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  1. Action needed.
  3. Women for Ron Paul (VIDEO)
  4. How Low Can You Go? (Newt Gingrich is a disaster) by Jeff Taylor
  5. Debt Based Currency Explained
  6. Born Fighting - How the Ulster Scots shaped America
  7. Convert Someone Today!
  9. For People unable to watch the debate tonight
  10. Can anyone help get Michael Scheuer to do radio interview?
  11. The Ron Paul Media Blackout Is Back On
  12. Hi there! (and a story about trying to convert an 80-year-old neocon)
  13. A Way to Sell Ron Paul To Neocons.
  14. SAN DIEGO is rockin it for RON PAUL!!!! Check out our first news bulletin!
  15. Google Trends for 1/26/12
  16. Michael Scheuer: We Were Attacked Because of Our Actions
  17. Prayers for tonight's debate
  18. CNN Post Debate coverage over/under Paul mentions
  19. Why the presidential debates matter
  20. New image depicting the other candidates, Batman theme.
  21. Debate Idea: "Meak vs Weak" - Speaking Code to Evangelicals (Ron Paul = Moses)
  22. Attack Obama
  23. Just converted my twice removed aunty's cousin from their maternal side
  24. CNN's Wolf Blitzer admits Ron Paul is the only Candidate that will reduce Spending
  25. Tom Woods: Ron Paul Would Ignite the Debate If He Said This
  26. Ron Paul needs to start talking about electability
  27. Women for Ron Paul Brochure--Ideas
  28. Foreign Policy Ads -- Brainstorm Session
  29. Gingrich, Paul To Benefit If Santorum Drops Out
  30. Ener1 goes Bankrupt - Hope Paul discusses during CNN Debate
  31. Ron Paul has to talk at least 4-5 times during the first 30 minutes of the debate
  32. As Ron Paul aims to win Maine caucus, poli sci professors agree he could take the state
  33. <b>ATTENTION REVPAC!!!!!!</b>
  34. "Mr. Gingrich, Why Do You Continue to Mislead the American People?"
  35. PPP seeking possible questions for MO & OH
  37. Ron Paul "Good Luck Tonight" Twitterbomb - Starting Now!
  38. The Mathematical Facts of the Nomination Process
  39. How Ron Paul can Steal Newt's Thunder
  40. Write up on Ron Paul in Maine media
  41. Media Hype - Early Primaries
  42. "The Fact Is..." *drink*
  43. Tea Party Patriots Presidential Survey - Ron Paul was 1st to Respond :)
  44. Who do you believe will win the Florida GOP Presidential Primary on Tuesday, January 31?
  45. Will you Help Promote the NOBP Money Bomb During the Debate Tonight? (LOTS of People on!)
  46. Florida crowd
  47. EBay Auction - REAL Money for a REAL President
  48. Why isn't Ron Paul being the ONLY candidate not suggesting reducing SS being promoted?
  49. Quick, guess what "title" CNN will give Ron tonight!
  50. CNN Splits screen and blurs Paul supporters
  51. Newt Gingrich and Electability [VIDEO]
  52. CNN and Paul's Medical Records..
  53. ++rep to the first person with Tube of Newt saying Paul is in Great Health
  54. We need a highlight reel...
  55. Ron Paul v. Newt in debate
  56. Debate Highlights - # of times Newt agrees with or says Ron Paul is right...
  57. Wolf Blitzer says Ron Paul is the only candidate to reduce spending
  58. Ad Idea: Highlights Of Other Candidates Praising Paul
  59. For those that like polls.....
  60. Here we go on Israel again like it's one of the US states.....
  61. Alex Jones Meets The Blue Republican!
  62. VIDEO: Ron Paul calls out Newt Gingrich CNN Florida Republican Debate 1/26/12
  63. Post-Debate Facebook Poll....vote now!!
  64. VOTE-How did Ron Paul do in CNN debate???
  65. Drudge Poll: Who won FL Debate?
  66. Missed the Debate... somebody give me the short list on what happened...
  67. Dr. Paul just knocked that debate out of the park!!!
  68. Yet another phone from home thread
  69. Newt Gingrich Booed For Bragging He Balanced Budget
  70. Tonight was "Ron Is Right" night..... Everyone agrees with Ron...
  71. Lots of good articles coming out of Maine.
  72. Tea party: Romney most electable; Paul best president
  73. Ron had the best one-liners tonight
  74. Anyone got the Newt moon clip that peopel says he said....
  75. VIDEO: Paul Supporters- Pre-CNN debate
  76. A Declaration of Independence for 2012
  77. We hit 800,000+ LIKES on FACEBOOK tonight!!
  78. VIDEO: "I think they're all wrong" - Ron Paul
  79. Ron Paul CNN Debate Highlights
  80. Need a Vid Editor
  81. VIDEO: Ron Paul: Send politicians, not astronauts, to the moon
  82. [Youtube] Ron Paul Highlights CNN Debate 1/26/12
  83. VIDEO: Ron Paul on Taxes and his Medical Records
  84. My Favorite Quote of the Night
  85. Ron Paul calls for diplomatic relations with Cuba [mod on Drudge now]
  86. 1000 people viewing grassroots central and everybody is bumping down ACTIVISM threads
  87. DHS's FB page is watching my profile, find out if you are on it too!
  88. HE'S CATCHING ON - Ron breaks 800,000 Facebook Likes
  89. VIDEO: Ron Paul on Religion - CNN debate
  90. Ron Paul..not "What if.." but "If"....
  91. NOBP Pledge Banner Ready for Ron Paul Forums
  92. TSA Mini-Bomb Completed! Time for Audit The FED Mini-Bomb!!!
  93. Jon Stewart Talks About Ron Paul Again
  94. Would you camp out overnight to see Paul speak?
  95. Media bias plays a huge role, but we CAN combat it!
  96. VIDEO: Ron Paul: "That Subject Doesn't Really Interest Me Alot"
  97. Minnesota: Be careful about responding to phone polls
  98. Be careful! RPF Scammer revealed!
  99. I need help getting signatures in DE
  100. Oh Boy Did I hear a Cuban Spring In The Air Tonight? And 51s State of USA??
  101. SOLVED: We Need a Ron Paul Video Archive
  102. Any American Idol fans? Golden State is on tonight.
  103. AZ: Voters must register by Monday for presidential preference election
  104. Robocalling info needed
  105. RP and older voters
  107. Ron Paul at the Jacksonville Debate! Watch it on your iPhone with Ron Paul Mobile!
  108. Filing as an "uncommitted" delegate for Ron Paul in WV
  109. Missed Opportunity on Blowback
  110. Let's Make This Article Go Viral!
  111. CNN Florida Debate Highlights - Ron Paul and the Three Stooges
  112. Ron Paul Can WIN and I can prove it!
  113. The other candidates have nothing to say...
  114. + rep for the first link to tonight's debate.....
  115. Ohio deadline to Register to vote is Feb 6th (link)
  116. Poll, Newt is winning, so to speak.
  117. Florida, Drug War - The Guardian - Decent Article
  118. Romney comes out fighting in debate; Paul stays cool
  119. Professor Robert Pape: Discusses Terrorism (relevant to Foreign Policy)
  120. Rick Santorum Endorses Mitt Romney - Rebellion Ad Update
  121. Humor is the answer to Ron Paul's woes
  122. VIDEO: Clip of Dr. Paul's Witty Remark About his Age
  123. The tide is turning and there is a shift happening...
  124. [Internet] Hawaii may keep track of all Web sites visited
  125. RevPac: Help Ron Paul Shock the Establishment in Florida : See this?
  126. Help Me Find A Recent Video Please
  127. Amazon reviews requested
  128. What Commercial is the Endorse Liberty PAC Running in Florida?
  129. Ron vs. Newt on balanced budgets
  130. I thought it was a very fair debate.
  131. Ron Paul 'ignoring' Florida... but actually a very good article, overall
  132. Nevada GOP to accommodate Newt’s “billionaire buddy” casino magnate at SPECIAL CAUCUS!!
  133. VIDEO: U.S. Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor says Ron Paul is Best on National Defense
  135. Saw something awesome today
  136. Do you think there will be any more debates?
  137. Ron Paul Wins JMU Straw Poll
  138. VIDEO: Wow Listen to the Ron Paul Crowd Outside the FL Debate
  139. Good article about delegates and media power
  140. [Video] Ron Paul's Foreign Policy - Common Sense (need help)
  141. Factor This!
  142. BREAKING: Nevada GOP Changing The Rules!
  143. Obama AND Bush Economic Record (Fixed)
  144. I will not let the media define me!
  145. Veterans (and anyone who knows a vet)
  146. Redstate.com Praises Dr. Paul's Debate Performance
  147. No sale, Newt
  148. guy says candidates must stay in to dilute Ron Paul.
  149. Well, well, well...Now that Ron has found his personality onstage...
  150. Gingrich is dead, but Santorum is being resurrected.
  151. Pre-Debate Ron Paul signs overtake the media pundits...LOL
  152. Dr. Paul is the adult on stage in these debates.
  153. CNN: 5 Things We Learned from Thursdays Debate
  154. Ron Paul calls for diplomatic relations with Cuba
  155. Ron Paul in Space?
  156. CNN This Morning
  157. Is Wolf the Best Moderator We Get?
  158. Jere Brower style false-flag Profile on Facebook?
  159. [VIDEO] Palin: Ron Paul's The Only One ‘Doing Something About Reining In Gov’t Growth'
  160. Today's News (1/27/12)
  161. Quinnipiac Florida Poll: Ron Paul 14%, Santorum 12%
  162. No one but Paul, picture idea
  163. CNN Political Buzz Panel....
  164. Ron Paul will Defeat Romney in Virginia
  165. Why Ron Paul stands the strongest chance against Obama
  166. Vote for the guy who represents your views
  167. Ron Paul first radio interview in Maine
  168. Gingrich says he cease attacks if Romney uses the Golden Rule
  169. Standing Room Only Crowd in first Ron Paul Bangor Maine TownHall this morning (photo)
  170. Former GE CEO Jack Welch's Wife Accidentally Reveals All 4 Of Their Sons Support Ron Paul
  171. Politico: Roger Ebert gives Ron Paul a thumbs up
  172. Slate: Two Questions for NAACP President Ben Jealous
  173. "A Jihadist Under The Bed!" - Rick Santorum's Nightly Routine...
  174. C-SPAN Hispanic Leadership Conference Each to Speak, Call-In LIVE Between Candidates
  175. We ARE Winning......and I don't say that lightly....more inside.
  176. Picture from twitter of crowd outside CNN Tent at debate
  177. 1/27 Interview with Maine Radio Host
  178. Electing a POLITICIAN vs. Electing a LEADER
  179. FLORIDA Delegate process!!! DEADLINE to file for delegates FEB 1st!!
  180. Best website to explain Paul's platform?
  181. Ron Paul kicks off two-day tour of Maine in Bangor
  182. Peter Schiff to Jim DeMint: Why don't you endorse Ron Paul?
  183. Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul visits Bangor
  184. End the "Gingrich/Romney" are going to self destruct line of discussion
  185. Pro Paul comments on the FR live debate thread. More pro than con by end of night!
  186. Why our revolution can never die.... read on
  187. Dr. Ron Paul Dominated the Jacksonville Debate and is getting noticed!!
  188. LIVE ONLINE: Ron Paul Town Hall in Lewiston, Maine FRIDAY 1/27, 6:30pm
  189. Gallup: Paul up to 14%!
  190. As Ron Paul aims to win Maine caucus, pundits agree he could take the state
  191. How To Help Make Veterans For Ron Paul A Nationwide Household Discussion
  192. Ron Paul needs 9.3 million, GOLD & SILVER is up now,I am selling and donating $100 YOU!?!
  193. [Video] Local Maine WCSH 6 - Ron Paul begins 48 hours of Maine campaign stops
  194. The media wants Obama to win in 2012: Republican voters are being manipulated
  195. The narrative that is the most talked about is the one that is least true
  196. Local Maine WABI 5 - GOP Candidate Ron Paul Makes first Maine Stop in Bangor [Video]
  197. EPIC-MRA Michigan Poll(1/21-1/25):
  198. Great tool for reaching out to Christians
  199. [video] CNN Paul’s Maine town hall (1/27/12) 2p ET - Unofficial Thread!
  200. Would Ron Paul endorse or adopt this solution?
  201. Ron Paul QUICKMEMES:
  202. Video update: Ron Paul interview with John King on CNN (1/27)
  203. Final Drudge Poll Results: FL ONLY
  204. Detroit Democrats Told To Vote For Ron Paul In GOP Primary [VIDEO]
  205. The Ultimate Comeback to "I agree with Ron Paul except for..."
  206. Is anyone else noticing?
  207. Ron Paul Getting Praise
  208. Shift Happens !!!
  209. RINOPAC 2012 - What a list of speakers
  210. Hannity just said "Ron Paul Is Right"....
  211. A Pledge for Anti-interventionist Progressives in 2012
  212. Sarah Palin: Ron Paul ‘only’ candidate concerned with national debt
  213. Biased NBC/WSJ Poll with Interesting Results
  215. WHAT WE'RE UP AGAINST IN THE GENERAL: My Argument with a Flock of Communists...
  217. [VID]RP Supporter asks F. Thompson: Where's Newt getting the delegates? - Silence.
  218. VIDEO CONTEST Veterans march on the White House
  219. Losing this online poll!
  220. Ron Paul's greatest hits coming up on HLN News 4:20est
  221. GE is afraid of Ron Paul
  222. Video update: Jack Welch and wife on Fox News discussing Ron Paul
  223. =AWESOME RON PAUL SONG&VIDEO= Please View!!
  224. CNN: Ron Paul "Comedy Strategy"
  225. The tide is turning...
  226. All-Star Boston Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas Facebooks About Ron Paul
  227. Photoshop for Ron Paul... For a good LAUGH
  228. Endorse Liberty Broadcasts Half Hour Ron Paul TV Special in Florida
  229. Mail this to your friends so they can understand the banker bailouts - easy read
  230. There's a taboo amoung "celebrities" to endorse RP, it's soon gonna disappear
  231. From yahoo news re: Paul in Maine
  232. Media Confirms...Ron Paul nailed it last night
  234. BREAKING: Twitter Trail Confirms "China Jon" Video as False Flag, Points to Huntsman Camp
  235. Veterans Appeal To Kelly Clarkson - Video
  236. One of the five
  237. [VIDEO] Get pumped by a black man supporting Ron Paul in 13 seconds
  238. Would YOU be a Lunar colonist?
  239. Ron Paul Maine Town Hall Live Stream-(PACKED!)
  240. Breaking: Paul meets with Maine Gov
  241. AZ CD8 special election - we need your help!
  242. Canadian newspaper declares Ron Paul "Mr. Authentic"
  243. Tuesday Jan 31. Last day to register Republican in N.C. and be eligible for Conventions
  244. Dr. Paul to receive two "pivotal" endorsements tomorrow!
  245. Donation match
  246. For those who are maxed out but still want to donate look at this happening tonight!
  247. Ron Paul will be on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday
  248. SUPER TUESDAY STATES' Voter Registration deadline is FEBRUARY 6
  249. We need talk radio spots...ASAP!
  250. Ron Paul wins Mock Election in FL Middle School