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  1. Nevada - WTF?
  2. Local NV News claims that NVGOP might dump some precincts...
  3. The Grassiest Rootsiest Movement Ever!!!
  4. When do we start attacking Romney?
  5. Caucus Chair said Paul Campaign mentioned 'Problems they weren't happy with'
  6. Vegas Recount - Video
  7. To those who are discouraged about Nevada Results
  8. Even if we lose, we win
  9. Comic Relief
  10. The Big Problem: how to make kids get out to vote?
  11. Floor speeches
  12. Need Help in TX
  13. Romney is Ron Pauling to great heights.
  14. ahem.
  15. Ron Paul finishes surprisingly strong in Nevada
  16. Huffington Post: Gingrich sued over stomping incident
  17. Politico: It's Romney versus Paul in Maine
  18. Indiana GOP Secretary of State guilty of voter fraud
  19. Ron Paul ‘Revolution’ Tries to Hit High Gear in Caucus States 2/4/2012
  20. Google Nevada Caucus
  21. What happened to the over 22000 identified caucus voters for Paul in Nevada?
  22. The Great Deception: Gingrich
  23. Regardless of the result...
  24. PPP Minnesota:
  25. PPP Colorado:
  26. Ron Paul 2012! That's great...but if you don't vote...
  27. Post-Nevada therapy for RPFs
  28. Just woke up this morning and find out that...
  29. Why is their vote fraud in every state?
  30. Voter Turnout: Our Last Chance to Have an Impact
  31. I don't see the problem
  32. I want to show you wasted Ron Paul votes
  33. Operation: GOTV After Party/BBQ -- Idea inside.
  34. I dare the media to ask Mitt Romney, Santorum and Gingrich this question....
  35. CNN's John King calls Romney, "Governor Mormon"
  36. Ron Paul has a woman problem: Time to address it
  37. 5 Primaries/Caucuses Down, 52 To Go - The Battle Goes On
  38. When will clark county finish reporting votes?
  39. Jon Ralston: Paul campaign attorneys involved in Nevada
  40. NEED YOUR HELP: Get 14TH FEB moneybomb on Ron Paul-facebook!
  41. How bad our monetary policy has gotten. (UPDATED)
  42. If "we" want to win, Ron Paul, the good Doctor, will have to get honest i.e. negative.
  43. The Ideal President
  44. FOX : Understanding the Ron Paul phenomenon
  45. Updated story on Clark county counting problems
  46. Wasn't Ron going to be on a Sunday show today?
  47. Nevada State GOP Chair resigns
  48. How To Caucus In Minnesota (SPREAD VIDEO FAST)
  49. Clark County Re-caucus?
  51. We need to study this! Senior Citizen data and info
  52. A theory about Nevada
  53. Nevada's Night 'Jewish Caucus' Won by Paul
  54. In Maine, it's Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney
  55. Where is Ron Paul at the moment?
  56. Sign Wave in Long Island on February 11th 2012
  57. We Can Win Minnesota!
  58. The Woman Problem with Ron Paul
  59. Dynamite video - real voters talking about RP
  60. For people that want to deal in facts regarding the missing Nevada votes.
  61. What day and time of day is the MN caucuses???
  62. What happened in Nye County?!
  63. A plea to our wonderful video making people... Educational Aides :)
  64. Hey Nevada!
  65. Ron Paul’s MN Support Crosses Political Boundaries (includes video)
  66. Clark County GOP resumes count for raucous caucus
  67. Nevada GOP dealing with ‘trouble box’ of questionable ballots
  68. Oklahoma's deadline to register Republican is Friday, February 10
  69. Clark County GOP continues counting, verifying caucus votes
  70. Could this blow up into something?
  71. Shelly Adelson's Kosher Caucus and the End of Fantasy
  72. Poll: Minnesota GOP presidential nomination a toss up
  73. Gated Community -- Who reported that? Can't locate the actual info on it.
  74. I identify with Ron Paul because:
  75. Paul should ask his supporters to become politically active and run for office
  76. Cool grassroots picture also candidate comparison chart!
  77. Does the vote recount have any effect on the delegates?
  78. [Pic] Calling Ron Paul an isolationist is like ....
  79. Las Vegas Sun: Nevada State GOP Chair Resignation Effective 12:01am Today
  80. Looking for Video detailing U.S. foreign involvement over the past century
  81. [Modnote: Opinion]Lessons Learned So Far
  82. Kelly Clarkson’s Super Bowl National Anthem Performance (Video)
  83. Why This Woman Supports Ron Paul
  84. Nevada results rolling in now!
  85. precincts reporting again
  86. The Godfather of the tea party - and WHY
  87. How can I improve the script of this Ron Paul video?
  88. MN = Ron Paul's best chance at a victory since IA. Needs to turn out young + independents
  89. Politico (about the Nevada vote count): A sorry state of affairs
  90. Watch Ron Paul on ABC This Week and other videos on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  91. Should the campaign make an ad like Dodge's Clint Eastwood Super Bowl Commercial?
  92. Nevada in Perspective VS. 2008
  93. Nevada Delegates and Alternate Delegates - Please Read!
  94. Photos: Ron Paul at NV Gun Store & WWII Filipino Veterans rally
  95. RussiaToday Piece - US Candidates Ignorance
  96. Making a better brochure (foreign policy and electability)
  97. Nevada - It was only important that you didn't vote earlier
  98. WINNER TAKES ALL states
  99. OK, moving on. Anyone have an outline for a good and neutral caucus speech?
  100. Video of caucus speeches in Nevada?
  101. GOP thinks they can beat a $1B Obama campaign, they cant even count 40K votes
  102. His words cut like a mighty sword...
  103. Where can I find precinct by precinct results for all the primaries and caucuses.
  104. Anyone have the source of the Ralston Tweets that mentioned incorrect results?
  105. Caucus for Ron Paul on Tuesday Night!
  106. 2 Days...
  107. MN: Anyone can register to vote AT the caucus
  108. Ron Paul Video from Lucas Oil Stadium (Superbowl)
  109. PayPal founder Peter Thiel gives $900K to Ron Paul PAC
  110. Convincing young people to vote for Ron Paul is EASY, my experience.
  111. Go to the university campuses and mail in the ballots?
  112. Maine Activism!!
  113. Vegas People! Report your precinct results to RP Camp!!!
  114. Caucus night flier question
  115. Per NYTimes Ron Paul’s Flinty Worldview Was Forged in Early Family Life
  116. Final NV--Romney=50% Gingrich=21% Paul=19% Santorum=10% (tentative per reporters at site)
  117. So was there voter fraud or not?
  118. 'Vote Fraud' Related Video - Opinions?
  119. Washington Post / ABC NATIONAL Poll
  120. Bloomberg tries pitching ITS idea of what Ron Paul will do with delegates if he doesnt win
  121. Paul supporters dominate Westbrook's GOP caucus (Maine)
  122. TownHall: Six Ways Paul Beats Obama On Foreign Policy
  123. Caucus Delegates Question...
  124. Do we have supervoter lists for MN and CO? And people on the ground to deliver flyers?
  125. More TownHall Q&A!
  126. Help win Virginia: Moneybomb Feb 8-12
  127. NV: two days to recount precincts with no votes ???
  128. Nevada GOP Statement: Certifying Caucus Results
  129. Dispelling Rampant Myths about Ron Paul, the Campaign, the Grassroots, and the Elections
  130. This is our future unless all you guys vote and become delegates.
  131. Insist on Seeing Pre-Adjusted NV Caucus Numbers
  132. Come on Colorado and Minnesota!!!
  133. Don't the campaigns do their own entrance and exit polls?
  134. WaPo: Exit Polls NV, "true conservative" vote goes to Paul !!
  135. Sports Fans and Political Fans: The Similarities
  136. How do I get through to my professor?
  137. Video - finally found it - the NV CNN vote
  138. Target coin and stamp collectors?
  139. Double your state's average, as our meetup did in 2008. "Lessons from Adelson" is right
  140. Video: Interesting compilation of NV
  141. Obama is Ron Pauling AGAIN.
  142. Business Inside-Here Are The Key Points In The Ron Paul Article Everyone Is Talking About
  143. Projection on the delegate count.
  144. does anyone have a hard delegate count?
  145. The Best Weapon Against Santorum are These Little Key Points.
  146. Did Ron Paul vote for the Patriot Act?
  147. The REAL Reasons Young People Like Ron Paul
  148. >>>>reload!!!<<<<
  149. Ron Paul rallies today in Minnesota, St Cloud at 4 then Minneapolis Convention Center 7pm
  150. Video update: Ron Paul Rally at Minneapolis Convention Center 2/06/12
  151. Video update: Ron Paul owns foreign policy questions on Fox with Greta Van Susteren
  152. Romney just canceled plans for a Minneapolis rally tonight - will look better if he loses
  153. Ron Paul on the Unconstitutionality of the CFPB
  154. Tips for Selling the Candidate
  155. Today's News (2/6/12)
  156. I Can Get RP $.75 Every Single Time Someone, Even a Non-Supporter, Does This...
  157. Official Campaign in Missouri?
  158. PPP's Jabs and Mocks
  159. Encouraging - Will Ron Paul be last rival standing to Mitt Romney?
  160. Liberty Means: [insert cause here] - Candidate differentiation.
  161. CAMPAIGN : What the RP Campaign must do at EVERY rally/event !!
  162. Brian Doherty of Reason discusses Ron Paul on CNN
  163. How to GOTV at College Campuses: Bus Pickup?
  164. Drudge this pic! (Ron Paul's support 2008 vs 2012)
  165. Which caucus do we have the best shot at winning?
  166. Petition for a Nevada recount (please sign)
  167. Heading out to the St. Cloud MN Rally..
  168. No ads for MN/CO ??
  169. Ron Dominates One Of Maine's 'City' Caucus (Won by Romney in 08)
  171. Large turnout in Maine, good for Paul?
  172. Military versus lobbyist donations flyer
  173. One Reason NV GOP turnout was low
  174. Peace, Prosperity and Freedom.
  175. Ron Paul painting up for auction. Proceeds go to the campaign
  176. Blitzer predicts strong finishes for Paul in upcoming states
  177. HEY! Handouts at campaign events. Handouts At Campaign Events.HANDOUTS AT CAMPAIGN EVENTS!
  178. HELP Please: Nolan Chart Mapping 2012 Candidates
  179. Do your own poll
  180. How to improve our messaging about Ron Paul (simplify it to what works)
  181. We MUST NOT let what happened in Nevada happen in Minnesota!
  182. Minnesota Appreciation Thread
  183. Idea for Finding Ron Paul Supporters
  184. Siena College Poll - New York GOP Primary / Ron Paul at 16%
  185. New PPP polls coming in at 10 tonight [2/6/12]
  186. On Drudge: Truth, lies and Afghanistan "Pentagon painting false picture of Afghan war..."
  187. Google TV Ads Competition
  188. Phone from home problem
  190. Three Minnesota State Reps Endorse Ron Paul at MN Rally
  191. Ladies and Gentlemen, We WILL Win the Minnesota Caucus!!!
  192. How can students register an MN caucus?
  193. Best quote of Min. speach
  194. A new campaign slogan... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
  195. Ron Paul...
  196. Supporter Action Website Launched! http://www.ronpaulpatriotnation.com
  197. Irony:
  198. Ron Paul on Greta tonight
  199. PPP Minnesota:
  200. Sky News 3-1/2min quick recap of the US/UK 1953 Iranian Coup d'etat
  201. I have a new idea for how to TAKE DOWN the MSM
  202. REGISTER 2 VOTE AT Minn CAUCUS - REQUIREMENTS what you need to bring/have
  203. PPP Missouri:
  204. Every reason to be energized! 285,000+ votes (so far) in 2012 compared to 115,000+ in 2008
  205. Greta wanting comments on tonight's interviews
  206. The Movement is growing about 18% a year minimum
  207. Will Ron Paul be last rival standing to Mitt Romney?
  208. Getting the UNIV Students
  209. Remember Iowa! Remember Nevada! Liberty's Battle of San Jacinto
  210. Watch Ron Paul on "Off the Record" and in Minneapolis on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  211. Get out the college vote
  212. Ron Paul: Restoring Honor. Restoring America.
  213. Just some questions.....
  214. Facebook ads for the Wyoming Caucus Feb. 11
  215. Toady is the caucus in Colorado! (and other contents!)
  216. Anyone can vote in MN! Carpool voters to the polls!
  217. PPP Poll: Minnesota, Sun & Mon:
  218. RP's favorability numbers surge in positive direction in CO, MN, MO
  219. Minnesota Facebook GOTV Ad Blitz (brainstorm and feeler)
  220. Don't Waste Your Vote
  221. Debbie Gibson waking up to the Ron Paul Revolution
  222. (VIDEO) Ron Paul; Restoring Honor, Restoring America.
  223. Anyone else think we should have gotten a headline from the Piers interview?
  224. New military donation #s ?
  225. Renting buses to get college students to caucuses in MN?
  226. Santorum: the "pro-life statist"
  227. Expect a low turnout in Colorado tonight
  228. When the going gets tough... the tough do Phone From Home....
  229. Who's going to CPAC?
  230. A Great Tool to Change the Discussion
  231. Facebook Ads targeted specifically at getting young Ron Paul voters to the polls
  232. VIDEO: Local TV Coverage of Ron Paul in Minnesota from NBC11 St. Paul Affiliate
  233. This is it guys!
  234. Would it help get the Boomers if SuperPACs buy ads in local newspapers/radio?
  235. help choosing last minute ron paul videos
  236. Today's News (2/7/12)
  237. Ron should improve his use of social networks
  238. Its snowing in the Denver Area :)
  239. MN Caucus goers: Talking Points Tonight
  240. Where are our strongholds in Minnesota?
  241. GOTV Minnesota friends on Facebook (who you didn't know were in Minnesota!)
  242. Poll Reveals Ron Paul is neck-and-neck with Obama for 2012 Election
  243. [Video] Message to Ron Paul Supporters - MN, CO, and MO Caucuses
  244. REQUIRED VIEWING before you go to your CAUCUS (MN, CO, ME)
  245. Results for Tonight
  246. Is It Over Yet? - Nice Article
  247. Huffpo: When Pro-life is Pro-choice.......great article by blue democrat
  248. This is the End the Fed Sign-up Sheet!
  250. Virginia Primary & my Uncle, a Gingrich supporter