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  1. Rand Paul Speech on America First Amendment [VIDEO]
  2. Rand Paul: Why we must repeal the 16-year-old Authorization for the Use of Military Force
  3. Rand Paul Forces Vote On 2001/2002 AUMFs
  4. Senator Paul echoed his father today
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  12. Rand Paul Pushes 'Provocative Idea' for NKorea's Nuke Program
  13. Sen. Rand Paul: Graham/Cassidy does NOT repeal ObamaCare and I oppose it
  14. Trump: Rand Paul 'negative force' on fixing health care Graham-Cassidy Bill is GREAT!
  15. Rand Paul praises Roy Moore for opposing Graham/Cassidy
  16. Obamacare Lite: Rand Tells Trump to Get F-ed
  17. [Video] Rand Paul on Meet the Press w/ Chuck Todd 9/24/17
  18. Rand Paul: Don’t blow up Iran deal
  19. Rand Paul on Afghanistan, Yemen: Trump Should Trust ‘Instincts,’ Stop Listening to Generals
  20. Rand Paul's righteous quest
  21. Sen. Paul’s right to wage lonely fight to get Congress to revisit constitutional war powers
  22. Pro-life activists pressure Rand Paul to support Graham-Cassidy health care bill
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  26. Sen. Paul Holds Hearing on Wasteful, End-of-Year Spending - Sept. 20, 2017
  27. Judge Nap stands with Rand against Graham-Cassidy Obamacare bill
  28. Rand Paul MTP interview on Obamacare, North Korea, Trump NBA tweet
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  30. Rand: Possibly news from WhiteHouse re Health Associations - within 2 weeks
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  32. Rand Paul press conference on healthcare - 9/25
  33. Rand Paul criticizes GOP tax plan
  34. Will Rand vote for gun control again this time?
  35. Rand's private and bizarre relationship with Trump
  36. Rohrabacher wants Rand to get message to Trump - about deal with Assange
  37. Rand Endorses Trump’s Pending Obamacare Executive Order (Competition Across State Lines)
  38. Rand Paul today at signing
  39. Senator Rand Paul Holds Press Conference on Associated Health Plan Executive Order - 10/12/17
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  46. Trump travels to golf club with Rand Paul
  47. Sen. Rand Paul endorses Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate
  48. Rand Paul: John McCain, Lindsey Graham 'parading' as conservatives, need to be 'called out'
  49. Rand All In for Trump's Tax Cuts
  50. Rand Paul Introduces Bill To Restrict Intelligence Agents’ Snooping Powers
  51. Jeff Flake should learn from Rand Paul how to disagree with Trump
  52. Trump directs Senate GOP leaders to work w/ Rand Paul on Tax plan
  53. Trump May Not Seek Re-election: Rand Paul
  54. Rand Paul endorses Arizona's Kelli Ward
  55. Rand Paul: Have to Cut Taxes on Top 1 Percent or It’s Not a ‘Significant Tax Cut’
  56. Rand Paul assaulted at Kentucky home (UPDATE: 6 broken ribs)
  57. A Message of Thanks from Dr. and Mrs. Paul
  58. Why Rand will vote FOR the tax-cut bill
  59. Rand Paul FIGHTING Corrupt Government and Big Pharma
  60. Rand Paul: Discusses FISA and FBI/DOJ COLLUSION against Trump - video
  61. Rand Paul puts hold on Trump nominee over surveillance concerns
  62. Donald Trump backs Rand Paul's proposal to redirect Pakistan foreign aid to infrastructurin US
  63. [Video] Rand Paul on Face the Nation w/ John Dickerson 1/7/17
  64. David Adams sits with Trey Grayson
  65. No Foreign Spy Program Reauthorization Without Citizen Protections
  66. [Video] Rand Paul on Meet the Press w/ Chuck Todd 1/14/18
  67. Rand on CNN w/ Wolf 1/10
  68. Rand Paul doubles down on FISA filibuster threat
  69. Rand Paul, others, LIVE on C-span talking about FISA filibuster
  70. [Video] Rand no on Budget 1/18/18 Fox
  71. Plea Deal for Rene Boucher for attacking Rand
  72. Rand Paul Pushes Marijuana Amendments On Funding Bill
  73. [VIDEO] CNN Rand How to end shutdown
  74. Gov Shutdown Prevention Act: fund each of 12 units of government individually
  75. Rand Paul Addresses the Christian Student Leadership Conference - Jan. 23, 2018
  76. [Video] Rand Paul on The View 2/2/18
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  78. Rand is scheduled to be on Morning Joe today 2/1/18
  79. LIVE 2/6/18 - Hearing on Funding Government w/Sen Rand Paul
  80. RAND PAUL: Bring home our troops and throw a parade!
  81. Rand Paul Holds Up Spending Vote (2/8/18)
  82. Bette Midler Bashes Rand Paul After Government Shutdown, Gets Brutal Response
  83. Rand Paul op-ed: Congress Is Full of Hypocrites. I Took a Stand
  84. [Video] Rand Paul on Face the Nation w/ Major Garrett 2/11/18
  85. Rand Paul: Generals are corrupting Trump's anti-war instincts
  86. Taliban invites Rand for peace talks
  87. Rand Paul: Is Our Military Budget too Small, or Is Our Mission too Large?
  88. Kelli Ward Rally in Scottsdale, AZ (Rand Paul Gives Speech)
  89. Rand's endorsements "molding the GOP in his image?" (Mcclatchy)
  90. Is Rand a true libertarian?
  91. [VIDEO] Kentucky Farm Bureau Breakfast in D.C. - Feb. 27, 2018
  92. Is CDA 230 Rand's New Moment to Shine?
  93. Rand Paul Bill to Repeal Gun-Free School Zones
  94. Rand Op-Ed: It’s time to pass Audit the Fed
  95. [VIDEO] FISA Reform, No Tarrifs, Audit FED FOX 3/6
  96. Senator Rand Paul shows support for medical marijuana bill
  97. Rand Opposes Pompeo and Haspel
  98. It's Time for a New American Foreign Policy - Sen. Rand Paul
  99. [Video] Rand Paul on Face the Nation w/ Margaret Brennan 3/18/18
  100. [Video] Rand Paul on State of the Union w/ Jake Tapper 3/18/18
  101. Rand Paul: ‘Deep State Is Trying To Bring Trump Down’
  102. Senators Fear Rand Paul Will Make Them Work the Weekend
  103. Is Rand rejecting pension like his father?
  104. [Video] Rand Paul on Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/22
  105. Rand Paul: Deep State Exists, Uses Intelligence for Political Purposes
  106. Rand Paul Calls for Article V Convention
  107. Rand Paul: FBI's Strzok, Page still have security clearance
  108. Rand Paul -Georgetown Law Federalist Society's Lifetime Service Award
  109. Rand Paul: Assad Must Be The Dumbest Dictator on the Planet
  110. Rand Should Primary Trump
  111. Rand Paul Warns New US War Powers Act Will Rubber Stamp GLOBAL CONFLICT
  112. [VIDEO] Rand destroys Mike Pompeo in the Senate
  113. Rand explains his vote for Pompeo
  114. Trump Assured Rand Paul He Intends to End Wars in Afghanistan and Syria, Reform FISA
  115. How to appear decisive and confident
  116. Honey, it's not what it looks like.
  117. Rand Paul in Huntington, WV May 3rd, 2018
  118. WAPO: Rand's influence on Trump
  119. Rand : "It is not like they'd have a Jefferson around . . ."
  120. Rand Paul: Congress Moves to Give the President Unlimited War Powers
  121. Rand Paul's Full Court Press on Afghanistan Deescalation
  122. Rand Paul: Matt Rosendale Is ‘a Fearless Conservative Leader’
  123. Senate to vote on Paul’s balanced budget plan
  124. Rand says Korea talks still on
  125. NEW RANDPAC website/ store!
  126. Rand Paul asks Haspel if the CIA spied on Trump in 2016
  127. Rand may not be Ron, but can he finish the mission?
  128. How Rand Paul Can Become President
  129. Rand Holds Hearing on Effects of Unauthorized War
  130. Rand on FNC: Why have we been in Afghanistan for 17 years?
  131. Rand Paul: Obama Admin’s CIA & FBI Tried To Illegally Entrap Trump Members
  132. Sources: Rand Paul Blocked in Bid to End Indefinite Detention of Americans
  133. Rand joins Judge Napolitano to discuss POTUS declaring war
  134. Sen Paul: Lindsey Graham 'a danger to the country' for seeking AUMF for NK
  135. Neighbor’s Defense: Rand Paul Left ‘Unsightly’ Debris in His Own Yard
  136. Rand Demands Vote to End Indefinite Detention
  137. Rand Paul Rips Into Uniparty's Refusal To Cut 15 Billion Dollars of Unneeded Funding
  138. Say what you want, Rand gets ish done.
  139. Weekly Update: Fighting for Kentucky and Kentucky Hemp
  141. Sen. Rand Paul Discusses the Supreme Court and the Constitution - June 27, 2018
  142. Man arrested for threatening to chop up Rand Paul and his family with an ax
  143. A Special Fourth of July Message from Sen. Rand Paul
  144. Rand to Hold Hearing on DHS Searching Smartphones Without a Warrant
  145. Rand is angry over govt studying sex life of coked-out quail:
  146. [Video] Rand Paul on State of the Union w/ Jake Tapper 7/15/18
  147. Rand Paul on Fox & Friends 7/15
  148. Former Clinton staffer finds the idea of beating up Rand "tempting"
  149. Prog Statists Furious After Rand Paul Tweet
  150. Rand may vote against Kavanaugh
  151. Rand op-ed: Trump Is Right to Meet Putin
  152. Sen. Rand Paul Calls Out Trump Derangement Syndrome on CNN
  153. Rand Paul Going to Russia to Discuss Trade, Peace
  154. Rand Paul on Cavuto 7/16
  155. Jack Hunter: Ron and Rand Paul Cut Through the Foreign Policy Noise
  156. Rand Paul on PBS NewsHour 7/16
  157. Has Rand ever been stronger than now?
  158. Rand Paul on CBS This Morning 7/17
  159. Trump to Rand Paul: 'Thank You' for Defending Me
  160. TAKE COVER! Sen. Rand Paul’s reminder about Trump-slamming John Brennan sparks Resistance MELT
  161. DJT Twitter Account Thanks Rand Paul
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  163. Rand Paul is a Russian Asset?!!?!
  164. Rand Paul on Fox News America's Newsroom 7/18
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  168. What question would you ask Rand?
  169. Rand was on Tucker again tonight, discussing why John Brennan still has top secret clearance
  170. Rand Paul answers members questions
  172. Report: Rand Paul spent donor money on trips abroad, clothes shopping
  173. Scott Adams - The Newest Reason to Love Rand Paul
  174. Rand: Today I will meet with Trump and ask him to revoke Brennan’s security clearance (split)
  175. Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Martha MacCallum - 7/23
  176. Rand: Snowden a Whistleblower. Not a traitor
  177. Rand Paul's mention of McCain draws boos
  178. Rand Paul and the New GOP
  179. Rand Paul: Here’s the roadmap for peace in the Middle East
  180. Rand just sold out on Kavanaugh
  181. U.S. senator Paul to meet Russian lawmakers in Moscow on Aug. 6
  182. Sen. RAND PAUL is under attack by the establishment left AND right
  183. Kentucky Democrat reportedly jokes about Rand Paul assault: 'He can be beaten'
  184. Rand Paul sticks to principle in the age of Trump
  185. Rand Paul is right to talk to Russia
  186. Rand Paul invites Russian lawmakers to visit US
  187. Rand Paul meets with Gorbachev
  188. Rand Paul delivers personal letter from Trump to Putin
  189. Alison Lundergan Grimes: Rand Paul 'can be beaten'..'Just ask his neighbor'
  190. Politico: "Rand Paul has persuaded the president that we are not for regime change in Iran"
  191. Rand Paul's Russia trip is a visit of peace
  192. Raimondo: Rand Paul Stands Up for Peace
  193. Rand Paul blasts foes as 'diplomatic isolationists'
  194. Senator Rand Paul Thinks Julian Assange Should Be Granted Immunity for
  195. Senator Rand Paul on His Recent Trip To Russia
  196. Sen. Rand Paul Discusses John Brennan and Engaging Russia
  197. Trump plays 'quick round of golf' with Rand Paul in New Jersey
  198. Rand on Cavuto - 8/20
  199. Rand Paul, Russian Stooge
  200. RAND PAUL's views on the Cold War are a breathe of fresh air!
  201. Did RAND PAUL stop a war from happening?
  202. Maher and former CIA director Brennan debate whether Trump is a traitor or merely ‘treasonous’
  203. Rand Paul on the Planned Parenthood Conspiracy within the GOP
  204. Sen. Rand Paul Discusses Progress on Legalizing Industrial Hemp
  205. Rand on Dave Letterman Show throwback 2011
  206. Rand Endorses Gary Johnson
  207. One big reason to love Trump
  208. Kelley Paul pens open letter begging leftist mobs, Cory Booker to stop violent harassment
  209. TDS leftists stalk and hound Rand at Airport
  210. Kelley Paul on Fox News 10/4
  211. Rand Paul Worries ‘Someone is Going to Be Killed’ In Current Political Climate
  212. Rand Paul Seeks Vote to Block U.S.-Saudi Arms Sales Over Missing Journalist
  213. Rand Paul To Christopher Wray: Are President Trump's Calls Being Collected By NSA or FBI
  214. Rand Paul on Fox & Friends 10/10
  215. Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Shannon Bream 10/10
  216. Rand: “Saudis will keep killing civilians & journalists as long as we keep arming & assisting
  217. Rand Paul: Media Covered up Motivations of Scalise Shooter
  218. Rand Paul speech at MAGA rally in Richmond, KY - 10/13/18
  219. Trump Introduces Rand at Rally, praise each other for healthcare success.
  220. Rand on Fox: Time to re-think US relationship w/ Saudi Arabia
  221. Rand Paul 2020
  222. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace 10/21/18
  223. Rand Paul: Saudi foreign minister has 'a lot of damn gall' lecturing me
  224. Rand Paul slams Saudi Arabia at Montana rally with Trump Jr 'Remember who attacked us on 9/11'
  225. Rand Paul slams Saudi Arabia at Montana rally with Trump Jr.: 'Remember who attacked us on 9/1
  226. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell play key roles in justice reform
  227. Rand just arguing on CSPAN2 11/15/18
  228. Next A.G. Must Defend Individual Liberty from Power-Hungry Deep State
  229. Rand Paul's pro-life plan to ban the shackling of pregnant women in prison
  230. Rand Paul: Saudi Arabia is Number One at Spreading Terror
  231. Rand Paul to U.K.: ‘Smart to Make a Break with Europe’
  232. Rand Paul on Trump’s Foreign Policy: Build Roads and Bridges in America, Not Afghanistan
  233. Sen. Paul says he spoke to Trump about securing asylum for Pakistani Christian woman
  234. Rand Paul: Facebook must 'convince conservatives they're not the enemy'
  235. Senate rejects Rand Paul’s bid to chip away at Yemen war support
  236. Rand Paul blocking Trump counterterrorism nominee
  237. Rand Paul speaks at Duke University - 11/9/18
  238. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell play key roles in justice reform
  239. Rand Paul on CNN - 11/15
  240. Trump gives Kelley Paul’s push for criminal justice reform a major boost
  241. Kelley Paul interviewed by Huckabee - 10/6
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  243. Rand Paul: ‘Not One Penny’ of Aid for Pakistan Until Asia Bibi Is Freed
  244. In Historic Move, Sen. Rand Paul Places Hold on $38 Billion to Israel
  245. Rand Welcomes Senate Debate on Ending U.S. Support for the War in Yemen
  246. Rand Paul on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer - 11/28
  247. ‘Deep State at Work': Rand Paul Demands All Lawmakers Receive CIA Briefing on Khashoggi
  248. Rand Paul upcoming guest on Meet the Press 12/9/18
  249. Rand Paul on Meet the Press w/ Chuck Todd 12/9/18
  250. Rand Paul ‘disturbed’ by attorney general nominee’s views