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  1. RJ Harris for Congress (OK)
  2. RJ Harris 2010 - Socialism, Slavery and Tyranny
  3. RJ Harris on Freedom Watch
  4. R.J. Harris to be on Freedom Watch this Wednesday!
  5. Support RJ Harris for US Congress
  6. Quoting the incumbent against RJ Harris
  7. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT : RJ Harris has been invited back on Freedom watch he needs you
  8. RJ Harris LIVE radio interview friday May 15 6pm eastern
  9. RJ Harris Money Bomb Website
  10. RJ Harris Money Bomb
  11. Rand Paul Endorses RJ Harris
  12. RJ Harris Endorses Rand Paul
  13. RJ Harris to meet Michael Maresco at OK State Border
  14. RJ Harris endorsed by Rand Paul money bomb this friday June 19
  15. Glad to see the new sub-forum
  16. RJ Harris Money Bomb press release
  17. any weaknesses for RJ's opponent?
  18. RJ Sticks it to the Establishment
  19. Official Press Release - RJ called a "Shaven-Headed Nazi"???
  20. National Defense
  21. Peter Schiff
  22. Signs & Meetup Groups ?
  23. The Spirit of the Founders
  24. Harris aims for Fourth District
  25. RJ speaking tonight, radio spot
  26. RJ is on Freedom Watch
  27. RJ Harris: Support Rand Paul and his Money Bomb
  28. RJ Harris money bomb September 4th. Let's get all of our liberty candidates funded!
  29. Has there been any polling?
  30. RJ in the Local News
  31. Law student (RJ) will run for Congressional seat
  32. RJ Harris: Call to Arms
  33. RJ Harris in : A New America Movie
  34. RJ Harris will take questions at the Ada Tea Party in Ada, Oklahoma 4th District
  35. Introducing the Brand New RJ Harris 2010 Website
  36. Poll Shows Close Race in OK's 4th District (RJ Harris)
  37. RJ Harris was the first 912 candidate in the nation
  38. Adam Kokesh on Tom Cole vs RJ Harris
  39. Major Campaign Updates
  40. When the hell we going to have a $ bomb for Harris??
  41. Fantastic RJ Harris Interview
  42. RJ Harris money bomb Friday October 30
  43. RJ Harris meeting Oct. 8th
  44. Cole/Graham's GOP Hypocrisy Threatened by Ron Paul ,Tea Party Patriots and 912 Ca
  45. The Health Care Bill and Your Rights…As A Parent.
  46. RJ Harris Birthday - Facebook Supporter Bomb
  47. New Poll Shows 7yr Incumbent Tom Cole falling to 42%
  48. Live Interview with RJ Harris on Liberty Pulse Radio 11:15pm Eastern 11/20/09
  49. New Poll?
  50. What is the deal here?
  51. RJ Harris Announces Biggest Fundraising Event Yet - January 15th Money Bomb!
  52. How's the campaign going? Any updates? Anyone on the front lines?
  53. Harris Challenges Rep. Cole to a Series of Debates
  54. Harris v cole
  55. RJ Harris:We Need to Destroy the Leviathan(C4L), Not Remake it... [pre-RJ apology]
  56. LOL- RJ Harris thong for sale
  57. RJ on Peace Blimp Radio 12:30-1:00 est
  58. http://www.rjharris2010.com/ Down?
  59. Money Bomb for RJ?
  60. Anything happening?
  61. rand endorses rj
  62. RJ Harris - latest video release!
  63. Money bomb the 20th
  64. July 27 Primary IS the Election for OK District 4 - Support RJ!
  65. 6/14 Press Release: GOP Voters in Tom Cole's "Stomping Grounds" Show Enthusiasm for C
  66. Cleveland County Vice-Chair Tells RJ Harris He Is Banned
  67. Valley Forge Money Bomb THIS Saturday June 19th
  68. Valley Forge Money Bomb - Today!
  69. Rj Harris Vs. Tom Cole
  70. Ok cd04 candidate rj harris looks forward to a jam-packed saturday
  71. RJ Harris’ Jam-Packed Saturday a Huge Success
  72. Great RJ Harris video
  73. Headquarters Kickoff BBQ
  74. "Republican" Tom Cole Attacks Steele and Defends Obama's War in Afghanistan?
  75. RJ Harris - The Final Countdown 48hr Money Bomb Today & Tomorrow
  76. Debra Medina will speak on behalf of RJ Harris
  77. Debra Medina on behalf of RJ Harris
  78. Howard Houchen endorses RJ Harris
  79. Nancy Pelosi Challenger, John Dennis, Endorses Tom Cole's Opponent RJ Harris
  80. Tom cole on the ropes and fighting for his political life
  81. Recent Poll?
  82. RJ Harris's Latest Advertisement
  83. RJ Harris Fundraiser Finale
  84. RJ Harris Featured in the Army Times
  85. C-C-C-Combobreaker!
  86. Tom Cole Personally Attacks RJ Harris Through Okie Pundit?
  87. RJ Harris' Election Today
  88. Watch Poll Results Here: