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  2. Campaign 2008 - C-Span RIGHT NOW
  3. Email Fox For Their Decision To Exclude Ron Paul
  4. AOL Spinning Their Poll
  5. Great article on Ron Paul and the media
  6. Digg Smearing Ron Paul again - This is gonna get ugly
  7. Debunked story easily reaches top of Digg
  8. Digg is a stinking pile of sh*t!
  9. Neo-nazi has a history of duping the media with lies
  10. Maybe this is why FOX excluded Paul from the Jan debate...
  11. Justin Raimundo Condemn Latest Paul Ad
  12. Negative posts
  13. This is what Fox has to report re: Dr. RP
  14. Contact info for Fox News re: Excluding Ron Paul from Jan. 6. 2008 Debates
  15. The $ound of $ilence
  16. Proof that Fox News is the Devil
  17. Washington Post writer does RP hit job
  18. Fair and Balanced FOX Media Day Stock Dump
  19. Obama qoute
  20. Articles of Confederation
  21. Amanda Carpenter on The O'Reilly Factor December 29
  22. National Ledger
  23. More Than Historical Stupidity in Paulís Slavery Crack
  24. MYSPACE rumor regarding Ron Paul visiting at hospital [is false]
  25. Clear Bias in Reporting
  26. Bloomberg: Neocon plan B?
  27. Rsmussen Poll: 24% MISSING
  28. MSNBC Mclatchy Poll
  29. Is Ron Paul Changing American Politics? Nope.
  30. Huffington
  31. Fresh new AOL poll, go vote!
  32. Google sensoring Ron Paul?
  33. Don't give the MSM the opportunity to say RP missed the $20 Mil mark
  34. TIME mag. hit piece on Iowa supporters
  35. AP selective of its polls
  36. More proof that RP supporters didn't block Huckabee
  37. More proof that RP supporters didn't block Huckabee
  38. The Establishment Unveiled
  39. "Ron Paul Dangerous and Wrong"
  40. Kos has attacked RP on Daily Kos 3 times in the last week!
  41. Using Google News...
  42. Call Des Moines Register
  43. Ron Paul's Fair Weather Friends
  44. My letter to Paul Krugman
  45. BALLOT BOWL 08 - CNN - where is ron paul>????
  46. Awesome Article
  47. NBC's Russert Fails Constitutional Law - MEET THE PRESS
  48. Conan and Leno
  49. Bad URL in Washington Times article
  50. Ron Paul's Absense is a Chritmas Present
  51. Politico: Ron Paul completely ignored
  52. Ron Paul didn't Accept NRA invite???
  53. Influx Of Negative Ron Paul Threads
  54. I sent the following EMAIL to CNN.COM
  55. Ron Paul Supporter denied his rights?
  56. FOX article - Paul, Hunter Force Leading GOP Candidates to Pay Attention
  57. Yet another liar on MSNBC
  58. C-SPAN's CampaignNetwork.org covering all Candiates RON PAUL EXCLUDED!!!
  59. BBC show they are fully controlled.
  60. Another (guilt by association) smear against Ron Paul
  61. Voice of America
  62. Other 18%
  63. Pondering the polls
  64. OutFoxed
  65. My letter to rush limbaugh
  66. Fox Stock Takes A Nosedive
  67. Pat Gray Blast Ron Paul in Houston
  68. Bill O"Reilly Attacks Ron Paul
  69. Yahoo
  70. Mumsay on the Botsay
  71. Suze Orman
  72. CBS news with Katie Couric: Not the slightest hint that Ron Paul exists
  73. Kent Snyder said....
  74. Last page on google when searching 'Ron Paul' -- Fascinating stuff?
  75. Michael Reagan slams Ron Paul
  76. Ron Paul on Sean Hannity Radio Show
  77. Correcting a BBC Blog entry
  78. Total Slander
  79. WSJ Page A1 story removes RP from middle of the polls
  80. BBC Shows polls, no Ron Paul!
  81. Reaping The Whirlwind
  82. Chuck Todd: MSNBC national political director_ McCain supporter, surge propaganda
  83. Fox Sinks To New Lows Against Ron Paul
  84. Last minute jab from writer @HuffPo
  85. I need some help here guys
  86. MSNBC - Leaves Paul out of Predicitions Page (Biden/Dodd/Richardson)
  87. Time to sell Newscorp? [NWS] (FOX News)
  88. Mr. Ghooliaiannia
  89. Silicon Alley Insider
  90. CALL TO THE TROOPS.... email this liar
  91. Edmond, OK paper attacks
  92. Bad Media Litmus Test
  93. Fox News Guard Decks Ron Paul Supporter
  94. Larry King interview not aired
  95. Anderson Cooper
  96. C-SPAN blacked-out Ron Paul over the last two days.
  97. RP Makes 19 Mil. In A Day???
  98. tiresome claims that Paul's support is "enthusiastic but small"
  99. google Davenport Ron Paul = RP peeping tom
  100. Poll ties
  101. Don Luskin plugging Ron on Kudlow &Co
  102. What will Ron Paul put on the Auction Block next?
  103. CNN pie chart
  104. CNN Pie Chart, No mention of Ron Paul on CNN or Fox
  105. WHY hasn't Youtube responded to flagged rudy ad???
  106. Just Saw Several Negative Stories
  107. How can they keep Paul out of the debate now????
  108. ABC & NBC local news in LA: No mention of Ron Paul
  109. Need Suggestions
  110. Fox Taliban News Network. Warning, watch at your own Risk.
  111. AOL cleared their Poll, but won't allow existing voters to vote again
  112. Call Greta, Tucker, Glenn Beck, And Cafferty Now!!
  113. Stuart Rothenberg article just out
  114. Every single political article on Yahoo ignores Ron Paul
  115. Another Fox News exclusion: "Libertarian NH"
  116. Hurry guys to the Cafferty File at CNN
  117. CNN just dissed Ron Paul!
  118. Freakin' Hucksterbee Stealing Ron Paul's Platform
  119. Beck Surgery Goes "Horribly Awry"
  120. Rush Limbaugh freaking out
  121. Christian Science Monitor Article
  122. Ron Paul and The Environment
  123. Huckabee just HIJACKED Ron Paul's message !!!
  124. Democrat argument for voting for Dr. Paul
  125. Anyone Called Rush?
  126. Lou Dobbs needs schooling: Write to him
  127. Reporters blow whistle on FOX
  128. Phil Heanry Show Disses Ron Paul Supporters
  129. Scary!!!
  130. all smiles
  131. Incorrect numbers for Paul and Giuliani
  132. "All of the Republicans want to continue Bush's disaster of a war in Iraq"
  133. Now that Paul is 14% did you notice they mention low scoring candidates now ? !!
  134. Opportunity to Highlight Dr. Paul's R3voLution
  135. indybay.org
  136. CNN: Candidates Unfiltered?
  137. Unconfirmed, Ron Paul on tonight show Jan.07
  138. North East Republicans
  139. Tracking implants...
  140. "The Ron Paul 'Revolution', an Extreme Rightwing Threat" - Indymedia
  141. Fox's sponsors
  142. CNN - Dems and Republicans on one stage, briefly
  143. delete
  144. Lumped with Brownback AGAIN!!!!
  145. wtf is this biased garbage
  146. Presidential candidates avoiding discussing entitlements
  147. FOX LIES (Please Read)
  148. Wall street Journal review with Maria Bortiromo
  149. The New Individualist: ďThe Abominable Dr. Paul: Tortures the Cause of Liberty"
  150. Why Athiest should vote for Ron Paul.
  151. First they ignore you, then..
  152. More blatant media bias - KMBC 9 News in Kansas City
  153. Concord Monitor
  154. Daily Kos
  155. New Hapshire Union Leader Publisher on CSPAN and his misleading statements
  156. I had to turn it off: Faux Puke Forum
  157. Salon claims Ron Paul supports FairTax
  158. Another Iran Article on Ron PAul
  159. An isreal article calls ron paul the the isolationist representative
  160. Obama Admits Ron Paul unfaily Polled
  161. Is There Something To The Non-Reporting?
  162. Ron Paul excluded from Yahoo/60 Minutes Poll
  163. Non Partisan TV Ad Fact Checkers CENSOR Ron Paul CONTACT THEM NOW!
  164. CNN Wolf Biltzer interview with RON PAUL leads to SCOTT REED NY SUN paper article
  165. Must See!!! Is Frank Luntz Using The Same Guy??
  166. now for the smears: FOX: (There are lots of 9-11 truthfolks here with Ron Paul signs)
  167. Censored MSNBC News Report ACT NOW! Declares Huckabee as Facebook Poll winner???
  168. What about GOOD Media Reporting on Ron Paul???
  169. Frustrated and Angry!!!
  170. Bad Reporting Has Its Consequences
  171. New York Times Editorial Disses Dr. Paul
  172. Ron Paul Class lawsuit Former FBI IOWA Fraud
  173. Tancredo talking to Boortz
  174. KOGO morning host decides to sideline Dr. Paul
  175. RealClearPolitics mis reporting polls
  176. Question about Google News
  177. This Pretty Much Says It All
  178. Sean Hannity Flees Ron Paul Supporters
  179. McCain Event
  180. Bill Clinton to Ron Paul Supporters: "You're Nuts"
  181. Bill Clinton to Paul supporters: "You're nuts"
  182. F U Frank
  183. Fox sponsor Bayer HQ in Germany??
  184. by Robert Novak and Timothy P. Carney at human events online
  185. Ron Paul for Amnesty????
  186. Tucker Msnbc Now!
  187. Tucker on now... WTF
  188. Major attack on RP *** Tucker ***
  189. I just threw up in my mout a little
  190. Positive Reinforcement
  191. "The new Republic"
  192. Do you still want Dr. Paul to win the nomination?
  193. Can someone at least upload the tucker video and make it private?
  194. Giuliani responsible for Tucker smear?
  195. New Republic attack piece tomorrow?
  196. Google James Kirchick- Tucker Guest
  197. The Ron Paul Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  198. The Smear is simple
  199. Smear info from REASON
  200. The missing newsletters were always time bombs
  201. I am really ashamed of some of you out there. [Moderator: thread under review]
  202. Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies the Iowa Caucus
  203. Is this the death of Fox news?
  204. Racist smearjob information continues to spread
  205. Watch the interview closely
  206. Just got off the phone with HQ
  207. Fox news executives caught on tape
  208. Naming the Ghostwriter?
  209. Some history of the Journalistic Integrity of The New Republic
  210. Ron Paul hit piece on Tucker (video)
  211. MSNBC Tucker... Ron Paul to be in TNR
  212. Robert Novak ignores Ron Paul
  213. What the helck is wrong with ABC?
  214. Michigan Resident Flies from Germany to Cast Ballot '0001' for Ron Paul
  215. Best Buy - Fox News advertiser responds
  216. Someone needs to school Rudy
  217. Jamie Kirchick: "I donít think Ron Paul is a homophobe; I'm just cynical"
  218. here comes the racist attack...
  219. Making sense: Racist supports Martin Luther King
  220. Why Does The Establishment Hate Ron Paul?
  221. CFR controlled media conspiring again with "change" and.....
  222. Pro RP Race Youtube
  223. MSNBC - Morning Joe... Pat Buchanan guest... NO VID*
  224. who votes to demand the "hit piece" deleted...
  225. So Where Is It?
  226. Fox Reports Today's Elction Results: Yesterday
  227. Fox News says only Huckabee wants to end birthright citizenship
  229. Ron Paul on Howard Stern
  230. BusinessWeek Online excludes Ron Paul in article
  231. Compose Yourselves Folks
  232. Dondero, Ron Paul and Anti-Semitism
  233. Washington times mis-reports Immigration issue as being Huckabee's
  234. Ron Paul on MSNBC RIGHT NOW
  235. Sean Hannity links his interview with RP on his Website
  236. Just got off the phone with Mr. Kirchick
  237. New Republic's Jamie Kirchick ADMITS HE IS A LIAR with Latest Smear of Ron
  238. The Smear...
  239. Devestating story on drudge...
  240. An official campaign statement about the racism allegations would be good
  241. Ron has to NAME the people who ran the newsletter
  242. Pajamas Media Repeats and Magnifies Story
  243. Full Text of Article on TNR
  244. Hanity Is Trashing Paul Right Now
  245. Michael Medved Talking about Ron Paul - WTF
  246. Is it true?
  247. Drudge Report...not good!
  248. DRUDGE, TNR and PajamasMedia Ron Paul SMEAR campaign
  249. Jamie Kirchick: "I don't think Ron Paul is a homophobe"
  250. Andrew Sullivan doesn't buy it