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  1. The proof we need?
  2. I had a Vietnam vet cry in my arms today.
  3. Forbes: Gingrich Used Payroll Tax Ploy Often Attacked By IRS
  4. Attorney General of SC: I see Dead Voters
  5. 5 Reasons Why Ron Paul Is The National Security Candidate
  6. Need advice for a banner
  7. Ron Paul vs. Goldman Sachs
  8. “The race for the Republican nomination is wide open—and is a marathon, not a sprint."
  9. What has been the largest gathering for RP so far?
  10. SOUTH CAROLINA RECAP by Jack Hunter
  11. Are we expecting any Ron Paul superdelegates?
  12. If campaign won't listen to US about clarifying social security/medicare perhaps they will
  13. Do you need me?
  14. Ron Paul coming up next on Hucks show on FOX!
  15. Political Cartoon Thread
  16. Ron Paul supporters check in with C-SPAN.
  17. Why young people follow you? Why don't you answer like this:
  18. Today's News (1/22/12)
  19. Max Keiser talks about propoganda against Ron Paul, compares to propaganda under Pinochet.
  20. [video] Ron Paul Interview With Mike Huckabee 01/22/12
  21. Recommended youtube channels?
  22. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried...
  23. GOP Candidates Fail to Get on Some Ballots
  24. Ron Paul FAQ videos - for serious use of internet promotion
  25. Free Marketing Tools for Promoting Liberty (USEFUL RESOURCE LIST)
  26. my new born "RON PAUL" baby.
  27. RI primary Apr. 24 and a 'drop-dead' deadline Wednesday, Jan. 25 to disaffiliate
  28. What states are Gingrinch and Santorum NOT on??
  29. What is this???
  30. Did Ron Paul Read Peter Drucker's Books or Know Him Personally?
  31. SIGN PETITION HERE!! Media Bias should be addressed with the sponsors, not the network!
  32. Grassroots prep work for USF debate
  33. Who assigns number of delegates per State?
  34. Holding People Accountable
  35. 2012 GOP caucus count unresolved (Edward True was RIGHT!)
  36. Texas Yanks Thomas Jefferson From Teaching Standard
  37. New poll...please vote
  38. Campaign: Why aren't you fighting back? Name names: Fox, CNN, Rush, Hannity, Levine
  39. [VIDEO] Newt "Ron Pauling" the Federal Reserve during SC Victory Speech
  40. Insider Advantage FL 13% 3rd place
  41. Great analysis from RP supporter in Mongolia
  42. Sky Spot Advertising FLORIDA!
  43. Video Request: Waterboarding [Big Win For MN]
  44. Attention Florida supporters
  45. LIVE FREE STREAM NBC News/Tamp Bay Times GOP debate 1-23-2011 on NBC
  46. Poll: Ron Paul leads Rick Santorum in Florida
  47. VETO the National Defense Authorization Act
  48. Election deceptions
  49. LIVE FREE STREAM NBC News/Tamp Bay Times GOP debate 1-23-2011 on NBC
  50. Talking Points: 10 Reasons The U.S. Is No Longer The Land of The Free
  51. USF Tampa Debate (1/23/12) NBC 9:00 pm ET Official Thread
  52. How Many Votes have you helped Ron Paul get?
  53. Why aren't we using this against Gingrich?
  54. MaineForRonPaul.org
  55. Paul-Santorum sign war erupts during Florida rally
  56. Ron Paul #1 Yahoo Search
  57. OK, I know this article is in service of Romney, but BOY did they throw Ron a compliment..
  58. Romney and Gingrich foreign policy advisers exposed: Ties to $40 Bill worth of Contracts
  59. Ron the Baptist
  60. Ron Paul & Mike Maloney Hit It Out Of The Park - Gold, Silver & Debt Based Monetary System
  61. You know what's funny?
  62. Youth for Ron Paul aims to get students excited about liberty, campaigning
  63. [VIDEO]: Establishment & Presstitutes vs. Dr. Ron Paul
  64. Ron Paul needs to attack Obama in the debates, as well as expose Romney and Newt
  65. Second Idaho Presidential Straw Poll coming soon February 2nd, 3rd and 4th
  66. Learning from Newt's Success
  67. Ron Paul Fights For the Unborn. Always. Don't Let Anyone Say Otherwise!
  68. Ron Paul: Congressional Baseball Legend
  69. Indiana Legislator Mike Delph Trying to pass bill to allow ballot acces to late candidates
  71. Funny Guy Fawkes Picture
  72. Florida: More than 220,000 already voted in early Voting
  73. Ron Paul says he's on the hunt for convention Delegates
  74. Delegate Training for Ron Paul
  75. More On Ron Paul--Paul Craig Roberts
  77. BREAKING - Iran 'definitely' closing Strait of Hormuz in the event of an EU oil embargo
  78. War with Iran = $5 - 10 DOLLAR A GALLON OIL.
  79. URGENT! We must kill the "Pacifist" meme
  80. VIDEO: Excellent description on how the last three states delegates are awarded
  81. Florida debate and Freddie Mac
  82. IDEA: DEFENDING OUR COUNTRY! Anyone remember the missile Shot off the California Coast??
  83. the news on Drudge today, re: EU oil embargo on Iran, US aircraft carrier enters Gulf
  84. WSJ: Ron Pauling the Federal Reserve
  85. Competing in FLA
  86. Local news website comments
  87. Re: Strait of Hormuz: IRAN, OMAN, and the right to transit
  88. We need to change this idea of who we are...
  89. Going to War With Iran (What It Could Mean)
  90. Some more crap about Florida you probably don't care to know.
  91. Rasmussen FL Poll...
  92. Prejudice and discrimination in sentencing
  93. BOSTON CRAIGSLIST AD: Work to Re-Elect President Obama!
  94. Phone from home becoming a liability?
  95. Tell CNN to Cover Ron Paul!
  96. URGENT! Ron Paul ad bomb over the debate in Tampa tonight. Need $1,100 gas money
  97. Obama Pandering to African-American Celebrities
  98. What are delegates?
  99. King vs. President
  100. Insider Advantage 1/22/12: Ron Paul is in SECOND among FL men...
  101. VIDEO: Mike Maloney Agrees with Ron Paul's Monetary Policy
  102. Seems to me RON'S PERCENTAGE of the primary votes so far averages around 20%....
  103. Poll needs help... Stick it to him!!
  104. Let's make a push to support Ron Paul's bill - H.R. 2438 American Traveler Dignity Act
  105. Ron's Right on Spending
  106. Campaign statement on TSA abuses
  107. Arizona's deadline to register Republican is TODAY Monday, January 30
  109. Guess what? Article: Ron Paul is More Electable than Newt
  110. Hope We Can Effectively Communicate Tomorrow....
  111. Fox panel: GOP cannot win without Ron Paul's saying-so
  112. Ron Paul...Astro! (put this in the brochure)
  113. Ron Paul billboard in Yuma, Arizona
  114. Christian Science Monitor on Ron Paul's delegate focused plan to win the nomination
  115. Florida: Hot Topics
  116. It’s Still a Two-Man Race Between Paul and Romney
  117. "Gingrich plans major speeches..." (Why isn't Ron giving any big speeches??)
  118. So, Ron Paul Lost SC …
  119. Electing Ron Paul will end political aristocracy
  120. Oliver Stone would Vote Ron Paul over Obama
  121. Why Ron Paul Supporters Can't Sleep At Night
  122. From Front Page of DP: Only 8 hours to HELP Liberty based band play at the Grammys!
  123. A Righteous Man - Jews for Ron Paul Web Ad
  124. Where is that picture...
  125. "Romney adds a top debate coach" - NYTimes
  126. Another know-it-all supporter would like to weigh in...
  127. Pro-Paul super PAC pumps $1.4M into Florida ads
  128. Unsexy but winning argument with all issues for Republicans - the government is inept
  129. [Tube] Ron Paul's Grandchildren Sing The Ron Paul Song
  130. Iris Mack endorses Ron Paul!
  131. Today's News (1/23/12)
  132. Winning Florida - We need to emphasize currency and banking problems
  133. City official: Your Ron Paul signs are too big, you need to remove them
  134. A Prayer for Tonight's Debate...January 23, 2012
  135. Ron Paul will reach 1 Million Likes by Super Tuesday if he continues 5,000 a day average
  136. End the Fed for $1 at Dollartree
  137. Help with tonights debate direct tv customers please chime in
  138. LIVE FREE STREAM NBC News/Tamp Bay Times GOP debate 1-23-2011 on NBC
  139. Grassroots Poll: Best way to target seniors!
  140. PPP Mn tweet: Romney/Gingrich favoribility (GREAT news)
  141. Anyone got the skills to make a Candidate-Tube?
  142. Ron Paul 1st in FL among Hispanics
  143. definition of detained.
  144. One Last Request for Volunteers for Video Project. Please Read.
  145. What are your twitter names?
  146. URGENT! - post messages to scroll over the FL debates now!
  147. Nassim Taleb, top world philosopher, endorses Ron Paul
  148. Gingrich: Cant get enough people together for an appearance, then goes on to win by 40%
  149. PPP GOP FLORIDA Poll (Jan 22-23) - Nothing too surprising...
  150. Spread like butter!
  151. Tim Thomas boycotts White House visit after winning Stanley Cup,..
  152. HUGE crowd outside the debate!!!
  153. "The only one I trust is Ron Paul" - let's make this meme go viral !
  154. Paul to campaign in Maine Fri/Sat
  155. Who is the most conservative candidate. Vote.
  156. Tonight's (1/23) Debate Drinking Game
  157. Any live streams for tonight debates?
  158. Great pictures of grassroots at the debate!
  159. "With All do Respect, I Earned My Right to Be Here. Give Me the Courtesy of Equal Time"
  160. Spread the Money Bomb on Facebook, LOTS of People Online! (Copy & Paste Message Inside)
  161. Should Ron Paul Challenge Others to An Individual Debate
  162. Open letter to the paul campaign - remarks on Florida debate
  163. Should Ron threaten to WALK OUT OF THE DEBATE???
  164. Gingrich: "I am Proud of the Fact that I Have Publicly Advocated Medicare Part D."
  165. Jews for Ron Paul: A Righteous Man
  166. Does it
  167. Spanish speaking Ron Paul supporter just caught something... on the debate.
  168. If Newt wins....... Big "IF", I wonder if he is thinking Paul as VP?
  169. Boston Bruins Goalie Thomas snubs Obama-Supports Paul???
  170. That was it?
  171. After Debate Polls
  172. Grade Ron's Debate Preformance
  173. John from the John & Ken Show in LA: "I'm a Ron Paul guy."
  174. Louisiana "Journalist" attacks Robideaux for Endorsing Dr. Paul, Co-Chairing His Campaign.
  175. Who and where do you give stuff out?
  176. Ron Paul Highlights 2012 South Carolina FOX republican debate 1/16/2012
  177. Video of debate?
  178. Support Liberty Radio
  179. Ron Paul Highlights NBC Republican Candidates Debate Tampa Florida 1/23/2012
  180. Here Comes the Spin....
  181. [Youtube] Ron Paul Highlights NBC Debate 1/23/12
  182. Poll: Should someone drop out of the GOP presidential primary race?
  183. Gingrich has so many titles and none of them are good.
  184. Great local post-debate coverage!
  185. Answer to 3rd Party Question
  186. People tweeting about RP ads in MN, specifically the big dog ad!
  187. How's Ron Paul doing in the states after Florida?
  188. [VIDEO] Ron Paul USF Debate Highlights - 01/23/2012
  190. Spontaneous End the TSA Now Money Bomb!
  191. Ron Paul Moves On, with Support from Oliver Stone
  192. Drudge put a poll up - WHO WON THE TAMPA DEBATE?
  193. Will You PLEDGE Here to Spend "1 HOUR A DAY" Promoting the 2/14 NOBP Money Bomb?
  194. Why in the World ...
  195. OFFICIAL End the TSA Campaign Money Bomb is LIVE NOW
  196. Line of the night:
  197. Newt And Romney, Rick Kinda Failed Tonight Some Tweets From Twitter RT
  198. "Ron Paul Was The Most Relaxed Most Entertaining Guy One Out There!"
  199. Why is there no Nevada polling?
  200. On national defense, Ron Paul is strongest candidate
  201. I NEED AN IMAGE FOR AN AD!! Easy please.
  202. Ron Paul needs to take off the white gloves
  203. GOP choice: 1 Original vs 3 Same old same
  204. Green: Voting for Ron Paul restores respect for law and tradition
  205. Did anyone interview RP after the debate tonight?
  206. There is literally a 'Tarot card reading Politico' and they ran a reading on Ron
  207. USF Tampa Debate -- Grassroots spectacular and Ron Paul after debate speech at pub!
  208. End the TSA Now Bomb!
  209. Debate Highlights in less than 2 minutes.
  210. Enemy Expatriation Act H.R.3116
  211. The CNN Debates are usually much better
  212. Vote for Rick Santorum in this Fox Poll
  213. Rand Paul Detained - Great Boon for Ron Paul
  214. Stop criticizing Ron Pauls debate performances!
  215. movie Moneyball describes us
  216. Chipin for Veterans march on Washington DC
  217. Spread This Video!!!!!
  218. Alert! Breaking:If sanctions against Iran fail, war may be inevitable,Ron Paul Was Right!
  219. RP Grassroots OWN the Street @ USF/NBC Debate - Feature on Local Tampa News WFLA (1/23/12)
  220. War With Iran, Balanced Budget, Pay Social Security: Pick Two
  221. Tipping Point
  222. Caption this.........
  223. Dick Morris compliments Ron Paul's debate performance
  224. This is how you say President Paul in Mandarin Chinese
  225. The Game Plan
  226. Ron Paul Facebook, and then a Sign From Above.
  227. Tampa debate on my stopwatch: 9 minutes out of 86 for Ron Paul
  228. RP should reference our own War of 1812 regardign sanctions against Iran
  229. Who do you think has produced the fairest debate so far?
  230. PLEASE HELP liberty dollar activist B. von NotHaus facing 22y in jail by WRITING his JUDGE
  231. RevPac Ron Paul Action Figure. a 'top story' on MSNBC.com
  232. VIDEO: John Stossel on Ron Paul's Non-Interventionist Views
  233. Sanctions Force India to Pay in Gold for Iran Oil, China May Follow 1/24/12
  234. TO: Endorse Liberty PAC RE: Spending in FL -- It's About ELECTIBILITY, not consistency
  235. I dont sit around daydreaming about what its like to be president.
  236. I really thought he nailed it last night.
  237. "Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds,...
  238. One for the ladies
  239. Ron Paul - please keep calling out the chickenhawks
  240. I wish these folks would make a Pro-Ron video
  241. Just wanted to brag about my wife
  242. Why The Nice Words About Paul From Gingrich?
  243. NEW Video of all the Ron Paul supporters outside the Tampa debate last night
  244. The power of Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions video
  245. Yahoo Sports: Ron Paul Photos Playing Baseball Houston Astros 1976
  246. Morning Joe, There's Every Reason To Love The Fact That Ron Paul Action Figures Exist
  247. Help me with a list of Liberty friendly people in the Media?
  248. Florida Debate Stats
  249. View of Yesterday Facebook Likes
  250. PPP MN Tweets