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  1. PPP Nevada Poll: Ron Paul SURGING in final days, at more than double previous vote share!!
  2. Rep. Ron Paul introduces bill to cancel $1.6T in debt held by Federal Reserve
  3. Could Paul really cut 1 Trillion in the first year?
  4. Media Bump
  5. Free bumper stickers
  6. Ron Paul supports online poker, other 3 candidates against, we need to spread this ...
  7. Colorado Blizzard
  8. Legalize online poker business cards?
  9. Bloomberg Video Marc Faber: 'Ron Paul Would Be A Very Good President'
  10. Anti-Romney ads: Flip-flopper Versus Campaign Donors
  11. Great idea to motivate people
  12. What happened in Rhode Island?
  13. Idea to get people to vote for Ron Paul using Facebook
  14. Democrats - Are they a lost cause?
  15. Any Video Of RP Rallies on Feb 2nd?
  16. [video] First principles, axioms' and questions...Oh My!
  17. Aimee Allen joins Jordan Page, Golden State & Rebel INC. - Troops for Ron Paul After Party
  18. Photos: Ron Paul at Reno, Nevada town hall & rally
  19. Today's News (2/3/12)
  20. States Seek Currencies Made of Silver & Gold: CNNMoney
  21. Good LA Times write up of Ron's rally in Reno
  22. Lake Jackson residents take pride in Ron Paul (includes video coverage)
  23. Las Vegas Review Journal write up of PPP poll includes Ron's web ad 'serial hypocrisy'
  24. Story from 'on the ground' in Minnesota
  25. Maine=13 caucus sites tonight
  26. Update on candidates today - Ron Paul will be in Pahrump-Santorum has moved on to Missouri
  27. From DailyPaul: "REPOST: How Ron Paul Won All of My Iowa Precincts"
  28. Ron Paul's stop in Elko draws Idahoans to hear his liberty message
  29. Massachusetts DEADLINE to register to vote is Wednesday, FEBRUARY 15.
  30. NV GOP Online
  31. [VIDEO] Ron Paul speaks to Minnesota Republicans!
  32. Ron Paul Official Campaign Video: Appeal to Nevada
  33. Ron Paul endorsements in Maine discussed on Freedom Watch (video)
  34. Ron Paul shows independent streak, declines CPAC invitation to campaign in Maine
  35. Some speech Ideas for Caucus & for Ron Paul to bring up! Mitt vs. Everyone else, dilutes.
  36. VOTE-Where Does Ron Paul Finish in NV?
  37. Maine for Ron Paul: Its a two man race!
  38. Final four GOP contenders address key Nevada issues
  39. Ron Paul -- The Last One ---> FEBRUARY 14 MONEYBOMB Promotion Video
  40. Any handout flyers without the donate thing on the back?
  41. Phone from Home-Minnesota Turnout
  42. In Rural Nevada, Ron Paul Has An Energetic Base (Pahrump, Nye County, Nevada)
  43. Fox: Ron Paul and Mitt Romney two man race in Nevada
  44. Who is laughing now? Best patriotic video yet!
  45. How many delegates will Ron Paul have at the Convention?
  46. Statements about repealing the Patriot Act should also include repealing the TSA and NDAA.
  48. voted for RP toady!!1!!
  49. Ron Paul Should Pawn Something at "The Pawn Stars" Shop in Vegas
  50. Ron Paul Military Donations Nearly Twice Those of His GOP Rivals and Obama—Combined
  51. Final NV Poll
  52. This is actually kinda funny...
  53. Ron Paul may surge in Nevada - Nevadans Know How To Fix America
  54. "Very, Very Suspicious" NFP Number Is Really Down 2.9 Million in 2 months
  55. Will the "improving" economy hurt RP's chances?
  56. Ron Paul Endorsed by Former MN GOP State Chairman Chris Georgacas
  57. Rep. Mike Pence H.R. 459
  58. Late night caucus pushed by billionaire Gingrich backer
  59. RP Endorsed by Fmr Minn.-GOP State Chair Chris Georgacas
  60. Paul leads ad spending in NV since Jan 1st
  61. A New Ron in the Oval Office?
  62. Neighbor on Ron Paul
  63. Paul doing BETTER THAN MITT ROMNEY in New Hampshire against Obama!
  64. Rick Santorum Doesn't Qualify for Indiana Ballot (on top of VA, not enuf delegates in TN..
  65. "Paul @ the Pub" Ron Paul for President Butte County Meetup
  66. Ron Paul knows how to stretch a dollar — or 15 million dollars
  67. Ron Paul supporter files lawsuit against Gingrich (on Yahoo Homepage now)
  68. Jobs report dominates agenda for all but Ron Paul
  69. The polling picture ahead of the Nevada caucus
  70. Increased confidence Paul get top 2 in Nevada
  71. Beck and Palin are searching for Ron Paul
  72. Mitt Made Quite a Few Stops in NV For Supposedly Polling at 51%
  73. How Ron Paul can force a game changer
  74. Santorum, Paul and Romney Make Stops in Reno Area (short news video included)
  75. [VIDEO ADDED] Ron Paul to be on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday
  76. NV "A Three-Man Race" according to Newt's campaign
  77. Nevada 'special' caucus question
  78. I don't know how to tweet.... but saw this
  79. A Handy Guide To The Nevada Caucuses
  80. Wiegel: Ron Paul, Back Home in Pahrump
  81. Ron Paul and Romney Alliance being Discussed on Mark Levin Now
  82. The Wall Street Journal calls us 'laggards'
  83. NV caucus results... What time???
  84. What just happened to the thread about Paul on piers morgan?
  85. Recalling NV media coverage last time around.
  86. Zbigniew Brzezinski on Hardball defending Ron Paul's position on Iran (video)
  87. Rand Paul confirmed speaker at CPAC. Registration ends today!
  88. When are we going to raise hell about Romney evading taxes?
  89. New Campaign Video: Housing and Economy focus - for NV!
  90. Funny tweet from embedded reporter in Ron's campaign
  91. ZeroHedge: Guest Post: How To Avoid Voting For A Globalist Puppet
  92. Gun Owners for Paul in NV live
  93. Ron Paul Pier Morgan On NOW
  94. Ron Paul Signs at the Super Bowl?
  95. I sent out my absentee ballot for the Missouri Primary yesterday!
  96. NV Caucus Time? Anyone Know?
  97. 2 1/2 Minute Ron Paul Caucus Speech
  98. Ron Paul's Pahrump Security Volunteers
  99. Comment from Paul Nevada Campaign Chair
  100. The mailing list is inefficient
  101. [Video] Ron Paul Interview On Piers Morgan 02/03/12
  102. No alliance between Romney and Paul.
  103. Ron Paul says unemployment numbers don't tell the whole truth
  104. W.A.Root declares that he knows all about Ron Paul and can solve the mystery
  105. Facing Long Odds, Ron Paul Aims High in Nevada
  106. CBS vs. PBS Ron Paul coverage on eve of 2012 Nevada Primary. Very different
  107. Romney Supporter Votes Dozens of Times in Florida Straw Poll
  108. Protesters find common ground
  109. Ron Paul rap song with amazing lyrics that cover the issues
  110. I am so angry at Piers Morgan for being so unprofessional to Ron Paul
  111. Who is Going to 'RON PAUL IS THE CHOICE OF THE TROOPS! (march on the White House)'?
  112. Admit It! You're Saving Most of Your Energy for the Presidential Race in September?
  113. Republican candidates make last push for support + Video
  114. Just Remember...
  115. Ron Paul says SAME as our Intelligence Agencies about 9/11 Motive‬
  116. [VIDEO] Ron Paul NOT On Team Romney. Listen to the Doctor, not the media.
  117. Prayers for Nevada caucuses
  118. Norm Macdonald Loves Ron Paul
  119. VIDEO: Ron Paul, circa 1970-Present: "I don't have the authority to run your life!"
  120. This Is What We Are Up Against - Brainwashing!
  121. So when does the caucus begin?
  122. Ron Paul on the disingenuous job report
  123. Piers Morgan pwned by RP over bailouts
  124. Jim Rogers, Nassim Taleb, Marc Faber, Bill Gross, Peter Thiel all support Paul.
  125. A bunch of confused would-be PA delegates at reddit
  126. nothing major...I'm just sad about Twitter
  127. NV CAUCUS-GOERS: Please post your observations / live results in this thread!
  128. The Massacre in Syria
  129. [videos]2 new NV videos
  130. [Video] Paul Advisor Doug Wead interview On MSNBC Prior To Nevada Caucus 02/04/12
  131. Raul Labrador as Ron's VP?
  132. GOOGLE BOMB: Newt Gingrich Sued for Assault and Battery ‎
  133. In Maine caucuses, it’s Romney v. Paul
  134. NV Caucus tweets
  135. Ron Paul appeals to Filipino-Americans in Nevada
  136. Where is Ron today?
  137. Guess What I Just Saw!
  138. Results for my Las Vegas Precinct
  139. We can't wait on Foreign Policy Vindication
  140. Get on the Nevada boat people...
  141. Today's News (2/4/12)
  142. Ron Paul SUPER BOWL sign bomb that you guys always wanted please help them out
  143. LIVE SPREADSHEET of Nevada Caucus Returns From Twitter
  144. Ron Paul surging on Intrade for 2nd
  145. $9.90 Super Brochure Mailing that changed a County
  146. Febuary 20th March on the White House!! You going?
  147. Pre-NV Candidate Performance Analysis
  148. Appears Quite Likely Ron Paul Finishes Second in Nevada...
  149. CNN Nevada Coverage Starts at 6 PM EST
  150. Paul: Only candidate who did not kiss Donald Trump's Ring
  151. Photos: Ron Paul at Pahrump, NV town hall & rally
  152. Picture of Ron in MN off twitter
  153. Ron Paul speaks to supporters in Minnesota (article)
  154. Became a delegate for my precint
  155. Be Careful About Interpreting Early Results (Rural Counties will report FIRST)
  156. arizona early mail in ballot
  157. Lets get people to vote in the special cacus tonight at 7
  158. RevPAC Nevada LIVE coverage starting 6:00 pm CST
  159. Ron Paul Road Warrior - Florida
  160. Ron Paul destroys Newt in Elko County, NV (Strong 2nd Place, About 25%)
  161. Jobless Figures
  162. LIVE WORKING CNN STREAM with Nevada Caucus Results Coverage on NOW
  164. ForLate NV Voters, Vote Here-->
  165. Inspired by Ron Paul 1,000 People Have Now Moved for the Free State Project!
  166. Paul close to 2nd in NV Entrance poll
  167. CNN Says Ron Paul to Speak Soon...
  168. NV GOP website poll!!
  169. All caucus speeches need to mention that Ron does better against Obama than Gingrich
  171. Ron Paul Revolution alive in Long Island NY
  172. Video update: Ron Paul interview on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer 2/04/12
  173. Ron Paul about to speak on CNN
  174. Delegates...what do they do?
  176. Ron predicts 2nd place finish on CNN!
  177. Official NV GOP Results coming in
  178. [video] CNN Gives Coverage Of Ron Paul Speaking In Minnesota During Nevada Caucus
  179. QUESTION: Who Can Vote at THE Late Adelson Location?
  180. Another great Ron Paul rally pic from Minnesota!!
  181. [video] Ron Paul Interview On CNN During Nevada Caucus 02/04/12
  183. Nevada Caucus Result Numbers DO NOT MATTER - Here is Why
  184. Romney only winning because
  185. Nevada 2008 vs. 2012 County by County for 100% reporters so far
  186. [Video] Spread this video people: promote, promote, promote!!! No 1 but Paul!!!
  187. Live on REVPAC
  188. Why are CNN's numbers so different from the google numbers?
  189. 2008 vs 2012 Paul v Romney
  190. Ron Paul Nevada Caucus Speech / CNN Interview / MN Campaign - Check it out on your iPhone!
  191. How a brokered convention works
  192. Ron and Carol Paul visit American Shooter gun club in Las Vegas
  193. Super special Gingrich donor caucus
  194. Ricky's Speech...
  195. To those of you who's vote doesn't count, this is what to do
  196. I guess Romney had better hair.
  197. Ron Paul's Number 21.42%...?
  199. Romney can't break 50% anywhere, Nevada down from 2008
  200. "Special" caucus full of 65+ voters
  201. GREAT PICTURE!! Over 2000 greet Ron Paul at third event of the day in Minnesota
  202. Non-Jewish voters being turned away from Adelson?
  203. Lemme Get This Straight... (Special Caucus Absurdities)
  204. Reminder of the overview from entrance polls
  205. DO NOT, DO NOT tune into CNN, FOX, MSNBC... if you turn on any of these stations
  206. Missouri Primary
  208. Why is Ron Paul attacking Romney with ads like he did with Gingrinch?
  209. Of the counties that have 100% reported...
  210. CNN "Ban Hammer" for anyone making points for Dr. Paul..
  211. 20% Is Good! Keep It In Perspective...
  214. CNN just gave RP a ton of free press
  215. Special caucus tonight awesome news
  216. New Caucus Strategy: Speak for OTHER Candidates!
  217. [Video] Ron Paul on Fox News w/ Bret Baier 2/04/12
  218. We need the video clip from Gingrich on CNN that I just saw 60 seconds ago!
  219. CNN Entrance polls just updated again...This is not over
  220. Dr. Paul needs to hit Gingrich again, but in which state??
  221. 1500+ Crowd in Minneapolis area for Ron Paul!
  222. [Video] Ron Paul interview on MSNBC 2/04/12
  223. Come on Clark County!!!
  224. Is Ron Paul giving a speech tonight?
  225. Las Vegas Review Journal: Tempers flare at chaotic "sundown caucus"
  226. Killing it in the count at the special caucus!
  228. [video] Ron Paul Supporters Speak Out At Adelson Caucus In Nevada 02/04/12
  229. How I see things
  231. Problems are reported with the Washoe County results of the Nevada GOP presidential caucus
  232. Adelson - Calling Frank Luntz!!!
  233. Moar Special Caucuses!!!
  234. we won by 122 votes do you believe the revolution now????
  235. Ron Paul can still get 2nd in NV. Here's the math.
  236. Vote Reveal for Clark County may be Sunrise
  237. Confused, have the results stopped coming in?
  238. Last RP speaker said RP was the only one to support Israel...
  239. Eddie vs. Patriot Group International
  240. Carson City, NV: Home of Government jobs
  241. Best case scenario playing out
  242. Any clue based on the tweets from earlier today?
  243. [Video] Michael Steele and MSNBC panel talk about Ron Paul's growing support
  244. PPP: All 4 candidates within 10 points of each other (Minnesota)
  245. I'd like to take "Exit polling" from previous elections and SEE how far Ron's is off!
  246. Just got back from 4 days in Nevada...and wanted to say....
  247. Nevada - WTF?
  248. Local NV News claims that NVGOP might dump some precincts...
  249. The Grassiest Rootsiest Movement Ever!!!
  250. When do we start attacking Romney?