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  1. This author needs a little love (I mean beat-down)
  2. ***Google News Returning NO RESULTS for Ron Paul***
  3. ABC Nightline, Terry Moran
  4. LA Times - 23 JAN 2008 - They Call Ron a "Libertarian turned Republican" and more...
  5. Bombshell: Jamie Kirchick's source revealed!
  6. The Socialists have jumped in too!
  7. Louisiana Local Online Site Disses Paul
  8. South Florida's Sun Sentinel
  9. Faux Noise
  10. BBC - 23 JAN 2008 - Ron Paul Ignored
  11. Media Bias for McCain
  12. Paul on CNN now 1/23
  13. Another Fine Example of Faux Outright Lying
  14. Bad Phonecall
  15. Guilt by association - WND -
  16. Lou Dobbs did it - he mentioned Ron Paul!!!
  17. Oh, no, poor Digg, say it isn't so...
  18. Ron Paul Money Dump - February 1st.
  19. Media blasts Ron Paul on supporters... well how about this?
  20. Duncan Hunter endorses Huckabee
  21. can I post this here? FAUX video of C. CAMERON tongue flicking remix
  22. ABC World News report on Republicans' finances
  23. Levin Rails Paul....AGAIN
  24. USA Today Article leaves out RP for the most part
  25. Excellent take on the newsletter smear
  26. Miami Herald Poll Results on MSNBC...Hmmm
  27. One solution to the MSM Brownout
  28. AP article - Florida Primary - No mention of Ron Paul again!
  29. Louisiana results misreported?
  30. USA Today excludes Paul
  31. I think that's the MEMO that they all got about RON PAUL......
  32. The W. Post: Uncommitted, a Winner at Last
  33. Paul volunteer has KKK ties, organizers discover
  34. F.E.C DB - ALERT @ 2300+ Max Donors
  35. 'Long-shot' ARTICLES about RON PAUL (from USA TODAY)
  36. NY Times finally recognizes that there's an outcast among the republicans... ROMNEY!?
  37. Actor Glenn Ford Endorses Ron Paul (spoof)
  38. Good writeup in USA daily
  39. Stallone endorses McCain - Comments on FOX article astound me
  40. "Longshot" GRRRRRR......
  41. I just saw a preview for the Florida debate...
  42. Lou Dobbs 1/24/08: 4% in FL???
  43. Please make the hurting stop
  44. Blowback and they hold all of the chips.
  45. Bad sentence wording ~ Is it just me? English Majors weigh in
  46. [video] Media REPORTING THE FACTS!!
  47. NBC11 News: The Bay Area at 11 - Look at these #'s
  48. Faux agian take jab at RP....sad
  49. The WHiSPER heard around the WoRLD!!!!
  50. Corporate Media Ignores Ron Paul's Second Place In Louisiana
  51. ABC Debate cancelled - RP not invited.
  52. So now Ron Paul's supporters are druggies...
  53. The Communist Media Finally Exposed: The Real Culture War
  54. Local Pro-Life DIrector calls Paul Isolationist-no support
  55. Ignorance runs amok
  56. Ron Paul Smear Article in UConn Newspaper
  57. Wired article on DR. Paul and my response.
  58. KC STAR: Paul a "Contender"
  59. Why does Wolf Blitzer constantly repeat..repeat a word?
  60. Orwell Rolls in His Grave: The Corrupt Media
  61. Ron excluded from citizenlink. CALL THEM!
  62. Potential FOX Superbowl Coverage
  63. GOP Leadership Straw Poll ~ Hmm statistics match polls and media coverage
  64. Sherrilyn Iffil Ignores Ron Paul on NPR...
  65. GodTube leaves out Ron in their political poll
  66. Limbaugh Didn't Vote for Reagan!
  67. Ron is not an isolationist!!!
  68. A theory, now dead
  69. Ron Paul: Why bother?
  70. possible NEW HAMPSHIRE Vote Fraud Caught on VIDEO
  71. Why can't Pat Buchanan talk without using karate chops?
  72. How to answer the RP is an isolationist accusation
  73. Help Ron Paul Call Talk Radio
  74. Listen to Obama on POTUS 08 XM radio. No substance one bit
  75. Guess Who's Missing
  76. ABC plans to ignore RP on Feb 5th (proof enclosed)
  77. Bill Moyers/John Grisham PBS VIDEO/INTERVIEW on Political Corruptions.... Excellent!
  78. PBS - Campaign Advertising and Media Censorship if you don't PAY!
  79. McCain's Tell
  80. CNN has had EVERY candidate...
  81. Christian Voter Guide... SPAM this guy PLEASE
  82. Southern Discontent: Paul Doesn't Go Far Enough.
  83. CNN censors Ron Paul
  84. Romney to purchase Clear Channel Communications
  85. Seriously Ironic thought.
  86. Such interesting timing for endorsement...
  87. Send Olberman a Message
  88. Oh Noes!!! Ron Paul Quits! [satire]
  89. Campaign HQ Inaction...?
  90. Is HQ not responding to press requests?
  91. Lame excuse from Foxnews Chicago.
  92. I googled Super Tuesday, this is the picture that shows up.....
  93. G. Gordon Liddy Dismisses Ron Paul
  94. Radio host makes fun of me and Rudy on the air
  95. Ron Paul Campaign Files Caucus Challenge With Louisiana GOP
  96. Corporate Media Ignores Ron Paul's Second Place In Louisiana
  97. My first Nolan Chart Article
  98. ABC News CENSORS Ron Paul on SUPER TUESDAY; Patterns NOT Consistent With a FREE PRESS
  99. Why the Mass Media Fear Ron Paul
  100. Where we fight back
  101. MSN Money Disses Ron Paul
  102. CNN Delegate Scorecard - Nevada?
  103. Dobson and Focus on the Family CENSORSHIP
  104. No mention at all on Stephanopoloozer
  105. Look at this BullSH*T
  106. CNN - HNN Shows Top 4 results in Democratic SC Primary
  107. They are going to attach US Citizen spying Permanently to the damn Stimulus Package
  108. They Report. They Decide.
  109. An Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters...
  110. Ron Paul censored in AOL poll
  111. Need help with local media
  112. Not just attacking Ron...Attacking us supporters!
  113. RADIO Show prep for SUPER TUESDAY didn't even mentioned RON PAUL
  114. Vote with Federal Reserve Notes on Feb 1
  115. Why Zionists Should Not Support Ron Paul
  116. The media coverage we dont need...
  117. Another article covering only "major" candadites-guess who's left out
  118. Is Ron Paul the racist candidate?
  119. To counter all the negativity
  120. What wbout he equal time rule?
  121. NPR neglected mention Paul, FL coverage
  122. Article - Ron Paul Nonsense
  123. Challenge to Ron Paul Economic Revitalization Plan
  124. C-Span guest - quote
  125. Top comment blames Dr. Paul for illnesses
  126. Why havent we heard about LA?
  127. Give Me Your Opinion On This Ad
  128. Some Clown on Craiglist.org...
  129. Attempted smear by American Family Association
  130. NRLC Omits Dr Paul (Right To Life)
  131. Hannity today: "If you're an RP supporter, chance are you're a NUT."
  132. Letter: Ron Paul stickers trashing Vail
  133. FCC Political Guidelines
  134. Huck gets TN Right to Life Endorsement
  135. Heard on CNN: "We decide who to put on television, whose voices get heard."
  136. Worst Hit Piece I have seen yet on Dr. Paul.
  137. FAUX agreed that the airwaves belong to public
  138. Seriously, why is this even news?
  139. Daily Talley: Ron Paul Press coverage: ABC, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, FOX, NBC, PBS
  140. Globe and Mail Poll doesn't list Paul as an option
  141. No Ron Paul for the myspace debate
  142. Two BBC articles on Florida without Paul- need complaints!
  143. Ron on Youtube...VIEW COUNT STUCK
  144. We need to get on this NOW - MTV/Myspace Dialogue
  145. TECHCRUNCH.COM Disses Dr. Paul
  146. N.H. Recount-Urgent Action Required
  147. Time to bomb this guys crappy blog. Ron Paul: Earmarks Prove Heís Just Another Lying
  148. National Jewish Democratic Council Condemns Dr Paul
  149. Ron Paul left out of Philadelphia ABC affiliate coverage
  150. Paul left out of stimulus commentary (CNN)
  151. Censored Items Need to See The Light of Day
  152. Florida Sun-Sentinel omits RP from sunday front page
  153. St Petrsburg Times article omitting Paul
  154. Florida radio interview up on HotAir.com
  155. Was just at the magazine rack!
  156. CNN Political Market
  157. ABC News Vice President Is Mad at Me!!!
  158. AOL is at it again!!!
  159. CBS Book Report Segment - NO RON
  160. The Battle for Florida?
  161. CNN Fundraising Map
  162. CNN site - link to Ron Paul candidate page. They are NO better than FOX!
  163. Please contribute your reports to RonPaulTimeline.com
  164. Dick Armey on BBC ...Zilch on RP
  165. AOL acknowledges Fox is not fair
  166. RPOF Press release
  167. Seattle Fox does great RP piece
  168. Giuliani pokes fun at Paul
  169. Ben Ferguson, WRE 600 Memphis, Lies On Air!
  170. The decline of FAUX News
  171. Race is down to Hillary and McCain according to AP
  172. if FOX news had existed throughout history...
  173. cnn lists ron paul overall fundraising total at 8 mil
  174. Disgusting comments about mccain on cnn
  175. Rush says Ron Paul gets weirder by the minute
  176. ABC News Radio updates site to remove Edwards/Guiliani and STILL EXCLUDES RON
  177. They Dont Care About Us!
  178. Why wonít we vote to really change things?
  179. Article saying Ron Paul should drop out :(
  180. Online Creative Loafing Atlanta article
  181. Maddening ZDnet blog
  182. The Last Debate Invitation for Ron Paul?
  183. Spectrum writer distorts reality: Romney ideals most parallel Founding Fathers
  184. Beltway Boys wants Paul out of debate
  185. Egregious omission in USA today article
  186. Ron Paul Left Out Of CNN Political Market Question
  187. Can we omit the negative forum altogether???
  188. Yahoo Games Excludes Ron Paul
  189. Right wing talk radio
  190. Operation Mockingbird
  191. Still Don't Believe In Media Conspiracies ???
  192. Mark Larsens email to me regarding Romney laughing at Ron Paul.‏
  193. Get Rush Limbaugh to endorse RP?
  194. Fox syaing "McCain has nomination wrapped up"
  195. CNN says Huckabee won the debate
  196. Fox Philly Good Day blatant anti-Paul
  197. I call BS on this AOL poll - Check for yourself
  198. Google Ron Paul
  199. Stop Saying He Won"t Win!!!!!!!!
  200. O'Reilly - "Let's stay in the reality zone"
  201. **Extreme RON PAUL HATE VIDEO** ACT NOW!!!
  202. Will the madness end?
  203. Can someone explain the 'racist letters' to me?
  204. Paul supporter's Reality Distortion Field
  205. CNN - Health care, Critical Condition
  206. MCCAIN on JAY LENO tonight....pretended RP didn't exist
  207. Colbert Report
  208. Ron Paul not mentioned on washington journal regarding 4th quarter fundraising
  209. Who do you think is the heir apparent to Rush Limbaugh?
  210. Blaming us for the Obama Cocaine thing!?
  211. Jim Kuhnhenn, AP report on Campiagn finance
  212. Randy Gray (KKK volunteers views linked to campaign by media)
  213. Unsupported accusations: Ron Paul supporters sent false press release
  214. Ann Coulter RIPS McCain to pieces!
  215. "Weekly Standard Off Target When Blaming Libertarianism for GOP Failures"
  216. Ron's Financial Report not working?
  217. I'm scared to death about this...
  218. Reiteration of Reagan Library GOP DEBATE TIME TOTALS...
  219. Ron Paul excluded from BBC article
  220. Mostly Good... One Bad
  221. Anderson COOPER - CIA Intern!!
  222. Huckabee Campaign says RP supporters are playing Dirty Tricks
  223. HUCKABEE advertising on CNN during the 3 hour Situation Room w/Wolf Biltzer...
  224. McCain's TV AD... COPY CAT!
  225. Focus on the Family finally added Dr. Paul
  226. just spoke to a mccain supporter
  227. petition against cnn biase
  228. OpenSecrets.org says "Romney the winner in the money race"
  229. NY Times Caucus Political Blog: Ron Paulís Economic Adviser
  230. I got a "call" from Mit Romney tonight
  231. Even THESE people are turning against Fox!
  232. [Youtube] Fox News vs Ron Paul Revolution!
  233. Cnn shows RP #3 in Nevada...
  234. The BBC manages to 'forget' to mention Dr. Paul's Q4 results
  235. Help required to tackle the MSM problem. All you have to do is email
  236. Good Morning America - No mention at all
  237. This as cheesy as it gets
  238. St.Pete Times, BLATANT censorship
  239. Suburban (chicago) weakly paper "missed" listing Ron Paul on 2-1-08
  240. NPR Wait Wait...
  241. LATimes endorses McCain with lies
  242. What about Maine?
  243. AOL poll regarding MTV interview - please vote.
  244. MTV Myspace Dialouge
  245. Debate reair
  246. MSM converted my father
  247. Dothan, AL Rally... Hit Piece
  248. BBC News Recognises Ron Paul But Still Biased Towards Obama
  249. russian news forgets ron paul in maine
  250. Salt Lake Tribune Excludes Ron Paul