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  1. Take a few minutes to watch this video..
  2. Wow, Medved is on a roll calling RP a RACIST.
  3. Huckabee steals RP's immigration ideas
  4. The official campaign doesn't need to respond.
  5. Official Campaign Response
  6. We Need Walter Williams...
  7. Drudge took it off!!!
  8. Drudge removes bad Ron article
  9. UnDrudged
  10. Anyone want to have some fun?
  11. New Republic's Hit Piece on Metafilter
  12. anyone remember the Capital Hill Blue "newsletter" smear?
  13. Angry White Man on Digg
  14. The Motive behind the News Blackout on Ron Paul - And Now the attacks
  15. Ashamed Canadians help to end TNR Madness
  16. Sources that discredit or disprove or Explain TNR
  17. Of course it hurts, but...
  18. Here we go again: NOW ITS ON RAWSTORY.COM
  19. Radar picked it up
  20. Washington Times says Huckabee only candidate supports ending birthright citizenship
  21. Official rebutal of TNR article
  22. Who won the independent vote in Iowa?
  23. NBC Affiliate Censors Ron Paul, Jay Leno Interview
  24. Anyone seen the actual newsletters?
  25. Don't Spam Hannity-He just helped us
  26. Ron Paul ignored in article about indpendent voters
  27. Hit pieces
  28. I just read all the newsletters
  29. Sear piece now on Digg
  30. The New Republic- Front Page Hit-Job of Ron Paul
  31. Reuters picks up rebuttal
  32. If you agree, modify wikipedia
  33. RP Avoids Boortz Interview (Jan 8)
  34. TNR Hit Piece: how to respond, step by step
  35. The New Republic slanderer Jamie Kirchick is a Giuliani supporter! DIGG DIGG DIGG!!
  36. Fox Excluding Paul again
  37. Msnbc
  38. At times like these...
  39. How concerned are you about the allegations of racism?
  40. MSM calling winners
  41. Prison Planet's reply to TNR hit piece.
  42. Everyone Read - Signature Faked
  43. Great article on the MSM smear
  44. greatest paul quote you've never heard...
  45. Who wrote Ron Paul’s “racist” stuff?
  46. The Kirchicking of Ron Paul
  47. Local Boston broadcast refers to Ron Paul as "write in candidate"
  48. TNR Has a LOOOONG History of Fabricating Stories
  49. The Young Turks - Paul money into white sheets and hoods
  50. its a war about truth!!!!
  51. Young Turks Soon to talk about Ron Paul
  52. Today will be the day the story blows over, or takes off in MSM
  53. Do Not Worry About TNR
  54. We need this George Galloway guy
  55. Digg These Immediately to Expose TNR!!!
  56. Nolan Chart Stabs the rEVOLution in the Bacl
  57. Thinking outside of the box and using logic
  58. Boortz is attacking Ron Paul right now...
  59. Why cant we fight fire with fire??
  60. Why Wasn't the Campaign Honest About This BEFORE It Came Out?
  61. Was some of this stuff taken out of context?
  62. Indulge this Brit
  63. Hotair.com latest article about Paul
  64. Ramblings on the newsletter...
  65. The Media Is Cfr Controlled
  66. Fox Wouldn't Even List Ron Paul's Returns
  67. Ron said it
  68. Link ...I guess, not giving the correct # of votes qualifies as bad media
  69. Ironic Situation
  70. Sketchy Push-Polling linked to Huckabee Campaign
  71. Message to Supporters
  72. Neocon Yellow Journalism
  73. Ron Paul Smeared On Daily Show!
  74. I want the truth.
  75. Blast From The Past: Ron Paul Criticizes Pro Wrestling
  76. More racism, how to deal with it?
  77. The entire Anti Ron Paul Movement Explained!
  78. Paul must answer these racism charges...
  79. Ron Paul once said that he wanted a black Vice President
  80. Some things -- 2001 response to '96, and blog pleads for "ghostwriter" to reveal self
  81. Theory
  82. New "racist" newsletters impact on SC debate
  83. Abrams to talk newsletters on MSNBC
  84. If you're down, read this. It's not over by a long shot
  85. The OFFICIAL you feel better and trust Dr. Paul's explanation thread.
  86. There is something wrong with
  87. Libertarian Blogger - Knows the 'Ghostwriter', pleads he should out himself
  88. Racism - from other candidates
  89. Collecting Info On Paul Votes Not Counted In New Hampshire - Vote Fraud
  90. Why Ron Paul is handling the New Republic piece properly
  91. G4 Attack of the Show
  92. Paul needs to address these racist charges like this
  93. My Friend the Witchdoctor
  94. McCain: Ron Paul is "the most honest man in Congress."
  95. Article written by collectivist Steven Argue
  96. Wired article full of negative cliches
  97. New Article By Alan Stang on Faux News
  98. CBS Poll: 56% of NH Republicans View RP Unfavorably
  99. FOX Debate tonight = Massive Smear
  100. Radio show playing "coo-coo" sound effects over Ron Paul ads!
  101. New Racism Scandal
  102. So I just read through some of the newsletters ....
  103. Ron Paul Slammed on NPR!
  104. The Jean McIver angle
  105. CNN about to interview Ron on newsletter issue
  106. Ron Paul to appear on CNN to address Newsletters
  107. Ron Paul answers about Newsletter 5pm CNN Situation Room. read more....
  108. Ron Paul to answer charges on CNN!!!!
  109. Eric Dondero does seem reponsible
  110. Military launched "Bomb Bomb"
  111. They showed him with non white and said "you wont believe"
  112. CNN trying to rehash Newsletters painting Paul as rascist
  113. Ron Repudiates Newsletter Video At Digg.com
  114. Ron Paul eats brains
  115. Ron Paul is My Hero
  116. youtube of pissed of Ron!! Woo-hoo!!
  117. Any way to stream the debate live WITHOUT clicking on Fox?
  118. Will he ask for a recount or not?
  119. Front Page of CNN.com?!!
  120. I have a lead to the ghostwriter, and I believe the doctor now
  121. Now Ron Paul has aspergers syndrome?
  122. Why the whole "racism" debacle may help Ron with republicans!
  123. Anybody see CNN just now?
  124. Wolf Blitzer
  125. GOP Fox Debate, WOW at the questioneer
  126. An apology...
  127. Hit piece on Paul on Cnn now!
  128. Question about tonight's post-debate show
  129. Catch FOX editing the replay of the debate censoring applause for Ron Paul
  130. Beating Up on Ron Paul
  131. It's getting grossly obvious now.
  132. What's Kirkchin's email?
  133. How Dare They Call Ron Paul A Racist
  134. Why they win
  135. Where is Media Matters when you need them?
  136. Ron Paul refutes questions about Race after the debates
  137. Just heard Anderson Cooper is about to interview Ron about racist issue
  138. How many times????
  139. TV clip...reminds me of "racist" smear campaign
  140. CNN Re-Running Racist Allegations on Anderson Cooper
  141. Washington Post hit piece (editorial)
  142. CNN.com hitpiece and Keith Olberman
  143. ABC blacking him out
  144. Ron Paul is no racist
  145. Former RP Staffer from 90s, Hispanic, Declares Ron Paul NOT racist
  146. Ron Paul responds to racist remarks on CNN
  147. New Tactic for Answering the Racist Canard:
  148. Bloomberg Coverage of the Debate omits Ron Paul
  149. i could go negative ::see here:: but i won't
  150. Do not let them frame the debate!
  151. Help get more support from smaller newspapers
  152. C-SPAN Washington Journal... SCHotline Editor ON NOW... BIASED against RON PAUL CALL
  153. NPR interviews Jamie Kirchick
  154. TIME wow..
  155. Olbermann completely omits RP after NH??
  156. It Happened Yet Again!
  157. "This Ron's No Reagan"
  158. Houston Chronicle Report about Racism Allegations
  159. Fox news Study finds Fox News Fair and Balanced
  160. Can Anyone Explain This?
  161. Reuters: Republican Ron Paul flies high above debate
  162. More lies from the AP
  163. Dallas Morning News: Ron Paul's Poisoned Pen
  164. First Read: Mitt targets McCain (RP Content)
  165. McCain emerges unscathed
  166. CNN-Newsletter report
  167. CNN about to air more racist smear
  168. If Ron isn't a front-runner, why do they attack him so much?
  169. NPR Blog: Those Ron Paul Newsletters
  170. Sean Hannity RE: Last Night - "Ron Paul seemed like an idiot."
  171. The Rudy forum real sad
  172. Where do I send the check?
  173. Okay... FAUX (fox) has a poll: CHOOSE WHO DROPS OUT NEXT, VOTE!!!!
  174. SC debates, Ron Paul answering the question wrong
  175. MSNBC Tucker show - Ron Paul has an anti-American twinge and is for no government?
  176. HardBall: Ron Paul - Did I Say That?
  177. "libertarian" Larry Elder criticizing Ron Paul: 1-800-222-5222 is the number
  178. Who raised money? Apparently not Ron Paul.
  179. Another bad article
  180. Frank the Skank is on H&C NOW
  181. Ideas to hurt Fox
  182. Signs of Psychological Manipulation in Frank Luntz Focus Groups?
  183. Vandalism at Faux News
  184. Ron Malmberg? Who the hell is this guy?
  185. Chris Matthews
  186. Ron Paul vs. Murdoc (the movie)
  187. My heart is broken
  188. Poor mention so far on Bill Maher
  189. Fox news trying to remove RP debate video's from youtube
  190. FOX News Corp Stock Taking a Beating for Slighting Ron Paul
  191. American Thinker Reports
  192. Is what Fox Doing illegal?
  193. Live5 Post-debate Interview of Ron Paul 1/10/08
  194. Convicted criminal, communist agitator Steven Argue at it again
  195. The New Republic to post more newsletters
  196. OK, Ron Paul, You Say You’re Not a Racist, Prove It
  197. Hannity smears Ron Paul again on radio show
  198. How does Dr. Paul explain this?
  199. Here are the newsletter statements from TNR
  200. Anti-Semite behind Ron Paul smear EXPOSED!
  201. Why would Paul use his own newsletter?
  202. Ron Paul & Associates, Inc.
  203. Antironpaul....is this new?
  204. Faux News is DEAD!!!
  205. Forbes: Curtains For Ron Paul's Web Crusade
  206. Another look at voter fraud New Hampshire
  207. CNN "America Votes 2008" - Candidates and the Economy
  208. Google Video Frontpage
  209. Penguin Pete's Anti-Paulness
  210. Fox Debate re-airing censorship
  211. PollingPoint.com - Do Not Go There!
  212. Ron Paul COMPLETETLY edited out of SC debate recap in ChicagoTribune.com!
  213. **DIGG** this help expose Frank Luntz & Faux
  214. tReason Mazine joins the Dark Side
  215. Anyone ready to apologize to biggie10 yet?
  216. I need some help!
  217. Is the media winning?
  218. Would you like to help getting more support from smaller newspapers
  219. OK The trolling is over the top!
  220. Would you like to help getting more support from smaller newspapers
  221. I told you so...
  222. A New Conspiracy Theory from the Mises Institute Crowd
  223. "I've urged everyone in my family to know how to use a gun in self defense."
  224. Did Paul vote Y or N on MLK holiday?
  225. Ok, I'll admit... this is interesting because it's in a foreign paper
  226. Urgent- Please get this very brief message to Ron Paul.
  227. The "Ron Paul Political Report" contradicts RP's voting record
  228. Paul supporters 'freak out' town clerk
  229. Anything new clearing Dr. Paul on those newsletter articles?
  230. Im So Pissed Off!
  231. Sabotage
  232. Summary of Anti-Paul Media Bias?
  233. Racist Newsletters
  234. A reckoning
  235. Lets stop this nonsense!
  236. Good Defense Articles
  237. Fox and Friends this morning
  238. Ask.com article describing racism - taking comments
  239. Bought My Local Paper Today - Not Good
  240. NAACP Official Approves of Ron Paul
  241. Cato and the TNR newsletters? The Evidence
  242. NBC Nightly News
  243. Rudy is the Ace of Spades
  244. Another omission of Ron Paul - A Ronald Reagan article no less.
  245. More attempts to slander individual supporters
  246. Zero mention of RP in SC GOP article on Yahoo (Murdoch owns a piece of Yahoo)
  247. Robin Williams wrote the racist lines in the Ron Paul Report!!! [Not kidding]
  248. Campaing 2008/Football Commercial on Fox
  249. NAACP President: Ron Paul Is Not A Racist
  250. I Need Footage of MSM Anchors Predicting RP 1-3RD NH IOWA