caucus?
  61. Guys, Maine is proof that liberty is -winning-.
  62. I've still got a little fight in me
  64. Please ask Dr. Paul to shuttle ND, WY, ID, WA, AL, VA until Mar 6
  65. FIGHT till the end!
  66. As you get closer to victory, the battle gets tougher.
  67. The I'm feeling better now thread
  68. Remember the Maine!
  69. New Supporter made VIDEO 'Ron Paul Revolution defined'
  70. What would Ron do? He'd keep fighting. So should we.
  71. The It's Not over till it's Over Thread (Inspirational Rant)
  72. AP reports Maine GOP will refuse to count votes in the delayed caucuses
  74. omg guys. im so depressed. lets all give up. its over. [sarcasm]
  75. "We are confident we will control the Maine delegation"
  76. Why are Ron Paul Supporters failing victim to propaganda.
  77. Hey, I just wanted to tell you guys...
  78. I propose we sponsor a bingo tournament on caucus days
  79. Welcome Newt supporters!
  80. What we are up against
  81. Feeler - Ron Paul Pub Crawl Newport Beach Area Presidents Day Weekend!
  82. Props to all Maine activists and voters! (Best showing ever??)
  83. i would like to see a 1min. commercial re: "technical diffulties".. during key topics
  84. Frederick Douglas once said...
  85. All Wings Report In! Arizonans for Liberty, It's Our Turn
  86. I think we need to start promoting the money bomb on the 14th double time
  87. Question Re: How the Campaign is Keeping Track of Elected Delegates from Caucus States
  88. all news coverage is Whitney Houston's death, so Romney gets no coverage for ME and CPAC
  89. This campaigns infleunce on the "Long Term Strategy" The Revolution
  90. Piers Morgan Interview w/ Paul Replaying Tomorrow on CNN
  91. Take Advantage of the Media Narrative
  92. The R3VOLUTION Will NOT Be Televised
  93. Fundraising% vs votes % for Dr. Paul by state
  95. How Strong is Ron's Support in the "delayed" Washington Area caucus?
  96. Seriously, Just Remember How Horrible Our Opponents Actually Are
  97. CTRattlesnakes's Maine analysis: One more shot
  98. Where's Waldo?
  99. No events until AZ debate?
  100. Its my fault that we lost Maine.
  101. Maine is NOT over! About 100 Precincts Left
  102. Maine=Iowa
  103. This IS the OFFICIAL delegate count, SERIOUSLY.
  104. Washington County Caucus - Let's take this.
  105. Wyoming Caucus Results (1 of 23 Counties)
  106. We are losing this one
  107. Biggest Ron Paul Facebook Page Still Not Promoting Money Bomb.
  108. Already removed once, trying to get the message of Maine voter suppression out on Reddit
  109. 2008 Washington County Maine Results
  111. The Great Grassroots Challenge!!!!
  112. Ron Paul Won 5th State Today
  113. Maine GOP vote totals by district
  114. 17% of Maine not to be counted?
  115. John Tate on Maine, Moneybomb
  116. Judge Napolitano: What if Democracy is Bunk?
  117. Grassroots/chip-in ad buy for Washington County, worth it?
  118. Washington State is the next Caucus State.
  119. Ron Paul should campaign in MAINE and FORCE them to count it!
  120. Bottom Line Issue.
  121. Paul Supporter AJ Spiker New IAGOP Chair
  122. Just Hit 3,000 Attending! Invite ALL Your Friends to the 2/14 NOBP Money Bomb Here!
  123. How can I become a Ron Paul delegate?
  124. What is up with this promo video?
  125. The Elephant in the Room: Romney is losing to his 2008 self.
  126. whose Ox is Gored? focus on issues that effect people directly
  127. The State Column: "Ron Paul campaign slams Maine caucus results"
  128. Jack Hunter: Big Win For Ron Paul in Maine
  129. Four man race going into Super Tuesday - Told ya
  130. On Super tuesday: Will Paul get more delegates or nearly as much as Romney?
  131. Stating the obvious.
  132. GOP Conventions in Caucus States
  133. Should we start flooding the Maine Gop with demands to count the unfinished Caucuses?
  134. I'm not good at math, so who can help me with a true delegate count if Benton is right?
  135. Promote NOBP w/ FB post pledging to donate $1 for every 'Like' and $2 for every 'Share'
  136. 18 Scary Charts - Why RP?
  137. Who is Sarah Palin refering to here in her CPAC speech ?
  138. Realistic Delegate Numbers to Date (Must Read)
  139. Maine result very much like Iowa
  140. The Washington precinct in Maine
  141. Ron Paul will win if we do this
  142. Washington County----GO VOTE!
  143. Remaining caucuses in Maine
  144. Can someone explain what happened in Maine yesterday?
  145. Santorum Hires New Press Secreatary Alice Sewart - Who is Alice Stewart?
  146. ME last minute caucuses?
  147. [video] Ron Paul Interview On Face The Nation Day After Maine Caucus 02/12/12
  148. Two awesome new grassroots videos
  149. Best and Worst Case Strategy Moving Forward?
  150. Time For a Refresher
  151. After getting ballot access, how to promote delegates
  152. Ron Paul hit it out of the park - literally
  153. Give me facts about Maine!
  154. Linda L. Bean Must Make a Statement on Maine Caucuses
  155. Who Is In Charge Of The Maine GOP? Contact Them! - CALL , EMAIL, FAX, TWITTER, FACEBOOK !
  156. Piers Morgan..Ron Paul..tonight 9 eastern..repeat?
  157. Fun tweet with picture...
  158. Maine and Perception: We Can Still Win Maine! Really!
  159. "The Girl Scouts had an event today in Washington County that wasn’t cancelled!"
  160. The Mormon Factor: How to Win Them Over
  161. Concern about delegates
  162. Roberts Rules of Order Training Video?
  163. Business Insider: Mitt Romney 'Wins' The Maine Caucuses, Unless Ron Paul Actually Won Them
  164. Daily Paul Still Not Promoting the Money Bomb
  165. Next States to Target with the Revolution
  166. We need a push for a Washington County straw poll.
  167. Harvard's student newpaper (Harvard Indy): "Ron Paul’s Our Man"
  168. Final Money Bomb PUSH!!!
  169. Ron Paul, Not Mitt Romney, Leading In Delegates!
  170. When is Facebook Ron Paul gonna promote the MoneyBomb in a post?
  171. Classic Photo of Romney!!!!!!!!
  172. I'll donate $50 to RP if a graphics guru can make me an awesome Facebook "cover"
  173. "Rep. Ron Paul not conceding Maine vote" (The Hill)
  174. Ron Paul Campaign Comments on Maine Caucus Results
  175. Hawaii Needs More Ron Paul Awakening
  176. Wednesday 2/15 is the deadline to register to vote for Ron Paul in Massachusetts.
  177. Media Bias and Your Countermove NOW
  178. Who’s Really Ahead: Current GOP Delegate Tally, Guesses or Fact?
  179. Best Ron Paul Photos from Maine Caucuses
  180. So, what all happened in Maine?
  181. Tom Morello Gives RP A Thumbs-Up! :D
  182. Project Liberty
  183. So 84% Reporting is Considered a Win?
  184. [video] Alabama Issues - Can we get confirmation?
  185. ***== MASSIVELY updated NewtExposed.com adds stuff on Romney ==***
  186. Ron Paul shows up in the derndest places on the www.
  187. Ron Paul: I can beat Obama, Too
  188. Friday is the day! RAK! Wear your RP gear!
  189. Inspiring message from John Tate
  190. My 2008 Delegate Experience
  191. [Five Thirty Eight] Could Ron Paul Still Win Maine?
  192. We Can Still Win Maine: Calling ALL New England Supporters: Washington County Feb. 18
  193. Always follow the money
  194. Toons For Liberty
  195. "Republicans need to give Ron Paul a voice...."
  196. Why do Moneybombs Take So Long?
  197. Washington Times: Republicans See Need to Give Paul a Voice
  198. Google Ad Words
  199. Maine Newspaper: Paul supporters cry foul over caucus tally
  200. Event: Ralleigh Rocks For RP (4/15/2012)
  201. We Mormons Have a Hymn
  202. Dr. Drew is Voting for Ron Paul!
  203. Tell Virginia voters the only way to slow down Romney is to vote for Paul!
  204. Ann Coulter: There are no more Rockefeller Republicans; Romney is the most conservative
  205. Phone Bomb (from home) Washington County?
  206. Let's Figure Out How to Win Maine Next Saturday. Grassroots Brainstorming Thread.
  207. CPAC 2012 - Occupiers and Anti-Gay Activists [VIDEO]
  208. Epic Picture Should Help Depict Dr Paul's Foreign Policy!
  209. Today's News (2/12/12)
  210. Santorum Campaign Propaganda: Lies about Ron Paul & doesnt say Rick supported indy mandate
  211. My Current Ron Paul Desktop
  212. VIDEO: Ron Paul PHYSICALLY Lays Into Some Wind Bags MONEYBOMB! 14TH
  213. 26 Things Non-Paul Voters Are Basically Saying - Tom Woods
  214. Ron Paul Los Angeles Headquarters Grand Opening Welcome BASH!
  215. A great place to reach out to young voters, perhaps?
  216. Interesting Perspective on South Carolina
  217. LA Liberty HQ Grand Opening!
  218. Who says that there are only 200 voters in Washington County? (Maine)
  219. NEW VIDEO: Ron Paul: Uniting The World
  220. Can we enlist Canadian support in Maine?
  221. NOBP Moneybomb now posted on RP Facebook page
  222. Don't let Ron Paul fail to get on the Pennsylvania ballot
  223. !! Pennsylvania needs 4000 sigs for Ron Paul to be on ballot by FEB. 14 DEADLINE !!
  224. Bangor TV Poll: Do you think the Maine caucuses should have a re-vote, since Washington Co
  225. Counter this common statement
  226. Less then 15 hours to show your love for freedom !
  227. Romney: “I’d Vote Ron Paul Over Obama”
  228. Harvard Independent praises Ron Paul.
  229. Looking for ONE Video To Do The Trick
  230. Drudge Bomb!!!
  231. Pretty awesome poll here...Ron Paul Vs. Obama!
  232. Today's News (2/13/12)
  233. Romney's Disputed CPAC & Maine Wins: What they Mean
  234. PPP Michigan
  235. PPP Michigan:Santorum 39, Romney 24, Paulӌ
  237. Inspirational Thread
  238. [VIDEO] Hornberger, Rockwell, + Judge Napolitano
  239. Message from The Judge Regarding Freedom Watch
  240. Bangor Daily News: "Paul would have 2289 to Romneys 2283"
  241. Paul Supporters Open Ohio Campaign Offices
  242. Video: Ron Paul stars in 1983 Congressional Baseball game
  243. VIDEO: Need a good laugh? This music video is hillarious " The Government Can"
  244. URGENT - Any pics of "snowstorm" in Maine?
  245. What were results of Waterville caucus on 2/4 omitted from 2/11 reported results?
  246. An appeal from Judge Andrew Napolitano:
  247. Moneybomb Motivation Thread
  248. Who Are the Most Articulate Ron Paul Supporters in Maine?
  249. Maine was like Iowa, so let's reach out to Santorum who got screwed in Iowa
  250. I gave a Shout Out To RPF on Gallagher Today...I mean Toady