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  1. Blatant media lies
  2. MediaMatters.org highlights error in Joe Klein's column in Time on Dr. Paul
  3. Houston radio show host insults Ron Paul supporter
  4. Washington Post misrepresents Dr. Paul's youtube viewership
  5. Time mischaracterizes Dr. Paul's position, name calls
  6. Hannity makes false claims, insults Ron Paul supporters
  7. Capitol Hill Blue misrepresents and degrades Ron Paul and supporters
  8. USA Today politics blog refers to unsupported racist claims
  9. Media echoed, applauded Giuliani's distortion of Paul's comments
  10. Jewish News org Criticizes a 1992 remark by Paul about Israel
  11. New York Times columnist falsely claims only McCain against torture
  12. Medved Show props up smear campaign - 05/16/07
  13. American Spectator distorts Paul as "Blame America First"
  14. Global Politician: misrepresents Dr. Paul's debate performance
  15. Lies Being Placed On Wikipedia
  16. National Ledger misrepresents Dr. Paul's foreign policy, uses derogatory labels
  17. 2008horserace polling site insults Dr. Paul, later removes name from poll
  18. National Review promotes Giuliani's distortion
  19. GOP Strawpoll still spinning unsupported "bot" charges
  20. Dallas Morning News paints Constitution supporters as "wacko" and "nutcases" - 5/25
  21. Fox news falsely claims Dr. Paul said 9/11 attacks were "invited" - 5/16
  22. Atlanta Progressive News: "The Ron Paul That Ron Paul Doesn't Want You To Know"
  23. Blog promotes debunked racist charge
  24. Please contribute to our "Bad Media Reporting on Ron Paul" forum
  25. Lehrer News Hour misrepresents Dr. Paul's internet support
  26. "Human Events" smears Dr. Paul, presents misleading information
  27. CNN smears Ron Paul supporters, misrepresents Dr. Paul's positions
  28. "Spin" - An INSIDE look into how media spins news/elections. Unseen footage!
  29. CNN presents false information in smear attempt on '1st Class' story
  30. Suicide Girls repeat debunked racist charge
  31. Video missing from Colbert comedy central website
  32. An example of what we're up against (from the left)
  33. WorldNetDaily smears Dr. Paul and states inaccurate facts on his positions
  34. Ron's Wikipedia Photo deleted
  35. Disgusting smear of Dr. Paul by a Doug Thompson at Capitol Hill Blue
  36. Ron Paul Silence: Time Magazine includes 9 other candidates
  37. NewsMax: Ron Paul Censored from Iowa Debates
  38. Rudy Giuliani, Ron Paul Campaign as 'Fiscal Hawks'
  39. "Enjoy!" Libeling Dr. Ron Paul
  40. Babbin, Hawkins, and Barnett: Cowards Three
  41. Barnett's Handiwork
  42. Dean Barnett not Cowardly: Wants Dr. Ron Paul on His Radio Show
  43. "Dr. No" says yes to government funding for his district.
  44. Associated Press is trying hard to link Dr. Paul to the Browns in NH
  45. YouTube Throttles Dr. Paul?
  46. Columbia Journalism Review article: "Run Ronny Run"
  47. So it begins.. (Media Attack on Iowa Rally)
  48. WorldNetDaily at it Again
  49. Accusation about internet co. Paul is using?
  50. FoxNews Hit Piece on Ron Paul
  51. Dallas Morning News Hit Piece
  52. Most Despised GOP Presidential Aspirant Used By Haters Of America To Air Chips On the
  53. N.M. supporters motley but passionate for Texas presidential hopeful Ron Paul
  54. CNN + Howard Dean Lies about Ron Paul, Just now.
  55. Lies by Omission
  56. CNN 7/4/07 - "Candidates on-line presence"
  57. GOP maverick Paul shunned in Spartanburg
  58. Dr. Paul being called 'wacky right-wing libertarian'
  59. Unbelieveable Censorship of Ron Paul at a Marlins Game
  60. Gov't pays strawpoll08.com to keep Paul off polls. Operation Silencer. Evidence insid
  61. Townhall Columnists Continue Blackout of Ron Paul
  62. ABC news doesn't have Ron Paul in its guide
  63. Worst hitpiece yet!
  64. ABC News changed headline title from "Ron Paul" to "'longshot"'
  65. Article about Youtube, No Dr. Paul
  66. National Ledger piece...
  67. Why Traditional Media Fears the RP Campaign
  68. StrawPoll08 does not list Ron Paul
  69. Ron Paul Libel-Virus Detector Report:
  70. Fox News Political page leaves out Ron Paul
  71. Turning truth on its head
  72. FACEBOOK Buries Ron Paul's Profile on 6th Page for "Ron Paul" query
  73. Another Paul smear on a T-shirt
  74. Sliming Dr. Paul
  75. Ron Paul is "firm backer of Ed and Elaine Brown"
  76. The Politico’s Brazen Lies About Ron Paul
  77. AP uncritically reported groups' reasons for excluding Ron Paul from Iowa forum
  78. Aaarg! Another glaring ommission
  79. Glenn Beck promotes "fishy" Ron Paul with graphic on website
  80. Ron Paul getting dissed in South Carolina
  81. Ron Paul: Libertarian Bigot?
  82. ad hominem in a blog
  83. Questioning His Expenditures
  84. Apologies if duplicate
  85. The Real Ron Paul Conspiracy
  86. NewsMax omits Dr. Paul in their list of 2nd tier candidates
  87. My letter to Fox and Friends
  88. Blogger posting misconceptions about Ron Paul...
  89. Capitol Hill Blue Exposed: Plagiarism, Sock-Puppetry, Fake Sources, and Bias
  90. Subtle hit piece by LATIMES
  91. Join the media fraud rapid response team!
  92. "...Then they fight you..."
  93. Ron Paulism: Intellectual Confusion
  94. Doug Thompson & Capitol Hill Blue Saga Gets Weirder:
  95. Political Butterfly?
  96. Mid-Hudson Ron Paul Meetup on WTBQ
  97. Where are all the new Ron Paul videos?
  98. Activist against Illegal Immigration writes hit piece on Dr. Paul
  99. ABC News - 3 Inaccuracies on 1 page
  100. 'Daily Show' lines up presidential candidates
  101. Media Spike Monitor
  102. Des Moines Register (AGAIN)
  103. Ron Paul.. sheep in wolf's clothing?
  104. Thismodernworld disses Ron Paul
  105. Des Moines reports on straw-poll paranoia
  106. ron paul attack
  107. edited video
  108. Hit piece: Ron Paul—The libertarian Republican
  109. RP supporter on Boortz
  110. Boortz (again)
  111. Time Magazine
  112. An offer the MSM can't refuse.....
  113. Chicago Tribune
  114. Mark Levin Fan Site says "Ron PAUL is a JOKE"
  115. Romney's Illinois chairman takes Ron Paul sign out and throws it down
  116. Ron Paul Rally (Panama City NBC)
  117. More shoddy journalism...please write in
  118. Letter I sent in response to a web article...
  119. Article: Giuliani's Palestinian Policy Opens New Vistas
  120. Paul didn't earn Iowa votes? ROFL
  121. (Negative) Activity on Ron Paul's Wikipedia Page
  122. Mark Levin Fan Site - Just Won't Quit!
  123. Manchester NH: 3 articles on Huckabee
  124. Another Ron Paul Hit Piece
  125. Dallas Morning News attacks again
  126. Campaign music
  127. tuscaloosa news
  128. So-So RP Article
  129. Urbandictionary posts
  130. New Negative RP video, not sure what to make of it
  131. Glen Beck Poll!!!! Unfair - no RP
  132. Ron Paul Devil Gesture?
  133. YouTube being flooded with porn under Ron Paul's name.
  134. My Complaint to BBC News
  135. Email CNN (Complain)
  136. Guilt by Association Crap Again
  137. Wonkosphere sucks
  138. Holy crap! Now Mark Levin sounds like Ron Paul!
  139. Super*Tuesday
  140. BS Blog Post - "Time for Ron Paul to Exit"
  141. National Ledger Hit Piece: Debating Ron Paul
  142. Vote this guys article as "Bull"
  143. The Funniest Hit Piece Yet- You MUST read this for a good laugh!
  144. Laura Ingraham spreads polling misinformation
  145. Make Sean Hannity correct his disinformation
  146. Flood Mark Levin's Lines!
  147. Media Bias against Ron Paul by Fox and CNN documented
  148. GOPStrawPolls.com drops Ron Paul?
  149. Anti-Ron Paul propaganda machine
  150. Hit Piece: Is Ron Paul Becoming More Unpopular By The Second?
  151. CNN: Huckabee vs Paul
  152. NH State Senator Crosses the Line
  153. O'Rielly talking trash on the radio
  154. Ron Paul missing from Human Events Candidate Guide
  155. Profile on Fox News
  156. World of Streaming Video
  157. NRSC "survey" mailing
  158. The Washington Times bashes Paul supporters
  159. Thompson Leads GOP in Web Traffic
  160. Anti Ron Paul Myspace Group
  161. racist crap
  162. Hit piece about Dr. Paul on TH blog
  163. Website smears Ron Paul
  164. CNBC - Ron Paul is Henry Paulson?
  165. Letter to the Editor misrepresents Ron Paul
  166. If They Use Racist Attacks Again Show Them This!
  167. Nasty, Nasty Review of RP Rally--Freedom=Self-indulgence???
  168. Politifact Truth-o-meter
  169. Ron Paul sort of painted as a white supremacist
  170. Nutcake Ron Paul & Nutbar Supporters
  171. Corner: Paul supporters are Paulnuts, Ferry Ride people all Truthers
  172. Rick Brookhiser
  173. 9/11 Ron Paul to Rudy!
  174. HealthCareBS.com: Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich Hate Children
  175. Radio Host Wants Ron Paul Supporters Dead
  176. Did Google censor "vote ron paul" NYC building?
  177. Ron Paul Country - Blake Dvorak - realclearpolitics.com
  178. Paul Country (Biggest hate piece ive seen - full on attack mode now.)
  179. A *polite* hit piece...
  180. set this dummy straight
  181. Blogger misrepresent Dr. Pauls positions and federal law
  183. CFR member: 'Ron Paul is a Pencilhead and his followers are wicked idiots."
  184. Detroit Freepress goes after RP again.
  185. Fox calls Ron Paul "Lunatic" fringe?
  186. Ron Paul Repeats Phony Medicaid Claim
  187. No chance to win
  188. Ron Paul - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
  189. A question about Google News
  190. Dan Rather Blows the Whistle on CBS files $70 million lawsuit, Mainstream Media Lies
  191. Ron Paul - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
  193. "Huckabee stands out at minority-issues debate"
  194. Nasty and not well researched opinion piece
  195. Joseph Farrah at World Net Daily Libels Paul
  196. Supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul take banners to I-95
  197. St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  198. more red state hate
  199. Mortimer Zuckerman's NY Daily News: exclude Ron Paul from Debates
  200. MSNBC - "Ron Paul is an isolationist."
  201. Wow, pretty slow in this subforum today...
  202. Politico: 2 Hit pieces posted within 10 minutes apart
  203. Myspace censorship?
  204. AP Election Summary Flash Chart - no RP!
  205. Don't censor me!
  206. Bad NH Opinion Article
  207. Newshour makes Kucinich look like RP clone
  208. Another isolationist story. Please leave pro Paul comments.
  209. Video report on yesterday's RP sign wave in New Hampshire
  210. Obama is anti-war
  211. bad summit reporting
  212. Radio show Fri 10-05-07 Bashes Ron
  213. Fox Hit Piece
  214. Ron Paul puts his nuttiness in print
  215. From DNC Pharmaceutical, the new drug: Tryphorgettin!
  216. Detroit News October 06, 2007
  217. Detroit Free Press Photo: frightening
  218. Larry Sabato: Ron Paul "unqualified" to be President
  219. Idiot on YouTube
  220. More "policing-the-world-is-good!" Blogs
  221. Radio host: RP supporters are all potheads
  222. Isolationist, Gadfly, Isolationist
  223. Glenn Beck Ripped Ron Paul Badly
  224. VIDEO: Countering David Yepsen with Ron Paul footage
  225. pajamas media tells paul to take his 5 mill and leave
  226. Ron Paul on American Foreign Policy
  227. a little discouraged
  228. CNBC Poll Pulled When it showed Ron Paul the Winner
  229. Thread Response
  230. David Broder of the Washington Post calls RP a "gadfly candidate"
  231. Open letter to RP Faithful from Allen Wastler CNBC.com
  232. Senator Paul in 'fake online campaign
  233. Earmarks Put Candidates On the Spot
  234. Dr. Paul's Malpractice
  235. A 20 Year Old Bashes Dr. Paul
  236. Yahoo News = Trash, does not mention Ron Paul in articles on marriage/foriegn policy
  237. MSM would change their tune if ...
  238. CNBC has changed their tune!
  239. "Ron Paul? More like 'Wrong' Paul" really bad article
  240. Tucker just threw Ron Paul down the garbage chute.
  241. Dr. Paul's Malpractice
  242. Hit Piece?....it's lame regardless...
  243. Smear Article Begins in Florida
  244. "Paul is preposterous candidate for presidency"
  245. Hit Piece On RP in today's St. Petersburg Times
  246. Hoax That Smears Ron Paul
  247. Glenn Beck call Ron Paul "Mayor of Crazytown"
  248. Who Hates Americans? Ron Paul
  249. Huff Post Front Page: To His Dismay, Ron Paul Becoming Magnet For White Supremacists
  250. Nazis for Ron Paul..