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  1. Gingrich could hand us Virginia
  2. There may be some hope, yet
  3. "I like George Washington except foreign policy"
  4. Five Reasons I Like Ron Paul
  5. Ron Paul making Colorado campaign stops
  6. Please become a delegate!!
  7. Failed Fed Policies Prolong the Agony by Ron Paul
  8. Ron Paul schedules three Colorado appearances Tuesday, thousands expected
  9. Props to my Girlfriend.....
  10. Captain Ron Paul vs America’s Leading Chicken-Hawks
  11. Video update: Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 1/30/12
  12. BREAKING NEWS: Ron Paul Announces Las Vegas Visit
  13. Jon Schaffer of metal band Iced earth "RON PAUL Is The Only Politician In Congress I Trust
  14. Paul shops for GOP votes in Freeport
  15. PPP Missouri Tweets (Poll due out 01/31)
  16. Letters to the Editor
  17. Presidential candidate Ron Paul's Fort Collins visit almost filled up
  18. Ron Paul on Jason Lewis Show tonight
  19. Question for Obama
  20. By The Numbers: SOTU gives Obama tees a bump over Paul's Read more at the Washington Exam
  21. Something I Think is Funny...
  22. Ron Paul on The Kudlow Report tonight 1/30/12
  23. Ron Paul needs to blast this before the voting tomorrow!
  24. Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich, Santorum?
  25. CS Monitor "Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich, Santorum?"
  26. Houston's on the ball--Are ya'll?
  27. musicians and artists promoting RP: help me help you :)
  28. Audio of Newt endorsing Obamacare…
  29. Paul, Santorum to begin Nevada stump Tuesday
  30. The Gold Standard
  31. OHIO: In person early voting begins Tuesday, January 31
  32. Post Some Positive Ron Paul Info
  33. San Jose, Ca Banner/Sign Wave
  34. Studying Robert's Rules and wonder what to watch for at convention?
  35. Nicest photo of RP ever?
  36. Funny Facebook Trending Pic
  37. Ron Paul coming up on Jason Lewis soon.
  38. Fed Members Laughed As Housing Bubble Grew
  39. Signs for MO Primary Day
  40. Indiana is done and Ron Paul will be on the ballot
  41. Ron Paul will be on the Kentucky ballot
  42. George Soros: Obama = Romney
  43. They are still doing it
  44. [=VIDEO=] Ron should hit Newt on this...Gingrich wanted Federal Govt to fund Ballet!!!
  45. Reminder: Ron Paul on the Campaign Trail Tomorrow in Colorado
  46. VIDEO: Frum Jew In Florida Explains Why He Supports Ron Paul For President
  47. Ron Paul Supporters Take On the Media
  48. New poll shows Ron Paul within margin of error to unseat incumbent President
  49. Preregistration tix sold out for Ron Paul appearance at CSU Tues;standing room may b avail
  50. “I Like George Washington Except on Foreign Policy”
  51. [TUBEZ] Ron Paul on Jason Lewis Show - GCN Radio (January 30, 2012)
  52. Ron Paul Officially Files to be on Kentucky May 22nd Presidential Primary Ballot
  53. Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy is a Family Value
  54. Does County Registration Matter in AZ?
  55. [video] Ron Paul Interview On The Kudlow Report 01/30/12
  57. In Orlando, Occupy and Ron Paul Supporters Reframe Their Exclusion From Republican Debates
  58. Why Florida is already a win for Ron Paul
  59. URGENT: suggestions for literature for parade and gun show
  60. Help..asap. Thanks [Poll needs Voting in]
  61. Facts about the Florida Caucus. Yes, I said Caucus.DEADLINE to file for delegates FEB 1
  62. Which states are the priority and is grassroots mobilized?
  63. website idea "Who backs Ron Paul?"
  64. MSM is just catching on to Snoop Dogg endorsing Ron Paul
  65. One of our own 'hot blonde from LA' on Russia Today discussing Ron Paul.
  66. Rundle12: no one understands how utterly unconservative Newt Gingrich is (good article)
  67. Foreign Policy flaw? Need help clearing this up
  68. GET OUT THE VOTE, facebook chain letters!
  69. Ron Paul is great on domestic spending & economy, but neo-cons have capitulated the GOP
  70. Doug Wead will be available to answer your questions tomorrow
  71. Forget Mitt Romney: Many Mormons Support Ron Paul by Brian Doherty
  72. Ron Paul: In It To Win It
  73. A Veterans Plea - Video
  74. GREAT column on Paul/Godlen Rule in Virginia Tech's newspaper. Please comment!
  75. Final PPP FL Poll (1/30)
  76. What to Wear to the Voting Place?
  77. Follow Up on Bellevue Washington rock throwing incident at HQ
  78. Strategic Facebook Plan
  79. 1,000,000 Signatures - Petition RNC: Support Ron Paul as the 2012 Republican Party Nominee
  80. PFH - Washington
  81. Presidents Day Veterans March on the White House
  82. Need Some Help ASAP!!!
  83. Ron Paul on Kudlow and Freedom Watch. Check it out on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  84. Daily Beast: Gingrich May Cede Nevada, Michigan
  85. Give me the dirt
  86. Florida New Survey Poll Asking If The GOP Should Put Another Candidate In The Race!!
  87. Are we going to win Maine? Anything outsiders can do to help?
  88. Jack Welch on Piers Morgan right now
  89. RCP General Election Average explained in Picture
  90. Voters should know Republican candidates views on gun rights
  91. Semi-convert story of relative in FL, at least he's pushing Ron Paul now
  92. Technology Entrepreneurs Line Up To Endorse Liberty --WOOT!!
  93. 2011 Q4/YE FEC reports going up now
  94. Nationwide NDAA 2012 Congressional Protest GO CAMPAIGN!!!!!!!
  95. (Article) Will Ron Paul Win More Delegates this weekend than Newt or Santorum??
  96. Help Vote up the No One But Paul Promo Video to the Front Page of the Daily Paul!
  97. Ron Paul to speak to sold-out crowd at Colorado State
  98. Nevada Strategy is odd
  99. Truthbombing the Colorado Caucuses
  100. ATTN: Create your OWN GRASSROOTS ADS & run on NATIONAL TV CHEAP! $1200 = 1.2 mil viewers!
  101. Conan O'Brien Show
  102. Two Good Articles about the path to nomination
  103. Please Critique my Survey! Thanks
  104. For those of you who don't know why Dr. Paul is not spending time/money in FL, here's why
  105. Will Ron give a speech after the Florida results?
  106. VIDEO: New Grassroots Video "The rEVOLution - The Fed" (2nd in a series)
  107. How early should I show up for the rally?
  108. Just voted for the first time….ever.
  109. Watch RevPAC election coverage tonight (guest speakers) AWESOME LAST TIME
  110. VIDEO: Ron Paul's Impact on the GOP Race
  111. Ron Paul donations?
  112. If RP polls best v Obama, shouldn't his rhetoric target Obama more?
  113. Snoop Dogg Music Bomb?
  114. Only Ron Paul and Romney Can Beat Barack Obama: Latest USA Today/Gallup Poll
  115. Drudge Poll is up: Who is your candidate for President, January 31, 2012 edition.
  116. Twisting Schiff's Words....
  117. Tweet this, NEWT campaign forged sigs
  118. Election Oracle: The Ron Paul Factor
  119. On DRUDGE: Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich, Santorum?
  120. Las Vegas Sun: guest column by Ron Paul: Stop Taxing Tips
  121. Streaming of today's Ron Paul events
  122. Today's News (1/31/12)
  123. Ron Paul booth booted from gun show at Lake County fairgrounds
  124. The biggest thing holding us back
  125. Why Ron Paul appeals to young voters (article)
  126. Georgia Ohio Tennessee: Deadline to register to vote is Monday, February 6
  127. Taking a big exit poll.. Which questions should I ask?
  128. Vote for Ron in Loveland Co. 912 project poll (inside)
  129. Year-End FEC Reports and Military Donations
  130. Natural Pro Bodybuilder with a Doctorate degree endorses Ron Paul
  131. PayPal co-founders fund pro-Paul Super PAC
  132. Gingrich security ASSAULTS Ron Paul supporter in FL - ‘Everyone step on his toes!’
  134. In Florida, Diverse Young Republicans Ignited By Ron Paul
  135. Republican College Students Get Behind Ron Paul
  136. My brother just switched to being a Ron Paul supporter...
  137. Ron Paul aka Dr. No Rocks Ram Nation with Message of Liberty
  138. Your Mission, should you choose to accept: MEME competition! (De-stigmatize Isolationism).
  139. Ron Paul plans slate of Nevada campaign events
  140. Presidential Debate Tickets
  141. PROUD day today!
  142. PPP Poll - Missouri GOP Primary and Caucus
  143. PPP Poll - Ohio GOP Primary
  144. Doug Wead wants examples of "Ron Pauling"
  145. Ron Paul supporter learns politics is a contact sport
  146. We will quadruple # of votes in FL from 2008
  147. News From Florida
  148. Santorum, Paul campaign out West as Florida votes
  149. Ballot Access Shows Mitt Romney's and Ron Paul's Organizational Advantage
  150. Cardinal Politics: Ron Paul is America’s best choice for presidency
  151. Where can we expect to perform the best in Florida?
  152. Ron Paul in Denver
  153. As Florida Votes, Paul Politicks Elsewhere
  154. I agree with Ron Paul except on foreign policy
  155. Sixty percent of Obama funds come from big-money bundlers
  156. GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul stumps in Fort Collins; urges individual liberty
  157. Paul Campaign Calls on Newt Gingrich to Apologize for His Staff Assault on Paul Supporter
  158. John King, Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews all agree with Ron Paul
  159. Need Speakers for South Texas Ron Paul Rally
  160. The Miami Herald: Yahoo News!: Newt Gingrich goon squad assaults Ron Paul supporter
  161. Presidential candidate Ron Paul makes campaign-trail stop in Fort Collins (they had chat)
  162. Campaign Store Alternatives - Please Recommend
  163. Reason: Gingrich Staffers Attack Ron Paul Supporter in Florida (check out the comments!)
  164. Video of Ron Paul @ CSU 1/31/12 - Great speech!
  165. Ron Paul: "Hot" Young Dad
  166. Florida Exit Polls
  167. Politico: Paul supporter gets roughed up at Gingrich rally
  168. Tampa Bay Exit Poll
  169. Florida coverage [video] (will continue to update)
  170. NV/ME/CO/MN/MO/MI: to CARPETRONBOMB TV WALLS with "likes"/comments... until Feb. 29
  171. Time to Blast Romney!!!!
  172. Will Ron have a speech tonight?
  173. For Fun: Predict our % in Florida
  174. Drudge Updates Exit Polls
  175. RevPAC Florida LIVE coverage starting right now
  176. various results as they come in
  177. Ron Paul 2012?
  178. Libertarian Point to get 5 state FM radio call in show with your support and exposure!
  179. Hey Republicans Why do you not get it yet? Your next president is Barack Obama or Ron Paul
  180. KING NEWT -- Music to Defeat Newt Gingrich By
  181. CBS news coverage of Ron Paul in Denver, CO -GREAT video of newscast!
  182. Ron Paul bio on Fox News...
  183. Ex-CIA Officer on how to take our country back: "Blog that."
  184. Our 2 worst 2008 states are behind us, 46 states to go
  185. Show Tony Pashos some love on his FB page.
  186. Paul Super-Pac gets 3.9M in 40 days
  187. Nevada, here we come!! [STREAM]
  188. Ron Paul Enters Colorado Springs Rally LIKE A BOSS
  189. Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, Maine... The fate of Liberty rests in your hands!
  190. No one but Paul video, please spread.
  191. Developing: Ron Paul about to speak in Henderson, NV
  192. Give me a JPG of the four contenders
  193. How much did the campaign raise in January
  194. Ron Paul Rally in Denver Colorado 1/31/2012
  195. Jason Lewis really pushing Ron Paul tonight
  196. URGENT: Everyone go and turn it to MSNBC and watch...
  197. Why is Drudge linking to bad delegate counts?
  198. Megan Kelly (FOX) misstates Ron's delegates
  199. Highest FL county? University of FL!
  200. CNN just said Paul can win Maine, Washington, Alaska among other
  201. Phone from home?
  202. I thought Hispanic voters were 30+% of the population and 40% of them went Dr. Paul
  203. Cool little RP mention my wife found [seed catalog]
  204. Numbers to crunch on.. [WARNING: Possible death in anticipation of Nevada may occur!]
  205. Delegates so far...
  206. Does the campaign plan on airing an ad during the Super Bowl?
  207. HuffPost misstates Ron's % of vote (low of course)
  208. [video] Ron Paul Energetic Speech In Nevada After Florida voting
  209. DisInfo to a Delegate Applicant in Longmont, Colorado
  210. [video] Quick CNN Ron Paul Interview After Speech In Nevada Post Florida Results
  211. Stage 2 Has Commenced.
  212. Romney won for ELECTABILITY in FL....
  213. Ron Paul's plan is to stack up delegates in Nevada, Maine and other states
  214. Tonight I was blessed by the Ron Paul fairy...
  215. I was just called a sexist and a racist
  216. A Ron Paul fact/information list I put together.
  217. The Youth Vote Means Everything
  218. LOL Moment By CNN a While Ago, They Showed RedState Aric At a Casino in Miami Beach
  219. [Video] No One But Paul Promotional Video - "Old vs. New"
  220. Massachusetts, please consider protesting the NDAA in Boston. Details enclosed.
  221. Anyone have
  222. Ron Paul to Mitt Romney: See you in the caucus states!
  223. Jon Stewart just featured a clip from Ben Swann's Reality Check segment on the Daily Show
  224. Interesting encounter while collecting signatures for PA delegates
  225. Would REVPAC or ENDORSE LIBERTY - Do a few radio ads to promote NO ONE BUT PAUL?
  226. Defeated but not dejected, Ron Paul tells Vegas fans he’s ‘only gotten started’
  228. Can I get this image touched up with Gingrich lettering? Thanks.
  229. Slow and steady wins the race. Ron Paul never planned to win Florida. He's going long-term
  230. Get this: Romney to get Secret Service protection because of....
  231. How long until we are a majority?
  232. Watch Ron Paul's Post Primary Speech and Interview on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  233. A look at the percentages
  234. Photos: Ron Paul at NV/FL victory rally in Las Vegas, NV
  235. Paul Finishes 2011 Strong With $13 Million Haul
  236. Ron Paul's speech at Colorado State
  237. Editorial: Ron Paul speaks out, wants to repeal part of Defense Appropriations Act
  238. Amazing Ron Paul "Speed" quote collage! Ron Paul Painting!!
  239. Can someone get this clip on video?
  240. Ron Paul Rally for the Republic DVDs (2008)
  241. Nomination rules rigged against conservatives
  242. Ron Paul Having the Time of His Life
  243. Q4/YE FEC Presidential Campaigns - Broken Down by State
  244. [NY] Alfred University Students for Ron Paul
  245. Tips to make donation easier
  246. Politico: Paul campaign raises 13 million
  247. I statement making the rounds
  248. Optimism to be reminded of
  249. Today is Ron & Carol Paul's 55th Wedding Anniversary
  250. Help This Former Ranger Attend the Veterans for Ron Paul March!